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Dentaltown Learning Online...The Inman Aligner Certification Program by Dr. Tif Querishi

Dentaltown Learning Online...The Inman Aligner Certification Program by Dr. Tif Querishi

1/20/2016 10:49:37 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 176
Dentaltown Learning Online is please to present The Inman Aligner Certification Program by Dr. Tif Querishi.
This comprehensive training and certification program can be found here...


The course contents cover introduction, philosophy and terminology used in Inman Aligner therapy. Applications and a summary of possible and impossible movements are covered. The course focuses on diagnosis, case selection, especially on occlusion and arch form planning for correct function. Treatment execution is highlighted in detail, progressive measured space creation and anchor placement for timed movements of teeth. Case finishing and retention are outlined to obtain the best methods for long term stability and retention.
The course contains many examples of case studies and trouble shooting  to outline common errors. The case sub-mission process will help users understand how to use the free interaction with mentoring trainers on the Dentaltown private Inmam Aligner forum.
The course itself consists of 3 sections with 9 modules in total and 3 learning-aid quizzes, you need to pass to become certified and be listed as an Inman Aligner provider. In addition 10 CE credits are awarded at completion of the program. Included in this series is access to the Inman Aligner Private forum where cases can be submitted for advice and approval, and service, marketing and all aspects of Inman Aligner treatment can be discussed.

I qualified from King’s College London in the UK in 1992 and am a partner at Dental Elegance in Sidcup, Kent where I practice minimally invasive aesthetic and restorative dentistry. I have a special interest in simple orthodontics using removable appliances and am the first dentist in the world to use the Inman Aligner as a major tool for cosmetic dentistry.  As of present, I have completed nearly 1000 cases using orthodontic appliances as a stand alone treatment and to align teeth before further aesthetic dentistry.  Furthermore, I am the world’s leading Inman Aligner Clinician and Clinical Trainer.  I currently lecture nationally and internationally on the subject and run a hands-on program to teach general dentists this new technique.
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