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Photography by Tessa Michelle MacLeod
by Chelsea Knorr, staff writer, Dentaltown Magazine

Dr. Clint Herzog doesn't believe in white coats. He wears his trusty Converse All-Star sneakers to work. And he believes in changing the animosity many people feel toward going to the dentist.

He has been criticized for his "outlandish" practice management ideas, but he wholeheartedly believes in his tactics. Herein, Dr. Herzog explains his practice model and the "Flossophy" which drives his 11 practices to success.

What inspired your decision to go into dentistry?
Herzog: I have always been interested in medicine. I thought I would enjoy the patient interaction and I like helping people fix a problem. I had no idea I would discover so much more with dentistry. I have learned to communicate with people by maintaining long-term patient relationships, which has really helped me to grow as a person and a doctor. I am very grateful.

The feel of your practice is very modern and high-tech. Can you explain your inspiration and model for this?
Herzog: I always cringe when I hear patients say they hate going to the dentist. So I set out to change that. We built a new experience around what patients want, which includes the idea of dentistry in a modern, trendy, high-tech environment. We play host to our patients from start to finish, making sure we cater to their every need, even before they know it's a need. That's the "new experience in dentistry." It's boutique dentistry with in-network pricing.

One thing that makes it different too is that we try to level with patients from the time they walk in the door to the time they leave. When they first walk in, they are offered beer, wine, soda or water. This helps to alleviate anxiety and make the office a personable and unintimidating environment. We all dress trendy-casual – no white coats. We want patients to feel like we're on the same level as them.

Office Highlights
Bonding Agents
  • Futurabond Self-etch and Bond System

  • Brasseler burs
  • Carbide - #557, #330, #4 high speed round, football (course, fine, medium)
  • Diamond burs - cylinder, Christmas tree, barrel and football
  • Round bur - #4, 6, 8 latch

  • Maxcem Cement

  • MIS System

    Front Desk Products
  • BreathRX mouth rinse
  • Opalescence toothbrush
  • PerioMed
  • PerioRX
  • Sonicare Toothbrush

    Impression Materials
  • Alginot for retainers/NG
  • Flexitime for Invisalign impressions
  • House brand for final impression

    Patient Financing
  • CareCredit
  • ChaseHealthAdvance

  • Xtra fill for compactable composite
  • House brand for flowable

  • Digital sensors
  • Intra-oral imaging
  • VELscope oral cancer screening

  • Boost 40% One-Hour Whitening, 35% for trays
  • Treswhite
  • Zoom pens

  • Using three adjectives, describe your practice?
    Herzog: High-energy, fast-paced and fun.

    What is your practice philosophy?
    Herzog: It's all about the patients. Patients. Patients. Patients.

    You have 11 locations throughout Texas. How do you explain this growth and what is your role now?
    Herzog: I learned to be unique, set myself apart and go for it. If I want to be competitive, I can't be just like the doctor next door. With FLOSS' unique atmosphere and attention to customer service, our biggest source of new patients is referrals from families, friends and co-workers. Converting to being an in-network insurance partner has also helped our growth. We decided to convert because it's what our patients asked for.

    As far as my role, I used to work at all the locations, but we have grown to the point where I train and work with the associates at all the locations. This allows me to focus on the growth of the business.

    Name: Clint Herzog, DDS
    Graduate from: Texas A & M University, 1996; University of Texas San Antonio Dental School, 2000
    Practice Name: FLOSS Dental
    Practice Locations: 11 locations across Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin, Texas
    Practice Opened: First location opened in 2007 in Dallas
    Web site:

    What are some of the challenges you came across as you have established yourself in the profession?
    Herzog: Well… patients aren't always nice. I thought if I had their best interest at heart they would see that and respond. Not always true. Most are great, but I have learned from the difficult ones. I don't take things personally anymore and this has helped me to really focus on their needs. I think it has been the largest impact on FLOSS' success. I have learned that, yes we are a profession, but at the end of the day, we're a service.

    What advice would you give to a new dentist?
    Herzog: Don't act like a doctor. Do whatever it takes to meet the patient's needs and go out of your way to make an impact on your staff. They will appreciate it and work harder.

    What do you look for in hiring dentists and staff for each location?
    Herzog: When hiring dentists and staff we look for people who are committed to quality dental care, who are able to connect with people, are open to personal and professional development and have an eagerness to learn.

    What types of services does FLOSS offer? And what is your favorite procedure to perform?
    Herzog: We offer all general dental procedures, as well as endo, perio and oral services. We are an Elite Preferred Provider of Invisalign and do quite a bit of cosmetic work. My favorite cases are the ones that involve full-mouth rehab and cosmetic cases. It's awesome to make an impact on someone's life and be a part of his or her transformation.

    Who are your mentors?
    Herzog: Chuck Kolb, DDS – he taught me to put the patient first. And John Durham – he's my business mentor. I will never forget when John told me, "Everyone can be successful, but not everyone is willing to pay the price."

    Your practice expresses a passion for philanthropy and supports numerous charities. Why is this important to you?
    Herzog: We are blessed, and it is a way we can give back and bless others directly (charity cases) and indirectly (sponsorships).

    What do you like to do when you're not working?
    Herzog: I like to spend time with my children – my four-year-old daughter, Parker and four-month-old son, Hudson. I love playing golf and exercising, and spend as much time at the lake as I can!


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