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Dental Trends: Excercise for Your Jaw?!

Dental Trends: Excercise for Your Jaw?!

5/14/2020 8:11:47 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 20

A New Subject for Your Dental Patient Education

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While COVID-19 has stopped the flow of patients into your dental practice, the potential dental problems for your parents have not. 

A new subject has arisen that will need your attention for your dental patient education. 

You are well aware of the problems surrounding direct to consumer dentistry. Smile-Direct Club, Byte, Candid, and Aligner Co have all emerged as leaders in providing dentistry without the expertise of a dentist. People are becoming aware of the risks. 

But there is something else upon the horizon. Another trend that is going to impact the patients in our practices drastically.

I introduce the latest in the trend that will send chills down the back of dentists across the country. 

 This isn’t jazzercise.
Its Jawzrsize. 

Dental Trends: Excercise for Your Jaw?!

A new player in the game of crazy products- Facial fitness devices to tone jawlines and muscles in the face.

Yes, you read that correctly. Fitness for your face.

Starting at $30.00, consumers can buy a Jawzrsize exercise product to produce a “full face and neck workout.”

According to the Jawzrzize website, this product gets “results.” They state that customers report achieving:


    Slimmer face


    Reduced chin


    Stronger neck


    More defined jawline


There are also claims that this will increase metabolism, digestion, and blood flow to the face which in turn will help your skin

How it (allegedly) works

The company’s FAQ section outlines the workout plan that customers should follow. This includes plans like:


    5 to 10 sets to 60% of max/failure every other day


    Super set High Reps with the light intensity balls


    Utilizing different resistant levels during your training


Sales Analysis

Now, you may think, “C’mon, no one is actually buying this“

Well, you are wrong. The sales data says otherwise. 

I completed a domain analysis for and engagement with their website is astounding. 

Here are a few things that I found with help from SEMRush:

  • They are pulling in almost 13k organic search results per month
        They are getting 1.5k search traffic through paid sources.
  • Organic keywords like “Jawzsize” are getting 22k searches per month

Dental Trends: Excercise for Your Jaw?!

Another hint that Jawzercise is making money hand over fist is their paid promotion through YouTube. The company recently uploaded a promotion video about a month ago that currently has over 23 million views. Organic viewership in that short amount of time just does not happen, so we can conclude that a large portion of those views are through paid sources. We discussed the power of video in our dental marketing trends report. This company is taking the utmost advantage of this marketing technique

Dental Trends: Excercise for Your Jaw?!

Most sources state that each paid YouTube view costs between 10 and 30 cents. Let’s assume the best-case scenario. If each of those views cost 10 cents. They just spent 2.3 million on YouTube marketing in one month.

2.3 million!!

Obviously, to spend that kind of money on advertising, you need some unbelievable revenue.  

In any case, this product will likely only explode more in popularity. With this explosion, dentists have to be prepared to educate patients about the problems with these types of products. 

This is a new dental trend that clinicians need to fully be aware of and institute into their patient education plan. 

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