Long in the Tooth: Insights for Age 55+ Dentists
Long in the Tooth: Insights for Age 55+ Dentists
Most dentists fail to plan ahead for the sale of their practice. On this podcast, we share non-clinical insights to help you prepare for the sale of your practice today to maximize your profitability and peace of mind in the future.
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Start with the Give-Me Shots for You and Your Staff
Season 2 - Episode 11 Have you identified the things that you’re really, really good at? Too often, we can be so hard on ourselves as practice owners to try to improve in too many areas all at once. We end up neglecting to practice what we love and what we know we do best.  In this...  Read More
What was the best & the hardest part about selling your practice?
Season 2 - Episode 10 Dr. William Vargo was a successful dentist for 35 years. He envisioned himself practicing till he was 68 or 70. But when he was only 65, his health couldn’t tolerate it and his wife’s health started to go downhill. He made the difficult decision to sell his practice...  Read More
When do I know if I’m ready to bring on an associate?
Season 2 - Episode 9 There reaches a point in the life cycle of most practices where the doctor is as busy as they want to be, or as busy as they can be.  We call these “S.E.T. points” – Solo Economic Threshold.  It’s the point where you are working as much as you want to, or you...  Read More
For Associates: What are the Pros + Cons of working for a DSO?
Season 2 - Episode 8 “I didn’t know if I was paid what I should be paid.” When you come out of dental school, you’ve been taught how to be a dentist, but you don’t yet know how to run a successful business. Unfortunately, this puts you in a vulnerable position. DSOs can take advantage of you. ...  Read More
What work back arrangements have you experienced?
Season 2 - Episode 7 Do you join a DSO or sell to a private buyer? That is the question. And when it comes to practice transition options, one of the big considerations are work back arrangements.  The differences in working arrangements between offers from DSOs compared to independent buyers in...  Read More
How do offers differ from a DSO to an independent buyer?
Season 2 - Episode 6 There’s a big assumption today that if you sell to a DSO you’re going to get a higher price point. While on the surface this appears true, it is in the contingencies like workback agreements where it becomes not so cut and dry. “I was getting pushed into a corner and I...  Read More
Practice transition issues related to dental insurance
Season 2 - Episode 5 We’ll often hear from doctors, “I’m at a crossroads. I’m so busy that I need to do something. Should I add an associate or drop an insurance provider?”  If you’re approaching a critical transition juncture like this – whether it be selling your practice in 1-5 years, bringing...  Read More
What is the process of dropping insurance?
Season 2 - Episode 4   Dropping insurance participation is a decision that causes many doctors to have some anxiety. The tendency can be to rush things because you’re ticked off, or to avoid doing it out of fear of patient attrition. The good news is that unlike buying a practice or building a new...  Read More
Can a transition from PPO insurance to fee-for-service be successful?
  Season 2 - Episode 3 There’s plenty of insurance pain everywhere across the country. In the last two years, more dentists have said, “I’ve had it” and transitioned their insurance participation. But can a transition from PPO insurance to fee-for-service be successful? Yes! In this episode, Bill...  Read More
When should I announce a practice sale to my patients?
  Season 2 - Episode 2 Announcing the sale of a practice to patients brings anxiety and nervousness to many sellers. When do I tell them? How do I tell them? There’s a good way and a bad way to go about telling them the news that something is happening with the practice. The majority will be fine...  Read More
Should I tell my staff about the transition?
Season 2 - Episode 1 It’s a concern every dentist has as they contemplate transitioning their practice to new ownership – Should I tell my staff? When should I tell my staff? How should I tell my staff? Coordinating with staff members causes the most anxiety for any prospective seller. As we...  Read More
Hide Your Money from the Tax Man
Hide Your Money from the Tax Man There aren’t many hiding places for your money today. We earn money, but the tax man just keeps coming from Federal, State, and Local levels. When you’re running a practice, the Department of Labor, ERISA, and the IRS have given us a few tax management investment...  Read More
If I Sell My Practice, What Should I Do with the Proceeds?
If I Sell My Practice, What Do I Do with Proceeds? You’ve paid taxes your whole life, successfully built up your business, then all of a sudden the current government administration changes the tax code which can cost you literally millions of dollars. It seems quite unfair, and it is a...  Read More
Who are Today’s Practice Buyers and What are They Looking for?
Today’s Practice Buyers What are They Looking For  If you’re a dental practice owner nearing the end of your career, you may be wondering: what’s the value in learning about today’s practice buyers and acquisition loans? Isn’t that dealing on the opposite end of my career path? While it is the...  Read More
Financing: How has the Pandemic Affected Dental Lending?
How has the Pandemic Affected Dental Lending? Deals can’t get done without financing, but in 2020, for the first time in history, many banks stopped lending to dentists.  As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the country shutting down dental offices, banks shifted their focus to PPE loans,...  Read More
DSOs and Group Buyers: What Practice Seller’s Need to Know
DSOs & GBs What Practice Sellers Need to know How many times have you thought to yourself, “If I could just do dentistry, life would be good?” Many practice owners get bogged down by the managerial side of dentistry – staff, payroll, etc. Dental Service (or Support) Organizations (DSOs) and...  Read More
5 Things to Know about Today’s Private Practice Buyers
5 Things to Know about  Private Practice Buyers Today’s practice buyers want different things and have different expectations than you. If you’re preparing to sell your practice in the next couple of years, this episode will give you at least five key insights (plus many more) on today’s...  Read More
After Selling to a DSO
After Selling to a DSO Transitioning from being an owner to being an employee is a huge shift financially and psychologically that many practice owners aren’t equipped to face. We’ve addressed some of the psychological effects in other episodes, so today, we are focusing on the financial changes...  Read More
Do DSOs Pay the Highest Prices for Dental Practices?
Do DSOs Pay the Highest Prices for Dental Practice The price DSOs are willing to pay for a dental practice can look really, really enticing. It can seem like a no-brainer choice for a practice seller, but a well-informed seller would seriously reconsider. You have to look past this top line...  Read More
Unaddressed Emotion Kills Deals
Unaddressed Emotion Kills Deals There’s a classic, popular line in business sales – “Time kills all deals.” But when Denise Logan hears that, she knows the person who said it is actually scared – scared that if they don’t push, they will lose out and the deal will fall through.  Denise has...  Read More
Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn, or Submit?
Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn, or Submit? In a deal, many people will try to say, “Let’s keep emotion out of it.” But did you know that’s actually impossible? Emotions are always present and fear especially can show itself in five ways on both sides of the transaction – fight, flight, freeze, fawn,...  Read More
This is a Monumental Transition, not Merely a Transaction
This is a Monumental Transition, not a Transaction For most practice owners, selling their practice is the single biggest professional transition of their life. It’s a complex emotional journey that involves way more than money. If an advisor says to you, “Oh you’ll figure it out. You’ll have...  Read More
Lizard Brain, O-MY Syndrome, & More On Seller Psychology
Lizard Brain, O-MY Syndrome, & More On Seller Psyc We welcome next to the podcast, the Seller Whisperer, Denise Logan.  It is a complex emotional journey to sell your business and let go of your own version of what’s next. Many get trapped in their businesses and miss out on other important...  Read More
What Big Risks are Practice Sellers Facing?
What Big Risks are Practice Sellers Facing? In our final episode with Jason P. Wood, we ask him the big question, “If you were in a practice owner’s shoes these days, what are the biggest risks that you would watch out for?” Listen in to save yourself from heartache and lots of lost money. We...  Read More
How do Practice Sellers’ Experiences Vary with Buyer Type?
How do Practice Sellers’ Experiences Vary  Be wary of the road you choose to travel down when selling your practice. You have options which is a good thing, but there are also some roads you definitely do not want to traverse. Take insurance credentialing for example.  This has become a...  Read More
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