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I write about where to put a practice, the market conditions that are influencing the places where dentistry works best, and the trends that are helping or inhibiting practice.
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Pin Pointing - A New Way to evaluate practice site viability by Scott McDonald - Doctor Demographics It has been true for a long time that brokers, realtors, and even demographers have considered only a very narrow number of factors in determining practice site viability.  Traditionally, this may...  Read More
Marketing Your Practice in Today's Economy
Every time the Economy drops into "danger territory" we see a flood of advertising for "The No-Lose Marketing Plan for YOUR Practice."  We have been here before.  Most of the time, they are expensive and long-term plans that are guaranteed to make YOUR practice into a production and collection...  Read More
Foreign Migration and How It Impacts Your Dental Practice
Immigrant Trends By Scott McDonald - Doctor Demographics As we look at the United States for demographic trends that will help our clients, we have noted on in particular that represents a rising opportunity.  In the next several months, we know that international immigration will be on the rise...  Read More
Should You Open a Dental Practice in the South?
Go South Young Man!  The national trend right now is to look at the southern end of the country for opening a new professional practice. There are many big cities that are growing there and there is tremendous attention from the doctor community. So, the big question is this: Should YOU Go South?   Read More
Watch the full video at the link below:    Read More
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It is more than just the number of households that are headed by single individuals.  It has to do with how your practice manages the rapidly changing demographics of households over all.  This demographic trends affects the production and collections of the office.  It can influence which...  Read More
New Virtual Locations for Dental Practices (Start-up and Purchase)
New studies in Demographics and Geography for dental practices have revealed to new trends for places to practice.  And it is not good news for heavily urban areas.   Read More
Investigating Disinvestment Events in Site Selection
I know this is going to be over the heads of those who are just trying to determine whether the competition ratios are good or bad.  I get that.  But sometimes you need to consider methodologies of site analysis that are for grown-ups.  You are putting a great deal of money into this process and...  Read More
Civil Unrest, Crime, and Site Selection
Doctors have brand new challenges in this brave new world.  They have to deal with a post-pandemic world, civil unrest, and a world filled with crime and changed demographic facts.  This episode deals with a few of these new factors all dentists have to face (even orthodontists!)   Read More
Post-Pandemic Places to Practice
The world of dentistry is starting to open up (at least in some states) and I thought you might like to see what our research is showing about where to start-up, purchase, or look for a job.  There is such a growing difference between good places and those that are looking lame since the pandemic...  Read More
Next Big Thing in Practice Site Selection
Demographers are predicting big changes on where practice locations will be best.  Find out the latest trends.   Read More
Predictions for Doctors on the Corona Virus Impact on Practices and People
No, no one knows anything for certain but there are five logical predictions that you might want to think about as a practice owner and professional.  We have actually seen this pattern before and we were proved right them.  But just because something is not certain does not mean that it isn't...  Read More
Predictions for When the Pandemic Ends
The pandemic/virus/regulation situation is going to end. You know it will.  I know it will.  So how are you going to use your time and opportunity to make necessary changes?  This little episode is a little warning and prediction.  You don't want to waste you time right now.   Read More
Demographics or PR: Crisis Planning
When panic creeps in the door and disaster is shouting its name, you don't have to stand idle and helpless.  Sure demographics can help but it is Public Relations that will get the results.   Read More
Generational Demographics Revisited: Is a private practice still a viable option?
It may surprise you but there is a multi-year news cycle that recurs which seems intent on making you worry.  As a professor of mass communications, I can share with you that these come around regularly.  This year, the perfect storm of a presidential election, 10-year national census, and other...  Read More
Population per Household: Important Factors in Site Selection
While the population per household may not be the best known demographic fact about a practice site, it can be among the most important in determining a location, particularly if it is used as a means to compare and contrast the site to other locations.   Read More
Aging in Place: Trends on Serving the Elderly
Finding a place that dentists can have a growing patient-base is an important goal for start-up practices is a major practice goal.  This session deals with an analysis of one of the largest and most important target markets: the Elderly.   Read More
Is There Room for One More: Competition Ratios for Dental Specialists
The question is often asked at Doctor Demographics, "How do you know if a location will support another specialty practice like ours?"  This little episode of our webinar series answers that questions.  I hope you find it useful.   Read More
The Process and Priorities for Dental Practice Site Selection
A demographic report is usually not enough to determine the viability of a practice for purchase or start-up. This is a quick review of the priorities you should be considering.   Read More
Big Drama in Dental Demographics World
There is big news in the demographics world. Some of it is great news for dentistry and practices.  Some of it is just plain sobering.  Take a look and your future.   Read More
Practicing in the Rustbelt
When doctors consider where to put a practice, it is a wise idea to look at a place that is close to where you live or work right now.  The Rust Belt has a few (10) cities that are showing promise.  We thought we would share what we have learned.  Read More
How-To's of Practice Site Selection Telephone Consultation.  What you should know.
This episode is a simple discussion of what matters when you are using demographics to find the best place to practice.   Read More
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