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DSG Connect is a podcast by Dental Services Group one of the worlds leading dental laboratory networks. Our goal is to elevate voices in dentistry, the people making a difference and bringing world class solutions to our industry and communities.
Heidi Shelton

[EP37 - 2021] Panthera - Advancing Sleep Solutions the X3 Innovation at it's Best!
Panthera - Advancing Sleep Solutions the X3  Panthera has done it again! Advancing sleep solutions with the exciting launch of their X3 appliance. Andreas Klie, RDT, Regional Sales Director, Ontario and Kim Solomon, Senior Vice-President Sales, U.S.A, share the exciting news highlighting the X3’s...  Read More
[EP36 - 2021] Dr. Alex Rader Implant Cases - Setting Patient Expectations
[EP36 - 2021] Dr. Alex Rader Implant Cases  A well-informed patient who is confident in your team is essential for patient acceptance and a positive restorative journey. Dr. Rader has been practicing in the San Francisco, Bay Area for 20 plus years, where he continues to hone his craft. Listen in...  Read More
[EP35 - 2021] Dr. Lillis & Dr. Margeas "Real World Dentistry"
What does “Real World Dentistry” look like… mentorship, transparency, barber shop days, and operating with ethics. Listen in as Dr. Lillis and Dr. Margeas share their passion for dentistry, how to be profitable with daily bread-and-butter dentistry. Connect  – Dr. Patrick Lillis 913-231-9422...  Read More
[EP34 - 2021] Dr. John Heimke Efficient Workflows & Case Acceptance Strategies for the 2021 Practice
[EP34 - 2021] Dr. John Heimke - Efficient Workflow Dr. Heimke shares how presenting comprehensive treatment plans help you work more efficiently and increase case acceptance. Listen in as he shares how asking patients what their goals are sets in motion the treatment plan to achieve the best...  Read More
[Ep33 - 2021] Dr. Martin Mendelson  Dr. Martin Mendelson is a Spear Resident Faculty member, Spear’s Executive Vice President of Practice Growth and Founder of Metamorphosis Coaching. He is passionate about growth and self-development. In that spirit he developed a passion project as a give back...  Read More
[EP32 - 2021] - Dr. Mark Hyman - Pearls of Wisdom for Practice Growth
Dr. Mark Hyman - Pearls of Wisdom Practice Growth Dr. Mark Hyman, clinician, and international speaker, reflects on his journey of buying a bankrupt practice, subsequently making it worse, than growing it into a top one percent enterprise. He shares practical tips like hiring a coach, investing...  Read More
[EP31 - 2021] Dr. Mike Maroon - 2021 Dentistry
[EP31 - 2021] Dr. Mike Maroon - 2021 Dentistry Dr. Maroon has been serving his community by providing exceptional dental healthcare for 35 years. He is also the Director of Laboratory Services for Smile Source. Serving in multiple capacities in dentistry throughout the years has provided him with...  Read More
[EP30 - 2021] Tracy Anderson Butler - Empowering your Team
Tracy Anderson-Butler - Empowering Your Team Tracy Anderson Butler, CEO of Creative Ventures, shares how to scale up and level up by leading from the circle instead of the center and empowering your team by embracing their value roles. In addition, she explains the importance of enhancing your...  Read More
[Special - 2021] Lou Azzara, CEO Dental Services Group, Reflecting on 2020 & Looking Forward to 2021…
Lou Azzara, CEO Dental Services Group, Reflecting  Show Notes – Lou Azzara, CEO of Dental Services Group, reflects on 2020 and shares his encouraging perspective on the future of dentistry. Expressing the importance of connection, partnership in a post COVID world and leveraging technology to...  Read More
[Special - 2020] Thank you and Happy Holidays! From DSG Connect Host Heidi Shelton
[Special - 2020] Thank you and Happy Holidays!  Connect with DSG Connect & Dental Services Group -  -podcast@dentalservicesgroup.net -hshelton@dentalservices.net - Subscribe to DSG Connect on  today!  Read More
[EP29 - 2020] Dr. Robert Mongrain - Industry Experts: a Glimpe into the Future
Dr. Mongrain is the Director of Clinical Advocacy and Clinical Digital Technology Scanners & Labs for Heartland Dental. He has a targeted focus to grow digital dentistry over all facets and platforms by providing solutions for gaps and friction points. Dr. Mongrain practices dentistry part time...  Read More
[EP28 - 2020] Dr. Leila Jahangiri - Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future
[EP28-2020] Dr. Leila Jahangiri - Industry Experts Dr. Leila Jahangiri, Ira E. Klein Professor and Chair Department of Prosthodontics at NYU. Joins in and enriches the conversation on the third installment of our collection of talks Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future. Sharing her...  Read More
[EP27 - 2020] Dr. Howard Farran – Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future
[EP27 - 2020] Dr. Howard Farran – Industry Experts On this episode Dr. Howard Farran shares an encouraging message on how doctors and their team can not only overcome the challenges of today, also thrive. He will captivate you with his blunt, humorous, and practical insights.   Connect with Dr....  Read More
[EP26 - 2020] Dennis Braunston - Shade Matching Goes Mobile
[EP26-2020] Dennis Braunston Mobile Shade Matching Dennis Braunston the Founder of Shade Wave, shares how the Shade Wave app and adaptive technology is making the process of shade taking in the dental office more accurate and convenient. Saving clinician's precious chair time. Connect with...  Read More
[EP25 - 2020] Dr. Brian Laskin - Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future
[EP25 - 2020] Dr. Brian Laskin - Industry Experts  Dr. Bryan Laskin is the founder of Lake Minnetonka Dental in the Minneapolis, MN area, as well as the CEO of OperaDDS, OperaVR, Upgrade Dental, Chief Innovation Officer of Dental Care Alliance, Co-Founder of Talentship and host of “The Operatory...  Read More
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