Long in the Tooth: Insights for Age 55+ Dentists
Long in the Tooth: Insights for Age 55+ Dentists
Most dentists fail to plan ahead for the sale of their practice. On this podcast, we share non-clinical insights to help you prepare for the sale of your practice today to maximize your profitability and peace of mind in the future.
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Bob Brooks
Bob Brooks

Start with the Give-Me Shots for You and Your Staff

Start with the Give-Me Shots for You and Your Staff

8/5/2022 9:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 12

Season 2 - Episode 11

Have you identified the things that you’re really, really good at? Too often, we can be so hard on ourselves as practice owners to try to improve in too many areas all at once. We end up neglecting to practice what we love and what we know we do best. 

In this episode, Marney Andes shares one of the valuable life lessons that her dad taught her on the basketball court – start with the give-me shots

You don’t need to chase the latest and greatest, or make a gigantic effort to find new success. If you instead focus on practicing what you already love to do, and make time to learn what each of your staff members excels at, you’ll find greater success in playing to your strengths and delegating to theirs.

Marney is a consultant, educator, entrepreneur and author who has dedicated her career to supporting teams and individuals as they develop and grow. Her experience in performance consulting and leadership development spans a wide range of industries, including technology, healthcare, education, and nonprofit. 

Success—in business and life—doesn’t come without taking advice, learning lessons, and living with intention. In her book, Start with the Give-Me Shots, Marney outlines eight core lessons that her dad taught her through honest storytelling, and simple, real-life examples, so you can experience his advice for yourself.

To learn more about Marney Andes, visit marneyandes.com

For more guidance on managing and transitioning your practice, schedule a call with Marie Chatterley at: ctc-associates.com

For help finding a dental practice transition specialist in your area, send a message to: office@longinthetooth.info

Long in the Tooth is hosted by Randon Jenson & Marie Chatterley of CTC Associates. It was founded by Bob Brooks, CBI, CEPA of Practice Endeavors.

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