The Dentist Freedom Blueprint
The Dentist Freedom Blueprint
Transform your practice into a cash machine while investing in capital assets outside the practice to increase your net worth, create passive cash flow and give you the freedom you've earned.

Control Without Ownership? (Part 1)

Control Without Ownership? (Part 1)

5/13/2015 12:21:39 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 222

Control Without Ownership? (Part 1)

Here’s a question for you… 

Would you rather make yourself a million dollars by keeping everything - or help 100 people make at least $100K and keep 10% for yourself? 

It’s a million dollars for you either way – but which do you think is easier?

The second idea is what I term “participations.”  It’s like a franchisor – taking a small percentage of equity in multiple businesses with the bulk of the equity going to the managing owner.

This is the premise behind my “Control Without Ownership” real estate investment series.

This is how to invest in real estate without your time (or very little of it), without tenants, contractors and stopped-up toilets on Saturday night.

When I first started investing in real estate 35 years ago, I only saw the investment opportunity through a single lens.  Real estate made all the sense in the world, and fortunately, I had the time to learn.

I was also of the mindset that I needed to control each and every investment 100%.  I believed that in order to invest in real estate, I needed to be the one to:

  • Find a good investment opportunity
  • Negotiate and close it
  • Manage any necessary renovation or rehab
  • Screen and place appropriate tenants
  • Manage the property – deal with tenants, maintenance and repair

This is conventional thinking and the way that 99% of the population thinks about most endeavors and investments.  It’s all about one person controlling and managing the entire operation.

But this is the slow way - and for most people reading this post, NOT the fast track to equity growth and passive cash flow.

Interested in learning how to do this? (It’s simpler than you think…)

Stay tuned to the next blog posts in this series and I’ll take you deeper into the “Control Without Ownership” system.

For now, if you’d like to speak personally about how you can enjoy the benefits of Control Without Ownership investments, then click here and we’ll set up a time to discuss how it could work for you.

To your freedom,

Dr. David Phelps
(Retired and loving it…)



Dr. David Phelps

Dr. David Phelps DDS, a former practicing dentist, now spends his time helping other dentists and physicians create wealth and passive cash flow through real estate investing. You may read more about him at

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