Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1254 Dr. Glenn Vo and the Nifty Thrifty Dentists : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1254 Dr. Glenn Vo and the Nifty Thrifty Dentists : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Dr. Glenn Leon Vo is a practicing Dentist, coach, podcaster, and an expert Karaoke singer. As the creator of The Nifty Thrifty Dentists, Dr. Vo negotiates discounts and deals to help his fellow Dentists save money. He also works with Dental companies and their teams to help grow their businesses using Social Media.

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AUDIO - DUwHF #1254 - Glenn Vo

Dr. Vo is a coach with Delivering Wow and also co-hosts The Nifty Thrifty Dentists podcast with Dr. Vinh Nguyen.
Dr. Glenn Leon Vo continues to run a multi-million-dollar family practice with his wife Dr. Susan Tran. They are the proud parents of two awesome kids, Kylie and Jackson and a feisty Beta fish named Dory.

Howard: it's just a huge honor for me today to be podcast interviewing Dr. Glen Vo a practicing dentist coach podcaster an expert karaoke singer as the creator of the nifty thirsty dentist dr. Bowe negotiates discounts and deals to his fellow dentists to save money he also works with dental companies and their teams to help grow their business using social media dr. Bowe is a coach with delivering Wow and co-host the nifty thrifty podcast with dr. then when like many great ideas and nifty 30 dentists were created by random chance and a pure stroke of luck borne out of the dental garage sales Facebook group our goal is to provide money-saving tips strategies and resources to dental professionals whatever mode of content you desire they have it there check out their insightful blog post engaging podcast and they're very popular dental discounts now you may notice a few ads on their website with affiliate links but that's to help fund their website and their podcast their goal is to have vendors and marketers pay for the website not you the website and all its resources will always be free for dental professionals dr. Glen VOE continues to run a multi-million dollar family practice with his wife Susan Tran they are the proud parents of two awesome kids Kyle and Jackson and feisty betta fish named Dorie dr. Glenn Vo and Susan Tran are both proud native Texans dr. Glenn was born and raised in Pasadena Texas after attending the University of Houston and University of Texas Arlington for his undergrad work he attended Baylor College of Dentistry for his dental training which now has changed their name to Texas A&M; and dr. Tran was born in Austin and she grew up in Round Rock Texas she completed her undergraduate training at the University of Texas Austin and I'll tell you what it is so amazing to have you on the show congratulations for the nifty thrifty dentist and everything you're doing tell me the story that what was the what was the face that gentle garage sale Facebook doctor friend 

Dr. Glen Vo: I wanted to start with this by saying this is such an honor to be on this podcast you don't remember this but when the a DA was in New Orleans you were at the bar and I ran up to you I'm like hard little town like hey hey come over here have a drink with me we took a picture I still have that picture this day that was at the Sheraton I'll stay at the shared State I wasn't sure if you were staying there who you were just hanging out there but that was one of the highlights of that 88 convention so now fast forward all these years later I'm on your podcast now so I'm just so excited to be on here now back to your question you asked about the dental garage sale so dental garage sale was I have I'm I have to admit I'm a I'm a hoarder I like to collect stuff and I like to collect dental stuff when someone's selling their practice or they're selling equipment I just jump all over and I buy a whole bunch so I have enough equipment in the storage unit to probably open another practice and one day my wife says get this junk out of here I want you to sell it so I created a group on Facebook to sell all my wares and it's called the dental garage sale and now I think there's 12,000 people in there now and so when I started selling my stuff companies came in they said oh hey dr. Volk can we can we sell some of our items in here then I said well yeah you can't if you give us a discount and they'll yeah we'll do that and then people started talking in there they're like hey what's the best way to wait anyone have a coupon code for this what's the best way to save money your practice and from there I thought well you know what this is a buy sell group I need to create another group and that's how nifty thrifty dentists was born so do you so how you said you saw have the garage sell group oh yeah yeah in fact I'm trying to settle a couple old dental chairs right there but there's a whole bunch of people selling stuff because you know it's so it's so easy to post on Facebook and and and and sell your something yeah it's still it's still there

Howard:   so I'm so tell someone who hasn't been on the nifty thrifty what what is the website what is the mission what are you doing there so you know

Dr. Glen Vo:  okay I'll talk to dental company as I say look give us a discount okay is that we can promote all right and for the dentists they get a good deal they get a percentage off that where they normally wouldn't get it right and then the dental company they would get a customer and in the middle of that I negotiate like a commission for myself that's how I fund everything and it's a win-win for everybody so it doesn't cost a dead-ends anything it really doesn't cost the  company anything until they actually sell something so they love it and so that's what we did with nifty thrifty business and it's just you know I'm a practicing dentist like everyone else I'm still looking for good deals I'm still working I'm still trying to grow the practice and whatnot have two little kids at one day they're gonna go to college I'm still trying to save up for all those things and so it's just a community for us and kind of band together as dentists to get discounts and deals and 

Howard: so why can t sounds like that the supply houses aren't like they'll do give the best deals to the DSOs so it's kind of like if you got a hundred office you're gonna get the best deal do you think a big BSO like Heartland or Aspen has a lot of competitive advantages than a single guy when buying supplies and equipment oh 

Dr. Glen Vo level and now now the group has grown I'm able to negotiate a little bit better because essentially I'm using the power and the size of the group to negotiate these deals but absolutely and look it's purely economics some doctors will get madelung I can't believe they get that discount or whatnot the advantage that DSO has is that they can make they have one voice that can make one decision that means hey we are gonna buy from this company we're all gonna buy from that now how are you know you you've been a solo practitioner really successful practice you get a bunch of dentists in one room they can't even agree on the supply house they like the most and so that kind of divide is what causes us to have that disadvantage the DSOs have that advantage because if they have 30 practices the head of the DSO says guys we're buying from shine because we're getting to get it what everyone's buying from shine and that's the demanders they have they have that ability to make that decision I 

Howard: I like to talk to the other side of the coin I like to talk to the shine rep Benko rep Burkhardt red preferably when they're drinking at the bar after a convention but they see things like this like they could save a dentist's lot of money but there's like two dentists in there and they each want different bonding ages different gloves different everything they said they said you can't even get them to agree on a bonding agent she'll walk in there and say well here's Gordon isn't he the god of dentistry and he says all three of these are the same can we just pick one of these three and then they say gloves is the most psycho that that dentists are so so specific on on their gloves and so and then the other thing is cultural like you're down there in Texas you crossed the border into Mexico those people like to haggle I mean it's like it's like they like to go shopping just to argue down the price but oh yeah of all the countries I've been to Americans kind of do that the least like like you would never walk into a mall in Texas and try to negotiate down the price but there's no mall in Asia that would that would not do that or Mexico or so so it's weird these dentists they get close to their rep and the reps like oh hi I'm your friend so now she's my friend so she's obviously gonna give me the best deal and then what they find out is that though if you're not haggling if you're not checking if you're not doing anything that they actually screw you the most they make the most of my squeaky wheel gets the grease so my nice Pleasant homies you think I'm only doing business with you and we're friends and we see each other there getting hosed yes and then some ruthless crazy negotiator gets gets the best deal so what advice would you give them 

Dr. Glen Vo parate just personal and business you know those reps they the companies look the shines the Pattersons the big the big companies they have a certain margin okay they also had to pay their reps as well and depending on how much you know they're charging you I mean if they charge you more than let's say my office then that's more profit for them there's a margin there's a point where they won't go okay and I go back to what I just said earlier if you don't ask the answer is always no and it might be something like you know doctor Ferran you know you and I had to have a similar background going up but when I was growing up I had you know money was tight in my family you know I speak around the country about lowering overhead and your practices and I talk about times where you know when my parents didn't have enough money to feed us and what they would do is they would collect coupons they would collect coupons for like buy-one-get-one-free Big Macs and as a kid growing up I thought wow my mom is treating me she's taking me McDonald's she's behind me all right but as I got older she probably told me the story the reason why she took us there is because she had these buy one free coupons right and so me growing up that was a way of life right and with the startup practice and money being tight you know you you had to do what you had to do and a lot of times is it's just asking your rep hey can you work with me if you like look if you like your rep alright for those are listening right now if you like a rep then understand you're paying for that friendship okay alright you're paying for that friendship and if your rep really wants to work with you they won't get upset if you ask hey look there's something you can help me out with look I looked over here can you match this price and whatnot nine times out of ten they don't want to lose your business and don't match it but 

Howard: I'll be more brutal and when you go to the store I mean is the lady at Walmart your friend the lady check it out and you turn white when anybody in fact when I got my MBA at ASU and the teacher that wrote the book persuasion he's our teacher here in fact he lives around the corner right of my dental office and the bottom line is that you're a social animal and if I give you a gift yeah yeah that's his new book he's been promising me he'll come on the show yeah influence that that's my teacher and from ASU and so basically what he's proven is physiology if I give you something well since we're the same species of there's only one species of Homo remaining neanderthal the no7 hablas I read they're all extinct well it's only us well in our species if I give you something you'll get sent back to me he shows it with monkeys like if a monkey goes up and puts food in your mouth I mean you instantly do something for that monkey so what do they always try to do they try to take you to lunch why well if I buy you lunch of course you're gonna buy your car insurance for me so when they bring doughnuts in and things like that if you let them do that and and you let that lady give your staff doughnuts well your staff is a helpless monkey without a tail and then they're gonna try to return the favor so they're not your friend they're your business and they're gonna give they're gonna give Heartland and Aspen and somebody with a with the DSO I'm how much how much how much lower price do you think shine sells to DSO with a hundred offices as opposed to my homie with one

Dr. Glen Vo:  were out there and you know there's buying groups you can join that you pay a fee to get in there's some buying groups that take a percentage oh gosh so it really depends but I've seen up to like 40 percent markup for solo practitioner yeah yeah and I've seen that I've seen some of the numbers as well and not all dsls are made the same okay like there's some bigger ones there but a lot of times it's yeah up to almost 40% it what do you think is reasonable to have supplies be I mean when they're when they're getting their accounting back what should the dental supplies be what do you think said doable you don't like the percentages as far as yeah it's not that much you know I mean it's about five to six percent okay but but when we talk about overhead though I don't want to I don't only talk about supplies I talk about your staff pay as well oh because once one is the biggest ones and it's funny I just I just talked in a you know in a forum not too long ago and they were talking about well you know how do I keep everything in line as far as staff pay and I tell people well a lot of times it seems like all you guys you 

Howard: guys like the paying existence tax how are you know what in existing is existence taxes you get paid for existing you just get paid for just hang it around for another year and your practice right like hey hey happy anniversary let me give you another raise here just just just there you go well all the Rays are based on astrology you got it raised because the earth went around the Sun one time and when it passes the planet Uranus you give everybody a raise I mean why is the Sun Dial have anything to do with the Rays you call it existence tax I call it an astrology tax but but but I want to put something in perspective you got you in eighty seven so nine 87 - I was I graduated 20 years before you and so you just sent the intern all the insurance companies just told you the percentage of your bill they would pay so you would just submit your fees and then they pay 100% clean salmon x-rays 80% and so my highest overhead in my walnut brain since I'm 20 years older is the PPO adjustment I I'm getting my PPO fee from Delta Dental of Arizona is 42% less than it was in 1987 so my first overhead category is 42% and that's switching from and emanate a PPO which is all Delta and then next would be labor and and what do you what do you think labor be when I talk to these little consultants they say they want labor to be first of all all-inclusive when you say labor for Mary that's her uniform or health insurance or done it's everything about Mary isn't that one piece and they say to be 25 per so they routinely see it 30 to 38 percent um what is when your lecture about overhead water what are you seeing and what are you talking about

Dr. Glen Vo:  look at the end of the day for you to combat your overhead you need to be able to produce more right you need more money in and money out right and so the thing is is that you look at all of us dentists we're constantly trying to get better right taking CEs you know listen to you lecture you know you're trying to get better all the time the thing is is that it should be the same for your team right we have to get better to get paid more you need to learn implants you see sleep apnea and you do all these things here but if we're not doing the same thing with our team you're just paying them the existence tax the astrology tax right then we can only produce so much and what happens is that overhead keeps on creeping up and creeping up and creeping up until one day you're that doctor who's got like an out of control staff pay staff overhead yeah and I group but but when you have skin in the game you own your own office you have mouths to feed you you got you got two babies at home so you not only do the molar endo and try to pull the teeth you're trying to learn sleep apnea dental implants these dia so this has a bunch of employees 

Howard: you don't have enough skin in the game they see a molar root down there like yeah I send it to the Adonis they see a difficult instruction I send it to the oral surgeon they're not gonna learn to sleep at me in dental implants so here you have a person that so I that's still why the DSO model is not publicly traded because they have financials on these companies and they cannot go public smiles drug clubs gonna go public this month you know I'm snapchat went public but don't you need kind of weird that in society you can that doesn't need snapchat but that can go public or smiles direct can't be as high a quality as an orthodontist but that could go public but the first DSO to go public was actually in ortho is orthodontic Centers of America and and it completely went under so my next question is do you see you do you see making a bunch of money off of having associates do all the dentistry for you do you see people making that work or do you see people attracting lots of people who don't have skin in the game have less ambition and aren't gonna do what you just said learn to sleep apnea and dental implants and try to do that molar endo and pull that tooth and not do it

Dr. Glen Vo so you know what's really interesting when I graduated out in 2007 I came out economy just tanked right in and I was already in hustle mode at that point right open a practice in 2009 so that those hard times that people are complaining about I actually lived that that's all I knew for a long time and things got better and I'm like oh this is great but I've already gone through that the new grass are coming out right now when I came out of school I had $200,000 in debt okay I thought that was a lot I was like I don't know how I'm gonna pay eventually paid it all up everything's great now but the kids are coming out now double that triple that now when you come out with that much debt may you're a very hungry dog right and you're willing to take a plate of food wherever you can that is actually where the DSOs can have that Vantage because you know what you're a hunger you dog you need a plate of food I got a big plate right over here okay and do they have the negotiating power that I did when I was an associate maybe I wanted hey I want 30% why not when there's so many dentists flooding the market here who are very desperate for our position I think the DSL can pay a little bit less right I think the DSOs had the money because they get such great deals and whatnot they are backed by private equity they can outspend they can out recruit all of us and so can  that model work obviously you see them popping up everywhere they're doing something right and they're backed by a lot of private equity 

Howard: yeah but you're at you're just what you just said I mean we're we're 2009 Lehman's day again I mean I I graduated high school in 1980 that's the worst I've ever seen ever I mean that was 21% interest rates double-digit unemployment I had friends in my high school whose dad lost the family farm and went the bar and blew their damn heads off and then I and then the March the  y2k one if your generation missed out what the y2k was what people didn't realize that everybody was upgrading everything because of the y2k bug and then y2k came and everybody was done and it took about three months before everybody realized there's nothing else to buy everybody that was the deadline to get completely done and the stock market was in a bubble territory collapsed enormous Lee it smells like teen spirit again it's right there again and I'll tell you this I lived through the 81 to 87 March 2000 the y2k bug and the Lehman's brother which was 2008 and now it's 2019 the fifth one you can smell it you but when they're when they're before you enter oh no absolutely but when you have an economic downturn it's an economic deal you're gonna see so many of these highly-leveraged DSOs I mean even Heartland if you read the deal guess what it's  bought its debt was rated at junk when  KKR bought it so that's how a highly leveraged these DSO czar so the DSO so the economic contractions when there's an economic deleverage III I'm I'm I'm guessing guesstimating predicting anywhere between a quarter and a third of these DSOs will not survive the Lehman's brother but I bet Lehman's brother it was good for you because man to come out of Baylor at 2007 then get spanked upside the head with Lehman's Day 2008 that would make you realize your whole life that don't put too much on your credit card cuz one day it might be a little hard to pay it off 

Howard said you know just going into that environment and then trying to open a practice when it's still the country is still going to in 2009 I mean literally the mentality the patient mentality at that time I mean I had to go through that and so going through that seeing how the patients were working on to implant-- acceptance making sure overhead was low as like it can be bootstrapping things and then getting out of that right and now things have been going pretty good for a long time right once you get out of that I mean nothing else really phases you at least phase me well well let's go about you your luxury around the country on overhead and overhead is the largest overhead like say unless you're older than you you think that that PPO that adjusted fee schedule deal but labor Labor's the highest deal and once again you got this dentist who they did just I mean I love my homies but they're they're nice they're sweet they don't want to argue with this shine rep let alone their dental assistant who's been with them for a long time so again how do you get and by the way it's like when the government says you know we're we're gonna cut back on spending on this or that look if you're not talk about Medicare Social Security Medicaid if you're not talking about entitlements then there's no reason to have an issue on cutting back for the deficit and in dental office overhead if you're not gonna talk about labor then you don't want to talk about overhead so go back to labor so here's my sweet introvert dentist who just just wants to make everyone happy and go back in his office and close the door and his Labor's too high what would he do this guy 

Dr Glen Vo: well you know the thing is I always start off with what's the worst thing that a team member comes up and asks you right other than they're tendering their letter of resignation the worst thing is not can can I talk to you after work and they come in you're like okay what's going on here you're wondering what's going on the back your head and they say you know I want a race right I've not met one Dennis who jumped for joy whenever someone said that okay that's like the worst thing we ever want to hear because a lot of times we don't know like okay how much do I give them a race if I give them too little are they gonna go to are they gonna leave my practice if I give too much can I afford that you know in this run-through there and a lot of tests they don't have a criteria they don't have a criteria they just they pay the existence tax okay Julie's with Mitt with me another year let me go ahead and pay her some more money because that's what we do right well I talk about a system called the paid grade system I actually got this from my sister my sister's prior military she was in the Air Force for eight years she's a dentist as well and when you're in the military you work off a pay grade right you know that term of that's beyond my pay grade right and so what I did is I have a pay grade system my practice again there's an entry level I'll make it very simple there's an entry level there's a middle level there's an upper tier right there's a range of salary there I put it out let's say it's like between 13 and 16 dollars is your level one 16 to 18 and then 18 up to salary the third right there's there's levels and in those levels there's certain skills that you are expected to know and master before you go to the next level okay he's called pay grade system so let's say for example my sister who just came out came out Dental Assisting school and she only knows how to take compressions takes x-rays she's a level one she's not gonna get up to level two unless she knows how to make a temp unless she knows how to pack cord unless she knows how to scan an arch with the scanner now what what is that force her to do that forces are to get better but it also forces her to get better so that I can free up my time to do something else so if I don't have to scan an arch right and they're doing that for me if they're making that tent what can I do how I can go to the next room and do something else it's all about speaking my language is increased production and profits so they can help me increase production and profits I have more money to pay them now that takes away from the existence tax right because we sit down we have a review right I have to pay grade system posted everywhere in my practice in the break room so they already know if they're gonna get a raise or not I don't have to say anything all I say is Julie you know um I want to help you make more money but you know you really need to learn how to make a temp okay how can I help you make more money there see we already have something to talk about there now that's not the only thing I base races on but if she doesn't know how to make a temp we're not having that conversation because she knows what she has to do and that actually helps out team members too because team members a lot of times they tell me they Tarnovo I don't know how to get a raise I try to go to work on time I do what I'm told and I work hard I should get a raise and I'm like well that's a disservice for you to doctor should give you a standard to to get to so that you know what's going on so this pay grace this is something that honestly I have a sheet that I at one of my slides that's probably my most requested slide and I told them look guys now I want it was a big threat on metal town called the Nifty I know there's an if but anyway I want to see it but I'm going yeah so so hard I want to say this then you know what the most amazing part of this is and I tell people when you create this system I don't what the dentist a practice owner to do it you know who's gonna create it the team you know why the team's gonna do it because when they list down like okay you're not gonna tell them you can do a pay grade you just say hey what do you think like a entry-level assistantship should be able to do oh no all right down what do you think about someone who's making between sixteen and eighteen dollars huh what do you think they should know I'll write that down what do you think about like the top of the top the creme de la creme should know how to do they'll write that down right and then when they're all done write it down do you say okay guys we're gonna use this as a standard and you know why you're gonna do that because they can't complain at that point yes they came up with a system yeah so that's either now that's gonna be different for every practice so like let's say if it's uh if its dr. Arun garg's practice very bland heavy his pay grade is gonna be different from mine okay if it's somebody who's really big on sleep or really big on holistic it depends so this pay grade is not like a cookie cutter you actually have to figure it out how it works in your practice but at the end of the day if your assistant can help you produce more they deserve a raise that is basically the criteria so if the skill they're learning is helping you produce more then you have the funds to pay them more you don't want to pay someone just because they've been hanging around for another year 

Howard: so your sister you just said your sisters are dentists I did not know that is she she's retired now 

Dr. Glen Vo :she's retired she practiced in Falls Church Virginia she so she went to Baylor as well and when she graduated she went into the Air Force because she took the Air Force scholarship Uncle Sam paid for school so she got out with no debt and then she got stationed at Bolling Air Force Base for four years and then they moved her to the Pentagon the Pentagon has a dental office they moved her to the Pentagon for our last four years interesting thing is she asked her superior officer why did you move me over here I like bowling I like the base patients I was seeing he was like whoa after four years we knew what you're doing and now you can see all the officers true story she settled she she opened a practice got married she practice up into practice in Falls Church Virginia practice there for gosh 20 years and she recently retired and she moved back to Texas she's back in the same area we are now

Howard:  so are you gonna are you gonna put her to work for you yeah she does fill in once in a while like 

Dr. Glen Vo when she gets really bored she's really involved with her kids they're there they're state champion wrestlers and so but every once awhile she'll come in and help us out who's wrestler so her her daughter actually her name is Bailey and she won the state title she was a middle school she won the state title last year she's a freshman in high school now and she's just really good she she started off doing jujitsu and then she just naturally transitioned to wrestling and and a female wrestling it's like really growing it's a growing sport and so she naturally pressed she's a natural at it and hopefully her dream is to go wrestle where her dad went to school which is at Penn State that's her dream Oh Penn State's that's that's a legend in wrestling 

Howard: I've never I never parked any cars inside my I didn't have a driveway with all my four boys because that was my sport in high school wrestling and my four boys our job was just a I mean our whole garage was a rustling Dale and then we were close to ASU which got really good because the wrestling coach at Iowa the  second guy in command he came down here and so it was great so that's only ten minutes from my house that's why I got my MBA there at ASU house but it was so cool because I had a for ten years the coach knew if there was any wrestlers short on cash that Howard had a garage payment program after school and they would come by on their motorcycles and I'd pay in my cash per hour rate so my boys were always playing with ASU wrestlers starting at the age of five but that was the one thing they all have in common and so on your and by the way on your nifty thrifty dentist calm your facebook group at 17,000 professionals and following you at Ford's last nifty thrifty dentist I'm is it all suppliers and equipment to so

Dr. Glen Vo so it supplies its equipment its courses it's pretty much anything you can think of that dentists would spend money on and it's really it's a robbery what's that you mean it sells drugs and wild women there is some limitations but for example a course that that we know that was at recently and I was helping promote was dr. Whelan does a wisdom teeth extraction course and he did it in California he's been doing it for a long time he just moved it to Utah I took that course and  I was like hey would you would you would you like to work a deal so that people would take your course the opéra discount and he was like sure yeah let's do it so we did a little video and  he offered his course thousand dollars off so  for people who are looking for a deal or maybe you know maybe they're short on cash you know these type of things really help them out and that's what I love about is so much I just love making the connection not just with the dental professionals but with the with the companies with the vendors that that's what makes it really fun and really just kind of creating something to help each other out 

Howard: well you know there's an interesting thread which I wish on downtown you would post on it it's called supply groups and these guys get on there and either being along as they're saying please don't get it like this guy said the first post says look I've been buying from inner shine you know for a long forever and now that I'm they're asking me if I want to join their thrive program and he's like dude I'm you've been your customer for decades yeah I have to join a program to get our better life and then the next person says I'm confused because there's a supply clinic if you if you call it Patterson or Benko they got there you know there's just so many these groups and now CDA started one did you see the CDA one so basically they're saying if I buy my supplies from shine white why the hell do I have to join a damn group and how do they know how would they be able to compare your group Nifty thirsty to two other groups yeah how ours uh how they supposed to make that decision 

Dr. Glen Vo :yes I'm glad I'm glad you asked that because so I'm gonna start from the most basic way and I want to talk to you about technology that's just came out that makes it even easier so I'll start with a basic way let's say you know you're not that tech-savvy the most basic way is get the price that you're paying right now put on a spreadsheet okay you can put on excel sheet I recommend Google sheet yes even if you have an iPhone iOS you can still use Google so you get a Google sheet you put like the price so let's say shy okay now that you have everything you order from shine all the pricing there you know what you can do at that point if you wanna jump around send the spreadsheet to let's say I don't know the cut the cdas company crazy dental or any of these other companies right you send the spreadsheets say hey look there's what I got here look there's spreadsheet put in that same spreadsheet with your prices how much you can beat it by most of time they want to beat it they'll put their price in there alright if you're an overachiever now here's the thing you're not how to do it you get your team to do it okay I work an office you know full of females that love to shop I work with my wife she loves to shop they understand that okay sounds like hey look want you guys do that and so you spend this in the spreadsheet up by time you're done you'll have three or four quotes on the spreadsheet you can look and see who has the best price now the whole spreadsheet thing I asked that company I was like what's the easiest way for you guys a price compare that's like I send my invoices they're like no doctor vote it takes so long if you send us a spreadsheet we could do it very fast and so there you go you have the spreadsheet on a Google Drive right download the app you can look at your price whenever you want on your phone and because it's on the Google Drive you have a gmail most people do accept my podcast partner bin he still uses a hot meal but if you have a gmail account you just click it send it off takes two seconds that's the easy way why why your partner dresses a can of spam so he has he has a reputation of spamming groups on Facebook so so he's actually I think he's he's been put in facebook detention which is basically he got muted by Facebook I think 15 times now because he likes to comment on people's posts and he does it so fast the Facebook actually thought that he was like a spam robot so so we put that spam there oh do you ever bring you know the owner of Facebook his dad's a dentist right yeah yeah you have him on your show no I never did and but he's actually gonna be speaking at one of my friends events in April so I was gonna hopefully connect with him there he is a guy I only had one problem one I shouldn't say this on the air this is a right one problem one time and I didn't know what to do my team didn't know what to do and I said well I'm just gonna ask add my team said well that's a good idea I sent edit email and it was fixed in like three minutes

Howard:  Wow I mean I'm pretty sure his son might be the owner but anyway so so um so you're saying the the only way you're really gonna know what's going on is if you put your supplies in an Excel spreadsheet so Microsoft created a standard in Word and Excel and PowerPoint and you're saying learn Excel and and so so are you doing all this on Excel for offices and that what you recommend 

Dr. Glen Vo: what we do is you can do it on Excel and you can upload it into Google Drive and it turns it into a Google sheet so you can do Excel but what I recommend is doing it on a Google sheet because you can access it on your phone very easily if you have Gmail it's easy to send back and forth now to do that sheet you know what the practice owner shouldn't be doing that it actually should be the person that's doing most of the ordering now what this does to is because you have that spreadsheet is so much easier to look at your supplies than a bunch of invoices you can easily look and see okay well this is what I'm paid for you should be able to look at it really quickly now there is one software I'm gonna tell you about that one's a full disclosure this software it's called den Terra and they just basically brought me on board to be one of their advisors okay so just in full disclosure there didn't terra de in TIR a 

Howard: so you got you got something going on I mean you you're a dentist you live in Denton your advisor of didn't terra de NT is got it got a hold on you so didn't Terra didn't era is

Dr. Glen Vo: this is what's amazing about Dan Terra okay so let's say Howard let's say you have an account with Patterson shine and Benko let's just say you have an account with them okay when you log on to den Terra and you put those credentials to those three companies this is your own account okay it will automatically when you search for supplies it will automatically compare the prices to those three companies automatically now you're probably thinking how are they getting that data from Benko from shine and from a Patterson like you how they do that patters does not gonna do that those guys aren't gonna do it the key here is that is using your login and that's your information so what it does is it aggregates all that information into one spot so it's almost like I don't know if you remember using Priceline a lot of people use different yes so that's why I was trying to tell the young kids cuz

Howard:  I already lived through Priceline all that now they're going through uber and lyft and I said yeah I said okay so Priceline they're this original thing but there was no protective mode around that business and then there got to be so many that the next wave was aggregators that would you know that would share Hall and I said you know uber came out and the first competitor popped up lift took a quarter of their business away I said fast-forward 10 years and and you live north of Dallas they'll probably be probably 10 different uber companies just for Dallas yeah and so there's no protective mode so so you're saying this supply company is kind of like the the Priceline who was who was the agar the one that would in and hotels 

Dr. Glen Vo I think that's uh was that does all that yeah then there's a kayak that came up right kayak came from there that Hotwire of course came from there so all these other companies kind of spun off from there and so that what's amazing about than Tara's then Tara is just a platform and it uses your login to get into all those pricing there so so obviously what you're seeing is gonna be different from mine cuz my price is probably a little different there but it pulls it up in instantaneously when you're looking for full-text supreme it's gonna have the price for shine Patterson bento right there now you know what's more amazing is when you put to order let's say you I'm gonna buy this from Ben Cutler buy this from shine right you get the lowest price for everything they automatically send it in and fulfill your order for you 

Howard: so who so who do you think is the biggest threat right now to Patterson shine I mean I know it shines Dylan I I think Ben chose on top of it I have no idea what  Patterson's doing um ever since Peter said I mean he was my buddy I love that guy so much and I he taught me so much because my sister is a kid that my oldest is was a Catholic nun knows right next it's in Minneapolis st. Paul so when I flew to go see her I had to do something business for four hours in one minute so I would fly up there and either go to 3m or Paterson and and bug Pete for shed are the 3m people for four hours in one minute then go hang out my sister and then fly home but anyway um who is the biggest threat to those guys right now is that this whole business going on - I'm going on to Amazon who has been at the Greater New York meeting the last three years in a row and will have a booth there the week after Thanksgiving or is it all these supply groups well what do you think scaring them more 

Dr. Glen Vo :oh I'm telling you right now the only reason why Amazon hasn't really jumped into that is that they're missing one component that those big guys have and that component is the component right they repair the service component that's actually the big thing if Amazon could figure that out I don't know how but they can figure that out it's gonna be bad news for those companies because Amazon has the shipping has that whole system down hold they have it down call everybody every dentist has an Amazon account it's super easy super easy order the prices are good but what's missing here is the service component that's the thing if they somehow came up with a service component man so I would say they would probably be one of the one of the biggest threats right there there's always gonna be some there's always gonna be buying groups I mean there's so many right now our like you name off the top of your head there's so many and you know with with my group I just try to be a little different and basically I don't you know I don't I don't charge I don't charge to be in it number one and also you know some of these supply groups I mean some buying groups they look for the really big thing so I want to do a deal with with I don't know brass lair I want to do a deal with this here and well I do deals with everything they might need and even courses you know even courses even events and so my goal is is that look if I can help Dennis save some money and do good myself I've accomplished my goal 

Howard: and so is this this dent air is that Christopher hot pair so no actually I'm it's funny you brought them up he has Chris are hot pods and he's been on the show Dr. Glen Vo Chris and I are really good friends we do a lot of joint business together and he has the business of the industry group okay it's a dentists only group on Facebook but but yeah Chris hub power is actually one of the advisors of doTERRA as well along along with myself okay so he's an advisor he's not the owner he might be pretty soon I don't what he has negotiated with them but he's he we start off his adviser but I don't know where he's at really who's the brainchild so his name is the cost lost and he's one of the creators of that the costs be IKS I'm gonna have him connect with you because I think you'd be a great guess yeah so it's gonna be so it's gonna be like a hotels comp Riesling calm they're not gonna get into touching the supplies they're not gonna get a warehouse they're not gonna buy stuff they're just gonna they're just gonna just information and and if it's in but but these docks are gonna need to learn how to digitize their order and that's what you call transparency they're like when you're when you're walking when a rep comes into your office you're one-on-one and starts telling you something and there's no element of transparency to increase the amount of truth what a rep will say to you one on one is quite different than what she'd say in a facebook group where you're 17,000 people in your group saying well that ain't right that's completely full you know so so it's just kinda like a lion they don't they don't want to fight or hurt Angela they they find one the weakest smallest fattest bald is short us and they can try to get him separated from the herd and they kill him on one so so these dentists how many of these dentists are able to do this Google thing that you're talking about 

Dr. Glen Vo :well you know so the thing is like a lot of times you know first of all dentists I mean a lot of times they're so lazy they don't want to put in a little effort to do these things but but coming up with that spreadsheet you know anyone I coach with dr. Anissa Holmes who has been on this podcast and it was one of the dental town Mentors she talks about it all the time how she got to be one of the mentors in dental town her coaching group I teach this overhead I teach this spreadsheet and really it's about the team doing it for you not for the doctor cuz look we never have enough time okay bar team has enough time there it's really just getting down there an order on a spreadsheet so you know exactly what you're paying for Howard it's amazing so many times my acid dentist hey how much is how much do you pay for someone so some product and they have to like basically spend days trying to figure it out and you should be able to get that sheet up and know exactly what you're paying for fill tank or lied to clad Akane in five minutes in five minutes if you don't know then then then you don't have a pulse of your practice and that's really important because when we delegate and we trust our team to order all these supplies if we're not staying on top of that your supply cost is going out of control and it happens all the time and so literal things like that happened that and then when someone says hey dr. Baron I can give you the best price I could beat your supply house right you can say okay well let me send this let me fire off the spreadsheet here and you can prove it to me and you can do that in less than five minutes if you have it on the spreadsheet as far as how many people do it you know what most of the coaching clients I involved with they all do it as far as when I lecture around the country you know it's hard to tell us that that dr. Tuan Pham who's really big who I followed on dental town most of all these people I've followed on dental town all them from your platform okay but I spoke at his event I spotted that old maverick event I was one of the speakers and sure enough I talked about that and a lot of doctors came up say hey what do you mean by the spreadsheet what do you mean by the Google and I talk to them now I don't know how many percentage adopted it but hey if the small percentage did I did my job well and that's that's 

Howard: the thing I see a lot of these amazing dental assistants I'm you know they're artists time I mean you know Dennis or surgeons they're not they work with their hands I mean the positions eighty percent of them never touch anybody's body with a risk Apple and sutures also so you get this assistant and she loves to take impressions and make temporaries and pact cords and they're artists they like to work with their hands they don't have any organization skills where here's the deal I have had very good luck with hiring nine girls from Chase Bank bookkeepers have been my best managers for 32 years always came from bookkeeping because remember health care and government pay the highest wages and bookkeeping and all that subs very low wage so so when when so the the bookkeepers would always be wanting 25% last but I I could I could hire a bookkeeper and put her at the front desk and in two weeks knew every single thing that the practice manager software I'm dead knows all the numbers all there they come back to you and they'd say well I noticed your software generates fifty eight reports we evenly ran six you only want those six but if you think an artist you take some artist that loves to work with their hands pack gourmet temporaries you couldn't teach her accounting or bookkeeping or to balance her own check register so it's real easy to teach a bookkeeper how to make a temporary or to take a bookkeeper and teach them what the insurance code is oh this means rush hour cleaning but you can't take a non-scientific mind I mean the only thing you can do with that when you meet a non scientific mind you just want to go drinking with them you know you know you don't want to go you know what I'm working for you so I I think I think that's amazing so I'm so Amazon you think is being held back because they don't have they can't repair equipment they can't install and maintain equipment 

Dr. Glen Vo that's the big disadvantage they have because that's the service component you need that you're gonna buy equipment you need this you need it installed you need service you need it and that's the the one thing that most of the big supply houses they will always hold over every dock hey you know what you buy from us you're gonna get preferential treatments we're gonna make sure that you're at the top of the queue okay to get your things repaired and all right you and I know a money's green all the way around okay like if I'm not it looks shine shine shine sometimes paterson they come and repair some like women depending who can come out quicker and based take my money you know my money as good as one of their customers you know maybe is it true that I might have to wait a little maybe but the amount of money I saved buying from you know a company like crazy dental died by a lot from offsets that that little inconvenience 

Howard: so you say you buy a lot of stuff from crazy reason yeah yeah crazy no no I want to say they were on your podcast right that right they were so so so you buy stuff from crazy yeah 

Dr. Glen Vo yeah so so so actually we have actually a deal fifty-fifty dennis has a pretty good deal with crazy dental so the they are really they really want to work with docs they want to work with Doc's are all across the country and and they were very very generous with the group and they they offered some really nice perks and took advantage of one of those perks and

Howard:  what do you think they'll think of this new didn't era well so actually remember a camera but when we start I told you like my my unique ability is to connect people so I already connected the two I said hey you know I like you guys I like you watch you guys talk and maybe y'all could work together and help us all out and who's the founder you said again his name is Vikas yeah that to you later I can't even butcher his last name but to me what I don't understand is you know everyone's focused on supplies and yeah and the smarter thing is what you're focused on is labor I mean after you get done paying your labor bill do you really care what your electric bill is and then you'll see dentist putting a lock box over the thermostat when he's got you know some receptionists and a menopause and some assistants anorexic you know you get all these different body types you know to get together and it's like oh my god I would focus on labor and so that is just amazing but I'm so what what else got you most passionate about 

Dr. Glen Vo :well you know I'm glad you asked that so I'm actually when I went to undergrad I actually wanted to major in English I'd love to ride a rope for my school newspaper or work a rope for the my paper when I was an undergrad and my dad said you know what you got a you got a major in something else man you know English snow and so you know getting a psychology degree because I was gonna parlay that to something else and  then then I ended up going back to school to get my prereqs for for a dental school and I got a bio degree too so at two degrees and so I've always wanted to write and so I actually am gonna be releasing a book in the fall it's actually it's actually a romance novel people always think what I was like yeah it's actually a story I've been working on for about ten years that's coming out I already have a publishing deal it's coming out it's called 2612 Cherry Hill Lane the significance of that address is actually where the a major event for one of the main characters happen to that that address that's coming about in the in the fall and I'm really proud about that I'm actually coming out with a second book it's actually a business book how to grow your business and your profile on social media that's gonna come out right after that so I'm actually I'm gonna give you a little spoiler I'm using that novel as a case study in this other book too so that's what's coming up and I have a Facebook page for that I can give you the link for that and that's coming out and I'm just how I'm just the type of guy that likes to get involved in different things awesome

Howard:  I love everything you're doing I love your positive energy I love your karma I mean I just love it all I mean I just think you know dentistry needs more positive things like that and you know a lot of a lot of dentists on some other ear in Texas were you know I got an email the other day this kid in Texas and he said that he's in small urban redneck Texas he doesn't know if he fits in if they like him this or that and I said you know don't you're overthinking I don't know since in your study Club wonder if that guy over there likes you walk over and pull up a chair and sit down and if he doesn't like you give him a beer I'm sure after five beers he'll like you know just um but I love dentists who think and hope growth in abundance and we're all gonna work this and innovate this out together and they all want to live in fear because smiles direct club is going public and I so was moving in so what do you think the last question though over over an hour and they're telling me I got a go go go what do you think of smiles direct club going public you know what i 

Dr. Glen Vo :I think that Dentists we we get so we get so doom and gloom but you're just saying you know we have a lot of I mean a lot of Dentistry have a scarcity mindset and what you really need to have is abundance mindset basically what that means and is there's enough work there's enough people to help for everybody and if you're not willing to adapt because think about it how are you been in dentistry for a long time you've seen the changes you've seen the changes coming you know all around us when you look at the big-box stores and Amazon coming up you looked at the mom-and-pop stores and when Walmart came up right if you're unwilling to adapt if you're unwilling to the adapt you're unwilling to have an open mind you're gonna let everyone pass you up and that's my advice to everyone is that things will change things will never be the same again and you can you can sit back and cry about it or you can just say hey things are change and now I see an opportunity to adapt with the times yeah and

Howard:  I just think it's so dentistry that right now 1.7 million out of 324 million are wearing braces so basically basically 98 percent can't afford 6500 ollar braces and here's smiles direct Club saying well we're gonna lower the fee and what we're gonna do is you saw him every month for 24 years we're gonna cut 24 to 18 and sure we're not gonna have him come and we're just gonna right to you and we're only gonna do we're not gonna take out sap and try to figure out what a 12 year old is gonna look like at 20 we're only doing full-grown humans class 1 molar class one canine 5 millimeters are crowding or less they only accept 20% of their cases and they're gonna try to save you $2,000 and here's America we're only 1.7 million people are wearing braces and the first thing everybody worries about will this affect the rich or today makes three hundred and fifty thousand a year who's never lowered his price one time since Adam and Eve is like they want to do social media they want more do patience they they want to do everything but make it lower cost and America if there was only one smart thing it ever did it's uh it was it's a it's about the people it's not about the kings and queens Henry Ford you know wasn't the first car company there were 86 car companies where a bunch of people were making one really expensive car for one rich king or queen and Henry said no man we're gonna make one for the masses and and when you aim your market at the masses you make money but again Dennis they don't even know how many Donald's makes money they think you have to have a ruse Chris Steakhouse in the fanciest restaurant in Dallas you know that their first thing as always well if I have the nicest richest Steakhouse mercedes-benz all be successful it's like dude there's 324 million Americans why don't you do it the best form of marketing is it's called lowering your fee it's called price elasticity if everybody charges a thousand dollars for a crown then go to nine hundred you know instead of sitting there complaining about people price shopping so I I like the fact that it's it's American innovation it's that's using technology to drive down fees and since you know only 1.7 million Americans right now are wearing braces I you know I mean that that market only has it to grow and and if it worth it on it does itself right in 20 years so now maybe there'll be 50 million people wearing brace yeah yeah we are at a time but man I love everything you do I wish you go in there and go into that group that thread it's a it's called tight supply groups there's two words to play groups because they are generally asking because now it's overwhelming it's like my god there are so many supply groups and I love what you said in fact that'd be a great article for dental town magazine is my list of things to do is to write something for dental tag if I get the magazine because that it's the right answer I mean if you're not gonna put it to paper and put it out to shop you're not gonna get you know you're just guessing and they don't they don't know what cell they don't know everything you said Google Docs I don't know what that is in our Excel so they need a a paper you should write an article on the details of how to do this so you can chop around your supplies our at anytime and

Dr. Glen Vo I want to say this before we jump up is that I as a dental student I was a member of dental town I learned so much there from from I want to mention this one of my favorite threads was the the breakaway thread I read I talked to Scott Luna not too long ago I told him I copied every single post he ever posted he was shocked I was like yeah and half of it you took down later but but that's another story thought that was funny but the breakaway Tommy Moore's extraction thread okay why you scotland's I mean he's so popular

Howard:  yeah so far but he's the most controversial yes so so what white way isn't it and so what why is he so controversial so so I'll tell you this Howard and 

Dr. Glen Vo I wouldn't say you're as controversial okay but when someone does something different like you like Scott like missile homes like what I'm doing whenever you do something different people don't like that people don't like that they're set in a certain way and when someone brings something new they just want to do everything they can to discredit it and and look you know I'm sure when you create a dental town right you had a lot of naysayers but look at it now it's it's actually dental town is actually what has created everything you see everything you see on Facebook is actually from dental town it's actually from dentaltown everyone who has the groups everyone whose influence is on Facebook they have a dental town profile and they were very active and that's including myself so so that's a shout-out to you heart literally you are like the one who in and the thing with you hard I want to say this and and I'm not gonna put you on the spot but you've also adapted with the times I mean you're you've took you've taken okay you started the podcast and then we all did a podcast but you taking it to such a high level it's like the same thing with dental town there so that's  a shout-out to you and that's why guys like me who still are very excited to even get a mention from you who I Pratt who is a friend of mine Travis cable was a friend of mine we practice same in the same area he literally was like hey guys that's so amazing you gave me a shout out so so hard just to you man thank you so much for having me on it and being a great influence a lot of the stuff that that you posted about and you spoke about I implemented my practice and and that's why a guy like me can do a startup and send my rural area an Asian guy like me coming there and and taking care of all these Cowboys a guy like me can do that because I learned from guys like you Howard so thank 

Howard: you alright and thanks for the kind words and yeah I love Scotland I mean amazing amazing wife amazing kids I just when he's so close burst I just giggle because humans want everything the same and nobody everyone's gonna shoot everyone who tries to change anything and that's the way we've been thinking we'd still be cavemen living with the and ourselves and so power to the people that tried anybody could be a critic anybody can sit there on the couch and but you know what I cared about the critic so when someone sends me about email I always do the same thing I always reply back and say hey wait you know someone's hacked in to your email because I know you're not the type of asshole that would write this and you know it's a joke that his own words for anyway okay good thank you so much for coming on the show and  like say I hope you write an article on how to do that that was genius Louie and and Godspeed EU and the nifty thrifty Dennis on Facebook and have a good one tonight yeah Thank You Howard I appreciate you having me on 

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