Dentaltown Magazine - January 2011

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Benjamin Lund, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine
On the Move
Gy Yatros, DMD
Dental Sleep Medicine – The Time Is Now
Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD and Paul L. Child Jr., DMD, CDT
Drs. Gordon Christensen and Paul Child Jr. help to determine if, when and how “evidence-based” research projects can help your practice and your patients, and how to evaluate projects reported in publications.
Rhonda R. Savage, DDS
Dr. Rhonda R. Savage discusses what you can do to change your staff’s bad manners and behavioral issues so they don’t negatively affect the practice.
Drs. James Boyd and Andrew Blumenfeld
Drs. James Boyd and Andrew Blumenfeld combat the myths surrounding the NTI-tss device.
Ronald C. McGlennen, MD and Thomas W. Nabors, DDS, FACD
Ronald C. McGlennen, MD and Thomas W. Nabors, DDS, FACD discuss talking to your patients about HPV.
Margaret Scarlett, DMD: Captain, USPHS (ret.), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CEO and Pr
William S. Jameson, BS, DDS, FACP, FICD
Lingualized Occlusion vs. Linear Occlusion? Dr. William S. Jameson discusses the difference.
Donald A. Crumb, DDS
The weak link in the triage process for most dental offices seems to be the information gathering from the initial emergency telephone call.
Townies were asked one simple question: In your opinion, what person, event, story, technology, product or service do you think has been the biggest “game changer” in all of dentistry? And here are the results.
Message Boards
Extractions for kids are different. What tips or tricks do you use to make the experience better?
When you send a child to the pediatric dentist for treatment, do you expect them to stay for all of their hygiene visits as well? How do you best communicate what is expected from the specialist?
This is a valuable discussion which will clear up a common request from your patients, and serve to put others on notice for an all-too-common illegal policy.
In This Issue
Howard Farran, DDS, MAGD, MBA, Publisher, Dentaltown Magazine
Getting to the Heart of Mom
Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD, Editorial Director, Dentaltown Magazine
The False Feedback Loop
2011 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting
Hygiene & Prevention
Trisha E. O’Hehir, RDH, MS Editorial Director, Hygienetown
OHI Success Stories
• Tongue Cleaning Reduces Bad Breath
• Jawbreakers Have Erosive Potential
• Azithromycin Enhances SRP Outcomes
• Statin Drugs Enhance Bone Formation
• Sealants Versus Infiltrants
• No Benefit from Higher Concentration Chlorhexidine
Trisha E. O’Hehir, RDH, MS Editorial Director, Hygienetown
Dental Hygiene Consultants
The patient has periodontal disease yet was referred for orthodontic treatment. Instead, the patient saw a hygienist who provided periodontal endoscopy treatment, and who is now asking fellow clinicians to weigh in on identification of complicating factors in the case.
The debate continues as to which instruments can be used on implants without damage to the abutment.

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