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Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1222 Video SEO for dental websites with Pete Johnson, Cofounder at Get Practice Growth : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1222 Video SEO for dental websites with Pete Johnson, Cofounder at Get Practice Growth : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Pete Johnson is entrepreneur, video marketing expert, and professional storyteller. He has spent all of his career in marketing, with the last 7 of those years specifically focused on the dental industry. He has held multiple leadership positions at both boutique and large dental marketing agencies. In early 2018, Pete cofounded Get Practice Growth and set out on a mission to disrupt the dental industry. His company focuses on the use of custom video to help practices tell their story, earn their patients trust, and generate more revenue.

VIDEO - DUwHF #1222 - Pete Johnson

AUDIO - DUwHF #1222 - Pete Johnson

Pete grew up in sunny San Diego, where the “surf meets the turf”. Pete played competitive sports all through college, where he learned the value of teamwork and developed his leadership skills. Pete is an avid Los Angeles Lakers fan but is still left heartbroken by the desertion of his beloved Chargers. He is currently a free agent fan and accepting offers from other NFL fan bases. He also has a 4 year old daughter (Riley), who keeps him young and makes him watch My Little Pony and other princess movies on repeat. Pete is getting very close to being able to recite every single line in the movie “Frozen”.

Howard: it's just a huge honor for me today to be podcast interviewing Pete Johnson: who is an entrepreneur video marketing expert and professional storyteller he has spent all his career in marketing with the last seven of those years specifically focused on the dental industry he has held multiple leadership positions at both boutique and large dental marketing agencies in early 2018 Pete co-founded get practice growth and set out on a mission to disrupt the dental industry his company focuses on the use of custom video to help practices tell their story earn their patients trust and generate more revenue peter up in San E San Diego where the surf meets a turf he played competitive sports all through college where he learned the value of teamwork and developed his leadership skills he's an avid Los Angeles Lakers fan but is still heartbroken by the deserting of his beloved Chargers he is currently a free agent fan and accepting offers from other NFL fan bases he also has a four year old daughter Riley he keeps him young and makes him watch my little pony and other Prince's movies on repeat he's getting very close to being able to recite every single line in the movie frozen oh my god I've seen that movie so many times do you want to generate high-quality new patient leads if you answered yes look no further his team has all the right tools to help you grow your practice for modern responsive websites optimized for conversion to paid advertising on search engines and everything in between in today's day and age with all the technology and information at our fingertips it is important to have a multi-faceted omni-channel approach to your marketing his data back marketing services allow you to deliver verifiable results that allow you to track the returns from your investment in fact he's so confident in his ability to deliver results that he offers every service on a month-to-month basis and kids I'll tell you whenever you are doing business with a company and they say look we need a year contract I mean my god imagine imagine how your tender dates would go if it had to first agree to dating me one year before you swiped left I don't even get I wouldn't want to have a customer who didn't want to be with me but I had to because he's signed a contract what is your average dentist pay you you know and exactly what it what are you doing I mean you know if you got a McDonald's it's a it's a Big Mac fry Nikko what is your Big Mac Frannie coke what is it cost well what are what are people buying from you 

Pete Johnson: yeah that's a great question our most popular package includes a custom website forty-four custom videos which include one practice overview video which is you know where you tell your why you know show different local landmarks really drive home that emotional connection we do 7 patient testimonial videos or as we like to call them trust ammonia videos and this is where you can let your patients tell the story for you and show you know patients who've had a great experience with you who you've helped give confidence to smile again and then our most powerful video marketing product and there is our video SEO and that's where we create 36 different videos of the doctor discussing frequently asked questions and topics as they pertain to the services that were advertising for so for an example with you know dental implants it would be you know what is a dental implant how much do they cost in my candidate for dental implants is there financing available all the you know those frequently asked questions that people are typing into the search engine with that package we also include our ongoing SEO services in that package retails at a six thousand dollar setup and one thousand dollars per month Howard: so tell me the price again the one

Pete Johnson:  yeah the retail pricing that is a set up of six thousand dollars and includes you know the forty four videos and the custom website and then an ongoing you get the ongoing SEO services the video SEO I mean that's one thousand dollars per month so it's six thousand down and one thousand dollars a month correct 

Howard: Wow and I see a ring guard is one of your he's been on this show with dental implant seminars or ahead of his implant students doing this yeah we ex we're just out doctor Garg summer symposium in Chicago where 

Pete Johnson: I was actually lecturing on how to generate high-quality leads through the use of video and we got it definitely got a good response and we work with a lot of his students so ISM is dental implants is that mostly elderly senior citizens with white hair is that the majority of the market or yeah no that's the majority of the market and a lot of our clients are actually when their first questions is are the elderly population gonna be looking at videos and stats that Google put out you know baby boomers are actually one of the people who use YouTube the most and that once they hear about a new service they're very likely to go to youtube and watch videos explaining that service or watch testimonials of people who have used that service before they actually make a decision so yeah for implants baby boomers and you know the elderly population are typically the ones who are taking advantage of that but that doesn't mean that you know people in their 30s and 40s don't need implants and aren't gonna take advantage of that as well you know and 

Howard: you know in my world you know I was a trained you know and I got my MBA these beat in our head like beating the street by Peter Lynch where you know don't worry what the Wall Street boys are saying what do you see in your own backyard you know don't you read what they're saying about you know Boston Market go eat at Boston Market do you like the food did everyone else like it in my world everybody is switching from television to their smartphone and if they go back go back it's towards a and iPad I mean I mean it's just like it's almost everyone I know says about the only thing they watch television for like the like sports like subscription yeah yeah Saturday night yeah we had a big party you wants you the MMA fight did you see that that ima fight that the two lovely ladies one from Brazil and I mean I did not see that yeah I mean I mean that's about the only thing I ever use my big screen for because you know if you're sitting at house of four people no one wants to be watching the same show at the same volume so yeah you to dinner so you charge $6,000 down because you don't have a monthly contract so if you're listening to this 6000 down he's got to get his money back and then after that 6000 down you have the right to quit right 

Pete Johnson: yeah you do and then they would keep their custom website would they get a keep and own their custom website yeah yeah so one of the things I made sure of when I started this company was I hated when clients would think that they owned a web site and they didn't and maybe as companies I worked for or big proponents of that so anything and everything that we create for a client on behalf of them is owned by them and further if you do leave us we'll help facilitate you know the transfer of your website because you're still gonna have to host it somewhere you're still gonna have to maintain it so if all you wanted to do is just host and maintain your website with us we charge $50 a month or we'll help you find some where you can host and maintain it on your own 

Howard: and what are you making that custom website in is that um what were they call that word WordPress WordPress a 

Pete Johnson: WordPress yeah so we design all its websites with WordPress we do a lot of custom coding on you know the back end when we're developing the website once the website goes live that we haven't put into a WYSIWYG or what you see is what you get editor so our clients can easily make edits on their own I tell all my clients though you're paying us to make edits we don't charge you to make at it so if you need anything just send it over to us and we'll implement those changes for you 

Howard: WordPress is owned by a privately held company called automatic and but you were saying for the for the edits that you connect up their website to what 

Pete Johnson: we connected to a editor called Elementor which is a content management system which is a WYSIWYG content management system what you see is what you get so basically it allows our clients to drag and drop content in and edit it very easily as opposed to like if it was a fully custom site like in terms of you know how they're editing it have to know code to edit it so we want to make it as easy as possible for people to maintain it on their own without our help 

Howard: is my average homie are they are they good at this high-tech web stuff and editing are or they smell yeah yeah yeah 

Pete Johnson: very very few and far between when I'll meet a client who actually knows how to navigate the backend of a website and again that's why I tell everyone like if you need to change just let us know we'll make it for you we're not gonna bill you for it so might as well utilize the company that you're paying 

Howard: okay and so you're 44 custom interviews I know what their thing in there they're driving to work and they're saying dude I I don't even have 44 things to talk about how do you make that 44 custom interviews 

Pete Johnson: ya know a great question um well one of them the practice overview video that's where you're telling your story so we're obviously gonna help you come up with the questions and kind of give you an outline of the what we want to accomplish with that video but then it just takes you sitting down figuring out you know what you want to stay on patient testimonial videos seven of those you're actually not speaking the patients are speaking for you so we have a set of questions that we ask and help prepare your patients for and then for the video SEO portion we're actually doing keyword research on the back end to figure out how people are searching for the services that you provide once we do that keyword research and figure out which key phrases have the highest volume we then turn around create the questions write out the scripts and bring them out for you because like I said earlier we bring a teleprompter when we come out to do the shoot so you're just sitting back relaxingg reading up a teleprompter and talking about what you know best which is dentistry 

Howard: so if you go to dental town there's fifty category there's a quarter million dentists there's fifty categories they're all organized and one of the categories is marketing and one of them is website and another category is building your website and so they're all asking a new owner needing new website once it built in-house who do you recommend that is affordable and allows login and changes in the office have you looked into off the site anyone use that and what is its cost the next guy says we use Wix pretty affordable so anyway so what would what would you say that guy is asking them so they would on shark tank are there any competitors in your space yeah who would be your main competitor is office like one of them 

Pete Johnson: um no I don't really view office cited as a competitor one they put out a lot of templated websites their websites come with a lot of stock content and they don't really focus on the power of video when it comes to you know marketing companies I really try to rank them into two different tiers you have like the upper echelon and the lower echelon some competitors in the upper echelon would be a wheeeeel media progressive implant marketing and those are like what's different about us is we're focusing on video first and there's no other company currently in the dental industry that is focusing on video for digital marketing purposes so when it comes to a competition you know I welcome all competition I think it makes the industry healthy and greets you know creativity but there's really not much out there right now in terms of competition for what we're really trying to push forward which is video content marketing

Howard:  so basically um one of your products was an SEO video SEO do you think templates websites with templates do you think that affects your SEO negatively templates is a it's a loaded word because 

Pete Johnson: if we're talking about building a website off of the template if your website looks similar to someone else but has like the same bones that's not gonna really affect your SEO what matters is the content that lives on your website your website is the vehicle everything that you do to make your website more visible or find new patients is the gasoline or the fuel that you're putting into your vehicle and now obviously you know the prettier your vehicle is the more customized it is it's gonna help build upon that emotional connection because let's face it for a while there every single website looked the same they all have the same stock photos of the smiling family you can't really tell what ethnicity they are they're kind of down the middle they could be white black green purple whatever they may be and people just got used to seeing that and in the eyes of the patient you know what  separates you from the person down the street they don't know they need us to tell them why they should choose you and when you put out content that's custom and talks about your practice and in particular video content it helps with your overall visibility and on Google definitely loves video so they're gonna shoot you up their search rankings 

Howard: so you said the upper echelon was progressive dental marketing that's Bart knelling um the other one you mentioned was a real media why did you like bigger media um 

Pete Johnson: I actually worked for leo media prior to starting my own company and that's where I learned a lot about how to use video marketing and how to really put out you know high-quality custom websites and mix that in with a you know a high-powered marketing campaign so that's the reason I think they're a great company not only do they put out great work but I worked for them and know they put out a quality product 

Howard: so I loved your term trust ammonia's I've never heard it before so I'm always gonna whenever I steal that term I'm gonna try to remember to give Pete Johnson the credit I love that term but well let's I'll take it a step further we gotta give dr. Dyson credit for that he helped me come up with it he said I can use it so really

Howard:  well that's cool yeah you have to get that in dentistry because like say I know when I buy a Big Mac or a dr. pepper or a Nike tennis shoe you know what that product is but when someone looks in the eye and says you need to have your gallbladder removed I mean I'm not a gallbladder expert I I'm sitting you're looking at you thinking I mean I you know on those shows like okay do you want to call a friend well what friend do I know that is an expert on gallbladder so how do you in the error of fake news where nobody believes anything anymore how do you create trust for dentists for their patients when dentists are truly only selling trust because our product is in when you're selling the invisible it's based on trust so how do you tell a story that doesn't sound like fake news and it's honest

Pete Johnson:  I that's a great question and one of the things that I tell every client that I work with of why video is so powerful so let's  say you know I'm a patient and I have my daughter's graduation coming up I know that I need to get my teeth fixed I'm not confident with my smile so I'm going online I do a Google search I've been told in the plat in the past that I need implants so I do a search for you know dental implants near me a website pops up with video lines so you get to the website you have a video header that immediately draws them in and that video header you may have you know local landmarks videos of the doctor interacting with staff and patients that already is gonna give them enough to actually do a little bit more research as they do what everyone would do on a website they start to scroll down you'll see the next section is going to be the overview video and that's where they can get to know the doctor the next section down is going to say you know we take great care of our patients or whatever the wording may be and then I'll have video testimonials of or trust them o'neill's of people who you've given care to who can vouch for your services and then further you have you know 36 different videos of you explaining different services that you provide and answering different frequently asked questions what you're doing is you're helping people make an educated decision it's all about guiding people to the decision you want them to make and you do that by getting their trust and getting them to like you the way you get their trust is by providing content that applies to what they're searching for how do you get them to like you by being yourself if someone doesn't like you there's not much you can do about it so that's what the deal really helps do is creates more qualified leads when people are watching those videos and then pick up the phone to call they already I have an idea of what you're about what you stand for they've seen what you can do for other patients and they're not as concerned as much about oh is this doctor just telling me I need something where I don't really need it it's again it's about being their guide and holding their hand through the decision-making process and 

Howard: when we look at dentistry I mean it's got 10 specialties now I only had only had nine when I got a school but the website couldn't be the same value for each I mean it wouldn't it be more valuable for a dentist placing implants or doing ortho or Invisalign than someone who had a Medicaid practice

Pete Johnson: um yes and no obviously you want to know who your target audience is and cater your messaging around that but when it comes down to it people that are you know going into a Medicaid practice or going into a high-end oral surgery practice they still like video content and it's gonna help you increase the amount of people that you see regardless of if you're trying to get more Medicaid patients or you're trying to get you know a $25,000 for mouth reconstructive it's it's really about again analyzing the data and trends and seeing that video content is being consumed at all-time highs Cisco the large corporation just put out a study that says by 2021 they predict that 82 percent of all Internet traffic will be video now obviously the Netflix is that Lulu's the Amazons have a big chunk of that video streaming but it just shows that people like video content and when you put out video content you're gonna connect with people on a different level what are most of your customers targeting 

Howard: who was the target market of most of the customers that your target is that mostly well what is it then unplanned or mmm-hmm obviously there's a lot of implant out there just because 

Pete Johnson: it's such a profitable service  Invisalign sleep sedation dentistry and then there's a lot of GPS that are just going after your bread and butter you know your crowns your cleanings all of that it you know if you can get someone to get in the door and start accepting your treatment then you can always earn their trust and loyalty by providing them a great product so it's it's to me it's about getting people in the door and then letting your true colors shine and video just helps accelerate that process 

Howard: what I just heard him say is and I've had this confirmed all around the world is that you know implants and vision what do they have in common well your government insurance company like Medicaid or the National Institute of Health for England and they have it in France and lately go to Tokyo the Japanese government will pay you $100 for a molar endo which nobody in Japan can do and make money on but they don't set the fee for implants or Invisalign so why would I do a molar root canal for $100 and lose several hundred dollars when I could extract the tooth place an implant and charge fifteen hundred so so whenever somebody else sets your fee it's dangerous to be in business with someone else's setting your fee and that's  what government is I mean the most efficient way to spend money is I spend money on me it becomes less efficient when I spend money on Pete Johnson it even becomes insane inefficient when I spend other people's money collected through taxation for a service for other people health care what have you and so that's what I see I see the people that are breaking that are focusing their using their  base whether it's a Medicaid base of Medicare base denture world relying base and they're using their base to build a relationship and Trust with to upsell ten or twenty percent on two more premium products like I've said several times that the single largest implants practices I've ever seen they always have the same business model they went to an old town but the 50 year old denture world that's you know some lab techs realigning dentures for almost no money buys at and now gives you the option well did you want to realign or did you want to just snap that denture onto two implants or all the way to all one for and I mean these guys are telling me they're getting one all on four out of every four twenty five thousand arch for every one hundred real inés well they don't even care about the 99 realigns when you're doing a 50 thousand dollar case so um so are so you're saying that most of your interest so far has been invisalign signo suri and that makes me my next question on this line how does an orthodontist build a website when he's trying to attract a child to want to come to your practice who's all cool and everything but mom and dad are paying the bill so where were ya where's the bridge between mom and daughter

Pete Johnson: so most the time a younger person let's call them an adolescent they're not going to be scheduling their own appointments either being mom or the dad will be scheduling the appointment for them and when you're looking at you know when my wife is looking at a website for our daughter she wants to see that one in my daughter sports oh this is gonna be a little bit different for Invisalign but is my daughter gonna be entertained does the staff look friendly are there games and stuff for her to play with while she is waiting and with video you can demonstrate all of that clearly you can show videos of the waiting room you know one of our my favorite websites is ww w. smile TX. com and it's an ortho practice we work with in McKinney Texas and one of the things that were highlighting in that video is of his younger adolescent patients utilizing all the fun stuff in the waiting room like the iPads you know the TV the different games that he has so it's again it's it's about figuring out who your target audience is and building your message around that you don't want to have the same message as everyone else you want it to be true to who you are and again video helps you do that what's that website Oh smile yeah ww smile TX as in Texas comm

Howard:  would you say implants is that your number one category and then or is it on a joke inter no

Pete Johnson: I honestly would say that yeah in place is probably number one but there's not really a clear number two and even our practices that are focusing on implants we're doing more marketing than just the implants it's  I think it's and obviously this depends on the practice but you don't want to focus on just one thing you definitely want to attack it from different angles and have different streams of Revenue so Wow yeah implants are great to focus on but we can focus on hygiene and getting people in for hygiene and cleanings and then if the you know the doctor and the staff are trained like we talked about earlier easily you know gain their trust and upsell them onto dental implants if that patient you know happens to need implants in the future and what do you think are on 

Howard: what do you think are the other major issues and dental websites for dentist there's a lot 

Pete Johnson: I would say the number one issue that I face you know when I'm trying to bring on a new client is that there's so many companies out there that promise the world and then under deliver so my main job is getting these dentists to trust me that I'm not gonna burn them that I'm not just gonna take their money and never talk to them again and that's  really unfortunate it's never fun you know having to basically tell someone that you're not lying because they have been burned and I see it very often so we're all about trust and transparency you know we want to be the first one to deliver good news the first one to deliver bad news and I think for practice is one of the biggest problems that I see is they're not trained on how to handle inbound leads when you have a digital lead come in from a page search need a handle that lead much differently than you would handle a referral or a family and friend that comes in so it's about you know developing a system with your staff on how to track those leads how to follow up with those leads are we coming up with a script of different bullet points that you're going to cover when talking to someone are we giving people the ability to communicate with you in multiple different ways you know the older generation they're probably gonna still pick up the phone or maybe they'll fill out a form on your website but younger people love the text if you can allow them to text your you know your office line then you're gonna help convert those patients into actually convert those leads into actual patients by giving people what they want in the way that they wanted it 

Howard: so I notice we were talking earlier off-site that was actually bought by Henry Schein I always wear it that's a good news or a bad news you do you think when a big company like that gets picked up by an even bigger company do you think I mean I don't know I just I just think of yeah I'm just thinking when Henry Schein bought dendrix and and ever since they bought dendrix I mean just think of all the dental companies that all sprung up in Utah on the Utah slopes just to do all these innovations that I always sat there scratch in my head think why didn't dendrix just do that so uh

Pete Johnson: yeah I think when a large company purchases another large company that you're gonna lose a little bit of the quality they're also gonna kind of lose that innovative spirit I was listening to a podcast the other day masters of scale and I was talking about how the startups need to have like a pirate's attitude or like a Buccaneer to where you have that creative creativity you're fighting you know maybe your company is going from paycheck to paycheck to make payroll but you're constantly fighting and trying to innovate and make your product and validate it once you become really big you have lots of investors and profits to worry about that the innovation tends to get lost so well I think it's a healthy and a normal life cycle for a business I do think that these younger smaller companies are gonna fight a little bit more for your business and ultimately put out a better product

Howard: when you were talking earlier about WordPress there is so many plugins on the market for WordPress do you like any of them do you see that do you think dentists get tech savvy and learn those plugins or do you think from what you've seen they should concentrate on learning how to place dental implants and leave the plugins for someone else 

Pete Johnson: yeah I mean personally I like to educate myself on you know lots of different things and if I was a dentist I would probably educate myself on the products and mess around with them but at the same time is money if you can pay someone to do something for you and when they can do a better job and they can do it quicker than you can you're gonna save money by not wasting time on doing it now however if you're started practice you're trying to cut you know cost down and keep everything as low as possible then yeah I encourage you to go out there watch tutorials on YouTube learn about the different ways that you can build a website again we use WordPress and then we use the plug-in called Elementor to actually you know edit the websites an ongoing basis it's a very intuitive and simple platform to use that kind of on a high level obviously you can get into the weeds and do a lot with it but from a you know a consumer standpoint yeah like I think that everyone should educate themselves on the different tools available to grow their practice

Howard:  huh okay um but in your experience what percent of dentists because she's she's driving to work she's all by herself the whole tagline for dental town was so that no dentists will ever have to practice so again and she just they they always like to know what everybody else in their class was doing because they went through dental school the hundred people you know what percent of a hundred dentists are getting all tech savvy and learning these plugins and all that stuff and what percent are saying dude you only manage people time and money I don't have the time to focus on this I need to learn how to bone graft yeah what would you say Charlie about five percent five

Pete Johnson: five percent ha

Howard:  so it's almost like a hobby yeah and I'm a dentist under God I wish you would just spend a day 

Howard: you could answer all these questions there's just so many of them this guy asks on SSL and site redirects what is that all about we recently purchased an SSL certificate I notice today the site still was a listen as secure so I contracted our website design company to receive the following reply I had our team log in and check to see what is going on with the SSL the SSL has been installed since September 21st but the force redirect was not showing it in the browser this means Google would still see it as secure but the user cannot see it in the address bar I will waive your next month SSL fee for the inconvenience for your not being able to see the SSL and the next 

Pete Johnson: I says that is a response he's gonna say that sounds like a response is a cert security certificate so instead of your website address being HTTP its HTTPS and it's industry standard because if Google doesn't it really only applies to sites where your have secure information if you're accepting credit card payments or have you know HIPAA information on there that's when it's needed most websites don't need to be HD PBS but with that being said Google warned people if it's not a secure website so industry-standard knows every single website is HTTPS it's super simple to add on I mean it costs like $15 to out of security certificate 

Howard: so when I get emails from Dennis they always have their website in their links so I just pulled up the top email I got and first thing I always say is it says not secure and I did not it just says wwwo but yeah if I go to your website it does it says HTTPS so that that's the deal DUI I it creeps me out because you're always worried about getting our bugs and malware and all that stuff like that and so uh I actually um I'm actually more than shocked at the average dental website that I see I mean no you know the guys always send me emails they say you know it's chip and then they'll have their name order so I click it and I always think to myself oh my god I mean it's just terrible so I'm I wouldn't go back to SEO so if every single dental website company says I'll make you first on SEO all of them but one have to be lying so we'll so what what are they supposed to think when they see you know hey you're not showing up first on your website search so so what would 

Pete Johnson: well first of all you should never work with the company that guarantees first page placement like you said if everyone's guaranteeing it someone has to be lying well what people need to focus on is more about the ROI that you get from working with your marketing company now obviously there's a direct correlation between ROI and your wherever you rank in the search engine the higher you rank typically speaking the higher the ROI you're gonna have but what it comes down to is working with an SEO company that you can trust and that you can see that is putting in work and is being transparent about the work that they're doing and with how many different key phrases there are it's it's about figuring out which ones work for your practice everyone wants to be on page one for Dentist near me but if everyone's trying to go onto page one for Dennis near me why not find a different key phrase that will still bring in the same types of patients that everyone is trying to optimize for and that way you're going to you still get your your website out there but you're not competing against every single person and that's all figured out they're doing keyword research when you know a client would come on board with us as identifying where is makes the most sense to start attacking and where to kind of focus our efforts up 

Howard: um one of one of the Townies on dr.

Pete Johnson: Cheung ask em should he betrying to get a bunch of different domain names I mean ah I mean it's your preference there's really no benefit to it if you want to get the ones that are most similar to yours to make sure that no one purchases that in the future it's good a lot of doctors like to use their name and their domain that's where I'd actually advise against if you ever want to sell your practice it's good to have a domain that's branded like about the location I guess San Diego Dennis com not dr. Johnson calm when you're selling your practice eventually you can sell all of the the digital marketing and online presence that goes along with it like oh I have a thousand reviews I'm on page one if it's the website is that other doctors name that doctors gonna want to change that the purchasing doctor and the is gonna lose some of the rankings that that domain is built up I think owning several different domain names that was the rage between 94 and 2000 mhm but now it's 2019 so would you say that strategy kind of died yes Google used to place an importance on the domain they no longer do that and they haven't done it for you know probably 10 years so yeah a dirt your URL only matters for marketing material like when you're telling someone to go to your website that's when it's gonna matter you want to have you know a short URL that's easy to remember and you want to try to stay away from those new domains that's like you know dot dentist or you know dot whatever because people they don't realize it yeah and they're still gonna put com

Howard:  okay another question and by the way would you mind sometime when you're when you're when your daughter's watching frozen to just sit there on your on your iPad and go to a dental town message board marketing building your website next person ask um how difficult is it to host your own website what does that actually even mean 

Pete Johnson: should I host my website said somebody else has don't say what does that even mean and should they do it or have someone else do it yeah so your website lives on a server that's where the all the content information lives so if you're paying someone else to host your website you're just paying them to host your information on their servers if you want to buy your own server and host your own website you can do that it's probably going to cost you more money than anything nowadays with all the cloud marketing or cloud domain services out there you can host it on you know Amazon Web Services have really fast servers the one thing to look for when you're hosting your website is how many people are gonna have their website hosted on that server as well and how fast those servers are 

Howard: you mentioned Amazon web servers I'm in Phoenix Arizona maybe I'm brainwashed but I go daddy's big out here but if someone said they wanted to host their website is what Amazon Web Services that'd be your first choice yeah 

Pete Johnson: yeah I mean there's so many out there and they're all relatively the same there's it's really like there's no differentiating factors that make one company better than the other it's you know host heater isn't a really good one that and these are questions that my CTO would be able to give you know much more educated answer but he would say the same thing it's not really a big deal who you choose to just host your website 

Howard: well they're all the same I'm gonna recommend GoDaddy because he's the largest sponsor to our homeless clinic here in Phoenix Arizona that Chris volchek has run for 20 years and it's actually not even the founder of GoDaddy it's his adorable wife she goes to all the fundraisers for all the poor stuff but anyway um the next question is which you're gonna go back in and answer all these for me is a mobile phone app required for a dentist website 

Pete Johnson: no not at all I mean quite frankly most people don't want to download an app on their phone so by no means that well a lot of people 

Howard: went you know apps in my walnut brain they really didn't take off until Jobs came out with a smartphone in 2007 but I remember from 2007 for five years everybody was thinking well maybe I should have an app why did it not have any obviously you're correct because how many dentists have their own app for their own website it's 

Pete Johnson: I think I said earlier people don't want to have to download a bunch of different apps on their phone you know why would they download the app when they can just go to the website in the past people are trying to have apps because mobile websites weren't as good as regular websites but now with responsive technology to where your website's gonna rearrange and resize content based upon what size screen is being viewed on there's really no need for an app other than you can send out more targeted message to people who download an app but it's I don't see that changing I think it's just you can for people who want to have an app you can basically if you have an iPhone you can add a bookmark to your home screen and it looks just like an app so if you want to tell your page to bookmark your website on their phone they can do that and they're not downloading anything 

Howard: the best dental marketing where was done by actual research I was done by UCLA and it was done a long long time ago I mean it was in the early 90s and I and then I saw another one but basically everything I've seen that's done correctly said that you can divide America into two markets one shops from turnabout for dentistry one shops half of the market shops on price and it's gonna go wherever their dental benefit takes them and the other half shop on the the dentist and they're scared and they're nervous and they're very particular about who will touch them so regarding half of the population that the that's on price do you recommend that you list every PPO dental insurance company that you're participating in so that if someone's not doing dentist near me but Delta dentist near me or BlueCross and BlueShield dentists near me do you agree with that or disagree that or what's your thoughts on that 

Pete Johnson: no I I agree I mean if you're in network you should let people know that you're in network and again it's all about giving people as many options as possible if you're working with a price conscious person then letting them know that you're in network with their insurance provider is gonna help influence their decision so would you would you have that be a separate page or oh yeah I would you could put you know on a page where you talk about which insurances you accept or on the procedural pages where you're talking about the different procedures that you offer at the bottom you can put a little paragraph like if you're interested in or coming in today you know case policy this day we accept these and these insurances whatever it may be there's there's different ways to do it but yeah I think it's important to list those things if you are in fact in network 

Howard: okay so half of America shops on price and my gosh you know they can barely you know buy everything their kids need and put lunches on the table and all that kind stuff the other half is very discerning and they really want to see who is actually working on me and how do I know they're good you call it trust ammonia 'ls and I've only said that a digital camera to document your own work is more valuable than a CAD cam and a CB CT and a laser all rolled up into one and I podcasts it many people on this show where you know a good 20% of their patients fly in on Southwest Airlines to get $25,000 implant cases done because they don't trust the guy in Parsons Kansas who may be a diplomat in the International Congress or implantology but you go to his website it looks like it was made in 1912 so what is the next question under Donald our message board marketing build your own website where can i buy before-and-after photos for sell since I don't have my own well the answer is why don't you have your own I mean if I was a surgery I've seen this firsthand so so talk about are there places to buy before and after so before and after photos for your own if you don't have your own

Pete Johnson: yeah there are there I mean if you just do a Google search I mean Adobe stock has a huge library of photos that you can use but like you said I mean a dovish okay all these stock photos and then you buy them yeah for your website I mean we typically tell all of our clients to use their own but we have some clients who we've you stop before-and-after photos for to demonstrate you know the effectiveness of a certain procedure and

Howard: what do you think so what what are you doing mostly with your customers are you are what percent of you said five percent like the tech stuff what percent of the dentists that you've met work with actually have their own photos 

Pete Johnson: I would say about half it's good and you're starting to see you're about you're seeing a lot more of it like in recent years I think that's the numbers gone up to 50 percent where probably was that like thirty percent a couple years ago like you said with how cheap it is to purchase a digital camera and take high-quality photos there's no reason to not have photos and we also provide practice photo shoots our services so a lot of times if they dentist because I want to watch you come out there for them and take a bunch of photos 

Howard: what I do understand would dentists that okay you you pay all these people your highest overhead is labor and you don't want to take the photos well you got a team I mean Canada and a lot of team members say well you know I don't know you know that they're fearful and say okay I'll send you a court Dentaltown has several online courses on taking photos but I'm telling you talk about a trust ammonia you how nice it is to see a before and after and know that this this dentist any in front of you is the

Pete Johnson: one who did that I mean that well not only like yeah before and after photos mixed in with a video of that patient talking about it I mean that's a slam dunk right there you're you're letting your patients sell your services for you and there's no better person than a sell a service for you then someone who's actually use your service

Howard:  there's a lot of questions on this SSL certificate the next one again is the how much does it cost how much how much does it cost to buy the certificate how much does it cost to install it how much does it cost to get that not secured off your website by

Pete Johnson: 10 10 15 bucks figure out where your website is hosted and contact whoever hosts them whether it's GoDaddy whoever it's through they'll be able to add it's just a security certificate to your website and if you're working with a marketing company they should be doing that for you

Howard:  some of the people are saying you know like you you're in big San Diego I'm in big Phoenix that is all this dental website is this just a big urban dentist conversation kind of like rich world problems you know if but what if you're in a rural town of 25,000 there's a good website doesn't matter in a town where everybody knows your name

Pete Johnson: it does and the reason is is think about if someone tells you hey go use my dentist you're probably gonna go check out their website before you call them unless you really trust that person most the time you will do a little bit of research still so while you don't have to spend big bucks on like ongoing marketing services it's still important to have a well polished online presence because it's it's a lot of times the first impression that you're gonna make upon people and who knows where your leads are coming from so yes I think it's important for everyone to have a nice website but I don't think it's as important for someone in a small rural town 

Howard: to spend as much money on marketing as someone you know in the new york city of San Diego okay I wanna make a pop quiz she's gonna be pulling up to her office I'm shortly she has our commute she's gonna get there in ten minutes she's gonna walk in before she doesn't rain she's gonna pull up her website and you're gonna tell her right now how she could evaluate she hasn't thought about her website in years she bought it at a dental convention ten years ago and and they did it so she cuz that's my perception and when I go to dentists website like okay you bought this fight in ten years ago was a quick and clean and dirty checklist for my home used to look at their dental office website and think is this thing this is good a nothing yeah is it horrible okay what

Pete Johnson: it's funny that you bring that up in one of our latest blog posts on our website which is get practice growth calm it's called do it yourself an SEO kit to where we have different tools that you can plug your website into to check for duplicate content you want to make sure that the content on your website is custom that it's not being used by other dentist and it's only used on your website to your NAP or name address and phone number this is your directory listing so you want to make sure that they're clear and concise across the board if you plug your website into that free tool it'll tell you everywhere your dirt your business is shown online and if there's any discrepancies in your directory listing number three check for schema markup schema markup is how a marketer organizes the content on your website for Google to view it because Google looks at a website differently than we do they crawl down the back into the website so a schema our cup is like an enhanced sitemap to where you're telling Google this is a page about implants this is what we're talking about how much they cost what they are how long they last and Google likes that so again if you go to get practice growth com click the blog section the title of the blog it starts with do it yourself and then I forget the exact rest of it but you'll find it on there

Howard:  you actually I'm a big fan of your of your blogs I'm yeah how Google determines your site ranking how and how to improve yours on how to WoW your patients using custom pop-up videos how using video can attract new patients and strengthen your bond with current patients TV a perks webinar is that what you're talking about TV a perks webinar no sir I think it's it's like two or three more down it's called it starts with DIY okay that's a I got too much so online reviews why they really matter and how to get them and what's next that's your trust amonials 'ls and then while you're talking about do it yourself search engine optimization by this Chargers fan named Pete Johnson again practice growth so you talked about you don't want duplicate content and you can enter your website URL in this free tool to check for stock and duplicate content on your site check for your schema make up that one flew over my market mark a schema markup again that's the enhanced sitemap and 

Pete Johnson: how Google deciphers the information on your site so when you have schema markup you're like spoon-feeding the content of Google in a way that they want it is that why some websites have a sitemap yeah so I mean sitemaps are standard but a sitemap is I can enhance I mean um schema markup is an enhancement to a sitemap 

Howard: huh i I've never used a sitemap why do you people use sitemaps good again it's it's giving 

Pete Johnson: Google a way to easily okay read all the content on your website and they take that back and index you accordingly and schema markup is something you put on top of the sitemap to make it even easier for Google to do that we're ending where we started

Howard:  with these trust ammonia 'ls you need social confirmation and but this is a good doctor and you don't have the skill set to evaluate whether your root canal was done right or if it failed it's just it must be really awful to be buying something when you have no idea what it is and these trust them O'Neill's help but my homies all grew up in a library they all got A's in calculus and physics and geometry and they just they don't have what it takes to say oh by the way P is there any way you give me an online Google review what are your thoughts are these guys

Pete Johnson: yeah um to use a software that does it for you there's lots of software companies out there that offer services that are specifically focused on gathering online reviews and furthermore you want to get quality online reviews so with these softwares they'll integrate with your practice management software automatically send out text and/or emails to your patients after they receive care now you may not want to send it to everyone so a lot of these software's will allow you to pick and choose who you send it to but still even when you're sending out these text messages you want to talk to your patient's and let them know how important it is that you can get a review because at the end of the day most people are willing to help out other people they just don't realize the importance of leaving review so whether just like you know what hey John thanks for coming in today I'm gonna send you out a text with a link to you know my Yelp page or my facebook page if you could just take a second to leave a review and tell me what you think about you know the services

Howard:  I provide that would be great with me a lot to me and people will do it so it just takes being proactive and then utilizing the tools available to you to you get those reviews you know like in my office like last week and today's done on Phoenix you know I worked you know no standard you know I work Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and all my reviews I never asked ever until I in my mind I call it until they walk into the sliding glass door you know they didn't see it or they go oh my god this is perfect and then just Auto response oh my god I'd love to read you I wish you were saying that on a Google review please don't me that will you say that on Google and they start laughing when they go he'll yell say it on Google and I'll say the assistant Christina hander where's her cell phone let's get her to do that right now so III don't ever and you know and it must be a human psychology game because remember that movie Bernie made Oh with the biggest Ponzi scheme ever or $50 you lost money I mean he even said the whole trick to his deal since it's since he need you to trust him he never brought up you investing in his account until you started it and then when you asked he closed but he never asked first and that guy was the perfect sociopath I mean so so a so you know the bottom line is it just works on humor does it go if you feel bad I don't want you doing something that makes you feel bad because the patient probably sense that you're feeling bad or dirty or whatever but if they ever tell you a compliment say man that's nice to hear but god I'd rather be reading that on a Google and I and you know so it's sincere they they said it first so last but not least

Howard:  I'm what do you think my homies I don't know enough about their website what do you think they are missing the most 

Pete Johnson: conversion how to set your website it up to convert the traffic that it creates it's sometimes people will get lost in this style of a website and not build it to where it's set up for conversion you want to have call to actions littered throughout the website and play strategically to maximize the eyes that view it the best thing you like think about your website as an experience so when someone comes to your website how do you make that experience so great that they decide to pick up the phone and call you it and the answer again is gonna be very heavy with video and it's gonna be working with a marketing company that really tries to figure out what your target audience is what kind of messaging do they want to hear um so yeah I think it's it's all about working with a marketing company that knows how to convert online traffic and that will work with you on how to maximize that traffic and you know 

Howard: I love that book I forgot the name of it was it was the telemarketing genius who sold all the whammies and shampoos and I mean just just made a billion dollars like say called action please call now call the number on your screen and if you call now I mean it was always conversion conversion conversion I mean I mean they  explain to you the product in less than a minute and then the 30 minute infomercial was just every conversion trick they called none a man and then you're on a dentist's website and in order to find the phone number to contact you got to click a little hamburger and go down there and you got to do multiple steps when it just should call this number now are you worried about how much the insurance cost cold this you know I'm conversion but but but the problem I have with conversion l is whenever I'm talking to my friends they don't know how many people landed on their website last month they don't know how many of those that landing on their website called the office they don't know how many they can't even tell you how many people called their office in the first half of 2019 let alone how many they even called the office converted to make an appointment so how do you set up a conversion scorecard so that you can say hey last month a hundred people landed on your site three called your office and you're and you're the lady answer the phone converted one to come in so here's what we can do we can work on the lady answering the phone to convert two out of three instead of one out of three or we can double your website marketing budget and you know what would or other how do you get a scorecard on your web a fee that

Pete Johnson: a heatmap met yeah a heat map in a heat map shows you where someone pushes their or whether mouse hovers the most when they're viewing your website so when you have a heat map on your website you can see which parts of your site are view the most and then design your call to actions around the hottest spots on your heat map and

Howard:  how do you get a heat map there's lots of different services out there that provide it it comes 

Pete Johnson: standard for our SEO clients but if you just google you know heat map for my website they'll see bunches of different providers and when you said for getting online reviews you said work with other platforms for that whoo but you didn't mention any names yeah bird eye swell we um those are the three companies that I would recommend Burdine swell are basically only focused on reviews whereas we've is a voice over internet phone that also has review generation capabilities and are they your

Howard:  are they your friends that we've already might yeah well I don't want to throw me under a bridge but the deal is I'm this voice over Internet Protocol is that bleeding edge or leading edge some people think they had the best internet connection they switch to voice over Internet Protocol then they rise their phones were cutting out what where is VoIP as right now in 2019 is a bleeding edge or leading edge I think it's leading edge and 

Pete Johnson: I think it's only gonna get better as you know internet connections become faster and faster and you know you're basically connected to the Internet everywhere you go it's gonna become more powerful so I think right now it's already a great product and it's only gonna get better as time goes on and what if my homies listening right now I want to know what you think of their website you have a some what yeah what's what's a way they can listen to you and find out if your websites is good how could they contact you with you what do you charge to analyze their was their existing website yeah so I

Pete Johnson: I don't charge anything to take a look at your website that's just the cost of me doing business and you know hoping that after I analyze your website you're going to choose to work with us but if you're interested in learning more check out our website get practice growth calm there's call-to-action scattered all throughout the website where you can schedule a time to chat with me directly into my calendar my cell phone number is also eight five eight four four nine zero five six zero feel free to call me text me yeahit's you should be able to figure out a way to contact me pretty easily if you go to our website at get practice a longer website 

Howard: where would I contact you the home the video SEO yeah the home on the home page banner there should be a button that says schedule consultation g PG appointment with Pete so that's get practice growth appointment with Pete 30 minutes web conferencing details provided and counsel information and then you can just click one of those dates this is amazing that's what we've done to our dental office because I've lived through this rodeo with the ATM machine I already knew nobody would ever want to use the ATM machine where they could walk in and see Shirley and get a red sucker and I was wrong everybody wants the ATM machine and I did it on our website and I mean it wasn't even up for a day and someone made an appointment online and of course the first thing the dentists think about is me  cells of me well maybe I don't want her to come in at that time buddy that's all about you are you dentist focused or patient focused she came to your website it was 10:30 at night your close and she made an appointment to come in Monday at 10:00 so you have to work back from that constraint I don't care about what you like and what it shoulda coulda it's just its business man and people are complex and the whole world is gone interest telegraph telephone internet which was text and then image and now it's all video and my gosh I can't wait I never saw any of it coming I can't wait till another 10 or 20 years to see what's on next and that'll go no question what do you think the next big thing is gonna be what's the next big thing

Pete Johnson: I think tella dentistry is going to become more and more relevant you know video consultations to where the patient doesn't even come in and maybe obviously you can't do a full consultation through the video but you can still build on that trust and show the patients that you care so I think Teledyne are you mix it in with the use of video is going to be very relevant here in the Knotts distant future

Howard:  and here is my closing comments every time I'm done and I did this several times last week and I'll be doing it again tomorrow when I'm all done I'll say well you know you're all done Pete um so now if you go over to the hygiene Department and you do exactly what Jamie and Brady tell you to do I may never see you again I mean I haven't had a cavity in decades on my assistant has that a cavity in decades and on that note who could I replace with how many contacts do you have in your cell phone look at those contacts who do you think would love to come in here and have me and Christine do what you did and they start laughs and I said seriously well first just tell me how many people are you're in contact so look in there and she'll say oh my god you know I got you know 600 and I'll say is anybody complained about their tooth you well you know actually last week at Mom's house my sister's husband couldn't even eat because he was swole on the right side and you mentioned Teledesic I don't say FaceTime him and I always hope they have iPhones I love that face I know no face I am them and I'm doing tell a Dennis tree for free right there and I am shocked that when he holds it up and pulls back his cheek with his iPhone I mean I'm right there I'm like I'm like in his mouth yeah and that is tell identity for me and I'll say come on your sister-in-law came in here to make sure it was safe enough for Big Boy to come in come on dude you're swollen I mean I practiced long enough were three times someone with a swelling in two that happened to go in the middle of the night to the emergency room with IV antibiotics and had a Ludwig's angina or whatever get out of control so when you want to come down and and then and this is where the staff gets uh upset he says well when can I come too I said come on down right now and my assistants like oh my god did you really just say that you're you know but um because you figured they might not come down or in 20 minutes might take an hour and by the time he gets here the  patient that I'm supposed to be working on might've canceled or no-show but man it's just it's just if you love what you do and you should want to on a mission to spread the word but he Johnson I thank you so much for coming on the show today and spending an hour with my homies I was very informative me and a good luck with Riley the most important a project you've ever undertaken I hope she does grows up well even though she doesn't have an NFL football team she can always be an Arizona Cardinal yeah we'll see about that all right have a good 

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