You Should Know: EdgeEndo by Chelsea Knorr, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine

You Should Know: EdgeEndo
by Chelsea Knorr, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine

Dentaltown Magazine sat down with Dr. Chuck Goodis, founder of EdgeEndo. He also has his own endodontic practice. You could say he is an inventor, engineer and endodontist. Here’s why you should know about EdgeEndo.

What is your background in dental?
Goodis: I am an endodontist. My undergraduate major was mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan. I went to dental school at the University of Michigan, and I did my endodontic residency at the University of Connecticut.

Tell me about EdgeEndo and what is new about it.
Goodis: EdgeEndo is an endodontic supply company that sells heat-treated NiTi rotary files and thermal obturators at an affordable price.

Heat-treated NiTi rotary files are revolutionizing endodontics. They are like NiTi rotary files on steroids for strength and performance. Heat-treated NiTi rotary files blow away traditional NiTi rotary files. They are simply amazing! In fact, our heat-treated NiTi rotary files have been shown by internal studies to be more flexible and less likely to fracture due to cyclic fatigue than any other file on the market.

We also launched the world’s first pink gutta percha carrier obturators. It has a pink gutta percha carrier with pink alpha phase gutta percha surrounding it. The pink gutta percha carrier allows post space to be easily made with post space drills and works better than traditional plastic carrier thermal obturators.

Where did this idea come from?
Goodis: The idea came from doing root canals as an endodontist and from paying bills as a business owner. I knew I could make a better NiTi rotary file and thermal obturator and sell it at less than half the price. I felt the “Big Endo” companies were making an excessive profit at dentists’ expense. I also felt these companies weren’t delivering the latest and best technology to help my practice. I wanted to offer that to other dentists.

You are in an elevator. A man asks what your company does. Your have 15 seconds before the door opens. What do you say?
Goodis: I’d say, “I feel we sell the best root canal instruments and supplies in the world at less than half the cost.”

What is your philosophy at EdgeEndo?
Goodis: Offer the best root canal instruments, obturators and supplies in the world at less than half the price of other companies. Our goal is to help every dentist and endodontist save money and to do a great root canal.

How can a practice begin working with you?
Goodis: For more information, doctors can call 855-985-3636 or visit


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