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1328 Modular Dental Implants with Dr. Pinchas Kfir : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1328 Modular Dental Implants with Dr. Pinchas Kfir : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Dr. Pinchas Kfir, DMD, MEI, is the founder, CEO, and director of Zeev Modular Dental Implants. Dr. Kfir is a dentist with over 25 years’ experience in dental implantology. He is also an experienced entrepreneur and co-founder of start-ups in dental field.

VIDEO - DUwHF #1328 - Pinchas Kfir

AUDIO - DUwHF #1328 - Pinchas Kfir

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Howard: I am in Tel Aviv Israel with Dr. Pinchas Kfir how are you doing today thank you much so tell us about your company you started XIV modular dental implants what with all the implant companies in the world what made you want to start a new implant company okay 

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: we are developing a new approach to dental implants we try to deal with the major unmet need of dental implants fillers which means the periodontitis mostly but not only we have modular design dental implants that can be customized according to the length of the die of the bound upon dimensions but on  2006 2007 I realized that the percentage of parapet aggies is much more higher than what it was at the literature they talked about two to five percent and I saw that it's much higher because a good sue against dentist that I saw their implants that are standing straight and without any problem not a closer problem or our problems that I could say what is the problem there but as you all know the craters of Perun patatas was very honest so after I study this matter at that the privilege of dental miss much I and I ask myself how can I manage this problem because I'm not a plumber if I was a plumber I could cut the implant replaced the exposed contaminated part but I am a dentist and they have no any management options to cut the exposed contaminated party replace it with a new sterile part so I thought about the modularity the modern dental implants which is a renewable dental implants we can replace and remove the contaminated part and replace it with a new part and continue with the same base of the implant and the ground and bridge on top we don't need to start all this again so this was the purpose of conduct is conducting Zev implants and to develop what you now designed intelligence 

Howard: and then is the name of your father 

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: yeah my late father was one of the pioneers of the Israeli aircraft industry he was the first to bring to Israel CNC machines in order to produce flecks of elbows evidence so this why we called the implants because three months before he passed away

Howard:  so romantic so implants they either fail right out of the gate after you place them or they fail slowly with peri-implantitis and you so your implant system is a way to try to prevent more or is based around peri-implant yeah to actually take out the infected area and replace it so was your presentation and what is your Brendon do you I know we you graduated from Tel Aviv dental school in 89 what when did you get interested in placing dental implants

Dr. Pinchas Kfir:  okay so when I finished that school is just started in Israel the whole thing of inserting implants so I took courses there was no implants education during the university [Music] studies and I started to certain plant the back to 1992 and I started to make both the surgery and their prosthodontics and I start to love to love this and to love more than dentistry because it brings more passion to our profession so I so that it's very successful as soon as we see let's move this over here as we see the success rate is 95 percent due to also integration the bone and growth to the import rates but now 

Howrd: when people say at 95 percent success rate that means they didn't fail out of the gate like  at the 95% success rate at what the end of one year but 95 percent is the first years the 

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: first 3 years the first the second the third year but after that and I just over time in blood cell due to hepatitis that you know that at least 10% of all inserted implants will fail it took you 20 percent of patients and 36 percent of smokers of course there are statistics that are much more darker this statistic this is an optimistic statistics so that's why I thought how can I do something in order to build the patient and the dentist a management option when the attack disappears and we can see the damage around the implant and the accumulation of plaque and and Maccabiah and we know that it's bacterial driven chronic inflammation and if progress must faster then very productive ease and of course you know that it is a professional challenge so we know today that they current treatment solutions are not sufficient no base surgical interventions and know by non surgical interventions we try to debride around tours but nothing else and also by silicon division we can't regenerate a wave or without bone grafts and we know today that there is no reliable treatment available for film for and if we think about the lights of the car after accident we take the broken car walking lights to the garage and they replace the ball a broken light eye anyone but with dental implants we don't have this option we have to get rid of all the implants and the outcome is in part federal extraction and considering that the continued decrease in the annual advanced placement parent package are becoming a significant everyday clinical challenge so we know that it's very painful and thank you seeing in costly and this is the reason we see some image of that arena surface protect this area and we magnified it we can see that the surface is like crowded my metal powers that nothing can clean the and get rid of the bacteria in between the spikes of Salter's

Howrad:  now you you and I have been in this game for three decades there used to be hydroxyapatite coated surfaces there's been all kinds of surfaces or any surfaces more likely to cause or prevent peri-implantitis than other surfaces are they all going to run the only the only surface

Dr. Pinchas Kfir:  Brennaman surface is highly polished but polish is less surface area for the impact that we once today for more faster also integration because because of these because of the demand of our patient to get authentication very fast we create this SLA surface or other surface treatment in order to get much more much large surface area so that's why we are with this problem of accumulation of bacteria that we can't manage and can't get rid of this bacteria 

Howard:did you know dr. brand mark son is a orthopedic surgeon in San Francisco ok interesting man we need to get him on the show so in January there was convention about parent attack is a missile and those are the one opinion leaders that are eating at this field of tournament IDs and 

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: the consensus was that there is no any reliable surface the contamination management and we need to replace ankle contaminate surface implant and replacing in order to make team environment to the implants in order to say with this event so that's what we are doing we are doing Sigma's address with this unmet need the major hundred make implant dentistry by a renewable modular dental implants that can replace the contaminated surface it's built with extension rings that allows to replace only the exposed contaminated in a parts it also offer the length is shorter all plans and their implants according to the clinical situation and we designed it to be as common as the that is known the implants of today so it's with the same diameters and the same length of the implants today it allows finally to maintain the original crown and bridge and you don't need to start all over the posted optics on top we design it to be compatible with standard dental techniques and accessories so the dentists don't have to buy a new equipment and the moon sets only two screwdrivers only two screwdrivers that helps to take out or to release only the upper contaminated part and 

Howard: when did we start doing this

Dr. Pinchas Kfir:  I started the patent back to 2009 2008 and now we have full range of all that if you see the implants comes like you see as a regular implant for the dentist is same same the learning curve is very short it's the same as he managed the most common dental interest today in every in every part of the implants you can connect your the Battlement or the super suction in every  level of the parts and it can be our  technologies we should attempt in Europe us already and it can be XML now Connie called language any connection so the modularity give us the advantage of be more flexible in order to make a renewable surface to customize glance and let me share with you a short video animation that announced they need and presents now I have 

Howard: you put the animation video on YouTube yeah if you're the link on YouTube yeah I'd say so also in our website you can see that they're about to maybe we can and the website is XIV implants calm Zev maybe your father and then implants calm yeah that's a nice thing see the implants 

Howard: so you're gonna play the video now yeah so this is the average xiv implant have three modules they all have three three components that already 

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: you can you can produce the length with how many grades or centuries the tools but in our design today our prototype today it's with a base and two extension rings so we can see that what's the most extension neurons that you've ever placed with two extension rings it's 13 millimeters for 10 million 15 13 millimeters with two extension rings so it's compatible to our most common extension or length of dental implants that there it can be with one ring and it will be 10 meters it can be without any ring but then it's like standard apart but the that is by each key bite with two extensions which is two extension is 13 millimeters so left shoulder usually Video: Zieve implants modular dental implants our teeth last a lifetime usually occasionally however a dentist may need to extract a tooth dental implants were developed as artificial tooth root replacements implants are one-piece devices available in a number of standard diameters and lengths today's implants cannot be shortened or lengthened even with their limitations implants are designed to last for decades unfortunately over time up to 50% of implants fail due to inflammation that may damage the implants threads today Dentist may be forced to remove and replace the entire implant and crown because there is no reliable alternative treatment the extraction may damage bone and anatomical structures such as the maxillary sinus blood vessels and nerves total implant removal and reimplantation is painful time-consuming and costly imagine how efficient it would be if the dentist could simply remove and replace only the damaged part of the implant while keeping the rest in place that's where ZEV implants makes a difference with its unique patented solution the modular dental implant the modular design of the XIV implant consists of multiple sections or rings of the same size that can easily separate or connect to achieve a custom length when the surgical approach may be more appropriate the dentist removes the crown and abutment using a standard tool the infected upper rings of the XIV modular implant are removed and replaced with new sterile upper rings of the same size if necessary bone reconstruction is achieved through bone augmentation and the original crown is replaced for posterior teeth surgical intervention may not be required the dentist removes the crown and abutment using a standard tool the infected upper rings of the XIV modular implant are moved and replaced with new highly polished sterile upper rings to reduce plaque accumulation around the implant and to allow more efficient cleaning by the patient the original crown and bridge can be used after repair the advantages of the XIV system are clear because the rings are the same size dentists can add or remove segments to achieve a custom length Dennis and implant manufacturers alike can hold less inventory resulting in reduced costs it's compatible with standard implant systems so dentist can use existing tools and methods the XIV technology can be licensed to implant manufacturers to produce their implants the XIV system gives dentist greater confidence in offering implants as a treatment option to higher risk patients such as diabetics heavy smokers were those with periodontitis for the first time with XIV system patients are able to retain their implants and crowns resulting in less pain reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction Zieve modular implants making people smile 

Howard: nice video I see was created by dental master calm yeah whose dental master calm and

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: they great job their Israeli company that creates videos for dental implants and other dental companies all over the world so I was happy to collaborate with them in order to create this video for this unique design of implants 

Howard: very nice video so when did you cert salaries how long have they been on the market 

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: we did it start  yet we hope they will be in the market 2021 we are now to add get in see mark and well depend for submission for FDA and now Khimki prize human can enterprise and we think will be success now we are seeking for collaboration with big dental implants companies or dental implants companies for collaboration in order to bring it's faster to the market and in order to create some more data with some more clinical trials and that's what we are doing in every day in our company we are now working towards a new patent according to this innovative subject of modular dental implants and we hope that it will bring the implants the implants market that is very huge more than five billion u.s. dollars annually in certain Sentinel growth to reach more achievements by by managing parotitis more easily and I saw you before the convention of peripheral Tyne Tees in Israel pilatus is one of the most popular top topics at the main dental implants conference or men dental compare conferences all over the world and this option to have reliable treatment for parotitis this is the aim of our company of course there are some more advantage I saw in the video I showed in the video the option to reduce the inventory of implants at the dentist's office at the manufacturer also the distributor's because dentist by long-long implant and he can shorten the length of the implants during the

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: what you do so this reduce the inventory introduce cost that's one more advantage and other advantages for example if there is a failure of augmentation put a membrane and bone substitute after a time you came back and see that it was exposed a membrane and there is no bone value volume from talked and you have to take or get rid of the exposed membrane and the bone substitute but it's okay to stay with ten millimeters don't mean the fur communities without implant is very easy I can show you demonstration of how it works so I have a small motor here there are two implants here there two implants here and one of these implants are a standard implants and everyone is giving us okay so

Howard: are you supposed to have gloves on my poor attempt at a joke yeah but they so I can we assume the patient's already now

Dr. Pinchas Kfir:  yeah I think out this course in the ordinary way all righty so I took it out I raised my flip what is and what we can see here is two implants that the treads are upper treads are exposed this is standard implants this is Mt di model-type dental implants of XIV implants while at the standard implants I can't do anything I can try to clean but as I show before it won't be clean and the parent attack is really continuing here with the zip implants they took only one screwdriver and I can release only this part very easily out of the implant and I can stay with this level or bring any  polish part can bring any polish the placement part that can be put here or replace it with another part with traits okay those are two options to replace this contaminate part and after that after that let's say the time inserting a new sterile one when did you first think of this idea what was the inspiration so I will place it okay and now I can put back the same crown and bridge because I change same-same and I didn't change anything so I can put it back and of course the judges are before and that's it very simple congratulations very simple

Howard:  so what did you first think of this but what yeah how's the inspiration the idea

Dr. Pinchas Kfir:  to tell you I'm also a lawyer I learned blow at 1997 and I got many suits against dentist that I know that there are excellent technicians and I saw panoramix and our clinical photos and also it was almost the data shows that they create the rehabilitation perfect there is no occlusion load that is very short very the puzzle forces are not so destructive and there is no any reason to sue this doctors but the patient they have to get rid of this very big implants rehabilitation and it's something that battered the patient's bother the degrees and I thought how can I help both that the patient and the dentist and that's why I thought about the majority ocean because it didn't so any other way to get rid of the contaminated part so this brings me to that and I thanks to the plumbers because at the time in my home there was a pipe that was damaged and the plumber came and cut and cut and connect a new part and we continued with the same pipe and we didn't mean to throw the whole apartment because we spiked so that's the way I thought how can I manage this problem so this make confidence for dentists I think to be confidence for dentists and both that is and patient to create implants and they will ever allow options to manage this when the term Thomas will  come and we know today that it will come very high percentage of the implants and the patients also as a clinician for over 40 years we all know that when the patient was diabetic or productivities or ever smoked or ever that's a problematic patient we sometime reject this patient because we don't want to put us and put him into clinical treatment that we think that after two or three five years all will be destroyed by hepatitis so by giving this solution we give both dentist and patient second change and more confidence to ever treatment because they know that inside the implants it's not a usual implants it's a premium implant with a technology that allowed to replace the contaminant part with a new part and it's a renewable implant what we see in our company as the next generation of dental implants and this is the way that I think many of the opinion leaders think today the way or the direction that dentists design are going to so it was your journey in became a move in a lawyer and then saying he's failed dental losses what made you want to become a lawyer I 

Howard: there's not many dentists to he'll often become aware you're a double doctor of dentistry dr. along yeah

Dr. Pinchas Kfir:  no I'm almost didn't dealt with the suits under the law I many as I wanted to learn law in order to have some tools to create let's say took a business to create producing things to develop things that's why I also Mei from Swinburne University from Australia that is the mastering innovation antenna and end of connections I got this degrees in order to have tools for myself in order to go to the innovative and connection so not too so dentist or doctors but in order to have tools to to know how to deal with contacts and to deal with other companies after other patents in order to bring new ideas to the market so that's but because I was the first dentition is that also got the bar exams and got the low-cut so a great go give me also to dental organization I was advisor of it's very clear organization and also the Israeli organization of dental implants orthodontics the Department of everything is very government etc so but my most interest is in creating innovation and entrepreneurship in dental implants and 

Howrad: congratulations so when you get the FDA approvals and you go to the market what market are you gonna focus on the most Europe United States Israel what is your plan to get this 

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: we've got self excellence by the European Commission after the tested our technology at the horizon 2020 program and as we have already patent issue issue patent in Europe we will start there but we also have in US patent so we are submitting now for the FDA and we want to breathe to be as soon as possible at the American US market 

Howard: so is the European dental market and the United States Canada at the same size each yeah it's about ferritin thirds of the old world so it's a 2/3 of their of the world so Europe's 1/3 the United States Canada third and in the rest the world's a turn yeah and does the FDA what's the equivalent to the FDA in Europe or if you give the FDA approval in the United States does that get you anything in Europe or vice versa 

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: no and as I understand those are separate regulatory entities and we should walk towards the city mark and today so FG in nitrogen is called Z mark what is this a month see mark Oh sheee marker mark Simic and see mark and this is a group set of actions by the see European Commission and

Dr. Pinchas Kfir:  we are already with ISO 1355 8 2016 we got this certificate and we hope to get the see mark very short at the beginning of 2020 so the herbs the third the United States hand the third for the rest of the third the whole world were the hotspots of dental implants no we will go we will go there  is a very huge interest in China for example and other Eastern countries Singapore China Korea etc but we are a small company so we are not there yet and that's why you are seeking for collaboration with very big companies in order to go to these markets and we will be there 

Howard:so do you think you would rather sell direct to the dentist or would you rather go through a distributor like SHINee Patterson Banco Burkhardt yeah what are your thoughts there today the markets it became more more internet markets dentists are buying to the Internet to buy Amazon by eBay etc also patients are buying through the internet market and bringing the dentist the doctor please you know

Dr. Pinchas Kfir:  I got a law degree that I ever wanted yes I bought it on Amazon yeah going $10 yeah okay that's another bad job okay  but I know that there is a very  big market by the internet so it's one way to sell but also the  let's say the classic ways to sell by distributors or by licensing dental implants company to create their implants by they designs by our technology because the most of the Olympus today maybe create by the let's say by trauma design and by system on the moderate technology so it can serve all the players 

Howard: so what will be your strategy we'll see well I would imagine if you congratulations on getting bats that's very very hard to get this is a lot then you can get the back wouldn't it be the most efficient to take that IP tech ID to straumann which is the world's number one selling implant because they bought a lot of its merger and acquisition they bought by a dent or what is a knee event in Brazil they bánh mì ass in israel so if you have all the patents wouldn't that be the easiest to go to straumann and say a license you the technology yeah not rejecting this this offer I mean I think that that will be one day that one of them would be the first to come to reproach our company and 

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: because I don't want to invent the wheel and to create the first wheel the hours there are dental implants companies that can make what I'm doing must faster must get cheaper etc and my passion is for the invention and to bring this idea into the market as fast as I can and I'm sure that one of these big sharks may help me with this aim but if the was they will not be this way it will be by producing by ourselves it's an option we are now producing you can see you we have the orange most of the oranges here of course we have a  sense what ever we needs in order to create implants and rehabilitation on top of 

Howard: when you go around the world you see different cultures doing different things and I seem like the European culture was to take an experiment to dental schools and they took years to do studies and I noticed in Korea mega gen the founder dr. Park he had a very large dental office with a hundred dentists so since he owned the denim think he can go from a new design to manufacturing to have his own dentist place the implants and so he really shortly are in cycle immensely and today with so many of these large dental clinics I've noticed the are any time is really contracting if you're old school and you're relying through dental schools and they take a whole year to design the protocol and then they're doing it with grad students and when it's all done and said it takes one two or three years and then you're competing with that a company a private clinic that can do everything from A to Z in a hundred days so imagine MEGA GEN in  Seoul as they has really innovated the most just by contracting the already cycle immensely especially compared to Europe 

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: yeah we already talked with big data case I also as clinic utilities and I maintain my clinics in order to be able to produce new ideas and get you and the ideas you have more I know I have only one I can't come on yeah right in a town near Tel Aviv in particular and I enjoy to create by the clinical work more and more innovative to our field but we are also talking with big drinks we have been a month ago in Milan and we talked with 200 clinics organizations there and they have their own brand and we hope to be in their brands or other like them big clinics and they understand perfectly what you're talking about it's there was in Milan every Milan Italy yeah no no Milan Milan Italy okay yeah yeah so we've been there so why

Howard:  why do you think Italy out of all the countries in the world has the most dental implant companies they have more implant companies than the entire world combined just in Italy yeah esthetics you think yeah I think there are 

Dr. Pinchas Kfir: yeah we're fortunately because what you say there are a very high technology oriented there are very talent professors and the clinicians there and of course there are several a very good dental implants companies produces so maybe they have something that we are proud about they're easily dental has manufactures there are many and I think according to our eight million people even Israel there are the most percentage of dental implants companies to our population so maybe we are the first I don't know with the second but Israel is only clinics 

Howard: so Israel has eight million people and seven thousand dentists is that the right here about seven thousand six so maybe Italy is very similar to Israel by that that they are very oriented to produce new products and they got two dental implants faster than other countries I don't know why 

Howard: well dr. Pincus confer I'm sorry i'm pastor name right you say dr. Pincus covered in Kazakh field it was a pleasure and an honor to have each day to mine 

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