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1321 Superior Teeth Whitening with Dror Kanion : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1321 Superior Teeth Whitening with Dror Kanion : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Dror Kanion achieved a cum-laude BSc in Electrical Engineering and a cum-laude MSc in Biomedical Engineering. Dror has over 20 years of experience which includes holding a variety of senior management positions in research and development and marketing for various hi-tech companies including international corporate companies such as Applied Materials and Texas Instruments. Over the years, Dror has also co-founded various technology start-up companies. Today Dror plays an integral role within Meodental and is responsible for establishing Meodental's global footprint.

VIDEO - DUwHF #1321 - Dror Kanion

AUDIO - DUwHF #1321 - Dror Kanion

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Howard: it was just an honor and a privilege to be with Dror Kanion on right here in Tel Aviv Israel and he started a company me Oh dental um Meo de NT ale what where does the name MEO Dental where does that come from 

Dror: well originally it one of my founding partners wanted to the name to use the initials of the first things of his three children so that's was his requests towards the Meo Megan Eric and I literally it's stranger than that he is the second letter and it's a mere alia Alia and Noah 

Howard: so the talk about your journey or how did drawer in depth in dentistry

Dror:  my education I have a bachelor's degree in electronics engineering and a master's degree in biomedical engineering and I've done quite a large variety of positions in R&D; and business development in Israel high tech companies also encircle us companies that have subsidiaries here in Israel and most of them in different fields of electronics a few touching medical regions and I've been involved in several startup companies in the medical field none of them large enough to ring a bell but when I was I ended one of my last positions I was approached by this group who started near dental at that time and they asked me to join and see righ

Howard: t so you're the vice president who's the CEO 

Dror: currently the CEO is actually my father okay now is he a dentist no okay so he is a CPA so I'm not none of the people in the company are dentists 

Howard: so tell us what you do what is your core product line

Dror:basically is that teeth whitening for the client and it is based on a unique patented formula that is derivatives of hydrogen peroxide but it's unique in basically two features one it is stabilized meaning the decomposition is significantly slower and linear rather than very fast and exponential okay so so let's look so down there let's talk about that is that's profound so when most bleaching in the mouth is carbamide peroxide 10% when you say basically what does the bleaching is hydrogen peroxide there are two ways to use one is directly as hydrogen peroxide and the second way is using carbamide peroxide which dissolves in two stages the first stage dissolves into urea and hydrogen peroxide and then the hydrogen peroxide does the white if they don't advertise the urea part but when that bleach inside the mouth contacts saliva it doesn't last very long does it it's not always reliable hydrogen peroxide at regular hydrogen peroxide at room temperature in an open bottle because it's a matter of pressure and temperature will dissolve in a matter of three to five minutes okay so this is why most chairside products which are based on hydrogen peroxide rather than the comment box I need to be reapplied during a whitening procedure okay our product is different in the fact that it's stabilized in the whole session of 40 to 45 minutes of whitening chairside whitening is done with a single application of the product okay so this simplifies the product the procedure makes it more comfortable for the patient and easier for the dentists and also prevents mistakes you know because the application and the removal are there's always a risk that product will drip inside the mouth touch soft issues that the gingival protection will detach and the fact that you only need one application prevents that as well 

Howard: so um how long has neo dental been selling this product

Dror:  we've been selling the product for about eight years and in this current version which is approved see he approved in Europe cosmetic approved for the take home key and FDA approved and this current version for about five to six years

Howard: so it's been FDA approved for five to six years FDA approved or five to six years yeah the equivalent to the US FDA in Europe is the CD mark is that right theoretically yes in whitening it's really strange because the classification and each country is different

Dror:  for instance in Europe there is a split of the classification optical concentration of six percent hydrogen peroxide is classified as the cosmetic product which is not CES ready and above that it's a medical device see approval in the US for some reason nobody knows why it doesn't make sense even but the product is classified as then to hide you where it has nothing to do with hygiene whatsoever it's a anesthetics medical but again it needs a listing and FDA listing it's not even now it's not even a full 510 K it's just allistic and we have this list in other countries it depends on the concentration also how you can sell it and to whom is depending on the concentration of the ball

Howard: now the United Kingdom was a little strange on this subject and I think Kingdom was very strict on it and they took the European regulation I think beyond where it was meant to be basically  

Dror: the European Committee issued its recommendation around the end of 2012 stated that up 2.1 percent which is basically nothing a hydrogen peroxide can be sold over the counter between point 1 and 6 it is classified as cosmetics but it can only be sold through a dentist and me can be sent given by the dentist to the patient for take home and they didn't define anything above 6% which most European countries considered that it meant that the old understanding which is that above 6% is a medical device stays in the UK they decided that because the committee didn't say anything about 6% it's totally forbidden so this is where we start today basically 

Howard: and it's bizarre because when a government does some point that there's really no checks and balances I mean I know some companies spend millions dollars in the lawsuits a damn Fisher of ultra got a million dollars in legal fees and just it doesn't do any good didn't do any good it makes you really question how many things so are you having more success selling it to dentists b2b or to consumers b2c 

Dror: basically currently we sell only to dentists we sell through a chain of distributors that we have in their various countries we sell to dentists our take-home kit as well as hard chair side kids okay so the dentist uses the chair size for in-office bleaching and can give the patient to take home kit for maintenance or for cases where the patient doesn't what a waste chair time or a small clinic with a smaller number of units and they don't want to use them for whitening which is a consider the simpler procedure or not observatory's what and with all the different bleaching companies

Howard: what would you say your unique selling proposition is

Dror:  as I started by saying that the uniqueness of our product is in the hydrogen peroxide the hydrogen peroxide that we use is different than the fact that it's stabilized and different in the fact that it's ecological the ecological part means that it has no residues of heavy metals in the composition all hydrogen peroxide products because of the way they're manufactured have residues of heavy metals of the composition the heavy metals putting aside the green marketing the factor influenced the procedure of the whitening because the heavy metals connect to minerals on the surface of the tooth they create big molecules that cannot penetrate the tooth through the prism and these molecules cause of water from the tooth - to equalize the concentrations okay and this is what causes dehydration of the tooth dehydration of the tooth causes sensitivity closes relapse of shade you see at the end of procedures which cause dehydration that the tooth and Yetta gets a dull chalky look and when that tooth regains the water then you get the translucency and then you see the discoloration inside again and the third problem is that the oxygen ions only exist when they are dissolved in water so when you have a dehydrated tooth they cannot penetrate into the deeper areas of the dentin so they can only bleach the areas that are closer to the surface of the tooth now raise shades whether they are genetic or coolest part at recycling stating this petra are located deeper inside the tooth so you hear a lot of thing that grey shades are unbleached ball and tetracycline stains are unbreachable where the problem lies in the hydration with natural plus there is no problem yeah several clinical cases proving it to bleach gray shades to bleach tetracycline staining to be 111 okay now

Howard: do you manufacture this yourself we use contract manufacturers the formulas are ours so basically visit proprietary yeah yes we have a patent on the hydrogen peroxide and we

Dror:  we have a factory that manufactures the hydrogen peroxide for us and we supply it to the contract manufacturers that manufacturers in gel so back sure off stuff yeah how did you find this time did you was it's a he passed away a couple of years ago a French Jewish chemist professor who developed this hydrogen peroxide and he got to us through connections was he lived in France but he visited Israel and yes family here in his role he has currently also his son easier in Israel but he has a brother is a dentist come early and  he got to us and we have exclusive rights to use this special peroxide for all dental and cosmetic uses and in general this peroxide is used for totally other issues especially purification of drinking water of fall for agriculture is his brother that's a dentist is he involved with the company no yeah 

Howard: the reason the reason I was asking where I said of that is that this may sound stranger I'm in Phoenix Arizona and UPS trucks when they inside a UPS truck it's like a hundred and forty degrees some people in the desert in Israel - desert - wouldn't you say this is Israel is mostly a desert our region is a different kind of desert yes there are regions that are definitely I always see that band across the West these the western hemispheres or the eastern hemisphere I mean yes I heard desert you got you know the Middle East Saudi Arabia all the way you know it's  hot and some people wonder when you buy bleach and it's delivered on a UPS truck that that you know was in a 140 degree truck for a long time you get it a lot of its broken down and doesn't even work and some people want to buy it bleach that it's refrigerated all the way to their  office do you think that's I sorry

Dror:  if you pass on the product because without a product whose doesn't tests on it and it can withstand high temperatures we when we ship launch one of these we ship them in boxes that are isolated but we don't need to refrigerate it just inside you of like a couple of weeks even in one temperature you'd be a product will not break at the end of the way it will framework shorten the expiration dates but not significant 

Howard: so when you give this bleach in your office should you research Lee

Dror:  yeah we recommend that unless you tend to use it within the next few days but if you body kids for like two or three months then keep them refrigerated until the day you need to use them okay and can you freeze it no but in America in America we're told if something's good then more of it's even better and more our mores he was that problem with the reason the product is not necessarily with the decomposition of the peroxide but more with the consistency of the shell when you freeze and DeFries the product it becomes very liquid which makes it very difficult to work 

Howard: you're selling mostly through distributors only through and explain your thinking there some people you know people sell direct there's even dental supplies on Amazon other people go to distributors what has been your biggest challenge let's take America what would have been your biggest challenge selling in America what distributors did you use and why did you use a distributor instead of selling director

Dror:  we're not present in the US market as of now so you're not in the US where the biggest challenge I see is because many of the whitening products are similar not to say identical or worldwide there are not too many whitening product manufacturers so many of the products that you see on the market our OEMs in a way exactly explain your dentistry  is original equipment manufacturer but yeah that's the initials but basically it means that the same company manufactures the same product sometimes in variations of the packaging with the private label of the company yeah and I'll give you some hilarious examples you're good but even the big companies but 3m Henry Schein they have the whitening product but it's nothing unique it's not their product maybe a couple of them even sell the same product ok yeah with a different packaging with the different labeling now I will product these difference it's not the same it's a patent formula it's unique in order to sell a unique product you cannot compete on prices because that's not where you go you have to have some sort of marketing in the local market somebody that will explain either directly to the dentist all through the key opinion leaders or through trainings or in some way the advantage of this product why it is different and why is this difference good for you as a dentist you cannot you cannot do that through Amazon you cannot do that selling through directly to the depot's because the depo is put it in the catalog but nobody will explain to the dentist why product number two is different from product number three the dentist will only look at the price maybe the appearance of the packaging that's about it and maybe if you heard somebody some something from somebody about this company so this is why we always look for a partner in the target markets apartment that has access to the keeping leaders of that market a partner that has field people reps sales people that can get to the dental clinics and explain about the product and this work for us now up until then we did not find an appropriate partner like this in the u.s.

Dror: we didn't Australia yes how many how many countries have you found a partner with about 20 countries 20 countries and real quick whatever what are those we have like eight but more in Europe Italy Germany France Poland Greece Lithuania mr. Pugh about eight of eight to ten countries in Europe then we have 304 countries in Southeast Asia a Laos Thailand Philippines Singapore then we have Australia and New Zealand we have South Africa 

Howard: so who is your partner in in Australia 

Dror: it's a company called golden medical and the owner is a dentist Israeli in his background but lives in Australia for many years and Hugh works booth directly and through a couple of Australian Depot's 

Howard: well you're talking to a lot of American dentist right now I'll tell them what your what first of all do you think your patented technology makes a clinical difference

Dror:  yes basically I'd say whitening a whitening procedure I would measure it in four categories and I think in all of these four categories we have an advantage category number one would be and the ranking of these categories were different for beige of the patient from dentist to dentist the importance of each one is the whitening effect meaning how white will it get what clinical cases I can handle etc to sensitivity issue or lack of where I think our product has virtually no sensitivity or very  low if at all number three would be the ease of use for the patient and the dentist and here for instance the yeah to do a signal application session in the clinic is very important shoulder chair time about half of any other competing company like told you share time procedure is less than one hour end-to-end all in all and number four would be the longevity meaning how wide is in good to stay for how long and there because we do not cause the hydration of the tooth who do not have this short-term really laps that is known as a problem of many whitening products okay sir in these four categories  our patented formula our unique hydrogen peroxide as well as the additional product that create the system and the full procedure give a very big advantage in to dentists and patients 

Howard: um originally if with Rodney Dangerfield the comedian no never heard of that comedian Rodney Dangerfield he was that back in the days of the community united states and he said that if you want to have wire teach us by a brown tie

Dror:  but about similar problem is that the dehydration what why are people in many places very unsatisfied with whitening because they feel that the dentist is cheating because when they come out of the chair they look at merely see very white teeth because of their dehydration and the next morning they wait wake up and they say it's like I had before the dentist and so I heard one dentist once told me that if you going to a big party you have an important date you want white teeth take the hairdryer drive me teeth they was very white for two three hours that's all that you need so hair drive it does the job as well what ideas am

Howard: I gonna date I always sit in the darkest corner of the restaurant and then turn out the light of that air incident I found that if I reduce the light and enhance my parents speaking that around the world it seems like some parts of the world like the United States and the Middle East really like white teeth like you almost can't get them white enough in some Middle Eastern and California and some of the Europeans you can kind of see him my god it's kind of too white they almost don't like it as to American even say that's to America

Dror:  I kind of agree with did you repeal concept although we can you know the European go even further what what the Californian people called Hollywood white they called toilet white yeah ok so they say teeth are not meant to be white they are meant to be pearly okay in which confused you think like in the whitest like in general it's not always only the countries but different populations in these countries okay so I say South America Brazil is the largest market in the world whitening as well as for very large number of aesthetic treatment not only dental okay right so it's a cultural thing here on this beautiful in Israel know the investment that they make in aesthetic treatments I didn't talk about their baseline they start with that's not too bad as well but  I'm talking about the investment in aesthetic treatment here in Israel you can see that even inside our population there are cultural groups that white thing is big issue for them even the very Orthodox religious people so you know everything is covered you see the teeth so let's and that's invested there's okay in many Arab countries you have the same  concept everything's covered but every everything covered but you can see the teeth so let's invest in the teeth being white interesting 

Howard: um now let's go from what's the difference in in office versus take home in your business

Dror:  in office is the version that says like tomorrow I have a very hot date I want to look my best I don't have time to wait a week maybe a lot asked me out again or she so I want it now it's like a problem we both don't have going to the hairdresser okay you don't go to the hairdresser for something that happens next week the take home is more gradual and it's excellent for maintenance meaning I've done whitening I have my teeth at B0M1 one whatever now I just want to keep them there so I'll do one session of one hour every month in front of my favorite TV show at home my people will stay white forever 

Howard: now do you recommend the dentist making the custom tray 

Dror: we have actually three versions of the peripheral items for the for the trace we have the place that we give the dentist to make custom trays this would be the most comfortable but also somewhat expensive and time-consuming for the dentist to make to make we have the and they require sometimes an additional session come to take measurements and come for the trays and know all the dentist have vacuumed four machines in their clinic so sometimes they need to just addition then we have the bull and bite version which are way less comfortable I don't like them but there are some dentists who prefer this this way it's a very simple way to get semi-custom trees and  we also have the  lamp tray the tray with a light that connects to your cellular phone as a power supply and this is a bit less comfortable because it's not very thin and directly on the teeth but the session is shorter and the results are better because the illumination that we chose speeds up the decomposition of the whitening gel and yes the results faster and this is a one size fits all so it saves a lot of time for the dentist

Howard: um some people say there is no research for light that there's no need for light 

Dror: we have the research we have tested the gel under with and without light at 37 degrees centigrade about 100 Fahrenheit which is the body temperature and we've seen that the decomposition under the light that we use is about almost twice as fast the number I'll tell you there's a good unique selling proposition for you to talk about that because most American dentists will tell you that they there's no research on that because that's what they  were told 1020 years ago when this came hi I wanted to comment here yeah I did not test this on other products so perhaps this is true one of the products our product is the stabilized hydrogen peroxide version so the decomposition is much slower to begin with so I don't know it's a regular prayer up site that dissolves in 3 minutes will dissolve any faster under the influence of the light I know that our product does well he says

Howard: you should really look into that because I can that the first time I had ever heard this and the United States was made by an Arkansas Omni international and it was Omni gel and the only reason I found out about it is because the  rep for Arizona moved in across the street from me nice I'm leaving my driveway - I see this band with teeth on it but man that was a long time ago but I would really look in that because I know when you go to the United States and you have a bleaching product with a light some people look at that and think unethical because there's no research for a light in fact there's a major bleaching selling company in the United States that doesn't even have a light for that reason because he says I don't have any research - so I wouldn't so I would look in that but the but the other thing I would ask is that the two fastest growing areas in dentistry or a clear line or ortho and implants does a clear liner desert Invisalign tray does that make a great trade for take home bleaching 

Dror:  it's excellent it's an excellent match because I both the lies that you spoke about I did say that whitening let that can be done in three situations okay three political situations let's call it one is everything is okay with my teeth I just want them wider okay that's maybe more than 50% of the cases putting that aside the two additional situations where you want to do whitening is at the end of an orthodontic treatment because I'm guessing so much money in making my teeth straight but now they're straight in yellow and sometimes because I put braces invisalign whatever my teeth you know the  staining got worse along this period of time and I want to make them wider at the end and the additional investment in whitening is small in comparison to the orthodontic procedure and the second third basically political situation is before any aesthetic procedure because you can you can do an implant in the crown at a three and you can do an implant in the crown at B one probably will cost the same right but I think I knew what the patient would prefer an implant and a crown if b1 matching is all newly white teeth rather than an a3 stainless laminates same as any other crown without an implant so before it is thought an aesthetic procedure I think it is the best time to do whitening also for the reason that it's much easier than to get everything back to the starting point meaning two years later your teeth got yellow or you can get them back to be one with the whitening and they'll rematch with your crowns veneers fillings composites anything else have you done

Howard: I notice a lot of people now are advertising bleaching for life tooth whitening for life and how they make that work is you know in the United States a lot of people get their cleaning exam and x-ray 100% paid by the insurance company so if you get the bleaching done every time you come in every six months for your cleaning they'll just give you a couple more tubes of take off I am and of course if you look at the cleaning exam an x-ray appointment you know there's a hundred and fifty dollars and the couple tubes to take home but I noticed that's getting very popular one more 

Dror: so what I said that the use of quote kit for maintenance is it's the best solution much makes much more sense than the chair side the chair side is excellent for the first session where you have already quite yellow teeth genetically or because of habits and you want to get them to very white teeth but then to keep them there they need for chest ID the  chair time is the most expensive asset a dentist has because it's his time and he cannot multiply it

Howard: so you're looking for an American partner well you're talking to a lot of Americans right now and tell them exactly what you're looking for in a partner what would be your ideal partner

Dror:  a small company that is interested in adding whitening line to their portfolio that usually focuses in aesthetic aesthetic field and that has experience in products that are unique not  your products don't meet you right okay I'm looking for a partner that will be able to do the marketing and find the end find and team with the right distribution channels in the US be either just direct sales or through web applications or through Depot's Depot's are doing distributors like shine Banco back in you I noticed you call them depots is that a common term around here yeah that's that's what we use the double Depot's dental depots in Chembur that's around you before so you're gonna look in for a partner that's I in already in dentistry but a small business that's in aesthetics that's not currently has a bleaching product correct and I want to tell you about

Howard: it's kind of funny for me sometimes I'm added these dental conventions and somebody is selling like an x-ray sensor and I'll hear another gonna say well what's better yours or they'll name another name brand and this rep will start going off about how much is better the other one and they're both are made in the exact same company and since I have a dental magazine I get to see this firsthand and a lot of times you know where these policies that you can't float a shop a picture but you can't badmouth another company when they're selling the exact identical company's yours and a lot of these dentists you know they're all they're thinking is they  want to do the best dental surgery with their hands and they're operatory and a lot of them don't know that um a lot of these products are late soon in fact you know the VCR did you know planet Earth is down to one VCR factory it's such old technology I mean you know do you want a new VCR you know you don't and so it's funny so if anybody buys any VCR from anywhere around the world it's only made in one place and it's more I mean it's more common than people think oem so so you really feel like you got something original and unique and you hand it 

Dror: and that's why we're looking for a company with marketing abilities and not only sales abilities because sales abilities would be access to a large number of dentists using the right you know words the right prices the right special offers but we want somebody that will also understand it professionally and be able to get to the key opinion leaders to groups like yourself who are able to evaluate products and analyze them and that are present in that local market basically we do similar stuff in countries were already available and we get to the key opinion leaders and to the local of dental analyzers let's call them and so if someone thinks that they're that person how do they contact you they can do it through our website or directly to me that's telling what is with what's the website wants direct

Dror:  the website is and di DN tal calm and they can go to contact us and goes to the info mail and directly to me is my first name DRO are at me or dental calm and

Howard: on your website in packaging there's this green leaf planned though 

Dror: it's a green actually it's the green if you go to our video you see that there's a woman walking in this scarf we talked about that we and you didn't really explain the green well you sorted you that it didn't have the heavy animals yeah basically our product is based on all natural ingredients excluding the peroxide which is not natural but it is ecological okay so we use natural ingredients including we use dead sea minerals which are very good in terms of their calcium concentration and we use natural coloring natural flavors everything is natural in origin and the Arab side is ecological and what does it mean that peroxide is not natural but it's ecological side is this is not natural it's manufactured in a lab but it's psychological because of the process of filtration that we pass it through in the manufacturing that causes it to be stabilized and at the same time removes all the residues of heavy metals from the composition they residues very metals are as a result of the electrolysis that is done in order to add the additional oxygen ion to the h2o

Howard: you know I'm having a key to h2o to heavy metals are interesting because I know a lot of them high-end people that want to pay extra money for elite health care the best thing is si Senor 8090 years old and you're rich and you really want to live as long as you can you're paying for the top stuff a lot of them are having a lot of analysis done and I know one friend who's 90 and when he had all of his blood work done everything several years ago had an incredibly high amount of uranium in his blood and they said that and now his data getting bigger and bigger you know he was a farmer in the Midwest and around a lot of soil is whole life he was never in the military never in the yeah but

Dror:  potentially all these first of all in the irrigation systems there is a lot of additives  that they put in the water to speed up growth of plans too and some of them contain heavy metals and  other less healthy stuff and also in control today less and less but in the past we used to use very strong best science in agriculture so this could be

Howard: very interesting well Dror thank you so much for coming down and coming on the show today and best of luck finding someone in the United States and I would if I just get on dental town go to the whitening and start talking to Dentists thank you very much for coming out with pleasure you  

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