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[EP25 - 2020] Dr. Brian Laskin - Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future

[EP25 - 2020] Dr. Brian Laskin - Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future

12/8/2020 3:28:04 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 32

[EP25 - 2020] Dr. Brian Laskin - Industry Experts 

Dr. Bryan Laskin is the founder of Lake Minnetonka Dental in the Minneapolis, Marea, as well as the CEO of OperaDDS, OperaVR, Upgrade Dental, Chief Innovation Officer of Dental Care Alliance, Co-Founder of Talentship and host of “The Operatory Podcast with Bryan Laskin”. 

On this episode Dr. Laskin shares his perspective as Chief Innovation Officer of Dental Care Alliance as to how he leveraged innovation to help move DCA clinicians through COVID-19. The biggest challenges doctors face moving through COVID-19. And encouragement on what opportunities doctors and teams can take hold of for a brighter future. 

Connect with Dr. Laskin - 
Lake Minnetonka Dental
The Operatory Podcast with Bryan Laskin

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