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Doctor Demographics
I write about where to put a practice, the market conditions that are influencing the places where dentistry works best, and the trends that are helping or inhibiting practice.
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Practicing in Chicagoland
To practice in this municipal area (MSA), you need to get an overview of what is happening.  This episode is an overview of Greater Chicago.  Read More
Practicing in New York City
Purchasing or starting-up a dental practice in a major metropolitan city is a huge challenge no matter where one is contemplating.  But when it comes a a city as large and as complex and New York City, it takes special consideration.  This episode is a quick overview of the City and its parts.  It...  Read More
Five Reasons to Practice in Seattle
This episode investigates how to examine Municipal Statistical Areas (MSAs) when considering where to practice.  We use Seattle as our case study.  Read More
Dental Psychographics. 1 of 3
This session introduces the scientific explanation of what Dental Psychographics are and how they are used.  Read More
Practicing in Rocky Mountain States
This episode discusses the six Rocky Mountain States.  Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho have something to offer in terms of practice acquisition and start-up.  Read More
Practicing in New England
In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of putting a practice in New England.  There are six states we discuss.  Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts.  Read More
Potential of Practicing in the Midwest
When it comes to finding a great place to purchase or to start-up a practice, few dentists think about the Midwest.  But that may be a mistake.  There are several factors that make this a good place to consider.  Read More
Key to Great Dental Sites: Single Family Dwelling Units
We are always looking for the characteristics that will indicate a promising place to put a practice.  True, wealth is great but the distribution and percentage of single-family dwelling units (SFDUs) is proving to be a great demographic factor in where to look.  Unfortunately, some places are...  Read More
Practice Doldrums
Every practice (and every business) goes through cycles of high production/collection as well as lows.  These cycles are sometimes bewildering and often frustrating.  Still, they can be understood.  By using the metaphor of "the Doldrums" we can understand these cycles and what to do to anticipate...  Read More
Practice Doldrums
There is a cyclical nature to practice.  Sometimes it is based upon time of year.  Sometimes it is based upon your geographic setting.  This session discusses how to read these trends and what to do about them.   Read More
Gentrification and Your Practice Site
Gentrification has become a hot topic in site selection, community development, city policies, and budgets.  It is both loved and hated.  This session of our podcast puts to bed the issue of whether it will help or hurt your office site.   Read More
What State is Right For You
While demographic companies can be very helpful to choose a specific site, the hard part is choosing among the larger geographic options.  This session discusses the dominant factors in choosing which state to consider.   Read More
Political Debate and Practice Locations
The great political debate has stretched the truth about America, places to practice, and the outlook for practices.  This is a fun session.  Read More
The "Road Fast" and Other Bad Ideas that Are Killing Practice Locations & Practice-to Business Marketing
It seems that they are out to destroy great dental practice locations.  This session discusses what is going on as well as a summary practice-to-business activities that may really help you.  Read More
Your City Is Killing Your Practice (Maybe)
There is a trend going on that is hurting dental practices in cities both large and small by a practice called "Road Diets."  It eliminates street parking, two-way roads (in favor of one-way roads) all in the name of Global Warming and Anti-Car Culture.  You should be aware of this whether your...  Read More
Population Density, Site Selection, and SB50 (California)
California is trying to deal with its homeless crisis and it is making finding a reasonable place to practice more difficult.  While the bill was defeated, other big cities may try something similar and it is going to have an impact on existing and proposed practice sites for dental offices.  The...  Read More
Woes of the Single Dentist Site Selection
Married dentists don't really have to think about it.  But single dentists (those who are not married) have to think about what type of social life they are likely to have if they have to live near their office. Research (and experience) are telling us that dentists are graduating single like never...  Read More
Implications of Declining Birthrates on Dental Practice
There is a significant decline in the United State birthrate.  It has the potential of changing the locations that are viable to those who specialize is pediatric and adolescent practices as well as ALL practices due to direct and indirect implications of site viability.  This is an important...  Read More
Places with Promise for Practice, 2019. Where to Start-up
Every year about this time we present research on locations that indication some of the best places to put a start-up practice.  This year, we have decided not to be quite so specific in where these places should be.  In stead, we have selected regions, states, and cities that show where the growth...  Read More
Practice Locations with the Kiss of Death
Every year we  publish a list of places that are going to be especially difficult to create a start-up practice.  The list changes every year as we track the potential of various parts of the U.S.  Admittedly, the list has become a little less specific (in a few cases, we actually list several...  Read More
Iatrogenic Dentistry and Media: Response to "Truth About Dentistry" Article in Atlantic
As a communications professor teaching public relations and having represented the dental profession in many forums, I have a take that might be useful for dentists and patients regarding the Ferris Jabr article in The Atlantic called "The Truth About Dentistry."  It is important to understand how...  Read More
Perfect Cities in Which to Live: A Critique in Methodology
There are lots of lists that are coming out right now regarding where you should consider living, moving an office, or setting up practice.  This is a critique of the methodologies used in the creation of these lists. Specifically, this one deals with the U.S. News and World Report list on the best...  Read More
Socialism and Dental Site Selection
I admit that this might be an unpopular topic amount some.  In fact, there are folks who are going to HATE what I have to say.  That doesn't make it any less true: There are some locations around the U.S. that are friendlier to start-up practices and small businesses than others.  In some places...  Read More
The Legacy Practice (Parents and Children in Practice Together)
There is a long and successful (and stressful) tradition of working in the same practice with a parent or child professional.  This session addresses some of the non-accounting/non-legal issues of making a successful transition.  We discuss practice image and brand, locations, and various issues...  Read More
How the Trump Tax Cuts and SALT Changes Are Influencing Practice Locations
We have noticed an interesting relationship to the Trump Tax Cuts and the reduction in the Tax Deductions of State and Local Taxes (SALT) on practice locations throughout the United States.  You don't have to be trying to start-up a practice for this to matter!  Read More
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