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My Internet Marketing Secret Formula

My Internet Marketing Secret Formula

1/4/2016 9:00:44 AM   |   Comments: 1   |   Views: 197


In just a few moments I'm going to reveal my Internet Marketing Secret Formula, but first a few (important) thoughts to ponder.

Now that we’ve started the New Year, you may find yourself sitting at home today pondering the future growth and profitability of your business. Maybe you’ve got an unanswered question in the back of your mind (like this) that just won’t go away:

“How have I gotten here? Despite making a lot of mistakes along the way, we have learned a lot and have enjoyed some success.”

Ken Newhouse & Co., reveals how you can enjoy Internet Marketing Success with their Internet Marketing Secret Formula - Released for the first time ever!2015 may have been a profitable year, you served your customers well and feel like you made a difference for them. But for some reason maybe you feel as though something just isn’t right. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry… you’re not alone.

On many occasions over the last 25 years I have found myself with this same question swirling around my brain... and because I didn't ignore it I was able to create and develop my Internet Marketing Secret Formula. It was ten years ago I remember standing in front of a huge, blank whiteboard trying to sketch out why I was feeling this way. I felt like something was missing in my business… something just “wasn’t right” and I was determined to figure out what it was.

After 45-minutes (which seemed like hours at the time) I wrote down two questions:

1. WHO is the person (i.e., "my Ideal Client") I really want to work with?”Up to that point in my business, I had been trying to sell to anyone and everyone I could. I know that a lot of dentists, chiropractors and small business owners that I've worked with would have said (when I first accepted them as new Clients) that that sounds smart... but working with so many unqualified people left me tired, frustrated, and empty inside.

I had reached the point where I knew that things had to change and I had decided to stand in front of that white board until I got it figured out once and for all. After I had made the decision of "WHO" I would ideally love to work with (since it WAS MY CHOICE after all), I started to think about the RESULTS I would want to deliver for them and their businesses. So the next I question I wrote down was:

2. “How could I serve my Client at the highest level?” Now few business owners really "get" what I'm about to show (it's BIG)... and as a result they struggle continually. In reality, every product or service you sell is actually two products. Version one of what you sell is the tangible product/service — a web app, a hygiene visit (teeth cleaning & exam), a computer, an information product, a new saddle for your horse, a car, even SaaS (software as a service) that have offered your clients, of which you are justly proud.

Version #2 is the functional product/service — the thing you sell in action, or better "the series of benefits that your product/service performs for your customer/client"... and it is on that basis of which he/she buys what you're selling (product or service).

The tangible product or service is not what's driving the sale. People do not buy the steel in a car, the carbon fiber and plastic in a computer, the hair cut/style at the salon, or the detailing service performed on your BMW. The tangible part of your product/service is of value to your customer for one reason only:

Because your product and/or service DOES THINGS FOR PEOPLE (i.e., "provides Benefits"). The important part of your product is what it does for your customer. The rest—the steel skeleton—the chrome or metal case that you actually deliver to your customer—is only your excuse for charging them your price.Ken Newhouse & Co., Internet Marketing Secret Formula requires that you know as much as possible about your ideal clients

What they are really paying you for is what the product will do. And this reality struck me... really struck me when I realized that the result (i.e., "series of benefits I wanted to give my Clients) I would give to every Client of mine would result in a transformation of their business and (whenever possible) improve their lives for the better. That result is where I wanted to take them.

I cannot stress to you how HUGE this was for me and how important it is that you not only "get this"... but that you run with it.  At that point my adrenaline was surging and I knew that I was on a role... so a few minutes later, I wrote two more questions on the board:

3. WHERE can I consistently find my Ideal Clients online and offline?.. and 

4. What type of BAIT (i.e., "Irresistible Offer") can I create and use to attract my Ideal Clients that will also repel time wasters and unqualified prospects?

These questions eventually became the outline for what I now call my “Internet Marketing Secret Formula,” and it’s really the first step that you HAVE to take before you can grow any company.  

Until now I’ve never revealed my Internet Marketing Secret Formula to anyone other than our Profit Vault Platinum Members and Clients, and a few other top copywriters and internet marketers I consider close friends. 

But over the last several months I’ve had more and more business owners and high-level managers asking me for help… so I decided to (maybe against my better judgement) to open the Profit Vault.

My Internet Marketing Secret Formula is one of my greatest discoveries for generating a consistent flow of quality new clients and customers and (when you follow this outline to the letter) is as they say... "Money in the bank". 

The formula is comprised of four direct (yet) simple questions. Each (and every) time a new Client consults with and/or hires me I will implement the secret formula by beginning with these same four questions. At the time of writing, companies have paid me upwards of sixty-thousand dollars to help them by implementing my Business Development System (which utilizes the Internet Marketing Secret Formula.

Now while I realize that you haven't pay me to access and learn this information and then go through this process… I want to strongly encourage you to not only “not” discount or ignore this… but rather "give" this process serious thought and planning.

Remember… You’re in business to make a profit… on purpose!

And if you’ll dig into this with the intent to make it work for you… and invest some time thinking through this process (which is nearly impossible for those who consistently do not reach their goals)… you will get a lot more out of my secret formula.

Okay, let me walk you through the process. 

Question #1: Who Is Your Ideal Client and Can You Describe The in Intimate Detail? 

The first question you have to ask yourself is, “Who are the people and/or businesses that I really enjoy working with… who will greatly benefit from the products and/or services provide, and who can easily (and gladly) afford to pay me what I’m worth?” The absolute worst way to start a process like this (which is the way MOST business owners and managers start) is to begin by focusing on a product idea.

My Internet Marketing Secret Formula reveals that you want to focus on the commonalities that the various types of people you consider ideal clients shareThey don’t think about WHO they want as clients, customers or patients. Nor do they think about the types of vendors and associates they want to work with either. Now stop and think about this for a moment… these are the people you will be interacting with day in and day out for a long time (unless you deliver lame products and/or service). Undoubtedly, you’ll likely be spending more time with these people than with your family members or your friends.

When I made the decision to ask Lisa to marry me, I did so after two years of careful thought. Thankfully she didn’t take two years to think about her answer!.. But you get my point. 

Now If you’re new in business or just getting started on a new project, this process may not seem like it's a priority for you.  But here’s where you need to pay attention. If you don’t consciously think about and decide who your ideal clients will be, it’s likely that you’ll wake up one day like I did and find that you’re working with people who exhaust you… wishing that you were an employee… in a position to quit or be fired to escape the business you created.

24 years ago I opened my first practice in Newport Beach, California and in short order I was enjoying massive success. It didn’t take long for a lot of people to notice my success and that’s when the questions started coming. “How are you generating so much business? How are you making so much money?” 

At first I was happy to share the information with my patients who owned businesses, the neighboring businesses, my friends and even other chiropractors. Admittedly I was doing very well for myself, but I didn’t recognize the immense opportunity (in addition to simply running a practice) my success had brought me.

And then one morning a young chiropractor (right out of school) stopped in to see me. It was a Friday morning (my off day) when Raj caught me on the way out. He asked if I could give him 10-15 minutes to answer a few questions for him... and (as usual I was eager to help) so I agreed. Those 15 minutes changed my entire future in business, because one of his questions hit me square in the head (that’s when the light came on!)... and here is what he asked me:


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