Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1227 David Charnowitz, Founder of DC Dental, Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman talk Crazy Dental Prices : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1227 David Charnowitz, Founder of DC Dental, Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman talk Crazy Dental Prices : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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David Charnowitz is the founder and CEO of DC Dental.

Jay Glazer is the Director of Business Development at Crazy Dental a subsidiary of DC Dental, the fastest growing authorized independent dental supply company in North America. Prior to joining DC Dental, Jay worked in the Non-Profit and Retail business sectors. Under his 7 years as a DC Dental sales rep, Jay built his book of business up in to the many millions a year. He showed care and tenacity to his doctors and offices. Jay was promoted from DC Dental to the Director of Business Development at Crazy Dental. Thank G-D, in his short 7 months since joining Crazy Dental, he has already navigated 10% growth for the company. Jay, or "Crazy Jay", as they call him, sits on several non-profit national and local boards and committees, likes play sports as well as coaches his children's sports teams. He, along with his wife, founded several popular non-profit institutions. Thank G-D, They have eight beautiful children.

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AUDIO - DUwHF #1227 - Crazy Dental

Howie Friedman is the CFO and COO of DC Dental, the fastest growing independent dental supply company in North America. Prior to joining DC Dental, Howie worked as an Internal Revenue Agent at the IRS.  Under his tenure at DC Dental since 2007 revenue has grown 600% and continues to grow. Howie has implemented many large scale projects to support a larger enterprise, including the software running the business, the installation and integration of AI & robotics in their distribution center, and the eCommerce platform . In each instance, DC Dental saw significant reduction in redundancies, improved accuracy and increases in efficiencies. In recognition of his various achievements, Howie was presented the Smart CXO award by SmartCEO Magazine in 2012, the CFO of the Year in 2014 by the Washington Business Journal, and has been nominated for Baltimore Business Journal's 40 Under 40 in 2019. Howie is actively involved with various local charities and is an executive board member of Shoresh, a 501(c)(3) that brings community and positive experience to local teens and their families. He, along with his wife, founded the JEWELS School, a special needs school in Baltimore, MD. They have four beautiful children. 

Howard: it is just a huge honor for me today to be podcast interviewing three legends in dentistry we got David charnel it's who you've all heard a DC done all the DC stands for the manned david.trenoweth we got Jay Glazer wave your hand Jay there he goes and Howie Friedman how are you doing Hallie I'm doing wonderful how are you doing have you ever noticed that the smartest people in dentistry are always named Howie I noticed that right away my mom is the only one that calls me Howie but every well everything can I call you how I say yeah that's what my mom calls me but I wouldn't get you on this show because I'm I called you  didn't call me this isn't a commercial that I don't nobody's ever paid a dollar to come on this show because it would only be worth 10 cents and so why would they pay 10 times the cost but  um when you started this innovative deal crazy dental prices and I have to tell you the truth on dental town and things like that whenever they hear of somebody starting a buying club or this or that but they don't know if it's a gimmick if it's the real deal how did my homies know if a dental supply buying Club is lower price and the big dogs like Cheyne Patterson Benko Burkhardt is that uh

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:I think I think it's him it's important to understand you know buying clubs is a generic name so you have to look at who's the company behind it and what's the mission statement in the purpose and I think you know there are some buying clubs out there that you know aren't necessarily providing any cost savings and I can speak to you about crazy dad's own what's interesting is we're a buying club that is segmented as part of a dental supply company so it's clearly it's crazy dental prices the buying Club it's a DC dental company and what that means is that we recognize in the individuality of dentists that each dentists kinda has their own way that they would like to can purchasing the supplies based on what works well and what's most efficient for within their practice so we originally started as DC dental full-service company and we still are we have sales reps relationships and the whole nine yards but we recognize was that there's a whole segment of dentists that don't necessarily have time for engagement with their sales rep and it becomes almost like a contentious sort of a relationship so the genesis for crazy dental in its in its current iteration is basically think of the dentist that wants to save money on supplies wants to pay a fair price doesn't have time to shop around for the cheapest price every single time they're going to order so what they basically do is they register as part of crazy dental and it's a free membership and what you get is access to what we call the vendor price comparison and essentially mimics a marketplace yet if you go on to a marketplace let's say like 932 you don't know if their products are authorized a can we great market you're not getting manufacturer promotion so here you get the best of both worlds you get negotiated pricing and it creates a members Club and what that means is that everybody's part of this club and we backed by 110 percent price guarantee so we're gonna match the lowest authorized advertised price you don't have to we have your back you never have to look out for and like am I getting a lower price on one L voice and a higher price and other invoice the marketplace itself defines what the price is going to be in this backed up by hundred and ten percent price guarantee so I can't speak it out there buying clubs but I can tell you that if you remember crazy dental and you're interested in almost like I said I didn't forget it I want to order my supplies I want to have great customer service I want it to be easy and I want to know that I am paying a low price for all of my supplies and the the club itself keeps the club and the membership keeps us as a company honest to ensure that we're providing the lowest price 

Howard: well you know my homies are kind of um they're kind of skittish on prices I mean I don't know I'm sure you guys had to remember but it was just um last year's shine Patterson Benko were sued for price fixing and it was from the Federal Trade Commission Act did you well what would what did you think when that went down and I'm sure this is a small industry I'm sure they're all your friends you know most of them on the show but what did you think of that and look 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:I think I think the answer is in an industry that has so few that the industry 90 85 percent of the industry the supplies portion is controlled by three companies whether there's price-fixing or what we'll call the effects of what price-fixing would have looked like the reality is that when you when you have less competition you're going to have less transparency when it comes to price I can't sit there and you know like you said it's a small industry and I don't know the players personally I'm not intimately involved to tell you well they were or they weren't price-fixing what I can tell you is there is need for transparency and crazy dental is a transparent platform you can see exactly what you're gonna pay and why you're going to show you South Coast price we're going to show you Darby's price we're gonna show you DHBs price and I think that this definitely helps to remedy if there was price-fixing this is a great solution that if dentists can get both

Howard:  let me tell you another  reasoner's case like okay so let's say you buy from Henry Schein I mean Henry Schein you even started a buying club like a thrive program you're like well I mean I don't go into Walmart and Walmart says hey you want to join salmon Helen's buying Club and Walmart's like dude do I thought I heard shop at Walmart I mean I'm so you know it's kind of we're like like why would Henry Schein start a thriving program you would think if I'm playing from Henry Schein I'm aren't I already in the program

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:right so I guess you could ask the same question comes to these dental why do we have a standard program and a buying club and I think the answer is it depends on how you would like to engage we want as a company we want to make sure that whatever is most efficient for you the process that you and your practice would like to go through to purchase supplies and pay a low price for them you'll get them if you engage with our sales reps quite honestly you can get that as well they can they're skilled on negotiating at educating on how to get deals and prices if you're interested in less unless commune occasion with your sales rep and you don't want to be bothered you don't want to have a sales rep then signing up for something like the crazy dental pricing but quite honestly my advice is if you're if you're a dentist and you don't want the engagement and you're buying from somebody who's set up for engagement you're probably gonna be overpaying okay but 

Howard: my young kids they you know a quarter my listeners are still in dental school and the other three quarters under 30 so they're not following your lingo engage Dennis what do you mean with that 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:so the traditional so the traditional process for purchasing supplies would be you would call up your local or supplier that you know of and they would send a sales rep out to your office and they would get you set up depending on where you are if you purchase a brass or if you needed to build a new practice or if you were just for what wherever you were you wanted to purchase supplies so they would take over the sales rep and that sales rep would come in and talk to you about the their entire product offering and what products that what products are that you need that would be the traditional model I think when we talk about younger generation the younger generation is interested in less quote engagement I want to go online I want to search for supplies I need or I want to go to the website that I'm familiar with the company that I want to do business with I want an easy transparent place where I can see that I'm paying low pricing and that there's great customer service

Howard:  well speaking of online on all these young Millennials they they all got em the the Amazon app on their deal in the last three years in a row that I went to Greater New York Amazon had a booth there so what do you think of the Amazon crowd I mean does this keep you up at night well

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:no I think I think Amazon is is a great and I use Amazon I probably get 10 packages today at my house from Amazon Amazon is the best place to buy something when you've identified hey I need you know I need an iPhone case and I know exactly which case I want I go onto Amazon and I know I'm gonna get it at the lowest price there when you're talking about the process of purchasing supplies for your office the average office uses 120 different supplies you know I challenge you Howard go onto Amazon now try to buy double-a batteries I know they're off the site in five seconds it's not set up for easy and in a practice when you're ordering 30 or 40 products at a time it needs to be easy so right now I'm we're not concerned about Amazon I think what we bring at crazy dazzle mimics the Amazon what Amazon should be of the Amazon experience so we don't have the Amazon name 

Howard: so you said the average general office uses a hundred and twenty different items correct Wow and what I also noticed about Amazon is once they know you're not looking at a screen like you're on Ecco you're not you're not buying the lowest price and correct and they you asked for those batteries and they're gonna kick it to some low cost deal but but anyway so you're not worried about Jeff Bezos yeah  that that's not yeah I mean 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:I'm counting on the fact that we understand and it's not this is not exclusive crazy at all I think the dental suppliers and clubs that's that are customized to service the dental community understand a dental platform and the way dental offices operate it's our opinion that Amazon and its current platform just doesn't lend itself to the efficiency for success within the dental practice could it change yeah I'm gonna count on Jeff Bezos being able to disrupt anything he wants but also the hubris of Amazon won't allow them to change their platform for a small niche market like the dental market I want to build up bring up one more thing on Amazon how we can't interrupt how we know go well Amazon's also built specifically for a competitive market that that in that not only allows for but encourages gray market and  the like to drive down pricing and it's almost confused to buyer but to make price the only thing that matters as opposed to quality and that's something also that's not going to be a great fit for a lot of the dentists that are there that want to buy products from authorized dealers and  products that the manufacturer is gonna stand by 

Howard: okay so let's talk about that a little bit because again I quarter my volute viewers are in dental kindergarten and if there's any viewers my age listing they're probably almost drunk and passed out right now but um so there's four kinds so when we look at a price discrimination we have one two and three price for each number one is illegal it is um you can't charge Bill Gates a hundred dollars for a can of coke and then me a dollar Supreme Court says that's not fair that that's illegal number two is volume discounts you know if Walmart buys one Barbie doll I mean if I buy one Barbie doll it's gonna cost ten bucks but at Walmart buys a thousand they get a lower price the Supreme Court says but you have to show the volume discounts so they know you have to explain why the volume if you get sued you have to explain why the volume resulted in lower cost number three is what he's on my grandmother's geographical price discrimination our pharmaceutical companies sell Howie his viagra at ten dollars a pill the United States but my Chinese dentist friends buy it for 50 cents in Hong Kong and that is Arizona's way that is illegal but that's all but that's what everybody does so when I I've lectured in 50 countries and I'll see I'll see a bottle of bonding agent that's three hundred dollars then I say it's and it's fifty dollars in New Delhi and Rio so then they pass laws that say you can't reinforce stuff sold to India and China and Brazil and report it in there so now they try to make you feel bad that it's great market I mean I is it I mean

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:if you were to go buy a 3m product bonding agent in India from an authorized 3m you know I think that it would be totally fine i think the issue comes that it's a supply chain integrity issue so you don't know who purchased it from india or if it in fact came from India and I'm not saying the gray market equals counterfeit saying if there is counterfeit in the marketplace it would come through a non authorized channel so when you're talking about products of patient safety I think it's something where you want to be careful if you're a practitioner but 

Howard: is it how much so what's the technical term is it called gray market or what's the term would say de-facto word that everything yeah all of them gray market power parallel market place arbitrage yeah

Howard:  I'll turn hey but I'll tell you this I know you know I'm in Phoenix Arizona and I think every third dentist has the last name Patel and they'll they'll go he'll take two weeks vacation and go home with two suitcases and buy a year's dental supplies for $1,000 that you know and I am Brazilian dentists that do that in rio de janeiro san paulo um how much how big of a savings is that buying on going on vacation to India Hong Kong or Brazil to get lowers voice I don't tell you this when I was lecturing in Germany there was a there were dentists they're going to Cerrone about this before the x-ray marriage and they were buying the the CAD cam there for 60 thousand and then shipping it back to United States because Patterson charged a 40% import fee on the CEREC machine so is this a common deal or is gray market a big deal in essays are we talking French

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:well I think I think when you look online so if you are and I speak to the let's say they the guys that are still in school the younger generation maybe doesn't understand who's brought up on Google you're gonna go online you're gonna search for a product you're gonna look for their product most of the buy box is on the pot a popular product Google Shopping what's gonna come up are not gonna be authorized if you see a price that looks significantly lower it's not going to be an authorized product meaning it's going to be coming through a parallel market which means it could and how it could I'm not saying it does it could present a patient safety issue I think that you know what we're trying to focus on market and I think there's a hundred and fifty thousand dentists in the country or so you know there might be a couple to five that go overseas to buy the CEREC machine and another five or twenty five they go to India the reality is a successful dental practitioner will understand that it supplies is a component of his practice but it is not the be-all and end-all and if there is a simple easy transparent platform to purchase product well you know you're saving money you don't have to look over your shoulder and you honestly set it and forget it you don't have to think about it you can focus on doubling the revenue in your practice I mean it takes what 12 minutes to do a filling you know I mean whatever you're saving in supplies on a month by buying a product you can make up by doing two more you know fillings another crown and bridge so I think it's right it's more pointers event just to focus in your practice and so know that you're working with the right partner 

Howard: so what year did you start BC dental 2002 so I get can I got to tell you my dental town story real quick cuz it's the same parallel so I started dental town in st. Patrick's Day 99 and and you started in 2002 so what was I just three years ahead of you and back then the five C's of the internet were commerce commercials connectivity content what was the other one and a community and everybody was saying it was all gonna be like Amazon in 94 to it's all gonna be selling stuff and I thought to myself well my number one cost is my here's my turgid thousand dollars for a crown but all by insurance companies downgrade that to 600 so my number one cost is 42% and that's a the adjusted fee production from the my cost to the PPO fee so my number one cost was is for the industry is that 42% reduction in fee for the PPO number two is labor which should be you know twenty five percent max including everything number three's lab a you know eight to nine percent and if you're worried about supplies I mean what are you gonna do next for the lock box over the thermostat I mean after you could after you taking the PPO fee and made payroll and paid your lab bill who gives a what the electric bill was or how much you paid on gauze

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:yeah I just think it's a lot of hard it's a lot harder to downsize a staff unnecessary staff member than it is to squeeze your supplier for some additional discounts but look I think in any efficient business and I you know we see this in our business businesses are universal you want to be efficient so it means you don't want to squeeze every last penny and make that number four the number one priority but make number four the number four priority from a cost savings and there are easy simple ways to do that 

Howard: so David and you're the VC David join us and tell us about your journey how did you end up in dental supplies I mean what  went wrong in your life or you ended up in dental supplies Wow 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:it was really an accident really it really I just kind of fell into it I was in school looking to make a few extra bucks and I had a buddy that was working for a dental supplier in Canada and he said hey there's this thing why don't I arrange for you to buy a few products and you'll sell them and that's pretty much how I started no 

Howard: was that the the guy you worked for the one that just passed away of the big guy don't supply who no no no Sinclair Sinclair the founder oh really I wasn't aware yeah Legend up there but uh so um so you're not worried about Amazon so you sort of this crazy dental prices I'm what do the young kids you know they come out of school they work for the big DSO is they work for Heartland all those guys drama and now they're gonna start their own dental office what should they be thinking about when they're picking a supplier so I you know I think 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:I think number one is you've got to decide is it do you want do you have the time to sit down and negotiate pricing or do you want to find a solution that kind of does it for you and if you enjoy the process of the back and forth of negotiating the pricing none of them there's three people that enjoy that and they all are in some market in MO and Morocco whole thing Americans don't like to do that they love it in Mexico City and they love it Morocco but they don't like it in the a just a cultural thing right so unfortunately for the younger generation I know the easiest thing is like I said go on Google search for the supplies I need them buy them the  industry right now is set up to work through a supply company so you're gonna want to do that you don't want to avoid that and the reason you don't want to avoid that is you want to make sure you're getting manufacturer promotions you want to make sure you're paid patient safety authorized products and you want to make sure that you're dealing with a reputable company so what I would suggest is yes I would find a company or a club a buying club crazy Angela was a great option out there where it's really easy you're not gonna get sold there's an easy website we'll get you set up the process is transparent like I said it's self-correcting so if somebody comes out with a lower price it's an authorized dealer Chris dental will automatically match that price so it is an easy transparent marketplace if you want easy it's not as easy going on Google looking for the items but talk about it this way you go on Google every single time you have to go search for the item that you want on crazy dental we have the products arranged in a very easy-to-use format for reorder so it's really it's there's a little bit of up front you know a half hour 45 minutes maybe of onboarding but after that it's really set it and forget it 

Howard: so let me say I started the story I forgot it was the five C's of the internet I was a community content commercials connectivity what was the other one community content commercials community contact commercials connectivity what was the pissy here the credibility content commercials connectivity what was the fifth see Clara creativity No crazy crazy having variable Oh commerce everybody start out in commerce and backward from ninety four all these big people did they did venture capital there was dental exchange I mean we all started at the same times about twenty of us and I'm the only one that survived because they all went after commerce supplies and I went after community and when they told me they said well dental town are you gonna sell supplies I'm like dude I need my person to come in every week I mean it sees the same reason I'm dental town is to connect to the community that guy is my only connection to the outside world and I don't care what he knows about endo files but he knows if I say whoa hey what's the in Adana side of the street using you know what would and  that was my connection and it's like the same reason I wanted to start a community was why I was not gonna cut off my supply guy I mean I still think that the number one value in life is not what you know but what you know and who you know and if you're not out there networking and trying to meet people going the same direction as you and you're not gonna make it and if you think winning I'll give you another example dental implants every single person I know on earth that places one implant a week and that that's a critical mass if you're not doing something once a week you're not good at it you're not profitable at it you wouldn't want to get a vasectomy by some guy who does it every other month you'd want the guy that can you tell me and so  everybody I knew you know I'll say well what brand do you use how they know the name of their rap and then I have friends here that have changed implant companies three times because their rep has gone from one implant company to another implant company to they're following the rub so for me it's all about community so I didn't start dental supplies in 99 and I'm not starting him in 2019 I mean that that's 20 years relationships is more important then saving a nickel on an implant or any of that stuff that's not really a question I guess I'm do but and the next question was that that was the Internet and how we the internet was the first revolution I lived through and now you're up doing AI which is the second biggest revolution I mean right now the  internet when Amazon sort of 94 it was the internet revolution and I caught that way with dental town but now it's the digital transformation with four things cloud computing Big Data the Internet of Things and AI so Howie that's your department why how are you using AI 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:well when we  set out to try to build a distribution facility that can meet a demand of our growing business we needed to do it in a way in an amazonian style way that allowed us to distribute our products accurately and on time so that you know that could become one of our differentiators from a lot of the competitors that are out there so we and there's a hundred thousand products in the ether dental products that are out there and we have to make sure that we're keeping the right products in stock that we can pick pack and ship those products within an hour two of you placing the order so it can make the  truck at the end of the night and be in your office the next in the next day or two depending on how far away you are from our facility so we use a lot of complex algorithms to make all that happen 

Howard: okay we owe the Albert I mean I mean you don't have that or you are you using like Amazon there's four big cloud companies there's Amazon Web Services there's Microsoft deserve there's a IBM Watson there's Google Cloud or you using algorithms from where you're just an Oracle database are 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:our primary database that we're using to house our informations on an Oracle database but  the complexity comes in how we've organized the data you know and the number of items characteristics that we maintain for every skewing are in there in our database so that allows us to to catalogue a properly listed on our website to making sure that we can store properly and in there we can order it reorder properly and then the pricing and the pricing data to make sure that we're providing a transparent and open you know that information to the consumers to be able to see mostly their pain most retailers have to keep one price per item we have to keep not only our price but we've got to maintain the prices of all our competitors that are out there and if anybody who's listening this logs into crazy dental braces calm and starts to browse through the the website you'll see that we're listing the price for everybody it's just are you yeah are you is this being do you store do you do all this on Larry Ellison's Oracle cloud in California or you have your own servers and you use your software in your bill you don't have our own server just know that it's in it they're hosting they're hosting the data and secure servers that were not necessarily ourselves even privy to the exact location of the server data its certified through I don't recall the exact certification of the authority but but it's certified the same same databases in the same server farms that would be housing the data that Amazon itself would be using or maybe not Amazon because they have their own but that Oracle would be using so amber and we're leveraging the cloud so that and not only that but our not only our website but all our data is accessible to all our employees even though we have offices you know throughout the country so that's 

Howard: you know I got my MBA from Arizona State University and so you're either gonna be always spending money upgrading your servers and servers and that's a capex expense we're gonna say screw all that why am I gonna I'm not that's not my core compass II and you make it a cap op expense where you just store somewhere else and just pay a monthly fee like you do with your utility bills you're not gonna build a gas-fired point yeah we're talking about was designed to cut costs not to raise cost we cut cost that's actually one of the questions we get a lot is how how are we able to match the lowest price and the reason is because leveraging data and technology allows you to deliver a product to the customer at a very very competitive so then my next question since you're the tech guy the AI guy why does a hundred and fifty thousand dental offices America and thirty thousand dental specialists all have their own servers and trying to put their firewalls and trying to have the internet connection and do you think we're almost at a tipping point where these dentists are gonna say forget that and they're gonna move it all the cloud or is 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:I mean you take a take a poll of your community and you said a hundred and fifty thousand offices I think you'd be surprised at how many of them already don't have servers and are in there in their facility I bet you a lot of them a lot of the practice management software that's out there is cloud-based and that enables them to connect all their operatories together through the cloud and there's no centralized server within the actual practice so you have a common place

Howard:  so it's you're seeing more of it are you think it's common likely what percent are you saying I'm we're not in the practice management software space but I would be

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:I would guess at least a quarter at this point no way do you think I

Howard:  think I'm Way off oh well you know the term I hate the most is the United States of America I mean how do you compare San Francisco I grew up in Kansas you know what I was 20 for the first time I went to Manhattan and I can still remember looking out the window then it dawned on me that that that huge gray thing was it was look like an inverted Grand Canyon and I mean I missed a breast so I mean you can't compare Louisiana it's a Manhattan I mean so I don't know but in your neck of the woods I mean you guys are up there Baltimore Maryland that's a that's a pretty big stretch from Baltimore to Boston is about 50 million Americans in that struts are you starting to see a order that people go to cloud 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:we're seeing a lot of a lot of managed IT 

Howard: I think and practices managed to outsource IT sure so and any any recommendations on the cloud who's there if she wanted to go cloud and she wanted practice management information and this end the cloud is there one you like more than the others you could buy answer this better than me

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:I mean you know we work with a company and their calls in telecom their local they do managed IT and they they play in a dental space you know I we try to stay away from the IT there's so many factors when you talk about digital on each office because you've got a look at you know what type of equipment technology equipment x-ray equipment file storage secure file storage so it's really just not our core competency right right

Howard:  I have to ask you because everybody else has got channel conflict like if I ha no one would sell fed anybody so what I do is I try to offend everybody and if I if there's if somehow I didn't offend you please see send me an email Howard at dental town calm and I'm going to tell your story about your mother what else do you think these young kids I don't know about the dental supply I know another thing they're thinking as well know what  about dental equipment is that been discombobulated I mean is piss Pelton and crane gonna sell to a different channel than septa cane well it is your house your mix of the equipment and supplies is it same people different channels what so I mean 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:we generally provide equipment more regionally based around Baltimore Maryland and we have service technicians the equipment businesses is far more complex far more political so we wouldn't you know we be restricted from carrying certain lines in general we really look at you know equipment and with it ever changing you know impact of technology on the equipment sector because when you generally are going to upgrade equipment it's not just going to be equipment you're gonna be it's gonna be part of some larger picture of an upgrade of an and I think you got to consider digital you know we can we try to consult and have conversations with our customers as far as what digital options are out there but quite honestly it's you know that's something that we're not very focused on right now we don't we don't see an edge to how we can provide additional value so again we leave that outside of our core competency dental equipment yeah for the most part yeah 

Howard: so you leave dental equipment completely out you're just doing dental supplies primarily like I said regionally in the Baltimore Maryland you know probably 7500 surrounding areas we do it as far as our loyal customers when they're looking for you know and they don't want to go anywhere else but you know 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:we don't yet have the reach throughout the country so it's not something that we would talk about as a core competency of ours okay so that's another question 

Howard: we have about half our listeners aren't even in the United States and then we got some of these crazy weirdos called Canada do you gotta be cute David's wife is gonna be kind of trite my fifth Canadian Canadian how many children you have four how es four I have four we're was AI when we were starting a family to say to do you not have four only have two how many kids oh I feel so much better I always feel so so insane having four and now I'm just gonna think well at least I'm not Jay he has eight oh my god yeah if artificial intelligence existed no one would have a child but um but so is so do you sell what if someone's listening right now in Toronto

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:so right now we don't we don't really provide distribution to Canada it's a market we've taken a look at it's something that's on our radar for the future it's just with you know if there was a Canadian doctor that wanted to purchase and want to take advantage the pricing is excellent within Canada we can sell but you know from a custom standpoint the doctor would have to handle their own customs clearance we'd have to ship it from the US okay David and 

HowardL I gotta ask you a question I can only ask you because I can't ask J but why why do they call J crazy J 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:because he has eight kids for kids ago they just called him J really what would is the kids from what to what so yeah don't ask me their birthdays but I get 17 down to one you know that was that's so cool I

Howard:  I grew up with five sisters and my mom and dad they had a mistake when I was a senior in high school and that was my little brother Paul and that mistake which every doctor said no you're 40 years old to my mom you cannot have this child you got to you got to go to the doctor and stop this and my mom so I can't do that and everybody was so worried about and Paul's like the complete gift of the family it was like instead of getting a dog or a cat we got Paul and it was just it was just amazing um so um did you change diapers oh absolutely and then I had four boy yeah I love the diaper thing so um I wanted to go back to this um you know um what was the oh I wouldn't go back to one story about back to supplies just to let you know you live up in Baltimore which is uh frozen half the time of the year when I get some of my supply I'm in Phoenix today's today it's 115 degrees you know what it is the back of a UPS truck mm-hmm I mean I'm serious I mean I remember when I first opened up in 87 and I just would have impressment rail it wouldn't set it was the a in the be it wouldn't set going to the cartridge and I call it Patterson who's in Minnesota you know it's probably you know they were probably in an ice storm and they didn't know what was going on but when I talked to my other Desert Rats down here like yeah it doesn't say so um does the Internet of Things does AI does it help you understand dude you can't put a bottle of this bonding material in the back of a UPS truck in Phoenix 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman: well I think a lot of a lot of things have sped up so doesn't spend as much time in the back a truck but we have seen we do see what I do see is that some products are more likely you know the gallon bottles of whatever are more likely to crack let's say so we'll get somebody customer to complain that you know their gallon leaked all over and it was you know when they when it arrived which is why we ship them separately but for the most part the products aren't sitting on the truck that long where we found it to be an issue so as I as you thought good god well I think some of our manufacturers also don't ship us product if it's if it's large pallets because in that situation they could sit on a pallet you know and on the back of an 18-wheeler from California all the way to Baltimore and going through you know some nasty weather so they'll hold shipments for like a month or so you know during the  coldest weather but for the most part it's not much of an issue top that cold in Baltimore

Howard:  so if you run short I'm the smartest guy on Shark Tank is absolutely mr. wonderful you know what's that every card the bald guy is so it's either the boat guy or the guy named Howie and mr. wonderful if he was talking to you three gentlemen right now he would say who's your competition the CD a subsidiary you started the California Dental Association started the dentist service company TD SC they purchased Arnold Dental Supply so what are you're thinking of now the nonprofit Dental Association is getting into the supply business and  what's your thoughts there yeah I mean

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:I think I think it's about ease-of-use and transparency and you know who it's owned by shouldn't be as important as important as what the service is that they're delivering so you know the only thing I can tell you is I can't speak to TDS II and  how their pricing compares what I can tell you is that we focus on making sure you don't have to watch your back we're never going to rip you off we have a we have a self transparent self really self governing pricing scheme with crazy dental and I think the answer is it doesn't really matter who owns the company it's how easy is it to use will it help you run your practice more efficiently and more profitably 

Howard: ok what else do you think they should know um would again to the kids that they come out there they open up their own office they were what  do you think yeah so I mean I would I would say like this to the kids and I spoke recently on University of Maryland dental school I was brought in to buy them lunch which the kids love to do um and so you know I think there's a lot of misconception about the dental dealer and you know you can read a lot of stuff about the FTC and I think it's important to understand that a dealer is a resource if you're a dentist if you're a practice your dealer is a resource and if you're not getting value out of your resources whether it's a dental dealer your computers whoever it is anybody that you're paying money to they're not necessarily fixing the cost of the product but they are providing you a service and if you don't feel like you're getting value challenge them or find somebody else ok I'm gonna

Howard:  I want to reverse engineer this you started the program saying that where did I put that that the the dentist use the average dentist uses about a hundred and twenty different dental items where's let's start with the biggest you know the top three 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:I mean is it gloves is it impression material where's the biggest thing you'd have to go with anesthetics would be a huge one disposable is infection control anesthetics go do that so you say anesthetics first and what was second yeah I mean the only an aside is only first because I mean it's in every single office I would go with composites and bonding bonding okay so composites so anesthetics composites and bonding what we're doing that uriel impression material okay cement okay in faction control okay and and disposables see yeah so um so then let's I'm gonna go through this cuz like I'm disposable ain't one saying I'm with anesthetics so um that's too boring composite and bonding I wouldn't I want to say it the other way I want to go to what's stressful from my friends I have dental offices what's stressful when I talked to dental assistants who's worked they say they work for five different dentists for five years each that when you start getting into group practices that the poor dental assistant can't remember that Oh David once these seven Birds and Jay once these nine birds and how he's got 12 birds and and they're just like and then the supply reps say to me things like well got if David wants latex gloves and Jays got a latex allergy

Howard:  so um you know when you're buying when you get three prima donnas that all need special stuff I mean you're probably no one's gonna save them money are they so 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:so actually first of all yes and second of all it's interesting you bring that up on the crazy dental website we have a feature called custom wish lists and what they can actually do is upon set up they can set up a product list for each doctor so they don't have to remember they can click on you know doctor David's product list and they can just go there and it's one simple place where they can order the stuff specifically for dr. David so we can set up a wish list for the entire practice or we can set one up for individual doctors okay is that under member benefits products or our company that's gonna be under there ayat I refer you to Howie that's under the reporting section wish list yes the Thunder are wealthy and when you go to the home page anywhere on the site my list is at the top my list

Howard:  oh you got to log in first yeah sign up so you got it okay so you go through the firewall first ok well that's really am I still you know I am oh my I still think the most frustrating thing for me just-just-just Abers III see more dentist in group practice stress out because someone will try to save money and say okay we're just gonna have one burr block for restorative dentistry and we're gonna we're gonna reduce it to just fibers and all the dentists will have to immediately go to drug rehab or therapy or crash and I and I get it I mean I'm Dennis I mean I I still need way too many burs impressive materials like how do you save money on pressure drug would you mainly be changing brands they're all vinyl poly siloxane right

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:or poly either or wack silicone but mostly VPS yeah you know again they're honestly from a pressure material standpoint it depends on bright bite registration or something you know like alginate I'd be less brand conscious when it comes to the ones where I'm gonna send them to the lab if you're still using traditional material I'd be a little bit more careful you don't want to mess with the you know perfection I'm sure all the dentists that are listening you're all taking perfect impressions so if it's working for you then you know you probably don't want to skimp on the impression material right there you know you want to stick with the brand that you know and you know that makes making sure that you're getting the right properties so that you end up with us with a restoration that you're happy with huh um in 

Howard: what um what about birds are you is Birds a big part of your business it's a part you know it's for me that's the more boring part okay what about gloves see when you were going through those every time you said the next one I knew the next one was gonna be gloves and I cuz I to me maybe it just seems like that would be the biggest ones because you're always taking off your gloves and turn them way and put on more gloves and there's nitrile gloves or latex gloves there's all kinds of gloves so is talk gloves

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:okay so I mean the simple answer on gloves is the nitrile 300 packs is what you want to be using you're taking like you said how are you're taking them on you put him off you don't want to think about every time you put on a pair of gloves and I'm paying another 25 cent so if you go with when we see a lot of successful practices do is they'll keep the night rolls 300 packs it's a thinner nitrile glove so you know it has a pretty good feel and then what they'll do is for specific procedures or specific doctors on stress of your procedures they'll keep a more expensive glove so like a neoprene glove is becoming more and more popular anneal 3 that's different than nitrile correct so you've got your traditional gloves wear latex okay so is latex and then nitrile is the synthetic material and then neoprene is a different type of material that gives it feels more comfortable it's more like a latex glove but without the latex you know the downside of the neoprene is they're  quite expensive it's an expensive material but you know I seriously I mean if you're a practitioner and the gloves are on your hand you want to feel comfortable first and you know I would urge everybody to try a neoprene glove I would say within your practice you should have a nitrile glove a cheap nitrile glove so that you don't you know for the assistance where they're doing cleanup they put on the gloves when they're you know they're just walking into a patient on the hygiene side when it comes to you know specific for the practitioner I will look at the neoprene glove and at least try it out there's some we get it we get a lot of positive feedback on the neoprene huh

Howard:  so what would so in your market is allergies a big deal I mean you have a lot of people that can't do latex cuz the allergies 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:it comes up a lot less than you think I mean the market has shifted away from latex so I would say today 70% of the glove business that we do is nitrile or synthetic and is the nitrile the poly isoprene or is that now I don't think so very

Howard:  so um so we talk bird talk uh that is there I'm Josh what what am I not smart enough to ask you guys what do you guys sitting there thinking when's he gonna ask this are you doing drugs are you doing is pharmaceuticals a lot aspirin motrin Tylenol a lot of pharmaceuticals are they ordered a lot of that from you

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:yeah I mean we definitely see seems like most practices want to have that on hand a lot of the antibiotics just in case they have a patient's to be taking them you know they kind of keep a jug on the on the shelf and they might not use it all and some of them might go bad but it's really good it's better than canceling a patient so you want to me definitely wanna make sure you have that yeah are you seeing any movements with Howard: the Millennials everybody keeps telling me they're gonna be all different you know they they they all look like they have the same ten fingers and ten toes but are they buying green are they concerned about plastic straws or are you smelling any of that change versus old guys like me or 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman: yeah I mean III think the biggest change we see is on like we talked about engagement so I think they're less interested in having a sales rep I think they're more interested in going online and ordering you know quick easy you're seeing a lot more you know a lot more the dental materials marketing is based around quick and easy yeah but 

Howard: you're not you're not seeing a big green movement you're not at you're not getting a lot of people saying you know is this made from solar or more environmental friendly or you're not seeing that big green movement we haven't seen the transformational shift again we don't do a lot of business in California they would likely like you said there are different states of america right yeah and you know III ice I've seen that that the greatest thing about being old I mean I'm 57 I got four grandkids I got diabetes erectile dysfunction I mean it's just it's just great but you you get to see the still and I remember when the ATM machine came out and me and dad thought well who the hell's gonna do that when you could just walk in there and see Carroll and get a sucker well they sure as hell didn't want to go see Carroll and get a free sucker and they went to the ATM machine and now I'm seeing that on my dental office on my dental office website today's dental DICOM their or their scheduling their patients online they don't want to call during the day and be put on hold so you're saying they want less human engagement and they just want to do it faster easier higher technical gosh I am I don't know pretty soon the host of podcasts will be robots god I hope any anything could be could do better than me at this saying but yeah I think this is great you guys should get on dental town we have 50 forms and one of them's dental supplies hell of you just googled dental supplies there's a gazillion questions and they love it when the owner gets on there I mean I mean they just love it when I mean I mean how cool is it when  the CEO or somebody from the company comes on to answers or questions and  that's why I called it dental town and not Dennison I remember when I first started back in 99 dentists come on say Oh who's good Larry came on and he's ready to sell something my my oh wow you mean you're a volunteer dentists and a public health clinic where do you volunteer at oh I thought you had a million dollar business oh I love its dental town it's not dentist town and for me personally he did three molar root canals yesterday if you took away about 50 dental companies III would look like some you know third-world dentist you know it was the only way I look good is when these companies sell me the greatest technology in the world and they just make us all look so better but man I'll tell you what it was I can't think anything else to ask you thank you so much for coming on the show thank you for having us anybody anybody got any parting words they want to say yeah I mean I'm definitely gonna be more active on the dental sound blogs and anybody who you know asked question I'm gonna I'm gonna do whatever I can't answer them because

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:I think that we have a lot of knowledge and I think we can really help the dental industry is a key component of of the entire you know the dental dealer industry is a key component of the entire dental industry so you know we want to be out there wherever we can and let me tell you 

Howard: how you pay how you pay the most money for dental supplies in my impression is when you buy some build-up material that takes two minutes to set up instead of one minute I mean I don't want to sit there for two flippin minutes or why did you cancel our next patient oh because we don't have this are you kidding me that was a that was a $1,500 case because and we don't do that I want facet they should have facet and dental school set and once you graduate dental school say I'm sorry you graduated we can no longer sell you slow set so you want fast set you don't want to reschedule you want the human relationship I've changed dental supply companies three times in my 32 years but it's because the same rep keeps changing or going around or whatever for implants for you know when I'm buying from an implant company I don't care it's implants direct or strawmen or whatever I just wanna know that if I have a surgery the next day and I need something and then that yeah so I'm just um again I just think this is a great industry but guys thank you so much III one thing 

David Charnowitz,  Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman:I noticed with the Millennials I think there's less of a loyalty you know how are you just mentioned you stuck with the same rep throughout your thirty years today it's all about you know don't lying whatever's easiest for me and I think that's a point that can be just brought up and mentioned for better for worse

Howard:  well Jay with eight kids if you're ever can't anymore you can send four of them to uncle Howie in Phoenix Arizona and kids are great but thank you so much for coming on the show I really appreciate it I hope you have a rockin great evening you too.

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