Doctor Demographics
Doctor Demographics
I write about where to put a practice, the market conditions that are influencing the places where dentistry works best, and the trends that are helping or inhibiting practice.
Scott McDonald

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5 Great Options for Practice Placement in the Southeast
Here are 5 great practice location options in the Southeast area of the United States. Watch the Podcast Video Here: Listen to the Podcast Here: Read the Transcript Here: Welcome to the Perfect Place to Put a Practice Podcast, I’m your host Mike Green, and today we’re diving into 5 great...  Read More
The Site Selection Process
Are you a doctor looking to establish a new practice but feeling overwhelmed by the location selection process? Join us in this insightful topic as we delve into the intricate process of selecting the ideal practice site. We address common misconceptions and guide you through essential steps...  Read More
The Importance of Personal Interaction In Your Practice
There is a plague of loneliness occurring in America, especially among men. Since the pandemic, it seems we have lost our ability to make friends and this is resulting in harm to practices and their owners.  This episode deals with the building of relationships and friendships and the nexus of...  Read More
The Future of Demographics and what it means for your practice
These past few years have been nothing short of a significant shift in demographics. Everything we thought we knew about urban and rural demographics, family dynamics, and politics is being redefined rapidly.  In this episode, Scott McDonald discusses what we see on the demographic playing field...  Read More
How Race and Culture Impact Your Practice Strategy
Race is a very sensitive topic these days so before I publish my remarks, I would like to make some comments. All races and cultures deserve respect.  There is never a cause to vilify one culture over another. More important race, and culture are more important to heed. In my post, I said that I...  Read More
Sites with SERIOUS POTENTIAL for Doctors
Let's face it, some sites are better than others. Here are some insider tips for what we are seeing in the marketplace.   Read More
Why Some Areas of the Country Just Won't Grow
In today's episode, Scott McDonald from Doctor Demographics discusses why some areas of the country just won't grow. It seems that the nation is putting obstacles in its way that make progress and advancement as a nation more difficult and unsure. For example, the administration seems to have no...  Read More
Why Is California Dying for Professional Practice Owners
Will the news ever get any better for doing business in California? In this episode, Scott McDonald goes over what will need to happen for doctors.   Read More
The Two Step Model - A Foundational Model in Establishing a New Practice Image
It is one thing to find a desirable location to start up or purchase a practice. It is quite another thing to create an enduring practice brand. The Two-Step Model is a useful process to do this effectively and scientifically.  This episode is a follow-up to our episode on Framing Theory and...  Read More
[PODCAST] Will They Build? Using Building Permits as a Growth Indicator for Your Practice
When we are looking for favorable places to put a practice, we are often drawn to those sites that are allowing or encouraging growth, particularly those sites that are encouraging the construction of single-family, owner-occupied dwelling units.  In some states (including California) this is...  Read More
Why Patients Choose You Over Your Competition
This week our episode deals with presenting the reasons the patient base should choose YOUR practice and how you can present the benefits of seeking can in a more persuasive manner.  It is based upon tools we call Agenda Setting and Framing Theories and they are cutting-edge market research. They...  Read More
Hot Areas for New Practices in the West
I have not been publishing episodes on where to put a practice lately. But in my research, I have found two states that I have not discussed for a while that might be very promising given their favorable demographic character and extreme growth.  If someone was to ask me what are the two places...  Read More
Urban, Rural, and Suburban Practice Sites. What works for YOU? - Doctor Demographics
This episode has so much detail, we do not have a "Short Version." I had to be complete. I define the differences between these types of sites. In a nutshell, it is important to make the distinction early on that it is more than population size and growth rate. The rural sites are not necessarily...  Read More
Niche Practice Locations
As spaces for ideal practices become more difficult to locate (not to mention more crowded and expensive) finding a place that will serve all patient-bases is a growing challenge.  Rather than locate the perfect place, doctors are encouraged to create practices that will meet the needs of more...  Read More
Is New York City a Viable Option?
We have been asked about the viability of New York City as a place to practice for a long time.  We thought this might be a good time to clear the air and make a definitive statement on it right now.  As the nation’s largest city, it is certainly a viable option.  Still, the City is  of -0.3 %...  Read More
Demographics and Politics Part 2
This is the second episode of the Politics and Demographics podcast.    Last week, we discussed the implications of how the Mid-Term Elections are going to affect doctors.  Our theme was on the House of Representatives (Congress) and some of the changes that are likely to occur.  This week we...  Read More
Demographics and Politics Part 1
At this time, the World is getting a little crazy.  In fact, the craziness is right at the nexus of politics and demographics (which is the subject of our episode today.)     In this episode, I discuss the specific aspects of demographics that are causing all the craziness.  And it is worth...  Read More
I only wish there was sufficient time to discuss all I have learned about the Hispanic population in a single episode. Nevertheless, I have created a long and short offering about Hispanics that will provide a little insight into these important groups of people.  Not a day goes by that we don't...  Read More
Kiss of Death Practice Locations for 2023
Kiss of Death Practice Locations  Every year, we publish a list of the sites that are "Risky." We call these areas the "Kiss of Death" Sites.  If you are considering one for purchase or a start-up, we want you to think twice. The factors that make these locations less-than-desirable, change each...  Read More
Pin Pointing - A New Way to evaluate practice site viability by Scott McDonald - Doctor Demographics It has been true for a long time that brokers, realtors, and even demographers have considered only a very narrow number of factors in determining practice site viability.  Traditionally, this may...  Read More
Marketing Your Practice in Today's Economy
Every time the Economy drops into "danger territory" we see a flood of advertising for "The No-Lose Marketing Plan for YOUR Practice."  We have been here before.  Most of the time, they are expensive and long-term plans that are guaranteed to make YOUR practice into a production and collection...  Read More
Foreign Migration and How It Impacts Your Dental Practice
Immigrant Trends By Scott McDonald - Doctor Demographics As we look at the United States for demographic trends that will help our clients, we have noted on in particular that represents a rising opportunity.  In the next several months, we know that international immigration will be on the rise...  Read More
Should You Open a Dental Practice in the South?
Go South Young Man!  The national trend right now is to look at the southern end of the country for opening a new professional practice. There are many big cities that are growing there and there is tremendous attention from the doctor community. So, the big question is this: Should YOU Go South?   Read More
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