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Associate Editor, Dentaltown Magazine
Office Visit: Community, Cooperation, Canada!
Dentaltown - October 2014
We chat with Terri Pukanich — drduke — about her practice and about the perks of being a Canadian Townie.
You Should Know: PACE Marcom
Dentaltown - October 2014
You Should Know: Mouth Monsters
Dentaltown - August 2014
You Should Know: GumChucks
Dentaltown - August 2014
You Should Know: EdgeEndo
Dentaltown - June 2014
You Should Know: Brush with the Biff
Dentaltown - May 2014
3M partners with NASCAR (as well as Give Kids a Smile and Healthy Children, Healthy Smiles) to create a charitable program for kids and their oral health!
You Should Know: 99designs
Dentaltown - May 2014
Learn more about the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace and how they help thousands of dentists grow their practices.
Office Visit: Smile Design with Dr. John Nosti
Dentaltown - April 2014
We all want to know what products and equipment this doc uses in his upscale cosmetic practice. Read on.
Corporate Profile: Glidewell Laboratories
Dentaltown - March 2014
Jim Glidewell, founder, president and CEO of Glidewell Laboratories with the longest-serving employees.
Corporate Profile: Centrix
Dentaltown - January 2014
Centrix Founder Dr. William Dragan discusses how the company lives and breathes the model “Making Dentistry Easier.”
Cycling for Charity
Dentaltown - December 2013
Dr. Yati Yadav rode across the country with a team of cyclists to raise money for charity. Here is his story.
Office Visit: Resident On Call
Dentaltown - 2013 New Grad Edition
Dr. Tony Cruz-McLeod just finished his general practice residency. Despite the hectic schedule, he says it was a great way to gain experience.
Office Visit: In His Element
Dentaltown - 2013 New Grad Edition
Dr. Greg Snevel always knew he wanted to be a dentist, but surprised himself when instead of joining his father’s practice, he decided to hang his own shingle soon after graduation.
Office Visit: Building Bridges in Dentistry
Dentaltown - September 2013
Now a successful dentist, Dr. Miran Ho first got her degree in civil and environmental engineering and in management. You don’t want to miss this career change story.
You Should Know: Climb for a Cause
Dentaltown - May 2013
Climb for a Cause mixes business with pleasure. Danny Bobrow explains what the organization is all about.
Office Visit: A Giant in Dentistry
Dentaltown - April 2013
Dr. Richard Rosenblatt, active Townie and owner of a recently remodeled office, shares his tips on how he runs a smooth and successful practice.
Office Visit: Among Family
Dentaltown - August 2012
Two women. One practice. Dentaltown Magazine explores how their power partnership gets them through each day at Lembo Montgomery Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Charlotte, North Carolina.
You Should Know: Before You Go
Dentaltown - May 2012
Wading through the preparations for a trip can be daunting. Packing half the clothes and twice the money isn’t the only trick we’ve got up our sleeve.
Taken With the Need
Dentaltown - May 2012
You Can Care About We Care
Dentaltown - May 2012
We Care Dental Center in Rancho Mirage, California, performs much-needed procedures for disabled patients
Office Visit: One Man. Two Passions.
Dentaltown - 2011 New Grad Edition
Ever considered a hospital-based residency? Read about why Dr. David Kahn is glad he did.
Office Visit: The Corporate World
Dentaltown - 2011 New Grad Edition
Dr. Allison Meudt, a recent graduate from Marquette University, works for Aspen Dental. She describes why corporate dentistry is the perfect fit for her.
Shades of Green
Dentaltown - December 2011
Dentaltown Magazine catches up with Ina Pockrass, co-founder of the Eco-Dentistry Association and learns more about its new GreenDOC program. Pockrass suggests going green is as simple and inexpensive as rethinking.
Office Visit: A Fresh Flossophy
Dentaltown - November 2011
Dr. Clint Herzog has 11 successful practices throughout Texas. He tells his tricks of the trade and how he isn’t like other dentists in his area.
Incorporating Invisalign
Dentaltown - November 2011
In an interview with Dr. Austin Reed, we learn about the process he took to integrate Invisalign into his practice


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