Professional Transition Strategies
Professional Transition Strategies
PTS wants to help you every step of the way. Whether you're selling, buying, leasing or expanding your dental clinic, PTS is here to provide the information, answers and expertise you need. Check back weekly for our most recent blog posts!
Professional Transition Strategies

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With consolidation in the dental industry expected to jump from 25%–30% to 60%–70% in the next 10 years, it’s important to leverage the equity in your businesses correctly during this all-important arbitrage event. Professional Transition Strategies (PTS) Founder and President Kyle Francis...  Read More
There are many well-known pros and cons when it comes to joining a  (DSO). One significant advantage of affiliating with a DSO is releasing the managerial responsibilities that tend to take a backseat to the clinical reasons you got into dentistry in the first place. Here’s a list of some tasks...  Read More
You’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and have wondered if purchasing additional dental practices is your next move. But first, you’ll need to understand what’s involved in owning , for better or worse.  Crunching the numbers Simply put, more locations equal more fixed costs. This can...  Read More
 by your side throughout the process. Here’s how dental practice brokers can show you that not all DSOs are created equal. Explore options As with any  and competition-based models. An experienced dental practice broker will help you see there will always be buyers for viable, profitable...  Read More
If you are busy juggling clinical work alongside the managerial responsibilities of owning a dental practice, you are familiar with wearing many hats in your day-to-day work. The same can be said for your staff. Given the option, a hygienist will likely jump at the chance to have help with...  Read More
Even the most successful dentists need to rediscover their passion for their life’s work. A paradox exists between being . When owning your own practice, it can be easy to get lost in the managerial aspects and forget the clinical reasons you got into dentistry in the first place. Here’s how to...  Read More
Whether you’re looking to  a dental practice, chances are, you’ve turned to your search engine to figure out where to start. Well, we’ve done the research for you to help point you in the right direction. Read on for the top search results for dental practice transitions, then where to go from...  Read More
We all know the key to running a successful dental practice is . But with most life-improving techniques, this can sometimes be easier said than done. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best tools for running your dental practice to get the most out of your business experience and improve...  Read More
It’s no secret hiring and retaining quality hygienists during a staffing shortage is top of mind these days. But how does that affect your dental practice’s bottom line and, ultimately, a valuation of your business leading up to an eventual transition? Here’s how to optimize your hygienists’...  Read More
As if finding and retaining quality  isn’t hard enough, now dentists are facing the ever-growing issue of higher costs associated with staffing expenses. But how do you continue to increase practice production while paying staff more due to this structural shift? With the help of Professional...  Read More
As if  comes in. Here’s how a dental practice broker can hold your hand throughout the pre-qualification process.  Begin the process The harsh reality is that the average dental student will graduate with $570K in debt. Rather than starting as an  will help ensure your investment is typically...  Read More
Starting a .  Stay in communication One of the top qualities patients admire in a dentist is honesty. This is especially true when it comes to being well-informed about procedures that need to be done. If a patient doesn’t feel comfortable about a decision that needs to be made, they may...  Read More
It’s no secret that dentistry is the number one job in America for debt. This puts even more pressure on  and explain why taking on dental school debt pays off in the long run.  The average debt for a dental student was $292,169 in 2019 while medical students owed about $215,900 in 2018, the...  Read More
Equity Arbitrage Even if you’ve heard the term before, you may not know that equity arbitrage is a financial concept that was rarely utilized by dentists before private equity started investing in the space. In short, it all has to do with how valuable the equity is in your practice currently...  Read More
There’s no crystal ball to tell you when is the right time to make any major changes to your dental practice, but there are some time-tested methods that can help point you in the right direction. “Your current actions will affect your future practice value,” Professional Transition Strategies...  Read More
The old adage “money doesn’t buy happiness” mostly holds true when talking about employees at your dental practice. Sure, there’s something to be said for paying your staff a decent wage that stands up to your , but a fair salary isn’t the only factor to motivate your team. Here are our best tips...  Read More
Whether you’ve  your portfolio, the process of buying a dental practice is a labor of love. Like the purchase of a home, you’ll want to make sure it’s a good fit for all the right reasons. Here, we help you get a leg ahead when it comes to buying the perfect dental practice for you.  Analyze the...  Read More
There’s more to selling your dental practice than working with a . Here are our top tips for preparing your dental practice for showings. Arrange your schedule To ensure confidentiality, it is standard for a selling practice to only offer showings before or after business hours. Seeing a dental...  Read More
You’ve decided to purchase a dental practice. Your adrenaline kicks in as you embark on one of the greatest financial journeys of your life. It can be easy to want to jump right in and get things started. But that’s no way to set yourself up for success. To get the most out of your future dental...  Read More
You’ve worked hard to get your dental practice off the ground. You’ve seen production ramp up but your quality of life may have decreased. Professional Transition Strategies Founder and President Kyle Francis recently  with “Dental Momentum” podcast host Jared Duckett to talk about how selling...  Read More
Owning a dental practice – especially when starting one  of how, when and where to let go so you can move your business forward.  Step back It can be easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day motions of running a business and think that no one can do all the day-to-day tasks as well as you. But...  Read More
You survived dental school, opened the practice of your dreams, but now are ready to start the transition process. You’ve worked so hard for so many years that it may only seem natural to want to take the sale of your business into your own hands. Whether you’re gearing up for retirement or just...  Read More
Your return on your dental school investment has already paid off, but unless you’re brushing up on your skills or learning new ones, you’re missing an opportunity to better your dental practice. But furthering your skills isn’t limited to dental classes. Here are other ways to approach your...  Read More
Recently, Professional Transition Strategies Founder and President Kyle Francis sat down with Dr. Victoria Peterson for her “Investment Grade Practices”  to talk shop. Together, they outlined reasons for understanding your options when it comes to getting the most out of your dental practice...  Read More
Focusing on a business model you established for your dental practice 20 years ago is not a plan for profitable success. General inflation, your current patient base, and your competition are just a few reasons why it’s essential to focus on the “now” of your dental practice. Here’s how to keep...  Read More
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