Delivering WOW...Dentistry's #1 Podcast For Growing Your Practice Faster!
Delivering WOW...Dentistry's #1 Podcast For Growing Your Practice Faster!
Get ready to stand out from the competition to get noticed and earn more. If you're tired of having to choose between family and financial stability, and you're just plain tired of trying to figure this out all on your own, this podcast is for you.
Dr Anissa Holmes

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6 Ways to Build Deeper Connections With Patients
            Patients don’t know how amazing you are at dentistry. When they come to your practice, what they’ll remember the most and what they’ll come back for is a WOW experience. There are many ways to . But interacting with them is a super important part of it. That’s why you need to know...  Read More
How to Market Your Dental Practice Online with Adam Zilko
            How to Market Your Dental Practice Online with Ada In our always-connected times, marketing has moved away from flyers and word of mouth referrals (though they’re still helpful!) and towards digital and internet marketing. For some people, this is exciting. For others, it’s like a...  Read More
3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Practice Brand While Doing Good in the World
                                            If you’re only worried about the quality of your dentistry, you will always struggle to grow your practice. Patients rarely remember how amazing your dentistry is, only thinking about it when something goes wrong. What they do remember is how they feel...  Read More
How to Close More High-Value Cases with Tony Seymour
            Close More High-Value Cases with Tony Seymour Wouldn’t it be great if ALL of your patients could afford treatment? Many practices see patients turn down treatment plans because of financial setbacks. However, there is a way you can help more of your patients say yes to treatment...  Read More
Two Scheduling Strategies to Increase Revenue for Your Practice
            Over the last twenty years, the internet has made things like scheduling appointments with dental practices easier than ever before. Patients don’t have to scan through their phonebook to find a dental practice. They don't have to sit on the phone with their insurance company to make...  Read More
Why Every Dental Practice Needs Weave with Mike Buckner
                                    I’m super excited to welcome my good friend, Mike Buckner, onto this episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast. Mike is the Director of Business Development at , a platform that cares about your patients as much as you do. Weave has a unique set of features to...  Read More
3 Ways Your Team Members Can Make Your Practice More Productive
Every dental practice, no matter how productive, has missed opportunities and money flying out the door. Even practices doing an amazing job meeting or exceeding production goals have room for improvement. No one will ever reach perfection in any aspect of their practice. If your vision is to...  Read More
How the Medical Billing Landscape is Evolving with DeVon Banks
                                            How the Medical Billing Landscape is Evolving with Dental billing and insurance can be tricky to navigate. There are a lot of components to it from medical cross coding to claim submissions, patient billing, and so on. However, it doesn’t have to be...  Read More
Why Every Practice Should Consider Starting a Membership Program to Unlock Massive Growth
            At Delivering WOW, we believe the benefits of starting a membership program in your practice make it a no-brainer.  To help you evaluate whether one is right for you, we  to discuss how. Jordan took the time to explain how membership programs work and how his company, BoomCloud,...  Read More
How to Schedule More Dental Appointments with Tom Brown
            How to Schedule More Dental Appointments with Tom  I’m thrilled to welcome Tom Brown, the Vice President of Sales at LocalMed, onto this episode of the Delivering WOW podcast. Tom is an old friend of mine and we go way back. I’m also happy to announce that he will be joining us at...  Read More
How to Make a WOW First Impression When Patients Come to Your Office
            Whether they’re new or existing patients, the impression you make when a patient walks through your door sets the stage for the experience they will have in your office that day. And the people who are going to make that first impression on your patients are your front desk team...  Read More
Practice Management Recipes with Sandy Pardue
            Practice Management Recipes with Sandy Pardue The Delivering WOW Live Summit 2020 is just around the corner and we’ve got an incredible line-up of speakers and social events that we know you’re going to love. One of our special speakers is a close friend of mine, Sandy Pardue....  Read More
4 Words to Avoid When Presenting Treatment Plans
            Accepting treatment is a big decision for any patient, especially when high-value procedures are involved. It can cost a lot, and it can be scary for some patients when you tell them the best plan of action is to do something uncomfortable like get a tooth extracted. No matter how...  Read More
Summit Shoutout with Elijah Desmond
                                      Summit Shoutout with Elijah Desmond   I’m so excited about this year’s , which takes place in New Orleans, LA on March 13th – 14th 2020! This is the ultimate event for dental practices, where you’ll receive 12 hours of incredible continued education and...  Read More
How to Always Get the Best Work From Your Team
            You can deliver the best dental care in the world, have the latest technology, and serve the most gourmet coffee to your patients, but you can’t run a WOW practice without an amazing team. One of the best ways to make your team do great work is to make them feel a part of the...  Read More
A Simple Two-Step Process for Getting Online Reviews for Your Practice
            When you first get started with the marketing strategies I teach, you might be surprised by how simple they are at their core. Whether it’s Facebook marketing for dental practices, dental marketing funnels, or any other strategy I teach, all of them boil down to applying what has...  Read More
4 Ways Your Scheduler Can Help You Grow
            Effective scheduling is one of the most important components of any dental practice. When done well, it can instantly boost productivity, profitability, and the return on investment for  efforts. Do you have a dedicated scheduler? If not, having one who is trained in four key growth...  Read More
Summit Shoutout with Samantha Leonard
          Summit Shoutout with Samantha Leonard I’m so excited about our line-up of expert speakers for the Delivering WOW Summit in New Orleans in March 2020. One of our speakers will be Samantha Leonard of . She was the most talked-about speaker at our summit in Jamaica and she’s going to be...  Read More
3 Steps to Building Raving Fans for Your Dental Practice
          When I started marketing my dental practice using Facebook, it was as part of a much bigger plan for my practice. I had a big vision for my practice, to make it the best practice in Jamaica. Even more, I wanted my practice to become known for exceptional community service and patient...  Read More
4 Team Members Who are Critical to Practice Growth
            The best dental practices are built with the best team members. That’s why it’s so important to . Top performance can help improve systems and processes and work together to help you fulfill your practice vision. While all team members are important, many practices miss tremendous...  Read More
3 Things You Need to Scale a Dental Practice
            In my , we help dental practice owners and team members become highly efficient and productive. When practices become efficient and productive while delivering amazing experiences to patients, the sky’s the limit on how much they can scale. While the dream is to have a high-producing...  Read More
6 Bad Excuses for Not Delegating Tasks to Team Members
            We all know dentists work harder than many other people, running a business, leading a team, and serving patients. Unless we delegate effectively to team members, we will live lives full of stress and burnout. Yet way too many dentists still do way too much themselves. It’s natural...  Read More
Why You Need More Than Information to Get Results
            At Delivering WOW, we pride ourselves in creating the best, most comprehensive training on everything you need to do to run and grow an amazing dental practice. And we’ve helped thousands of dentists improve their practices in the process. One lesson we learned along the way is no...  Read More
Takeaways From My Mastermind In Boise
            Takeaways From My Mastermind In Boise In this episode I’m reflecting on my time at in Boise at a Mastermind with my inner circle. There were some of the most incredible entrepreneurs at the event and I wanted to share my takeaways with you from those last few days. Just being...  Read More
How to Get High-Performers to Join Your Practice
            As nice as it would be, high-performing team members don’t typically fall in our laps. We need to be intentional in finding them. Many times, they aren’t even actively looking for jobs. So, we need to be actively looking for people. We also never know when we’re going to come across...  Read More
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