Product Profile: Penguin II Implant Stability Monitor

Product Profile: Penguin II Implant Stability Monitor 

The new generation has arrived

Implant dentistry is trending toward a more limited or altogether eliminated healing phase before loading. This adds pressure on the clinical team because if case conditions are suboptimal, poor primary stability could increase the risk of implant failure. The new Penguin II implant stability monitor addresses this problem by accurately and predictably measuring implant stability, helping to support the dentist’s decision of when to load the implant.

Since resonance frequency analysis (RFA) was introduced in implant dentistry more than 20 years ago, hundreds of peer-reviewed papers have established its place as an evidence-based technology to aid implant dentists.

RFA works by attaching a peg directly to an implant, then exciting that peg so a vibration frequency is picked up by the instrument and presented as an implant stability quotient (ISQ) value. The measurement scale is from 1–99 ISQ. The ISQ value correlates strongly to the micromobility of the implant, which in turn depends on bone quality and osseointegration. By taking a baseline value at implant placement and another before loading, the degree of osseointegration can be measured.

The Penguin II utilizes a type of peg called the MulTipeg, which is specifi c to the implant type. Once the proper MulTipeg is placed onto the implant, a measurement can be made within one second.

The pegs, available for all major implant systems, are made of titanium with sealed magnets. MulTipegs can be autoclaved at least 20 times, which makes them cost effective and better for the environment than single-use pegs.

The Penguin II also incorporates a new rechargeable, replaceable battery system, signifi cantly extending the product’s useful lifespan and making the product better for the environment.

At $2,490, the Penguin II implant stability monitor is designed to be uncomplicated, affordable and accessible for dentists who work with implants. Its predecessor, the Penguin I, is still also available at $1,990.

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