The Productive Dentist Podcast
The Productive Dentist Podcast
The Productive Dentist Podcast features Dr. Bruce B. Baird, America's Most Productive Dentist, as he shares the wisdom and knowledge he's gained in 30+ years of dentistry to help dentists become more productive and live better lives.
Productive Dentist Podcast

Episode 83 - Practice Value

Episode 83 - Practice Value

10/26/2020 5:32:57 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 12

What is your practice really worth? A lot of docs have been asking me questions about how the outside world views the worth of their practice and how they can boost that value. So today I’m digging into what:

 - Someone would be willing to pay for your practice
Your practice is really worth when you look at production & income vs. debt & expenses
Numbers and areas you can look at to increase your practice’s value

83 - Practice Value

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