The Dentist Freedom Blueprint
The Dentist Freedom Blueprint
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Is Your Retirement Date on Track?

Is Your Retirement Date on Track?

8/30/2016 1:00:00 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 69

Learn why the “Accumulation Theory” is killing your returns...


In beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado this week.

Taking some time off to do some writing and other creative thinking.  

Getting away is critical – if you’re not doing it on a regular basis, you are probably stagnating.

Here’s my question for you – is your retirement date on track?

Many of you will say, “No” or “I don’t know.”

Why?  Is it too hard to figure out?  Too many years before you think it can happen?

Here’s the problem… traditional financial planning models are based on the “Accumulation Theory” – that is, you work hard, scrimp and save what’s left over after taxes, and buy Wall Street products  - stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities.

Then, hopefully, if the stars are aligned and you hit it just right, you’ll have a stack of money at age 65 that is supposed to last you the rest of your life.

The problem with that model is that there is no reliable cash flow associated with this plan.  It’s all about accumulation but not about cash flow.  Cash flow is what you live on – you shouldn’t be dependent on living off your principal savings.

Real estate provides the best retirement investment, bar none – You can “accumulate” net worth and equity faster and with more reliability in real estate AND real estate provides cash flow income – with an inflation hedge!  

Stocks, bonds and annuities won’t do that for you.

GOOD QUESTION #1: Why don’t your financial advisors recommend real estate as an investment vehicle?  

1) they don’t understand it – It’s not the world they grew up in.  

2) they don’t make any money selling real estate.  

GOOD QUESTION #2: Does real estate wealth and passive cash flow building have to be hard?  Do you have to take on a second job?

Not if you do it the right way –

Want to find out more?  The Freedom Founders Mastermind Community is where smart professionals learn to create more wealth and passive cash flow faster through safe, reliable real estate investments.

If you’re committed to doing something about your retirement date, then go to and I’ll be happy to schedule a strategy call with you and give you some tips on how to leverage your investments through real estate.

Or, you can stay on the same path of the unknown and just hope for the best.

Your choice…you decide.

To your freedom,

David Phelps

P.S.  Because I travel a great deal, my schedule for taking calls is limited – if you’re really serious, I’d advise taking action now!
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