Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1250 Enhancing the Patient Experience with Alamin Uddin : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1250 Enhancing the Patient Experience with Alamin Uddin : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Alamin Uddin is the CEO and cofounder of NexHealth, a patient experience management platform. After working at a doctor’s office during his college undergrad years, Alamin decided to start NexHealth to modernize the patient experience. NexHealth has raised $7M in venture funding, supports over 4M patients monthly, and works with some of the largest DSOs around the country.

AUDIO - DUwHF #1250 - Alamin Uddin

Howard: it is just a huge honor for me today to be podcast interviewing Alamin Uddin: who's the CEO and co-founder of NYX health a patient experience management platform after working at a doctor's office during his college undergrad years Alamin decided to start next how to modernize the patient experience he raised seven million dollars in venture funding supports over 4 million patient month patients a month and works with some of the largest DSOs around the country next health is a patient experience management platform that empowers dentists to run thriving businesses it makes it easy for your dental practice to acquire retain and delight your patients with features like real-time online booking digital payments automated reminders AAlamin helps you maintain patient relationships with seamless digital tech that improves retention simplifies office work and enhances your brand imagine a platform where you can connect with your dentists dermatologist internist cardiologist in a Mike a psychiatrist all from one place and where your providers getting coordinated care on you from all in one place so where did you get this idea where does this come from 

Alamin Uddin: yeah right now I'm 26 somewhat fairly young guy so yours might euros my life plan and career trajectory you know going to college right do some research do a PhD in chemistry going to a lab and then maybe my forties or fifties or so so College the University of New York I got into research lab the professional professor you look we don't want to do research make any money you know I do it gives a good career security you make money and [Music] this is changing my workflow as an office staff member right is changing the doctors like the business owner this can be applied to other offices too including some professors as well 

Howard: Wow I love the way you're thinking fearlessly I mean you have your anti-gravity boots on and it's like you got an idea in your dreamin and you're chasing it I mean so it's it's always depressing when your guest is younger children healthcare is really changing rapidly um what do you think I'm from where you said when you look at healthcare a young mind and what is what are you think the old guys like us did for 30 years at you guys are looking at it and say man this can be so much faster easier higher quality lower cost more succinct well how do you see the healthcare industry specifically dentistry 

Alamin Uddin: everything is being consumed the rice right everything is one type of way everything is right on your on your fingertips right you want a car you got an F too late you want to get through you got seamless right so if you're young right you're in your late twenties early thirties right everything is at your fingertips off and then you look at that right just a consumerization of everything over the last 10 years it's changed a lot right reimbursements are lower it's fewer insurance companies and carriers to work with so as a dentist yourself your business is also which means consumers have to the patient and well 

Howard: I would always tell most of my friends at said look you know we're all running one offices and it yet there were so many hats I mean when they're listening to guys like you they're thinking dude I got it got a root canal a filling a denture a crown I don't I I don't have extra time to figure out online booking payments reminders I mean I'm barely breathing through a molar root canal so so on so they I always sell them I say like in the DSOs that they got full time people on the business so they so what full time DSO Sam are you servicing now

Alamin Uddin:  there's some large year so in New York my list right which is which is why I want you to come on the show because that's 

Howard:  my point I'm like dude you're barely running one dental offices in podunk Omaha and there's people who own a hundred offices that are using technology so why would a big DSO what why would a DSO want your technology what are you doing for these big profitable businesses 

Alamin Uddin: looking at a small we have to 70% of our customer base by the way are one doctor offices so some that we exclusively work we do so and you work with one back office as well and we then we picture ourselves to those offices right they just want out there they're you know busy doesn't a lot of time right easy I think about as an extra employee if your mom doctor office if your deal salon bathroom and writing the full marketing team a full operation to you know real business operation going on we come on board we help the marketing team right acquire more patience so if you're if you're the we know the north green team at Atia so you probably have five people in SEO Google Apps Facebook getting a lot of traffic and their websites that's great we might grab the traffic to your website but the problem becomes he said he may find the patient and you do so or your small office and you're driving traffic your website and you're spending money to do that and I come to your website it's not Simon P up here in New York right now most of them offices are closed right now right I want to book an appointment I think it's a lot of form right and wait somebody calls me back I couldn't wait till tomorrow to call the office right so the website it's real time of synchronize with the event rates for open general whatever system you're using we can show that to label abilities talking to you and the patient of stem cells in 24/7 any kind of the day my 

Howard: homies don't know what a widget is okay so I am so that that's so I'm online booking real-time online booking so here's what the the naysayer said they say I I don't want what if she just books it at the wrong time like I'm really busy I'm in the middle of the week now and she booked something but we did it and the first day we put it up somebody used it so what would you say to the dentist says well that's not gonna work in my office because I'm real particular about my scheduling 

Alamin Uddin: yeah which is why we exist and which is why we so we spent two years of other companies life just developing the product all right what this means is that we're not gonna let patient's just booking your we're gonna qualify the patient for equality the type of service that they want or the new patient exam including existing patient exam and cleaning root canal whatever it is that type of service they want right we're going to qualify them based on their payment method are they paying for themselves what type open insurance do they have no what's the insurance ID all that and then we're going to display availabilities based on all those criterias and the backend mapping that our team work with you on to set up the entire process right so you know let's eat attorney patient examine cleaning you have admin that means you should be showing opportunity to between you know 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays only so you as a dentist right we've obviously the next out if you're going with next up you as a dentist you can customize exactly what you want which is what I mean right we we set up the whole thing just like you know we were part of your staffing right don't we think like your staff members we have AI built into the system that can really and yeah so a I mean what Python is that program with Python I've heard that all 

Howard: AI is Python program you can use Python is a huge so buys by the way earlier the show you said you were from the Bronx so to my international friends it's really confusing largest city in the United States is New York City but you'll never ever meet anyone who's from New York City it's you say are you from New York City they say no I'm from the Bronx Brooklyn Bronx Queens Manhattan so it's very confusing because I I had to fill this question a lot what exactly is New York City because that guy said he was for the bra so why is wait why does no one said a live in New York City why does everybody live in Queens Brooklyn the Bronx Manhattan

Alamin Uddin:  for all their investors are your employees are there too it's a small tiny city if you're in touch with so actually yourself from you know whereabouts we live in New York on the other hand it's a huge City I mean there's more than telling you in people living here right so when you record that city that's a rare exception so what are you know like living in Queens or living in Queens or Brooklyn or the Bronx to you that's Reed's a big city right so from birth Queen to minute and that's about a 40 minute drive it's it's huge city for to you you know when you live here you think about it separately right so my memories of city city itself

Howard:  so let me just tell you online I had when I got a school Kodak was the biggest company in the world you know it was the greatest company they owned soft and so I had some 30 years but I switch to open dental just to have this widget on there and like say we got a new patient on the very first day away life and I know you're an old dentists and you'll like it and it ain't about you it's patient focus and his focus and there's a hundred and sixty eight hours and a week and you were saying that 73 percent of the online appointments are booked after-hours well of course of course it's 73 percent of online appointments are booked after hours because you're only open 19 percent of the week you're open Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 5:00 it is like when people say I can't believe 70% of all the species on earth or in the ocean will the ocean cover 70% of the earth you would expect 70% of the species so so 73% of all online appointments are booked after hours and you know what it's five o'clock you go home and they got an hour commute home and there's today or an hour commute and they just want to call and make an appointment or they want to do something and so you got to be patient focus your next big feature is online payments what does that mean online payments

Alamin Uddin:  we're talking new customers I think you have a super surprised that you know holy prep seventy three percent or more than sixty seventy eighty percent my appointments are coming after hours they're going to realize it until they implemented they say that people are looking for a dentist while they're at work they're not looking for personal matters law at work right they're doing it after hours I think we also don't realize that you know it might be inconvenient for you right it's a new thing you got to do what your patience on your customers law your patients want 24/7 access and you gotta give it to them I think it's cool that 

Howard: you think people who are there at work they can't do personal stuff because you're working you know what you know how many people work for me they got a physical job I mean you're working assembly line you're a welder you're out there doing construction you can be making better appointments during the middle of the day at night or on their way home they have some time and your clothes and they don't they don't leave messages on answering machines that they didn't get anything done yeah so yeah if you're not doing real on my book you know I know I can't ask you this question because there's no way you would want to answer it and it would be channel ones like for you to say that it works better with ten tricks or Egosoft or open dental but this in a rare chance sir do you like any of those platforms more than the others see he's written he does piss off all those guys 

Alamin Uddin: I think most people know today who are the best some examples that's with anyone really not just because it's open is that why you guys love it because it's just open because it's open I think it's wrong there's a lot of customizability especially if you have ambitions on growing your craft that's right open down was the way to go there's an open system I get a lot of Denison that tell me they don't get what the difference here open in a closed system is a closed system person open system means right if you look close system only the company's system right that means your IT has very little control over your data versus if you have an open system like open down all right that means your team your internal team or your IT team as hundred percent control over  your own server whatever patient records you have right so if I'll give an example right that's so you're looking to tell your practice and someone comes in buys a practice and you know they want to transfer all the records over to something else it much easier and 

Howard: you were coaching young she's 25 she just got out of school she's 280,000 does she's open up a real office would you have her spend money in capital equipment servers or you do have her put it on the cloud and then just pay capital it didn't just pay expenses I mean you're either gonna buy a server and its capital equipment and and and all that and then you got a maintenance set and put them firewalls and security are or would you put it on the cloud like Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure IBM once and or what would you advise her 

Alamin Uddin: so if she's looking to just run a practice right I don't want to turn it into some laundry she doesn't want to turn me into a DSL right she's once already when I practice then it wasn't definitely go to pod base she should go with something like perv or venture to sand or Dinah calm you know one of those systems out there there's it's web-based she has other need in the a to nothing like that however you know if she wants to turn and successful dental corporation that's a different situation because at that point she wants to control our own data she wants to have her own yah-ha

Howard:  that is amazing but so what so your first features online booking which just got a had and the other thing is impulsive buying I mean they look at studies I mean some of the studies had a minimum show that minimum 20% of all purchases were impulsive so all of a sudden she thought you know what I'm gonna get my teeth clean close your office goes get a website in your clothes yeah so it's you gotta capitalize humans are crazy they're impulsive and if something makes them think I gotta go to see the dentist you gotta go you got to convert that to an appointment  

Alamin Uddin: so online payments so here's the news the typical scenario we run into when we customers today thousands of dollars and the way they go about their collection process is that no patient comes in two weeks later in college so what they do is they send to the Clearinghouse that Clearing House grounds a report and sends a paper statement to the patient the patient reads it and then the patient either has to mail in a check or call office you're literally trying to collect the money from that the patient knows you and you're making them jump through hoops in 2019 to pay you with next on the other hand if you're using whatever system you're using right we can automatically read whatever the patient owes you and then all we do is send them it in an email the patient's tap to their smartphone and pays a bill very simple without us you know there  is a statement there's a check or pound office with us we get attached they click on it and they feel I've been in their login or good with whatever taxing the software you're already using so that's the essential idea I mean you can also make online payments available on your website and essential ideas you know you want to make it a simple as convenient as possible for patients to pay you and the simplest way to do it is text messages ninety-eight percent of text messages are read and opened by patients so you wanted someone to text about their bill and they can pay right than in there 

Howard: are you technically a millennial I have four boys tour you're a jerk anyway for boys twenty or thirty how come when I call for my boys the same to always answer and the same to always block or denied don't open the call then text me back what's up I always think it's just two different markets um I'm just like to talk and some can't talk because they're doing something illegal and they can't have their dad see it the point I'm making is that I mean some people would never want it online book an appointment or do their banking online other people would prefer to do it I personally think introverts love online banking more than walking into the bank so I'm going to talk about the next deal reviews which is so emotional because my gosh one person says something I mean I mean your whole life all these we were saying oh thank you thank you that was great that was great that was great and then one person says you were a bad monkey and I don't like you and I swear to god they blow a gasket why are they so why are dentists so sensitive I mean my god they're just Billy wait review so what would its social confirmation I need I need to go get some some surgery done and I don't know any doctor in New York and so it seems natural to go to reviews and a father review said I went in for a vasectomy and now I have erectile dysfunction you know you probably would want to go somewhere else so so what are you doing with reviews 

Alamin Uddin: yeah I mean review and understandable because you sent you know at least minimum four years in dental school studying the subject and then the patient thinks they know better than you do they're professionals it's been a ton of your life and money earning a degree to be the expert on whatever they care them providing and obviously most of the time they don't from because of bad care because of the content stuff mr. problems you know how many business owners or dentist don't train their staff on how to treat their patients essentially mostly so you know we know just human nature actually in a bad experience so the question is how do you get those happy patients to write their reviews right so here's what we do you know let's say write the rate of five stars and we all lose one more time and they posted to Google we make it extremely simple and convenient for the patient and we take the review process to where they are which is their smartphones all their hands a lot of it and all they do is click tap twice and the poster would be essentially the idea is that he know any of your patient's will lead to bad reviews no matter what right so you gotta tap into the occupation and some chair 99.99% of the time pages are happy and you gotta get them to post their reviews and you know through that process we improve you know we have thousands of practices where we've taken them from three stars 2.5 stars to above 4.5 stars and the real magic comes in you mentioned earlier which is that they found you know looking for any dentists right I'm looking into reviews the real magic comes in when they can do real-time online booking from their review sites themselves that's where we come in as well increase our reviews you know patients come in a lot for positive reviews and then if you make the review site or the Yelp reviews have facebook review site it's a beautiful simple process requirement patients so this is why it emotionally upsets me 

Howard: so have you been following the one in the Phoenix area where somebody left a bad review on for an endodontist so what he does is he he replies on Yelp I attended multiple times to contact you so we could handle our concerns in private you chose to put your grievances on an open forum which means now by law you have forfeited your right to the doctor-patient confidentiality Act and I regret that I must proceed with this openly and now he's gonna go now this endodontists is headed right to the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners and and I'm just sitting here thinking my gosh I mean you can't please everyone there's even three people on earth who don't like me I mean I imagine that email complaint from this show is replayed back and I say hey buddy I hope you realize your emails and hacked into because look with some asshole wrote and sent to me I know it wasn't you but anyway and you know what if if you have to please everyone you just need to go back into your bubble and you know I mean I mean my gosh I mean but anyway this ended on us Gus he's in big trouble because he just yeah and based on your own experience I mean I know I might be jaded at 57 but would percent of the eight billion humans on earth would you say are crazy 

Alamin Uddin: I'm always surprised when the friends have a family reunion that the CDC thought they're doing like 

Howard: DNA testing to see what went wrong but but yeah I mean people are crazy and these reviews are so emotional and I don't know I don't know what went wrong in your childhood that you know some feedback makes you so sensitive but it's just it just gets you in trouble so I so we talked about reviews next up reminders what's your ideal with reminders

Alamin Uddin:  it's confirmed spend of time with the process an email and they patient and confirm right there the interesting part comes in with us is that you know we actually have a chat body in today here's what I mean so you know let's say you as a patient right here monitor confirmation or maybe a reminder about your eyes including baby now get them over your treatment plan alert a reminder you get that reminder and then you have a couple of questions right you ask some questions so when you text that system week that's right when you touch us or office some questions we're actually able to handle the basic first few interactions with the patient so if the patient must leave you reached guys with their appointment since we're also doing your own booking who can get them to reschedule the appointment that they're canceling it since are also doing you know your online booking we can get them to cancel that appointment we have some questions that we can't the managers so just reminding patients about their treatment plan of other American care was it about their next appointment whatever it is okay the 

Howard: the neatest thing about dentistry is recalls I mean there's not many businesses where all your customers come back twice a year it's an annuity system it means they trust you and so what what do you when you spent two years building a software what did you think of the dentistry call system and what are you doing to try to use technology to help it better faster easier 

Alamin Uddin: yeah from our perspective I would say it was probably one of the most inconvenient process that I've seen anywhere really I mean the other you know patient they need to see every three months every six months right and they want to come and see you because a lot of people not all people people think they're very important especially deaf kids right so you know before we came on board here's how the recall process would typically work it would either be the staff calling the patient during the business hours most people are working or it would be some sort of system that they have in place that would send a text and demotivation reminding them about their recall appointment the problem is is that you know most people when they get that actually email they're at work they don't have time to check their personal emails when they work right so you know you're doing for your cleaning please appoint your office as a patient I gotta wait till the next day find some time in my busy work hours to call you we just would get rid of an entire process and if all goes back to real-time online booking choose that email we send the patient or we call a week in bed your your actual availability the hygienist actually abilities into the email or the text and all the patient of this tap on it and the book their employment so you know without us it defied stem promises into phone calls with us they got the touch the email attack on their smartphone or their computers and then book their opponents simple it's just the easiest money 

Howard: I'm two-way messaging I'm already thinking this is a this is a millennial thing this is like a snapchat thing I can't see grandma but what is the two-day two-way messaging and is there really 60 year old grandpas using you look at 

Alamin Uddin: all right most of the time that's being spent by an office manager or staff is on the two-way messaging portion of it because you know here's what happens right so if you need to call a patient about their pre-op paper or if you need to call a patient about you know it's the same problem people are at work you're the other follow me they're probably gonna miss me because I don't have that number saved so with two-way messaging right what you can do with netfile is you can send a quick text to the patient and the patient can read it ninety-eight percent of time they open it and they can touch people it's very convenient for them so that's all to the patient it's as if they're taxing the frame right just like your son loves actually you write very similar concept just like your son I hear most of my phone books too by the way from your parents don't like automated is anything to a no-shows and cancellations but but then again you know people say things but they act another they get more mad when they're waiting for their four o'clock to show up and it's for ten I think oh that jerk didn't even call it's like it's like okay so you don't want to make it easy to cancel but you're all upset that they didn't cancel and they didn't so 

Howard: so what are your thoughts on no-show and cancellations rather make it easy for patients to reschedule or cancel and

Alamin Uddin:  I'm not showing up at the last minute because you know most patients right they need to cancel but they don't use already canceled they're just not show up so that means you know you have this slot opening just lots of production they're right there so with next how will we actually lose customers for you so you know it's a patient does cancel what we can do is actually to let you know tomorrow 2 p.m. someone cancels right we can automatically and then send them a text message saying hey you know we have the last people opening tomorrow 2 p.m. and all you want to become an earlier or now you have an over the treatment plan please click here to book your appointment and the magic is that you notice where officers are doing real-time online looking people themselves into open Donald em tricks or whatever fits into threes yeah yeah 

Howard:so I'm trying to think so after that feature ASAP list what is ASAP list

Alamin Uddin:  it's basically you have patients want to get in the dentists schedule and a patient wants to get in sooner rather than later so you as a practice you can put them in a list saying that there's a last-minute opening these patients lives to get priority so it's a very easy and convenient way for you as a practice solution essentially with patients that want to that are more urgent and they want to get in sooner simple as that 

Howard: you know one of the things that I think is shows that Dennis or amateur and the fortune 500 is is obviously very sophisticated now remember when I was born in 62 the average fortune 500 company was older than that was older than says about 60 65 now that I'm almost 60 the average fortune 500 company is under 20 so the the burnin churn so I always tell people just always steal all the great ideas from the legends at the sp500 I mean you can see what they're doing still their ideas no and  the dentists are always stuck in this stone a the last generation marketing I want to market get new patients market new patients whereas all the sp500 they're like okay have you everybody's flown Southwest once we want retention programs that we want chase bank rewards that they're all trying to build reward systems to keep their existing patients while the dentist just wants to burn in churn new patients do you agree with that or disagree

Alamin Uddin:  I 1000% agree with that based on based on the stats that we have it actually pops you 25 times higher to acquire a new patient than to bring in an existing patient and on top of a right existing patient if you get a new patient right you're probably only going to cleaning and an exam out of them right we fit within the existing patient you're gonna probably get a much higher production value out of them right maybe they need a filling maybe they need a crown right so it's way way more effective together with some patients just you know recently we have it's much easier as well to get a patient and yeah you know you should have rewards for patients that come in every six months yeah which is you know that's a feature that were actually working on now which is we're gonna let you know dentists build reward programs so that a completion comes in every six months twice a year that's worth cleaning down or not shows up to all the treatment plans and a hundred percent ready to sign rot and you know if they'll get discounts they'll get promotion Amazon gift cards and things like that this was a very  important concept that I think that is something take take advantage of today so I really acquire patient you're adding you're helping them by the way how much is this a month three hundred dollars and it can go up to 4000 off okay so 

Howard: so a Benjamin a week let's say yeah you're gonna add real-time online and by the way this is a commercial in fact he called me to be on the show I call them the reason I called you to be on the show is you had some really amazing answers on dental town I'm a big fan of your posts on dental town and you can just tell that we're all doing root canals and you're you know you're yeah you just you just see this thing from a different level when I mean all my homies if they go if they're gonna study dentistry it's gonna be about bone grafting not ZocDoc pricing structure in New York and your work on Google Google Ads you said something that shocked me you said I'm sir you say may I suggest that you drive Facebook ads instead Facebook ads cost significantly less than AdWords and from what I've seen the ROI on Facebook ads a second to none which I want to agree with because Mark Zuckerberg dad is ed Zuckerberg who's a dentist right outside your place and he's bald so he's got everything going worries of all dentists with organs but it says it nearly everyone is on Facebook and targeting capabilities are incredible and nobody knows what you meant by targeting capabilities what did you mean by targeting capabilities are incredible 

Alamin Uddin: yeah you remember about a year ago there was on Capitol Hill just applying for Congress this side not the dentist so really he was because of concerns that Facebook collect so much data on people you know not only not only on Facebook as long as you're using the Internet they collect so much data on you and they have such detailed profiles of you that in every instance right at every moment they can track all your interests that can be done for example right if she maybe googled a new dentist doing the Google full arts replacing them let's say it is right please book knows that and what Facebook can do is you know help you narrow down right so you know if you're a dentist right and you're latina in Brooklyn right for that right so what Facebook does is that marathon people my age my interest at what they do searching is being a visitor to your website maybe if they're in your local area so it lets you be much more cost-effective they're actually part of the people that you want to target it's like a realized that he can get all that data to and you have really detailed really detailed demographic information that you can just target people like yeah that's what I mean I mean what through Facebook because Facebook has

Howard:  I think it's so funny how people always you never listen to their word you always listen to their actions and heard all the words of why everybody in the world should delete their Facebook app and no one does because the bottom line is when I am when I am google searching something I love the fact that Google goes after a million searches that I'm a dentist in Phoenix and if John Smith Google find the only damn dentist on an earth because they know they know so if you never delete your cookies and I never do mainly because I don't know how but know it all helps you because they're just trying to figure out what the hell you want what the hell you're looking for what what are you doing and on the reviews I just want to tell you that when I go to a website and they got five reviews they're all five-star let's say you're wonderful then you immediately start thinking oh I bet his mother and his four sisters post all those reviews I think it would be normal that it for every five reviews someone said yeah I don't think Howard was any any good at all I mean I just got I just got totally abused just yesterday on a review and because I wouldn't pull the tooth I told them he needed to see an oral surgeon and I said like I'm not touching sorry so he goes and immediately post that all in all he cared about was the money and he just wanted he just one of the money it's like dude I didn't charge you for an exam I didn't charge you for X I just I just you know so people people have two different perspectives of the same thing I've heard I've heard Schlesinger's cat people say that there's no such thing as even you because let's look at let's say I'll prove you don't exist because if you if you have like ten people that you spend a lot of time with well they all see you differently and then even yourself you see yourself differently when you're up or down or from five years ago to now so so when someone goes to Wikipedians has oh this was the life of alamin Odin it's like doesn't even agree who he is half the time and so I don't know the way I tell my boys this I say look when you were born a hundred and ten billion humans have already come and died and there's eight billion alive the day and you're never gonna meet 99.999999% of them so what the hell do you care what Karen thinks every single person is dead or you'll never leave so who cares what Wally thinks but I'm gonna go back to your deal because I like sight I called you to be on the show you didn't call me but um so it's a he's gonna help you acquire him he's gonna with real-time online booking 73% of all nine points are booked after hours most patients would to book online even though that seems very strange to a grandpa I mean I can machine my my you know my kids are saying well just well just go through the drive-thru dude I want to park and walk in and see surely for 30 years I want to pick up my sucker I want to ask her how her grandkids are doing but I get another people don't but then you're talking about smarter stuff with retaining patients automatically send post-op instructions automatically send hygiene reminders follow up with patients overdue for their treatment plans real-time online booking with all your reminders and another thing that I do I'm old school but my dental assistant will actually put the names of the people that I need to call and she just puts it on she could email to me or she can text it to me and I just pushed my thumb on it so I got an Outlook commute home and I'm sitting here saying to you oh man how you know how you doing you know you want to you want to retain the patient because a new patient only buddy's one dollar and a three dollar is a retain page because if I come into your app so alamin runs an ad hey cleaning exam an x-ray for a dollar and I'm like I'll do that so I go in there and get my cleanings and x-ray for a dollar then here comes alum and say oh we have four cavities there 250 each you owe me a thousand am i oh I see what you're doing baby switch you're selling invisible it's all a game of just and by the way the reason I don't get sued is because when I do a denture for a thousand bucks and she says I don't like this and I want my old one back and I wish I never I want my money back I give her her money back I mean if she lives five blocks tomorrow I don't want something pissed-off lady living five blocks of my office for the next thirty years I mean what is wrong with people I'm you you know I do you know what I do with all my over uh over ninety people who won't pay you know what I do with it every year what are you doing well this country is big into Christmas I mean you know Christmas there dude you're a theist agnostic the Buddhist everybody loves Christmas and so what I do is it's so it touching a motion time of year I just get a bunch of greeting cards all right hey alamin man we've had a great year and obviously you didn't have a good year because you never paid your bill but with the spirit of Christmas around the corner maybe just off your bill you don't owe me anything all I ask in return is that the next time you or one of your friends or family needs a dentist that you you can see me they come in there crying they bring in cookies one lady knitted me some you know some whatever I don't even know what body part it was for and and you know you weren't gonna get paid anyway so what am i friends though they sent him to small claims make an enemy for life you know it's uh you know I don't want an enemy for life i I don't think you can bomb your way to peace I don't think you can screw your way to virginity and you're not gonna build up your reputation by doing all this stuff so I'm into retaining and that's what Chase Bank is that's what Southwest but anybody who's publicly traded doesn't want to market for a new patient they spend all their money on retaining and then your third section is delight let's let patients book real time appointments with you 24/7 let patients text you just like they text a friend let patients pay you through texts and emails how does someone pay you through texts and emails

Alamin Uddin:  so you're sending letters to your patients during Christmas right now you sent a text an email and then you get a link in there so they could pay you right then and there right through the text so a PayPal account so we're done working you have a right we'll set up at the truth so we know you know where deposit the funds and yeah I also do as we do that it's all set up and ready to go and then text messages go out to your patients when you finally have all these dentist credit cards and 

Howard: you decide to bust a move drain their accounts in the country what country are you looking into Brazil they came out of middle school but then they went to three years of grad school she wouldn't became an orthodontist and then when she's North High School she married your thoughts now there are a million dollars a day and they're like Howard what should I do and I say well I would move to Rio de Janeiro or Sydney the country but I don't know if that's legal or not I'm not a lawyer just for the record so I think it's on so you say right now you integrate with denture extension enterprise interests and eagle soft pair pen dental curved dental chrono dental Google Google so what is men dental 

Alamin Uddin: well we work with over 22 different dental top colleges and not everything is listed there I'll use something different and we just left you knowledge poor yeah and one of the things I gotta wrap this up we're over an hour but one over ten question is a lot of dentists attorneys say you know the reason aliment I really don't wanna do this is because mm-hmm I I don't I don't even though I'm gonna train all my staff to use all this stuff and and I'm not gonna learn it myself I mean they so got buttons on their microwave and their remote control they don't know it works how do you how do you train and educate your team to use all these features yeah 

Alamin Uddin: I mean today first is that you know the program is meaning once you set it off right there's a I've built into it it does everything for you automatically so your staff doesn't have to spend any time on it second thing is yes your staff does have to learn how the system works so they know you know how to interact with a right for them scenario of what we do as a company is we what we call it customer success rap we assign a customer success rap to each and every customer that we have so that and that person it could be Dave Jane's whoever it is from our end will be with you as long working with us it will train all your staff to get unlimited trainings they'll we're pointers and we'll answer all your questions all the education needs everything everything they'll take care of it for you yeah so we have an actual person that works with you to set up everything chain your staff even yourself okay and

Howard: so what is your exit strategy are you planning on doing I 

Howard: because you're in New York Henry Schein owns dental one yeah they're they're buying up every internet prorate around I mean yeah is your exit strategy to go to Melville New York up the street now and have Stan Bergman write you a big fat check that's going to be exchanged in three to five years accorded billionaire company

Alamin Uddin:  I think what we're doing here is bringing the patient experience bringing the dentist the 21st century company anything there's a huge opportunity to do that to bring the demo more into the 21st century yeah 

Howard: and that's the growth of the civilization I mean the Telegraph people thought they were all bad they were ran over from behind by the telephone and they ran away I before you were born Motorola and Motorola and Nokia each had half the cell phone market in the world and everybody said and when Steve Jobs said he was going to do everybody said are you out of your mind we are not aware of Chicago and Motorola and Nokia in Helsinki Finland they're gonna eat your lunch and now that those guys so you're so again when I was born those S&P; 500 companies were about 60 years old now they're not even 20 years old and if I had my betting money between a really old Henry Schein and some young guy alamin Odin oh my god the young guys they always run over old but don't worry guys you're always gonna get ran over behind won't even see it coming it'll be when the steamroller hitch alamin CEO of next health its WWE Excel NEX h GL th comm thank you for posting such amazing thoughts on dental town and thank you so much for coming on the show today and talking about homies yeah thank you so much for having me in inviting over your great to talk with ya have a great day buddy yes you too thank you 

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