Professional Transition Strategies
Professional Transition Strategies
A practice transition is not as simple as some doctors may believe. If not done correctly, it can be a very costly experience. Discover what to do in order to create a successful transition.
Professional Transition Strategies

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5 More Considerations when Relocating Your Dental Practice
5 More Considerations when Relocating Your Dental PracticeWhether you are  across the street or across the country, it is important to have your relocation strategy in place before the big day. There are many reasons why one may decide to move their practice from its current location, including the...  Read More
How to Establish a New Dental Practice, the Last 6 Months
How to Establish a New Dental Practice, the Last 6 MonthsYou’re in the home stretch! You’ve made your  and checked it twice; now it’s time to buckle down as your dream becomes a reality. Here, we break down the final steps to opening your dental office doors.5 months before openingIt’s selection...  Read More
How to Establish a New Dental Practice, the First 6 Months
With so many established dental practice  especially are in a good position to establish a startup. Breaking down the steps to dental practice ownership can be manageable when following a time table. Here’s how.9–12 months before openingAs with any major life purchase, start by evaluating your...  Read More
You’ve Graduated from Dental School; Now What?
You’ve studied for the past eight years and now finally have that much coveted dental degree in hand. Now what? Even if your dreams are to own your own practice, there are other options to consider and a few steps you might want to take first. Here, we break down some options for dental school...  Read More
How to Renegotiate Your Dental Practice Lease, Part 2
How to Renegotiate Your Dental Practice Lease, Part 2By now, you’ve already established your role of landlord or tenant in the lease-renegotiation process thanks to  of this blog post. Now, it’s time to break down the basics of lease renegotation for your dental practice. Here, we offer a primer to...  Read More
How to Renegotiate Your Dental Practice Lease, Part 1
How to Renegotiate Your Dental Practice Lease, Part 1  Depending on the remaining time left on the lease of your dental practice, it may be time to renegotiate the terms, which can make financial and practical sense for both the landlord and tenant. The key to a successful renegotiation is to start...  Read More
Why Dental Practice Demographics Matter
  Whether looking to  an existing one, assessing the demographics of the surrounding area will only be advantageous. Once you’ve established the type of practice you want, make sure to consider the competitive analysis and demographics to ensure the location will work for your practice. Here are...  Read More
How to Assess Fair Market Value for Your Dental Practice
How to Assess Fair Market Value for Your Dental PracticeAssessing fair market value of your dental practice comes in many forms, but the methods that are most appropriate are market and earnings (capital income). Any valuation will ultimately use one of these approaches, but using a combination of...  Read More
3 Types of Dental Practice Buy-Ins
Deciding to start the  process isn’t cut and dry. A buy-in allows you to become a partner with an ownership stake in the practice, but from there, the options will depend on your end goals. Here are three types of dental practice buy-ins, broken down by their pros and cons.Single practitioner...  Read More
How To Assess Your Dental Practice Competition
Not assessing your competition is a missed opportunity when establishing your dental practice. While competition can make profitability challenging, being smaller and more innovative positions your practice to be purchased by a larger more conventional practice looking to add products and services,...  Read More
How and Why to Grow Your Dental Practice
You’ve noticed that the revenue of your dental practice is declining or simply staying the same year after year. What do you do to start growing again? Here is some advice to get you headed back in the right direction.Increase marketingIntuitively, there is a direct correlation in practice growth...  Read More
Transition Timeframes and Factors that Contribute to Them
One of the contributing factors and most commonly asked question when it comes to dental practice transitions is “How long will this take?” As with any business transaction, the answers are not cut-and-dry. Here are some transition timeframes and the factors that contribute to them to help guide...  Read More
WEBINAR: The Secrets of Practice Brokers — How to Buy a Practice
Every so often, Professional Transition Strategies hosts a webinar for buyers to learn more about the  detailed the steps and options when considering buying a dental practice. Here are the key takeaways.Decide where you want to goThe most important decision you can make is to choose a location for...  Read More
4 Steps for Practice Success
4 Steps for Practice SuccessRegardless of your  goals, it’s never a bad idea to hire a consultant to take a step back and evaluate your practice. Where do you stand, and where could you afford to go? Start envisioning your dream dental practice now, and follow these four steps along the...  Read More
How to Start a Dental Practice Roll-Up
When it comes to  when the practice is purchased. Here’s how to start a dental practice roll-up plan.Determine sizeDental practices can be combined by a central group taking over all the business processes while the practices have a management service contract back in the case of a . But smaller...  Read More
How to Roadmap an Associate-to-Buy-In Dental Practice Transition
How to Roadmap an Associate-to-Buy-In Dental Practice Transition  The roadmap to any  can take many forms. In the case of an associate-to-buy-in strategy, a potential buyer is courted from a group of associates to buy-in over a period of time to ensure compatibility and allow time to figure out the...  Read More
Buy-In versus Buy-Out: Which Is Right for You?
When looking to transition into a dental practice, the  when the senior doctor is looking to hang up his or her proverbial hat. It’s helpful to know how each works upfront, though. Here are the similarities, differences, and overlaps of a buy-in to buy-out.AgreementsA buy-in typically refers to...  Read More
6 Perks of Buying a Rural Dental Practice
When , it’s easy to be drawn toward big city or metropolitan areas. After all, more people equals more money, right? Not necessarily. One in ten dentists practices outside of a 30-minute radius from a large city, and for good reason. Here are some perks worth considering if you’re in the...  Read More
5 Considerations when Sharing a Dental Office Space
. Here are some considerations to take into account before signing any agreements.Share the loadA space may be underutilized if there are multiple unused operatories or the current doctor only works a few days a week, leaving the office closed for many days. Renting out space to another doctor will...  Read More
Buying an Existing Dental Practice versus Starting from Scratch
Buying an Existing Dental Practice Versus Starting from ScratchIf only the decision to  you want to engage in, the literal million-dollar question is whether to buy an existing practice or start from scratch. Both options have their pros and cons specific to your financial and personal situation....  Read More
5 Considerations when Entering into a Dental Practice Merger
5 Considerations when Entering into a Dental Practice MergerMany scenarios exist under the  umbrella when joining dental practices. Most notably, are you merging with a practice so that you and the existing dentist partner together? Or are you merging with an established practice where the selling...  Read More
How to Manage Your Dental Student Loans ?
How to Manage Your Dental Student Loans While dentistry will most certainly be a lucrative career in the long run if you play your cards right, the harsh reality is that the average dental school debt is approximately $260K. Add to that an average of $220K in lost earnings plus interest, and a...  Read More
How Divorce Can Affect Your Dental Practice
How Divorce Can Affect Your Dental PracticeThe original version of this post appears on the Divorce can truly be a life-changing event, even when it comes to owning a dental practice. While no one plans on ending a marriage, it’s important to take precautions upfront in order to ensure your assets...  Read More
How to Manage Multiple Locations
The original version of this post appears on theYou’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and have started to wonder if purchasing additional dental practices is your next move. But first, you’ll need to understand what’s involved in owning multiple locations. Here’s how to get your gears...  Read More
How to Work Smarter, Not Harder at Your Dental Practice
How to Work Smarter, Not Harder at Your Dental PracticeThe original version of this post appears on the  Whether you’ve recently , everyone’s goal should be to work smarter, not harder to avoid potential burnout. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting the most out of the hours in your week, months,...  Read More
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