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[Training Video] How to Create A Buying Frenzy, Attract More Leads and Get More New Patients

[Training Video] How to Create A Buying Frenzy, Attract More Leads and Get More New Patients

4/6/2016 1:14:04 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 240

Before I begin this post on how to create a buying frenzy... I want you to imagine a scenario:

Imagine if you discovered how to create a buying frenzy for your business

What if you were suddenly recognized as “The Expert” and “The Authority” in your field… virtually overnight. People were like “Oh Yeah… That’s the person… that’s who you wanna go to about this thing."

So what if that happened to you and what if suddenly you became in great demand regardless of your price so people just wanted to do business with you?.. And what if (as a result of getting more business than you can handle) you said:

“Well gosh… this is too many people, I’m gonna raise my prices” (and after having raised your prices) it didn’t matter and you were still in TONS of demand?

What if that happened and what if you became a celebrity in your niche?  Now I’m not talking about on the front page of People Magazine… but I mean in your specific community, where it MATTERS... where people pay you.

How to create a buying frenzy

What if you became a well-known celebrity, in that niche? Well, that MIGHT sound like a stretch… and certainly if you expect it to happen overnight. BUT I used to think it was impossible too… until it happened to me.

In the past several years (as a matter-of-fact) I’ve sold over SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS between my own products and services… PLUS the promotions I’ve created for clients. $7M bucks and easily… hands down… the single biggest contributor to that success is the use of video to create a buying frenzy.

Now bottom line is that video has worked really well for me… for most of the other top internet marketers and if you think about it, really…everybody knows that videos work better (to create a buying frenzy) than anything else, right?

But in order for them to work you’ve got to do them right, and … In order to do them right, you need to follow a proven formula. A blueprint that has worked historically and that’s what I want to talk to you about right now.

But before I share this formula on how to create a buying frenzy with you I want to illustrate the point with a (quick) story...

On a recent trip to the Gander Mountain superstore by my house… I promised myself that I was only there to kill time and that I “Would not buy anything!”  The only reason I was there in the first place is that I had tagged along with my Lisa (my wife) and Emily (my daughter) on their trip to the outdoor mall by my house.

Emily was home for Spring Break and I wanted to spend time with her, but when they decided to go shopping for shoes... I made my escape.
By the time I left that store I had been transformed. I found myself feeling energized, laughing and most importantly, laden with products that I (prior to my arrival) didn’t know that I needed.

Get this… While I had sworn to myself that I was NOT going to buy anything while killing time there, walked out with a new set of (ScentLok®) camo , a new PSE bow (which cost me over eleven hundred dollars).  Gander Mountain's advertising (videos), store layout and in-store salesman had successfully worked in concert to create a highly successful feeding frenzy.  Needless to say... I wasn't the only one on this trip that ended up overeating.

Now when I speak at internet marketing seminars (my own or as an invited guest) on how to skyrocket your online sales, I often find that a majority of business owners are losing a huge amount of potential sales (and revenue) because of one major factor.

Their sales process spends too much time trying to sell and not enough time stimulating the customer’s natural urge to buy. Customers hate to be sold to but they love to buy. Like Gander Mountain's sales process… you can spark a buying frenzy when you use the right approach.

If you'd like to find out what I'm talking about (and how it can help you), you can peek behind-the-curtain and see how it's done in this NEW 15-minute video tutorial I just shot for you, that walks you through a simple 3-step process for creating a buying frenzy with video.

What's interesting is a slightly different version of this same presentation made me $31,070.53 in sales ...without selling.

Made it using free software on my Toshiba laptop :-)

Who says you gotta be fancy?

Anyway - this will show you how to use video to:

1. Create a buying frenzy, generate more customers/clients/ patients and sell more.

2. Create goodwill.

3. Deploy ninja NLP tactics.

4. Position yourself better in your marketplace.

It should play automatically here.


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