You Should Know: Brush with the Biff by Chelsea Knorr, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine

You Should Know: Brush with the Biff
by Chelsea Knorr, Associate Editor, Dentaltown Magazine

We asked John Stefanick, Director of Industry Relations at 3M ESPE and Beverly Largent, DMD, President of Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children, about the team effort “Brush with the Biff” which includes oral health-care education, NASCAR and a whole lot of doing good. Curious? Read on.

What is the partnership between Give Kids a Smile and NASCAR?
John Stefanick: The partnership between Give Kids a Smile (GKAS) and NASCAR is actually part of a much bigger picture, one that also involves collaboration with the ADA Foundation, Henry Schein Cares, CareCredit, Church and Dwight, Oral Health America, and of course, NASCAR driver Greg Biffle. Specifically though, Biffle, who will be driving the No. 16 3M Ford Fusion in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, and GKAS are working together in an effort to deliver the message to children about healthy brushing habits, flossing, visiting the dentist and making smart food choices. We’re doing this through “Brush with the Biff,” a program that’s running during the 2014 NASCAR season and bringing the education right to the racetracks. We’ll be making eleven stops total. The experience is not limited just to the racetrack though. GKAS will be racing into local schools as well, where they’ll feature high-speed oral health education events with members of the 3M Ford Fusion race team. Thanks to grants from the ADA Foundation through CareCredit funding, 7,500 students will have the chance to participate.

How is Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children (HSHC) involved?
Beverly Largent: Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children’s mission is to support community-based efforts that provide dental homes to children whose families cannot afford dental care. While GKAS’s focus is on reaching children to educate them on healthy oral health, the HSHC deals with ensuring that local clinics are ready to receive them. We’re offering a $20,000 Access to Care Grant to five Phoenix-area clinics just for the GKAS, NASCAR education events. With 3M ESPE’s sponsorship, the clinics have funding for clinical supplies, materials, outreach and even transportation for eligible patients.

Tell me about the 3M No. 16 car.
Stefanick: Last year in Michigan, Biffle brought smiles to a lot of fans when he took victory lane in the Give Kids a Smile car. In April, he showcased it again. The GKAS logo was right on the hood of the car during the NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Texas.

What are the events, when are they happening and for how long?
Stefanick: “Brush with the Biff ” will be at 11 racetracks this year where race fans can check out the 3M display. Additionally, in five race markets, GKAS will be visiting local schools in Texas, Kentucky, Bristol, Chicago and Phoenix.

Largent: Give Kids a Smile education outreach builds great awareness among students and educators in participating schools. By teaming up with GKAS and its partnership with 3M ESPE and NASCAR, we are selecting a Phoenix clinic that will provide dental care to eligible GKAS kids attending the Phoenix education events. The clinic, with support from 3M, will be issued a one-year HSHC Access to Care Grant geared toward helping children participating in the GKAS school education during race week. The Access to Care Grant will support Dental Homes for GKAS children for one full year following the November NASCAR race in Phoenix.

How can a dentist get involved?
Stefanick: There are numerous volunteer opportunities for dentists and their staff. Volunteers can help by working at one of our 11 race track programs where we promote good oral habits to children and their caregivers through sampling, games and children signing our #16 hood committing to brushing twice a day for two minutes. Also, volunteers are needed at our local elementary school programs. Volunteers should


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