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Show Your Work: All in a Day’s Work
Dentaltown - Winter 2017 - UK Edition
Dr. Ara Nazarian shares a case he finished in one day where a patient wanted fixed restorations supported by dental implants.
Show Your Work: All in a Day’s Work
Dentaltown - September 2017
Dr. Ara Nazarian shares a case he finished in one day where a patient wanted fixed restorations supported by dental implants. 
Show your work: Same-Day Service
Dentaltown - February 2017
Dr. Ara Nazarian shares a case study involving same-day implants for four teeth in the lower posterior region.
Guided Bone Leveling for Optimum Implant Results
Dentaltown - August 2014
Dr. Ara Nazarian focuses on the techniques implemented when restoring a patient with a fi xed lower bridge supported by implants.
Denture Stabilizations with Small-diameter Implants
Dentaltown - November 2013
Dr. Ara Nazarian presents a denture case using mini-implants.
Denture Stabilization with Small-diameter Implants
Dentaltown - 2013 New Grad Edition
Endosseous implants have been successfully used to restore edentulous mandibles with implant-supported fixed bridges, hybrid prosthetic dentures and removable overdenture prostheses.
Enhancing a Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in the New Economy
Dentaltown - September 2013
Using a case to illustrate, Dr. Ara Nazarian explains, “The diagnostic wax-up, when used properly, can provide valuable information to the dentist, ceramist and patient in a threedimensional manner.”
Raising Your Denture Patient to a Higher Standard
Dentaltown - April 2013
Dr. Ara Nazarian presents a case study demonstrating the importance of incorporating implants into treatment plans involving dentures.
Desired Smiles in Today’s Economy
Dentaltown - November 2012
There’s an increase in the demand for general dentists to offer cosmetic dentistry in a predictable, fast and effective manner. Dr. Nazarian presents the benefits of zirconia restorations.
Total Reconstruction Within Your General Dental Practice
Dentaltown - March 2012
Dr. Ara Nazarian presents a case in which the patient needed to visit various disciplines of dentistry to fulfill his demands for an improved smile.
Direct Composite Restorations Just Got a Lot Easier
Dentaltown - August 2011
Dr. Ara Nazarian describes a simplified technique to constantly restore posterior teeth with a new composite in a fast, easy and predictable manner.
An Affordable Option for an Edentulous Ridge in the New Economy
Dentaltown - July 2011
Small diameter dental implants offer a great alternative to traditional dental implants in many edentulous patients. Dr. Ara Nazarian presents a case that replaces an upper partial denture with mini implants.
Meeting Patient Demands for Today's Job Market
Dentaltown - April 2010
Dr. Ara Nazarian presents a cosmetic case with the placement of porcelain veneer restorations.
Implementing Resin Modified Glass Ionomers in Your General Practice
Dentaltown - February 2010
This article by Dr. Ara Nazarian discusses the use of resin modified glass ionomers in a pediatric patient.
Implant Placement and Restoration in Your General Practice
Dentaltown - April 2009
In this article Dr. Ara Nazarian discusses a case and includes photos of the replacement of a posterior mandibular tooth using a simplified implant system.
Tissue Management with Expasyl; A Key to Restorative Success
Dentaltown - September 2007
Using a material called Expasyl, Dr. Ara Nazarian will provide dentists techniques and tips for predictable soft-tissue management of restorative dentistry ranging from porcelain veneers to full mouth rehabilitation.
Periodontics: Changing Your Denture Patient to an Implant Patient in One Day
Dentaltown - June 2006
Minimally invasive devices, such as mini-implants, reduce surgical time for the practitioner and result in significant cost savings. A case by Ara Nazarian, DDS.
Senior Citizens: An Untapped Market
Dentaltown - February 2005
For Cerinate Lumineers
TOWNIE CLINICAL: Immediate Bridge With Ribbond
Dentaltown - April 2004
How Townie Dr. Ara Nazarian treated a patient with an immediate bridge after extraction of her tooth
TOWNIE CLINICAL: Removable Revolution: Fast, Predictable, Easy!
Dentaltown - January 2004
Townie, Ara Nazarian, DDS shows what you can do for patients who can't afford traditional implants or traditional fixed restorative options in this clinical using IMTEC mini-implants


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