Professional Transition Strategies
Professional Transition Strategies
PTS wants to help you every step of the way. Whether you're selling, buying, leasing or expanding your dental clinic, PTS is here to provide the information, answers and expertise you need. Check back weekly for our most recent blog posts!
Professional Transition Strategies

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After years of dedication to building a successful dental practice alongside trusted partners, the prospect of transitioning to a  can be both daunting and promising. However, understanding how this move can not only preserve but also enhance your practice's legacy is crucial. In this article, we...  Read More
In the fast-paced realm of dental practice transitions, selecting the right broker can make all the difference between a seamless journey and costly missteps. But what makes PTS stand out amidst a sea of options? Let's delve into the key factors that set us apart, as shared by dental practice...  Read More
In today's ever-changing dental landscape, grasping the nuances of practice transitions is essential for dentists. Currently, approximately 35% of dental practices have merged or consolidated. Industry experts predict this trend will culminate in full consolidation within the next five years. This...  Read More
Seller's discretionary earnings (SDE) are a crucial but often misunderstood aspect of dental practice transactions. In this blog, Jennifer Sims, a CPA at PTS, sheds light on this vital metric and its significance in the buying and selling process. Understanding SDE: What Sellers & Buyers Need to...  Read More
In this insightful blog,  delves into the complex world of dental practice sales, shedding light on a topic often glamorized: EBITDA multiples. These figures, often touted as the holy grail of a lucrative deal, may not carry as much weight as commonly believed. Discussions among dentists exploring...  Read More
The dental industry, deeply rooted in familial traditions, often sees the passing down of practices from one generation to the next. While selling a practice to family members may seem like a natural progression, the evolving landscape of dentistry prompts dentists to consider alternative paths for...  Read More
In the midst of transformative shifts within the dental industry, practitioners contemplating the sale of their practices are increasingly turning their attention to private equity turns as a pivotal aspect of the process. grasping the concept of equity turns and their profound impact on enterprise...  Read More
For nearly two decades, Professional Transition Strategies (PTS) has been dedicated to assisting dentists in buying, selling, starting practices, and navigating relocations or expansions. Every transition is a distinct journey, and it becomes particularly meaningful when there's a personal...  Read More
To some,  (dental service organization) can be a four-letter word. It can be easy to cast judgment when you don’t have all the facts. We’re here to dispel all those rumors and present you with all the information you need to form your own opinion. Here is a sampling of myths we hear surrounding...  Read More
In case you haven’t heard, , but before you cast your judgments, we’re here to share the factors that help DSOs work for, not against, you and your dental practice.  Why DSOs work The  relationship: The DSO needs the dentist to drive income, and the dentist gets the residual benefits of buying...  Read More
There’s so much more to figuring out the  and, ultimately, their valuation for a bigger return on their practice once it’s time to sell. How can insurance impact your practice’s value and desirability?  as you could. If the incoming doctor is not in the same network, then they will be faced with...  Read More
In the ever-evolving dental industry landscape, Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) have emerged as pivotal players in the market. These organizations provide crucial support services to dental practices, allowing dentists to concentrate on patient care while the business aspects are efficiently...  Read More
Chances are, if your dental practice isn’t .  DSOs DSOs are set up to offer benefits, health care and a 401K right out of the gate, as well as a higher hourly pay rate. Starting at a DSO, a hygienist can have a better-defined career path with job opportunities outlined upfront. DSOs can invest...  Read More
Interest rates are at an all-time high with no signs of slowing down. Dental entrepreneurs are feeling the pressure to maximize cash on hand while continuing to invest in  your business during these trying times. Analyze your fees Smaller fees attached to vendors may be draining your income a...  Read More
You’ve decided it’s time to  podcast to dissect a recent case study of a dental practice transition. Here’s a recap of the sale in progress to help you figure out how to move forward in your own dental practice transition.  Current situation The owner of this practice wanted to be great at...  Read More
It’s easy for those without dental insurance to avoid getting treatment, which ultimately leads to more dental and overall health problems down the road. It’s in the best interest of the provider and patient to offer different financing options for those who need the assistance. What’s more, it...  Read More
An ethical  to act as a fiduciary in the matter is the only way to keep both the buyer and seller in check throughout the process. There are a number of areas to help guide the dental practice transition process to ensure ethics are at the forefront of the transaction. Here are some steps to keep...  Read More
The clinical work associated with dentistry is enough to stay busy, but the  (DSO) to ease the load. Here are the other top challenges dentists face when owning a dental practice and how a DSO can help alleviate the burden. Student debt It’s no secret dentistry is the number-one job in America...  Read More
No matter how diligent or friendly your  is, there’s always a chance they’ll be on the receiving end of some form of conflict. It can be easy to take it personally, even though oftentimes it has nothing to do with the people involved. The best thing you and your dental practice can do is work...  Read More
You receive a letter in the mail, an email in your inbox from a  podcast that can be one of the biggest mistakes. Here’s a recap of his conversation with host Regan Robertson.  Shop around Even if a transition wasn’t previously on your radar, receiving a , you still know what options are...  Read More
If there’s one thing dental school may not have prepared you for, it’s how to handle no-shows and cancellations at your dental practice.  even shows this often happens at student clinics or newly opened practices, slowing growth by as much as 50% in the first three years. Not only does the...  Read More
As with any new business venture, the best way to add a new service to your dental practice is to start with goals and a plan. If you want to  to your dental practice, especially in light of a transition. Transition If an ownership  before handing over the proverbial keys. It takes six months to...  Read More
Having a user-friendly  or well-established in your dental practice. Encourage participation Simply put, the larger social media presence you have, the better  (SEO) your dental practice will have. This can be as easy as encouraging current patients to like or follow your business on the...  Read More
Before choosing which  will make for a smooth transition. Here are 20 questions to ask a dental broker when transitioning ownership of your business.          How does  affect a dental practice valuation?               What do earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization...  Read More
It’s no secret more dental practices are choosing to affiliate with .  The breakdown For dentists less than 10 years out of dental school, the rate of affiliation is as high as 23%, compared to 11% who are 11 to 25 years out of school and 7% who are more than 25 years removed. This means...  Read More
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