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Dentaltown Learning Online- (R)Evolution of Bone Augmentation by Dr. Jan Kielhorn

Dentaltown Learning Online- (R)Evolution of Bone Augmentation by Dr. Jan Kielhorn

5/20/2015 10:08:05 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 220
Dentaltown now has online the CE course, (R)Evolution of Bone Augmentation by Dr. Jan Kielhorn.

This CE course can be found here..

Bone augmentation is one of the most important and most difficult steps in implantology.  The standard techniques used are very sensitive, and are bound to a certain experience from a large number of surgeries.  They also have a high learning curve.
Despite these facts, augmentation procedures are often the least planned part of the therapy and based on poor diagnostics. Due to a lack of standardized protocols these procedures are often performed by the surgeons favorite method instead of the most indicated one.
It is astonishing, that for implant placement advanced techniques are used - cone beam, navigation templates etc. - whereas augmentation procedures are often based on a high percentage of improvisation.
3D diagnostics, the use of standardized protocols ( plug and play ) and prefabricated allograft materials do allow a reduction of treatment time and trauma for the patient by raising the reliability and success rate of this procedure. This will make these procedures open to a larger number of implantologists and improve overall quality of implant treatments.

Jan Keilhorn studied Dentistry at Ruperta-Carola-University in Heidelberg Germany.
He went on to specialize in Oral Surgery at Praxis with Dr. Haes.der (Oppenheim)
-Oral Surgeon
-Assigned Board Specialist of Oral lmplantology iDGI, DGZI, BDOi
-Assigned Board Specialist of Periodontics I DGP I
-1998-2005 Member of the Medical Staff - Private Clinic Oppenheim Implant Education Center (Dr.Dr.Haessler)l
-Visiting Professor ( Univ. Ludhiana, Punjab) Department of Oral Implantology
- Journalist for medical topics at iDPBI
-2005 Opening of the ICC.
-Implant Competence Center (priivate-clinic and international education center)
· Lecturer on the-intern. Master Education Program (University of Frankfurt, Germany- MOl )
Dr. Kielhorn specializes in the following areas of Oral lmplantology
1) Immediate, early, and progressive live loading.
2) Augmentation (bone·blocks, sinus-lift etc.).
3) 3D Pre-Treatment Planning.
4) Navigation in lmplantology and Augmentation.
5) lmplant superstructure.
6) (CAD/CAM, Digital Workflow, Immediate-Restorations,
In addition, Dr. Kielhorn has multiple patents and developments in Surgical Protocols and instruments as well as being published in multiple-publications in journals, lectures and poster presentations for national and international  congresses.

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