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Pioneers Veneers is a daily need

4/25/2023 9:12:31 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 85

Nowadays to have a perfect smile is something everyone is looking for, Not because it is trending, But also because it is a need to look good and smile good, with the huge variety of fake teeth options Pioneers veneers -which is also called snap on veneers or clip on veneers- are considered the best option due to the easy process of making them for the customers 

Let’s start with what is my options as a customer if I have a missing tooth and I am considering one of the fake teeth options to restore it and look good

1. Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge is one of the most famous options of fake teeth, it is where you have to go a dentist at a dental office and teeth reduction of the tooth right to the missing tooth and the tooth left to the missing tooth occur then the dentist a dental impression for you and send it to a dental lab to make you a 3 unit dental bridge that will cover all of the reduced teeth and restore the missing space with fake teeth.

2. Denture 

Dentures are preferred in cases of huge missing teeth – more than 3 teeth per quadrant – it is an easy way to get fake teeth where you can eat with, Dentures also should be done only at dental office by a dentist, it does restore missing teeth with fake teeth along with part of the gums.

Fake teeth dentures need much time to learn how to speak with and eat with, it needs training so you can get used to eating and speaking with Fake teeth dentures.

3. Dental Implants 

Dental implants fake teeth are an option with high range of being conservative with normal teeth, Fake teeth implants also should be done at Dentist at a dental office, Dental implants need a minor surgery to implanted in the bone and gums, Dentists should wait at least 3 months till the dental implant fake teeth get fully bonded with the normal bone.

4. Pioneers Veneers Fake teeth 

Pioneers Veneers are the easiest ever option to restore missing teeth, it needs no dental visits and no dental offices nor Dentists , Once you make an order from our website

Pioneers veneers sends customers an impression kit where Customers can take impressions for themselves at home and then customers sends their impressions to Pioneers Veneers office’s at 

1716 Briarcrest drive ,3rd floor

 Bryan , Texas 77802

Once Pioneers Veneers receive customers impressions at their office , an immediate start of fabricating fake teeth occur ; 

1.Scanning the  dental impressions taken by customers using our high tech 3D Scanner.

2. Designing of the customer’s models to restore and modify any imperfection to achieve perfect look fake teeth.

3. Printing customer’s models using advanced 3D printers.

4. Thermoforming of Fake teeth sheets onto the 3D printed and modified models.

5. Finishing and polishing of the Pioneers veneers fake teeth.

Then Pioneers Veneers sends the veneers to the customers where they try their perfect fit fake teeth and they end up with a Pioneers with the easiest way of using fake teeth.

Pioneers Veneers fake teeth is the easiest options of fake teeth in the previous mentioned options , yet it cannot be used fully in eating options , Pioneers veneers fake teeth can be used only in eating soft food like cake , ice-cream and fish also all kind of drinks are allowed with no problem at all 

Pioneers veneers will always keep you smiling Bright 

Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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