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1323 Making Implants Easier with Dr. Boaz Hetsroni : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1323 Making Implants Easier with Dr. Boaz Hetsroni : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Dr. Boaz Hetsroni is a general (but experienced..) dentist who developed a "breakthrough-changing life" device for dental implantologists. The "Omplant prosthetic parts Driver" (patent pending) is considered a must- have tool among hundrends of top implant dentists who use it worldwide. The wireless prosthetic parts driver automatically find...catch...dis/connect prosthetic components with the right torque from/to an implant in few seconds.Visibility of the screwable parts/hex is not required ! same time if the implant was placed in posterior area/distally tilted/or obscured by deep gums! All-inclusive Omplant Driver system (screwdriver & organizer) promotes fast, smooth,very convenient work flow. Beside saving 70% off chair-time, and half of mouth opening it provides a new standard of safety from falling parts in mouth so it is very friendly to the dentist and the patient.

VIDEO - DUwHF #1323 - Boaz Hetsromi

AUDIO - DUwHF #1323 - Boaz Hetsromi

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Howard: it is just an honor and a privilege to be in Tel Aviv Israel podcast interview Dr Boaz Hetsroni the CEO of all plant driver how are you doing thank you okay so you're a real life dentist so tell the teller introduce yourself tell them tell them your journey  

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:I'm a general dentist like a few years ago I had the problem with using hand driver in patient mouth and for manipulating the abutment or prosthetic parts on the implants and I walked few years to develop this tool this is the unplanned brother it replaces the need of a hand driver while taking care of the prosthetic parts on the implants and the advantage of the tool over using your hand driver I can be what is the hand drivers hand when you use it with your hand that means 

Howard: so obviously a hand drive I never I never heard it called a hand driver just like you call dental distributors Depot's 

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:yeah dental Depot's hand driver is the only thing you can use when you work on patient mouth they are also a torque devices to tighten the screw after it is located within the abutment into the implant but there is no such tool like a screwdriver so I during the development I had to find few things about how those tiny screws are behaving and so I didn't know where this research is is going and during the development I changed the direction of the research to find the specific tool that is doing a few things for a patient and dentists as well in terms of speed safety and comfort there is nothing to compare between using a hand driver which is the common use of every dentist and in the world to this driver

Howard:  so who your problems in the end riding hand driver had

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: few problems first of all patient opens his mouth very wide because you need to put your hand over the over the grip of the end driver your hand is in patient mouth so the opening mouth is very big and but this tool can reduce this problem for half of the patient mouth opening is needed for manipulating the parts like healing the battements or the abutments or the transfer coping which are needed in summer so her like in the second molar like the other day and I couldn't even my hands like I couldn't do it I had my dental assistant do it because she can get her little fingers back there especially if the implant is in ungulate is an angulated position of course all the posterior area in patient mouth is very the access is difficult 

Howard: so we ever heard of John McSpadden what good year did you get out of school what what what year did you graduate from dental school not just a violin biology but when I started this project usually that I you yes I was justice regular dentist I have no idea about mechanism about development about patents about but your dentists oh yes no what year did you graduate from dental school I graduated in in Israel you mean Hebrew year in 1994 ok 94 so I get an 87 John McSpadden was an he was an endodontist before there was a specialty of endodontics but he was in Chattanooga Tennessee he was a big man I told her you won a but you're over six foot yeah yeah and he had the same problem he couldn't even get those he cooking with his he was a six foot six man he couldn't get his big hands and then if I was the back teeth so he was actually came out with the McSpadden instruments and he had engine-driven night.i files back in the early 80s but necessity was the mother invention he's always teased that if he would have been born five foot one there wouldn't have been an engine-driven enemies but he had to invent those and he was at like say he was an endodontist before there was in adonis and when they came out with a special event adonis a grand fathered a lot of those guys in because they're practical in mindo so it sounds like you have the same story where this was a this invention came from a necessity of your big hands and a small mountain about it

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: so not only being hands in terms of safety because those tiny screw are tend to fall in patient mouths so what I found out with the with this speed the the driver the driver tips like catching the the screw and taking the screw by itself from the Phantom model to patient mouth and back or any part and so in terms of safety that's like a big change for for anyone not just for someone with big hands yeah

Howard:  so um how show him how it works 

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:okay I'll show you so first of all the most the dentist are the usual has this pen grip so it's like I change this because when you hold the device from above it you can control both button one button is forward one button is the reverse if I want to take a screw out of the implant like if it's a healing cap or abutment its birth reverse I hold the device in for service continuously I go near the school but I don't have to look where the screw because if it's in posterior area I might not see it at all so I don't see even where is the X but the device is taking the screw out of the implant and then usually you have the trying procedure that you put for example the healing cup out of patronage then you go to the model you take the Batmen you put it on patient mouth and back all those action are really like 30 times in out that you need for one implant until you get to the point that you have to tighten the screw this tightening action is done by like about 30 is usually 30 Newton centimeter is needed but for  all the in out procedure you need like half of it and it doesn't matter if it's 12 or 15 you just want that patient will not lose the healing cup while is between the appointments again this is the organizer which are developed for the system so as you see it collect the parts it collects the left right upper or lower jaw depends so if you have ten implants in the patient you it takes like one minute to take all the healing cups out in food put them in a specific order and then you go back you take the first for example if it's a healing cup or temporary abutment you go to patient mouth this again you press reverse you go near the influence and that that is another thing the driver will locate the implant no matter what is the angulation or the position of the implant or how deep the gums because sometimes the gums are very deep you can't even see where is the implant it just obscured by the gums so even if it's six millimeter it will be the same thing the driver will do that for automatically it finds the position of the influence and then put the parts in tension mounts on the implants so as you see doesn't matter what is the location of the implant it takes like three seconds to find a part to put it in or out of the implant 

Howard: it's very impressive that you're a dentist you had a problem and you actually made a solution you know that's pretty rare I mean not many dentists start a company to solve a problem so that problem must have really annoyed you or talked about

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:I think I think many dentists what I know from my clients for my the users are having all the same problem that they said to me all I was thinking about that before but I think the away from thinking about it to getting to the invention his very long way and I know that it takes years is not something that an idea comes to you and you are solving it by not before you make thousands of experiments

Howard:  well I really admire you because you know most people just want to be a critic they want to sit on the couch and tell you what they like or don't like and the truth is they've never done anything and I love I love you know the critics are a dime a dozen and almost useless I love the people like yourself who they  have a problem I'm gonna get a shovel and start shoveling and then solve it so how long did it take from idea to actually have enough product and when  was the idea when did you deliver the product how long you been selling

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: I worked off of course with the few people's because I had to gather all the information but most of the ideas came for myself but still I was lucky to meet people from machining or other people that could suggest me things along the way but actually took like I think something like two years to get to the prototype and then like one year or two years to get to the product itself but still even today after few years you need to solve problem change things and cost money is not easy even after you have something because in any part you produce now if you ask it after few years maybe there are changes it's kind of tenths of millimeters for every part in the product that you know have to control the production all the time so he is not one time and you put on the shelf like 1000 pieces or something like that like doing the study of six years again I think the knowledge I gather is more than wasn't the attempt at school 

Howard: so how house is are you successfully selling it yeah I'm telling me that after 

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:I tried it was not easy to start but I started with the experts in Israel and hospitals and dental schools and actually all of them today are using the device now and you see 

Howard: hospitals and in Israel most of the DSOs are connected to a hospital correct okay or hospitals have like the maxillofacial surgery department some of them has prosthetic Department dental prosthetic departments

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: so some it can be like one Hospital are using like three devices for each department depends on but the point I was making is that I feel like in Israel the the dental chains are where 

Howard: we have a lot of the DSOs or HMOs are or more connected dental and medical or more connected than say in the United States the United you can have a thousand dental offices they have no connection to a hospital but here they seem to be more connected to the dentist and the physicians the DSO is what would you call so the DSOs are connected to the HMOs yeah would you agree with that

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: yes the mostthat the most dentist are they parked their private practice so there are not much offices that are connected together with the one owner or something like that where there's what three so um so were you selling this much in the United States in Canada

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: not in kind of about a few customers in even in NY NY in what you and were you in New York and but it's like sporadic is not it's not someone that I came like there I want to buy like a few thousand or something like that so it's like private clinic it's like walking so how have you been trying to enter the United States market what are your biggest challenges or successes of any yeah I participated last year in the Greater New York meeting yeah great thing yeah so and what did you did you have a booth I had a booth but was that worth the time and money for a dentist each usually it won't be like working as in the office so I manage my time and I try to limit myself because I cannot spend too much time on this effort for finding the customers so I'm trying like because in in Israel like implant companies are spread of course in other countries so I have few opportunities to join them or this part of the rappelling path and not trying to do it myself and

Howard:  how much does the unplanned driver cost?

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: the mountain driver is if you are we are talking about the set that includes the organizer and the driver the price is about $1,800 $1,800 US dollar US dollar it includes the driver with batteries that you don't change only after 2 years you just change battery and continue those up to charge the device so it's like 10,000 in-out in-out until the battery Afeni are finished and so includes the driver the screwdriver dipped in three lenses and the organizer decent price if someone wants to buy only the tribal it should be is like $300 less

Howard: and who do you make that you manufacture me I do that but of course I had I have helped another company that supporting the production of plastics for example but I in the manufacturing phase I  have suppliers for many parts like one from us one this silicone from us is from China and they like gathering everything to one place to assemble the device 

Howard: yeah that's yeah that's how cars are made I mean like in America the average car has 30,000 pieces the car company doesn't make any of the pieces and they just it's just the final somebody yeah so when people say well I want to buy an American car well they don't know where the 30,000 parts came from and most car experts say that the origin of the car is not even hardly correlated with the country I mean yeah a German car might have as many parts and pieces made around the world so we are at it's been a fun journey for you I mean looking back do you wish you never would have had this idea or are you glad 

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:I'm glad I did it and actually I have cooperation with the other companies that wanted me to develop another tool similar to this for a orthodontic school if you like but it's not a screwdriver it's like it needs more power and should be a slower one so it's like a bigger device so I'm not I'm not I don't work great regret for anything I did and but I still hope I can make money also from that and not just enjoy the way 

Howard: well you're talking to a lot of Americans the Canadian dentist right now are you looking for what are you looking for in interstates are you looking for more customers are looking for distributors are you looking for an implant company

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: I really I'm looking for more customers that they can make direct order from the company but if someone wants to invest on the whole thing have you shown this to any of the major implant companies of course the different companies in Israel are famous  what's the mechanism like a man why yes am i - stands for make it simple you me you and that's owned by Danaher right yes noble biocare but a my ass and then and the Danaher about them like alpha bio so they are like am i yes alpha bio evident are the biggest one he there is part of who is cooperate with the Keystone with some gram 

Howard: so the big three were named I am is alpha by an a B dental and then Paulo dental so have you shown it to those four they know everything and that 

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:we had negotiations during the years but didn't succeed them 

Howard: so then you're still decided to sell direct power they have to the only way and survive to survive yeah well that's me I will I hope there's somebody in America or Canada or Australia I'm loosing this that might um and if someone has a question of this or when stall on 

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:yeah on the on the website yeah the news everything yeah I mean we do and what's the website what effect on plant dot-com an explain in a moment because the Oh is actually in the home front is like connection between the world home and plant so it's like implant I teach you open because of their war you know it's the kind of word to concentrate yourself putting in like position of mind that is Frankie land concentrate the soul it's the x2 yes the hex is the logo making a sound green plant I have to tell ya

Howard: like I said I wish I had this last week I mean it's so hard and then you drop it on the floor sterilized I mean it's a problem and the bigger the person that harder and there's a swallowed or aspirated now standard of care is on you have to go to get chest x-ray and make sure that they passed it and that song that's crazy

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: for anyone who you thought it's like another ward for himself because this place is like so much headache and problem with the end because if you work like that all day or something yes three hurts and how long I thought that 1996 or something after I did the internship in maxillofacial surgery in Haifa does that make you an oral surgeon always not just like is only one year yeah so I spend a little bit more in the hospital and then I went to us I see there and dental licensure in California just by going and come back like four times for the exams and they have no I had no plan because I thought of maybe studying in the US or seriously you see that the

Howard:  US ID program yes and and how was a jury ah in those 

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:difficult yeah because it's like four exams I and to spend to exam we're in New York then in California there is the bench test and the clinical test which I failed the first time because you need to bring your patients with the exam like so yeah I think so sorry licenses yeah yeah and then the clinical exam I mean rule number one on a test is that has to be standardized so bringing your own patient how is your patient is standardized there was someone there who organized the patient's yeah and so I'm yeah I apply so to San Francisco okay

Howard:  so that's the answer it's money that guy yeah somebody's making money money's the answer what's the question and if the test was standardized it would be written or on a mannequin or something where everybody had the same but its corruption am i having you have to do it on your own patient yeah Suzuno

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: what are you remember is that you bring like Mexican patients and making holes in the teeth just to put the feeling and say oh it's the perfect feeling but initially there was no yeah Italy it's embarrassing I mean if if the dentist can't figure out what a standardized exam is then let's just get rid of all exams

Howard:  oh gosh there's just no hope but money is the answer what's the question so you are certain so your license in the United States so have you ever been tempted to move to the United States or no yeah 

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:yeah because when I started that I I could not think of another thing so I changed my mind of like going to study in the US so yeah maybe one day maybe one day

Howard:  well this is a beautiful country I can see why I mean I'm my my hotel is right on the beach in Phoenix I can't see water anywhere I look all I see a sand but this is a gorgeous country so on your implant journey I'm when the kids come out of dental school they've been to college eight years there are two hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars in debt and they say hard I've never placed one implant and what would vice would you give to the young kids who come out of school and want to get into implants but they paid for their whole dental degree and never place one would advise with you 

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:I think universities you are changing the program so there will be opportunity for anyone to place or just participate in placing implants before we finish dental school but anyway there are so many courses outside so he can do anything with companies that will fund this and when you buy from them 

Howard: so how many years and even blessing wins

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: like twenty years twenty years here and 

Howard: is there do you think any implant systems are better than others if she wanted to ask you she says come on BOS just tell me if

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: I can only buy one implant system which one would it be unchanged implant system a few times so I don't think because they are copying for one another so it [Music] depends for anyone is decision I cannot recommend one  system that is the best but of course they are maybe different but it's not so and if anyway this what is important here that I I need needed to do that like a universal tool so what I did is I had to check all the implant threads to see that we are and we have answered in the organizer to collect all kinds of school so this is like the universal screws 1.72 and therefore biggest school I came to from Noble or narrow platform screws have smaller diameter so it needs to has to answer all kinds of system and also that the driver tip it can be changed because if he use noble you have star group if used strong one there is their own driver team but you can use all the systems with this tool you just have to use their own driver T in the driver 

Howard:we don't even need that because couldn't we just cement the implants instead of screwing them down I mean the final restoration do you do you cement your final restorations or do you like to screw the money you mean you want to put the final restoration when in the first or second appointment mm-hmm you can do it because

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: I got those ideas from  people so I can answer that you can do anything that you want but it is not that protocol of how to do that in good and perfect way so if you are looking at the protocols you see after placing the implant you put a temporary abutment or healing cup after that you have parts like the transfer copy you need to take impression properly you need to do and model a model of model if you don't want to work not with lab model not with anything just to put something of course it will not work as if you are working new using scan retain restorations or more precise exact and better protocols and cemented the like tend to change their ideas about what is better I am during the years I

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: I prefer to use cemented restoration because then you don't see the hole in the middle of the crown but cemented the but school retain restoration of course are easier to remove if you have problem you can just open the screw you don't have to use a hammer to take the the restoration out and I haven't really had success tapping off cemented implants a lot of them get a drill them off are you always able to tap them off the implant or the cemented and restoration meant iteration why you have problem to take it because it was cemented yeah too hard yeah like pneumatic hammer that usually can handle that even if it's cemented with there usually is not more than I am so it's usually it's enough these hammer like that 

Howard: so this was a challenge you had implants and you creative fantastic world-class innovation and I think it's just so interesting what other challenges have you had in implant dentistry you've had to overcome with a lot of effort you mean cleaning : 

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:I had like challenges with sometimes with class three skeletal discrepancy that you need to use this in the implants are located in very difficult position so you have to and fate for the from the position of the implant like for example the implant our relief their palate is too small the implant will be located far from the teeth so it's difficult to find the right position of the permanent restoration before you are starting the final iteration so I think this is the most difficult cases but usually the cases are more or less similar to each other's home I'm not enthusiastic about that yeah 

Howard: so what other questions do you think the dentistry America would want to know about thus far

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: I think they should know that this is the universal device they can use it to all the implant systems and this is a sphere chair time yes of course it's like the speed of the device we didn't discuss what that the speed of the device is 200 rounds per minute while for device are using 25 run per minute so it means you need if you use like 12 device for screw in or out it takes like 15 or 20 seconds to open or close school so it's ridiculous to use this is 200 run per minute it's like almost ten times more speed than for device like any scale w image all of them is the torque is like the torque that is needed to all the in out procedure so they don't have to ask question about the tour because it's not a talked device it's a screwdriver if they want to use the end driver after the  abutment is login in place they can do that by themselve bar it's very easy to tighten the school-wise is already there 

Howard: well I'm I'm just so proud of you that you were able to become a dentist and that when you had a problem you solved it and I mean that I mean you you're a doctor of dentistry and you're the CEO and owner of an unplanned driver and I think I hope the next generation a dentist and set a city on the couch and being critics you know get up and you're an inspiration to them and the best products that's right we started some of the best products are made out of necessity and then John our John McSpadden couldn't hold a file on the back of the mouse so he made engine-driven and that was the first one I had back in 87 an engine-driven endodontic file do and I just bought it because my fingers are so sore you know you're just filing hand filing all day long and this device you have I wished I had it last week I mean I say I  always feel bad when I have to have the  assistant do the work I know that because 

Dr Boaz Hetsroni:I know exact anyone who used that maybe one week or two weeks he cannot go back to hand by billion because it's so dangerous to lose the SKU and patient Mouse yeah 

Howard: well I know when I see it and I think he did a fantastic job I'm all excited and I hope you are I hope you post some cases on dental town and hopefully you'll meet some colleagues and the United States and Canada so it's uh so how do you branch our bows a strongly Boyle but was has story as Stroh need to sound so Italian sounds like pepperoni are you are you Italian

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: it's the polarizing by the yes it's not the original name because my father changed the name from violent to his phony soul it's for his life came from a profession of his father in Poland it was a gardener or something like that so your grandfather changed the name yes my father you're my father yes and why did he change any I think like few years after after it Mary chose she's an imaginary

Howrad:  I'm pretty sure my father change name were Irish I'm pretty sure you know

Dr Boaz Hetsroni: my daughter's wants to change the name back to either because they face is better because it's running maybe sounds like Yemen you know Yemen Jews or something so I want to go back to do all do is I agree

Howard:  I actually love name originate when you travel around and I remember the first time I went to Poland the first day and then when I got back this call with my high school buddies and  said hey Jim is certain changed your polish and he goes well yeah I'm 100% polish but I went to high school in four years and you know you just don't everybody's from Kansas in America everyone's a month everybody's from some somewhere else and going around the world and seeing all the names the origination I've always been fascinated so boas hissed roni sounds like a Hollywood name and his website is implant so it's so go to ohm plant com what do they have a question how would they contact you what's the best way for them to contact you I answer an email and was so much ready my Underland on branch to achievement complan at and what did he say earlier on planet sign you call that a straighten yeah  hey so say vegan so its own plant Boaz at and your word learning for the day was that at is called students and okay well Boaz thank you so much for coming over 

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