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The WealthAbility Show
Permanently reduce your taxes. Build massive wealth. Achieve your financial dream. And do it all faster than you EVER thought possible. Join WealthAbility® CEO Tom Wheelwright, CPA, and learn revolutionary wealth and tax strategies.
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Episode 87 - The Attack on Small Business w/ Karen Kerrigan
The WealthAbility Show - The Attack on Small Biz The WealthAbility Show #87 - The Attack on Small Businesses w/ Karen Kerrigan The U.S. government is proposing policies that threaten small businesses and investors. Karen Kerrigan joins Tom to discuss how business owners and investors can protect...  Read More
Episode 86 - Protecting Yourself Against the New IRS w/ Scott Michel
The WealthAbility Show - Protecting Yourself Again The WealthAbilityShow #86 - Protecting Yourself Against the New IRS w/ Scott Michel President Biden wants to double the IRS’s workforce in an attempt to crack down on tax cheats. Tax attorney, Scott Michel, joins Tom to discuss how business...  Read More
Episode 85 - How to Tame Volatility w/ Katy Milkman
The WealthAbility Show - How to Tame Volatility The WealthAbility Show #85 - How to Tame Volatility w/ Katy Milkman 03:59 - How Do You Plan For Change Instead Of React To Change? 05:56 - Why Does Successful Change Begin With Personal Change? 06:58 - How Do You Build A Social Foundation? 12:02 -...  Read More
Episode 84 - Biden's Global Tax Proposal w/ Daniel Bunn
Episode #84 - Biden’s Global Tax Proposal The WealthAbility Show #84 - Joe Biden promises to raise taxes. Today, with the Vice President of Global Projects at the Tax Foundation, Daniel Bunn, you will discover how a proposed global tax on corporations would impact economic growth. 03:54 - Is The...  Read More
Episode 83 - Is Bitcoin Replacing Gold? w/ Nik Bhatia
The WealthAbility Show - Is Bitcoin Replacing Gold The WealthAbility Show Episode #83 - Will the value of bitcoin continue to rise or will it come crashing down? Nik Bhatia joins Tom to discuss why many investors are attracted to the idea that crypto currency is “The People’s Money.” 06:24 -...  Read More
Episode 82 - Statistics Don't Lie
The WealthAbility Show - Statistics Don’t Lie Discover how to interpret and harness statistics in this era of misinformation. Economist and Author Tim Harford offers practical advice for anyone trying to determine good information from bad. 03:11 How Do You Properly Read Statistical Data? 05:28...  Read More
Episode 81 - How Massive Government Debt is Changing America
The WealthAbility Show - Episode 88 w/ David Stockman How Massive Government Debt is Changing America - Another $1.9 trillion of government debt is in the pipeline. David Stockman, former White House Director of Management and Budget, joins Tom to discover how The American Rescue Plan impacts...  Read More
Episode 80 - Office Space After the Pandemic
Episode 80 - Office Space After the Pandemic Find out how offices will be forever changed post pandemic. Chris Kane, author of ‘Where is My Office?’, joins Tom to discuss the future of the office space. From business owners, to employees to landlords, how will this pivot affect your operations? ...  Read More
Episode 79 - A Formula for Survival
Episode 79 - A Formula for Survival Franchise owners have been hit especially hard during the pandemic. What is the difference between the ones that went under and the ones that remain? World renowned franchise expert and author, Scott Greenberg, lends his insight on what exactly is going on...  Read More
Episode 78 - How Biden’s Executive Orders Impact Your Wealth
The WealthAbility Show - 78 Discover how the fast-changing policies in Washington, D.C. will impact your business and wealth. Todd Buchholz, the former director of economic policy under George H.W. Bush, joins Tom Wheelwright to discuss what you can do to navigate the new economy. 03:31: Why Is...  Read More
Episode 77 - How to Vaccinate and Heal the Economy
The WealthAbility Show - GameStop, Robinhood, and  Discover what you can do today to ensure that you are safely and efficiently vaccinated. Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal joins Tom to discuss the logistics necessary for the differing COVID vaccines, and why the economy will remain stunted until herd...  Read More
Episode 76 - GameStop, Robinhood, and Taxes
The WealthAbility Show - GameStop, Robinhood, and  Joining us is Andy Tanner and Ryan Husk to help discover the long-term impact of the David vs. Goliath short squeeze that stunned Wall Street. Tom also offers valuable tax analysis for stock investors. 5:09: How Did The GameStop Short Squeeze...  Read More
Episode 75 - Tax Migration
The WealthAbility Show - Tax Migration 2:35: Why Is Texas Seeing A Population Inflow? 4:22: What Role Do Local Taxes Play In Migration? 6:22: Why Is Tesla Migrating To Texas? 12:02: What Kind Of Public-Private Relationship Is Most Attractive To Business? 15:09: What Role Do Politics Play In Tax...  Read More
Episode 74 - Your Post-Pandemic Economy
The WealthAbility Show -Your Post-Pandemic Economy 3:54: What Will The Post-Pandemic Economy Look Like? 9:29: What Does The Real Estate Market Look Like In 2021? 18:13: How Can You Position Yourself To Win Post Pandemic? 24:44: Is The U.S. Economy In A Recession Or Depression? Tom...  Read More
Episode 73 - Solving Income Inequality
The WealthAbility Show - Solving Income Inequality 2:30: Why Don’t Schools Provide Financial Education? 4:13: How Do College Students View Income Inequality? 7:11: What Steps Is Phil Taking To Provide Financial Education In Colleges? 11:40: What Are The Risks/Benefits Of Online Financial...  Read More
Episode 72 - Health is Wealth
  The WealthAbility Show - Health is Wealth 04:43 How Does Your Being Relate to Health? 07:56 How Can You Become Receptive to Illness? 14:16 What Role Do Emotions Play in Health & Wealth? 16:55 How Can Meditation Help? 18:28 How Does Love Relate to Heart Disease? 26:49 How Does Wealth Relate to...  Read More
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