AFTCO SW IS The Nations Leader in Dental Transitions for over 60 years
AFTCO SW IS The Nations Leader in Dental Transitions for over 60 years
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When it comes time to discuss handing the reins of the practice over to another dentist, we often hear the words, “But I can’t give up control!”, as if control was some ownership benefit. Somehow or other, the doctor has become so accustomed to taking responsibility for the practice that it is perceived as a benefit instead of responsibility! To understand this misconception, you have to identify what control the doctor is trying to keep “control” of during the next 5 or 10 years and then see how you fit into this picture.


When a dentist is asked to describe the benefits of control, we usually get a blank look form the doctor because no one has asked him/her for details. Control was always one of those mysterious terms that encompassed everything but meant nothing when it was analyzed. So, in the interest of clarity, we have described the most common interpretations of “control” and their corresponding “benefits” so that our clients have a better understanding of their most common objection to completing an AFTCO program that can profoundly change their quality of life:


“Control” means that is the clinical or office equipment breaks down, you, as the owner, pay money to have it repaired… alternatively, if the equipment cannot be repaired, then you get to go into debt (or pay money out of pocket) to replace that equipment. Just think, you might have to pay out tens of thousands of dollars just for the pleasure of being in “control” … what a terrific benefit!


“Control” means that if one of your staff members decides to run away to California to become a surfer, then you get to interview all those interesting people and try to hire one that’s trainable in a short enough period, so the practice does not lose too much money. The chance to waste money, another terrific benefit.


“Control” means that if you would like to take a 2, 3, or even a 4-week vacation (yes, it can be done by some smart people who are no longer in “control”). Then, while you are gone, you get to pay the rent, utilities, telephone, staff salaries, etc. while on vacation. Just think of the wonderful evenings you will spend thinking about how many thousands of dollars you lost that day because you were on vacation instead of working in the office. The chance to lose more money, another terrific benefit!


You see, you’ve gotten to a point in your career where you have accepted an illogical argument. You think that by owning a practice you are somehow in “control”, but you could not be more wrong. When you own a practice, the practice “controls” you – you do not control the practice. The only time you are in “control” is when you are in “control” of your life, and you cannot improve the quality of your life while you are in control of your practice.


The day you come into the office and open your appointment book to cross out an entire month and say “I’m on vacation for the whole month”, an realize during that month you aren’t paying the rent, utilities, telephone, staff salaries, etc., then and only then are you REALLY in “control”.


If you think it is time to give up control and are ready to get into control of your life, then give AFTCO a call today at 480-634-4803 or email us at  It’s time to contact AFTCO. 

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