Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1218 Cost effective dental supplies and equipment by Steven Kizy, CEO of Midway Dental Supply : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1218 Cost effective dental supplies and equipment by Steven Kizy, CEO of Midway Dental Supply : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Steven Kizy is a forward-thinking, warm-hearted leader with enough wherewithal and vision to drive his company, Midway Dental, to the national stage. At the age of 14, he started his first business in his father’s convenience store in Detroit selling cell phones. What started out as a curious 14-year old’s project for side-cash has become the basis for an entrepreneurial spirit that enables Midway to disrupt the market and provide exceptional support to dentists. 

VIDEO - DUwHF #1218 - Steven Kizy

AUDIO - DUwHF #1218 - Steven Kizy

His brother and sisters who practice dentistry have seen the worst in dental supply and encouraged him to bring that change to the industry. While attending Wayne State University, Steven met his wife, Bianca Kizy, an ophthalmologist. This year they welcomed the newest addition to their family, beautiful Isabelle, who is 5 months as of June. They share a genuine love for family—including their 22 nephews and nieces who all look up to them with adoration. It is Steven’s love of family that has given him the ability to craft such a tight-knit, family-like culture at his company. As such, it was natural for him to assume the CEO role at Midway in 2016. Since taking the helm, Steven has opened six new markets and has built a unique culture with his team that is new to the dental environment. His horizontal management system enables key team members to effect micro-to-macro level agendas at Midway with an unmatched degree of adaptivity. Midway has grown north of 100% in the trailing twelve months, and he has personally received awards for excellence and performance with Inc. 5000, 30 in their Thirties, and NDC member of the year, to name a few.

Howard: it is just a huge honor for me today to be podcast interviewing Steven Kizy the CEO of Midway dental supplies in Livonia Michigan he's a forward-thinking warm-hearted leader with enough where withal and vision to drive his company Midway dental to the national stage at the age of 14 he started his first business and his father's convenience store in Detroit selling cell phones was starting out as a curious 40 year old project foresight cash has become the basis for an entrepreneurial spirit that enables Midway to disrupt the market and provide exceptional support to Dennis his brother and sisters who practice dentistry have seen the worst in Dental Supply and encouraged him to bring that change to the industry while attending Wayne State University Stephen met his wife Bianca Kizzy an ophthalmologist this year they welcome the newest addition to their family beautiful Isabelle who is five months as of this month of June they share a genuine love for family including their 22 nephews and nieces who all look up to them with adoration and as Stevens love a family that has given him the ability to craft such a tight-knit family like culture at his company as such it was natural for him to assume the CEO role at Midway in 2016 since taking the helm Stephen has opened six new markets and has built a unique culture with his team that is due to the dental environment his horizontal management system enables key team members to affect micro to macro level agenda as a Midway with an unmatched degree of adaptivity Midway has grown north of a hundred percent in the toiling 12 months he has personally received awards for excellence and performance with Inc 5030 in their 30s and end se member of the year to name a few Midway Dental Supply is a family owned dental supply company the services the states of Indiana Lower Michigan and northeastern Illinois the company began with the objective to provide exceptional customer service while building personal relationships with their customers they pride themselves on being a full-service distributor servicing the dental professional in every aspect of their business whether you're looking to set up a new practice redesigned an existing building or simply looking to purchase your weekly dental supplies Midway dental supply can fulfill your needs this is not a commercial I did not he did not ask me to come onto the show I was referred by another townie to get you on this show how are you doing today doing well how about yourself I'm doing good but you know what every year June you know six thousand young kids just graduated from dental kindergarten school and some of them are worried some of them think that they went into dentistry because their mom's a dentist and thirty years ago it was a great idea for their mom to be a dentist and now there are dentists they're seeing dsos they're seeing you know all these things they think the sky is falling do you think the sky is falling in dentistry or  use you can pick ophthalmology that I'm sure that would have made your wife happier then your brother and sister who are dentist what would you what do you think of the dental outlets the next thirty years 

Steven Kizy: I don't think it's falling at all I actually think it's growing I think it's going to be bigger than ever and the dentist is now if you think of this like an MBA team it's you have a LeBron James staff curry that's a dentist so I highly recommend that they work their hardest to achieve those goals have become great dentist 

Howard: yeah work like no Denis has for a decade and you'll reap like no dentists has forever um so basically what would trends are you seeing in dentistry I mean these kids coming out of school are they all going to work for DSOs they all going to become a dental associate how long does it take them to really build their own place and become their own dentist I have one good Steven Kizy: case study and my brother and it took him about two or three years to learn to go off on his own it's DSOs offer a great place of employment it's super simple it's easy to go in and work at one and learn quite a bit but I do recommend that the dentist pays attention to what's actually going on on the business side they should always afford themselves afford themselves the right to open up their own practice 

Howard: one thing I do not understand about your businesses dentists are always worried about their supply costs and I'm like okay dude look your fee for a crown is $1,000 you signed up for a PPO doing a crown for 600 the number-one cost in dentistry today is the 42% reduction in your fee by signing up for a PPO the next largest expense is staff which averages about 28% and then it's your lab bill which can be 8% on average and then here's a little old supply bill maybe 6% I mean when you're worried about your supply costs what was your nuts I did I put a lock box over the thermostat why are dentists on PPOs given their staff a raise every time the earth goes around the Sun once why are they so obsessed with their supply cost 

Steven Kizy: you know I don't know I think it's part of the haggling that goes on and in office it's kind of fun I've even heard Donna say I'd like to see what I can get out of my rut today so a ruff walks in and they're able to haggle and they're able to do what the doctor needs so it's  fun to negotiate it's a game 

Howard: well I'll tell you what you just gave away where you were born because I find that the only dentists you like to haggle we're boy in Arizona were born south of Mexico they love to haggle in Mexico India China but Americans don't like to haggle if you're born in America you walk into the mall they say this shirt is 50 bucks you just walk to the counter and pay 50 bucks man you go to Mexico City no not one person in mexico city would pay 50 bucks do you think that born in America means they don't like to haggle and born in south of the border they love it or

 Steven Kizy:  I'll tell you this is what I think I think the American doctor or any nationality they like to feel they like to feel like they're better than the person next door right and so by getting a better price and the new double chair that they wanted the new code beam that they wanted or the products that they're buying makes them feel superior to the others around them so a dental wrap walking in try to offer a better deal hey Doc this is a one-time thing just for you I'm not giving this to the person down the street it makes them feel good about themselves so that's what I feel is happening and it's been happening since the beginning of time every single dental sales rep it was quite odd to myself coming from retail over to dental that the set price in the catalog is never the set price and it's difficult for a company to maintain but allowing a sales rep to make the best decision for their doctor is where it goes well the way I would take it if I'm okay with paying the right price for my product but I do expect a lot in terms of service and I do expect to receive the best possible service advice as hot as humanly possible and what's the doctor with the sales reps out there visiting 100 or 200 practices they're able to see different things that work and then don't work and I would say to every dentist listen to your rep because they're experienced and they see what's happening in the industry

Howard:  well you know I'm I'm gonna switch gears to the 400 pound girl in the room Amazon you know I called Amazon when I started dental town when I served in Old Town they said the internet was gonna be five sees it was gonna be commerce like Amazon it was gonna be content like dental town magazine or blogs whatever is gonna be commercials like banner ads is gonna be connectivity connect to your laptop your smartphone all that stuff I had but the fifth one is the only one I went into community and everybody said oh well you should be selling supplies but I always thought of everything from my own perspective and I thought well I'm not gonna get rid of my supply rep because when she comes in she's my only connection to the outside world I mean sure she's not gonna know she hasn't done a root canal she can't tell me which endo file but I can ask her hey the big hotdog endodontists is Brad Gettleman out in Glendale what file does he use and she'll find out you know and so here it is Amazon has been at the Greater New York meeting three years in a row and I still don't know any dentist buying your slice and Amazon in fact I had the head of 3m dental who does a billion dollars you and I asked him I said when is 3m gonna start selling all their supplies on Amazon he is you know what's really weird I already goes no dentist has ever asked me that the only people that asked me that are businesspeople but um so I believe in community that's what dental town was all about that's you know community that's why I'm podcasting all these counties that are part of the community like yourself so what do you think about Amazon is it does it scare you in your future do you think people are gonna buy all their import gum on Amazon in the near future

Steven Kizy:  it doesn't scare me at all so Amazon is a wonderful tool it's easy it's very easy but Howard I have to ask how easy is it to ask your sales rep what product is best and receive the product the very next day yeah it's just as easy so I come home every day I'm a millennial Mike so is my wife 2 2 or 3 Amazon boxes a day at my house and the reason why my wife shops on Amazon is because it's easy she doesn't have to get in the car go to the store look through the aisles find the item that she thinks she wants she's able to go online and read the reviews and buy the product and send it in what's easier than any of the supply companies out there in the industry then talking to your sales rep you say those are places to order for you or you place it yourself online and receive the product the next day

Steven Kizy:  so art lunch today are you gonna have an avocado on toast isn't that the only thing more nails eat for lunch I've read that in the newspaper that you only Yulin but I want to give you another example about reps and you know that when they came out with uh you know dental implants everybody I know everybody I know that places one implant a week or more they buy them all through a wrap because maybe they're in the middle of a surgery and they need some tool or maybe something they need that human interaction and if you're an implant ologist and you and you're serious about it you you have a rep everybody I know that saves $10 and buys their implants online or from another country they never hit critical mass so it just seems like you know even my book people time and money you need people and your rep is people your your implant distributor is people and if you don't have that human relationship I just don't see you making money by saving a dime buying it online from you know some I think I think there's a 400 dental implant companies in the country of Italy alone two out of every three dental implant companies are from Italy and I don't I don't see that being a major factory success the major factor like freeze of my implant wrap first time I ever asked her a question she said oh my god there's five of us we're all going out for drinks at the sand bar on ray and I 10:00 Thursday why don't you meet us Sara so it was just that connection that that's where they all drink after work and that was my whole implant you know education right there you had these buddies so so I I don't see how the human element of reps is going away in a human business I mean the business of business is human relationships and once you start failing your human relationships at home with your staff with staff turnover with your patients I mean how come there's dentists that have practiced in a town of 5,000 for 20 years and they still need new patients it's like dude the town's only got 5,000 people how does everyone in town not I already know about you is because your staff keeps turning over you just took mrs. Jones a small claims court and sued er so we're all in the people business and so so how do you recommend forming a relationship with your implant I mean when she brings me Donuts and tells me I look handsome it's hard to say well give me a better price on em forgotten 

Steven Kizy: so the best way to build a relationship with your rep is absolutely having dinner with them but it's also picking their brain it's finding out that doctor that's doing extremely well and asking how they're doing so well it's okay you to learn from each other you're not a deep competition this isn't a Walmart next to next to I don't even know who competes with Walmart anymore but a small convenience store then you're servicing your patients and you need to find out how to bring more patients in how to treat your patients better is there something that you haven't seen because as a business owner it is an operator you're so into the weeds that you can't see the forest a-and a sales rep is definitely able to they can see the differentiation between a super successful dentist down the street and one that isn't doing so well and you're a hundred percent correct it's sometimes you know you're bending over to pick up pennies but you're walking over dollars at the same time so you you need to choose wisely pick your sales rep wisely and pick their brain to find out the best information possible

Howard:  you actually asked who competes with Walmart the most the answer is actually Sam's Club and that's why they keep closing them down because they own Sam's Club they own Sam's Club to compete against Costco but then they found out that the person they were hurting the most was their own Walmart store and what was crazy is a lot of Walmart's had the Sam's Club in the same damn parking lot so now you're buying something at Walmart and you're saying well wait a minute my wife's over at Sam's Club and it's four dollars cheaper by the same company in the same parking lot so that was kind of a crazy deal I would um you know dentists go to school for years undergrad to master you know math physics chemistry biology then they go to dental school to learn to apply biology to dentistry they come out they don't know anything about business building a team everything that matters they weren't trained in and yet they could they know 23 ATP come out of the krebs cycle and the guy who figured it out got a Nobel Prize but you're never gonna use algebra trig or the Krebs cycle so how would you advise these 25 year old kids who now they got to be a leader and and and lead a team and attract a team and retain them and how do they learn those skills 

Steven Kizy: so I can tell you how I did and the way I learned those skills is by reading a ton of books my favorite is by Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich and it doesn't have to deal with money it's not all about a large bank account a lot of it has to do with building the drive selling a vision and hiring the proper staff to to grow that vision with you and it's not you know money is a symptom it's not the result in you your goal needs to be to build a great pair a great practice while taking care of your patients and doing the best possible job for your patients the result is the money that comes out of that business and the growth I always mentioned for Midway dental is it's not just about the bottom line for Midway it's about how many people can eat off of our organization so the larger weekend the more people that we can employ and the more people we can bring into our family and that's what's carried us this far so when we do have a tough time when it is hard out there in the street when it's difficult a I know our team members are there to fight with us and fight for our clients and that's that's the differentiator between Midway dental with our horizontal management structure compared to others and that's truly I why I built this organization it's fun to lead everybody every day towards a common goal 

Howard: okay so these dentists are worried it's and it's so emotional because I'm memorizing Wichitas born region Wichita Kansas and and you know they got 400,000 people they had hundreds of you know four or five hundred minutes out there one do so moves in town and they all freak out they're like you think Godzilla had just moved in you know well he'll look at you you gotta compete against shine and Patterson and Benko and Burkhardt I mean you competing and shine that's like you're Dennis having to compete against hurtling so how do you not wake up scared and run all the way to Lake Michigan and row your boat to Canada and stay there and fight the big fight against big ol Henry Schein 

Steven Kizy: well Canada's first all four of those companies are wonderful companies that all have their own segments that they do better than anybody else and it's fun to watch them grow and it's fun to see what they do best the second part is what don't they do or what can't they do so I actually asked my sales Rapson and all of our employees here at Midway Dental to think to enemy and what other Supply Company has a lab service we saw a need for it and we figured hey let's cut out the middleman and let's bring lab to mid my dental and allow our reps to help with lab work or seeing the gpo trend out there that's fighting the DSO trend or counteracting the DSO trend and in joining the boat on that and our biggest form the the biggest differentiator with Midway Dental and I know that every single supplier does this but we offer education however our education does not sell a thing then it's not meant for Midway Dental on the sell more and supplies it is not meant for us to sell a machine and only what our doctors asked for and what we've created Mac called the Mac the Midway Education Center we've been able to bring in speakers that are done as and asked for it and teach them on products that we don't even some direct companies such as straumann has came to our low to teach our dentists how to place implants that is the community that we're trying to build and try to better our dentists or learn more and do better in their practice 

Howard: so you've mentioned the lab and like say this is not a commercial I called you you did not call me what is your lab

Steven Kizy:


 so our lab is us-based and all we do is there Konya crowns we try to focus on posterior which is 80% it's the easiest so if you take a scan or you send an impression we have a lab our lab millet stain and glaze it and send it over and a dental supplier just like Shai Patterson or Benko would tell you we don't need the margins that a smaller lab does so by doing quantity we're able to provide the difference so where we're going out and offering the most savings we possibly can to our doctors and we did this mainly because we saw a need and just wondered why why hasn't shine Patterson urbancode done this so we try to see if there's regulatory matters and there weren't so we just decided hey let's choose a small section let's do a little pilot program give it a shot it was successful so we took it company-wide you know 

Howard: that is so genius and because think about what you did you only doozer Konya so you don't have the I mean cap tech you know they crash when gold hit two thousand dollars an ounce so you not flutterin gold you're not doing interiors where they're sending it back because it doesn't look just perfect what does that do orthodontic chain that's out not not Invisalign stores but smile here I grep smiles drug clubs smiles drug Club they're genius - they they only do 20% of their cases they only do class 1 molar class 1 k9 5 millimeters or less or crowding and why all the orthodontists are scared and running to their government trying to close them down because you know they they want competition at Walmart and Costco but they don't want to in or sit on my orthodontist that I know here they're wining and dining the smiles direct club because they know that if the case is even mildly difficult they're gonna refer it out and they they want to be that orthodontist that gets the referral case and and when I go into dentist dentistry I mean it's the same thing eighty percent of their stuff twenty percent of their procedures make eighty percent of their profit you know it's a single crown it's a molar root canal to denture it's a partial but they spend all this time learning TMJ and CB CT and all these all these things which are not only noise but they're high overhead they lower their net income I'll give you one last example oral surgeons who only extract teeth have forty percent overhead oral surgeons that place all their do all their implants usually have five or six implant systems and there are overheads about sixty percent so I love the way you focus and say where's the low-hanging fruit in the lab business it's single unit molars it's our Konya you do one thing you did it faster easier better higher quality cheaper than everyone else people need to focus and then and then all go into a dentist who's practiced for 20 years with the same eye genis he'll walk out of the room doing a hygiene examine say hey you just did a hydrogen exam on your hi guys Lori's been here twenty years um you just said at cleanings and buy wings did you net eight dollars and ten cents after taxes or do you lose four bucks he has no idea oh my god how do you have no idea and then the next thing out of his mouth he says you know I'm thinking about add another hygienist it's like dude I could do the math to show you how many hygienists you'd have to have to go bankrupt you know why don't why don't you just get profitable on one thing and and there's also a time period like if you can't do your molar endo start to finish an hour and a half I guarantee you're not making money on it look at general dentists who do ortho the orthodontist is flipping their chair every 15 minutes and then a general dentist is doing the ortho for a thousand dollars less but every one of them appointments are an hour right it's like do you take trig geometry you know what what mathematician taught you this I'm sure it was an Occam's razor but this is this does not make sense I love the way you focus um I want to also ask you um you see so many dog how many dental offices are you working with would you say around 4,800 offices holy moley 4,800 dental offices Milwaukee Grand Rapids for Indiana Detroit Columbus Indianapolis you you see you know over 4,000 offices what are the people that what are the dentists doing that are happier more profitable more relaxed more happy what are they doing more of than the stressed out high overhead dentists that are you know drinking their Listerine during the day 

Steven Kizy: you know you hit a nail right on the head when you when he spoke about the ortho patient but you could even go a little further and say extractions and the dentist that does the best is the one that understands that I could take an hour to do the surgical extraction or I could refer that to oral surgeon and I could do a crown and bridge right there or a crown or bridge a root canal cord crowd in that same hour and achieve triple the results it's being efficient one of the smartest doctors I know literally figured out how much it takes to run his practice per minute so when he would look at patient procedures he would see what was worth it and what was it and the ones that weren't worth it he would refer out and and those are the best dentist out there they're the ones that are focused on the bigger picture they're not worried about just this moment just the second they're worried about the larger a year the quarter the month and being able to grow that it's breaking it up into little pieces but looking at it from the higher level and looking at it towards building a goal everybody has seen this thing and I love repeating it to a lot of my staff but if you were to take a can or a jar and you were to fill it up with rocks and then put gravel and then put sand it all fits but if you were to start with the sand and then put the gravel and then put the rocks all of a sudden the rocks don't fit so it's being able to keep focused I mean what's most important so I highly recommend building three or four goals a quarter working with your team to fulfill those goals throughout the quarter and continuously improving and choosing more and more goals to achieve and you may get one the first quarter into the second quarter but as many larger goals as you can as you can take care of during the course of a year that's the difference between a successful dentist and a non successful dentist in my opinion

Howard:  okay this is what's weird about dentistry and I I can go Dennis on there on there crap because I am one of them and you know whenever you meet with physicians they never brag about their equipment but whenever you got your dentist they always think a successful dentist has a cad/cam a CBC ET and a laser I say I'm pretty sure I can name a thousand dentists who collect a million dollars a year and take home over three hundred thousand that don't have a CAD CAM a CBC T and a laser but but the marketing has been so efficient that convincing these doctors if you don't have a CAD CAM see me CT and a laser you know you're gonna go bankrupt so and then when you graduate with two hundred eighty four thousand dollars in student loans which was average this year 2019 those three purchases you just doubled your student loan debt it takes you another two eighty four to buy a serac machine a CB CT and a phone tan a laser so I want you to specifically address that because I see the data on downtown most people go to the whole town and they really like a newspaper there's go to today's action topic see what everybody's talking about but man you know when they got a decision han like someone said you should buy a laser they'll go to the laser section and they'll spend an hour and a half just reading laser threats so I want you to address these young kids who are scared about their student loans the question is do I need to buy a CEREC machine a CBC and a laser to be a successful dentist today in America 

Steven Kizy: no to all three and this is coming from a sapphire we're so engrained in in dentistry we know what these products are when you carry that super nice expensive piece of equipment which they're great but you want to pay for something that lasts a long time a patient doesn't walk in and say oh that's as new see rent you know what I'm gonna spend another ten thousand dollars of my treatment plan today it's not how it works when a patient walks in they have no idea any of the brands that we're talking about as a matter of fact the only one I think they do know is 3m and it's a whole other division so keep that in mind when you're building a new practice if you're a new dentist now I can understand meeting a CBC T if you're able to do more dentistry or able to confirm diagnosis but other than that I would highly recommend you do it with whatever piece of equipment creates the most ROI

Howard:  you have this macroeconomic view of 4,000 dental offices and it's in the heartland this isn't in Beverly Hills and Key Biscayne in Manhattan where dentists are so crazily infatuated with these dentists that you know do movie stars on lifestyles of the rich and famous how I was wondering Wichita they don't have any movie stars there you're born in Detroit if they had any movie stars they're probably not in Detroit anymore so so again what are you seeing successful because there's other issues there's different procedures are dentists more likely to be successful if they learn implants or would you rather clear aligners or sleep apnea or 3d printing or internal scanner what do you see that the happier wealthier dentists are doing more then they're not so happy and the poor and the broker doing

Steven Kizy: internal scanning is definitely the next thing one you don't have to buy impression material - it's so much easier now that I know the lab side of receiving a skin versus receiving and impression there's it's much more efficient there's less errors I could see that getting better and better as time goes on but internal scanning is definitely in my opinion the most important portion now learning other sections of the business if you don't know how to do a root canal core crown that's your first step is to learn how to do a root canal and feel comfortable with endodontics 

Howard: you know I know a DSO I had a DSO CEO and a CEO on my show and they said when they open up a dental office if they're not doing seven root canals a month in that office they already know a year from now it was a bad location a bad idea everything bad about it is bread and butter dentistry it's an extraction a root canal a filling a crown a cleaning and these dentists think it's everything else but I wanna go back to general scanning because my homies they want me to hold your feet to the fire what in Charles scanner there's a ton of them which one do you like better

Steven Kizy: so let me preface this I do not know anything about the see racks so I will be clear we don't sell that product so I haven't had a chance to truly test it the I Tarot is a wonderful scanner so is the plan Mecca emerald those are the two that I would say go one and two B I would call the ITR o similar to the iPhone it's very easy to use and to use it and it doesn't break the Admiral scanner you're able to do a lot more with okay 

Howard: so I Tarot the one thing that's really great about that one is the fact that clear aligners are big I I think when I go around the world that's why I love luxury around the world because you really good to see the the how dentistry operates without all these little nuances of your country your insurance Delta Dental whatever that and anywhere I go around the world they say well you say when I was in Cambodia Malaysia Vietnam they were saying well you know the government dental insurance I can't make any money on cleaning Sam's x-rays and fillings but I have this big base of patients that I'm not making any money on but if I just place one implant a month or do one Invisalign case a month my god I'm making Bank so and the reason Invisalign and implants are so profitable is because no matter where you go Japan London Tokyo Paris the insurance isn't controlling the fee like in Japan in Tokyo London and Paris the government will only give you $100 for a molar root canal but they don't set the fee on implants so they'll charge 1500 for an implant and 5000 for Invisalign and they're there in the brothers own so if you gonna go into clear aligners having the I tarot scanner is a perfect fit for that you also said the plan Mecca Emerald but you did not mention three M's true death or three shapes oral scanner what were your thoughts about that 

Steven Kizy: we don't sell either one the three I'm true death I don't know how many are out there and from what I do know the ones that are out there use powder right so it's a little bit of an older technology the three shape is the innovator it's a again if you want to compare I Tarot and three shape you're looking at you know Apple versus Samsung you're looking at Android versus iOS that's  the difference so if you're a dentist that's good with computers and very computer literate the three shape may be better for you I've never actually used the three shape I had used tonight arrow I am NOT a trained dentist and it was very easy to use so that's why I gravitate toward size here

Howard:  so you just really like so you think the I Tarot is the Apple the iPhone of the skinny business and yes you get it you plug it in and it works and the 3m the 3m it's the bottom line is the dentists just don't want the the powder and that's all that's all comes down to they don't like the powder and 3m I mean that's just you think that's what skilled 3m scanner the treat up

Steven Kizy: yes I I don't think they moved into further R all right I'm at proper right I am I'm not sure I'm not in their board meetings but just the fact that it uses powders it's a bit older yeah the remakes

Howard:  I've had some lab owners on this show that said that when you send in your you know I've used amber gum for since dental school that when you send an impression they run about a six percent remake when you send in an oral scan it's a one percent remake

Steven Kizy: absolutely you're getting every crevice and it's already going whether you send them an impression there I could speak for midway lab whether you send an impression or you send a digital scan it turns into an impression on the screen so it's a digital model that the crowd gets built off them and is Milt so you're just able to get a better read if it's just a computer programming sending the data versus having to create the data from an impression

Howard:  so how much are the how much are these scanners costing so this dentist says okay I'm going to do this what does oral scanning and it cost me  

Steven Kizy: you're looking at thirty plus thousand okay they have gone down recently and there's a new model that I haven't fully tested but we have started selling called the MEDIT I mean di T okay with that product you're looking at about eighteen five so it's the least expensive product out there the list the least expensive is gametic ME ME di T intro in Charles Skinner yes and so that's the least expensive one and do you like that I mean do you think it's good enough I do it especially if you're just starting or if you already have a Syriac or you already have a emerald or a night arrow and you want a second one because your practice is that busy I believe you can plug this in in its open source to be able to go into any software 

Howard: Wow and that's uh that's a medic on M EDI t-dot-com and okay so so you said intro canners is the next big thing and what about a CBC T's lasers sleep apnea 3d printing any of those  bite on any of those 

Steven Kizy: 3d printing has a ways to go I feel like until you're able to actually either imprint the clear liners or be print dentures in your office I don't know if it's so super practical if you're doing a lot of implants then it may be worth it for a surgical guide but you wouldn't need a CBC T for that and you would need an internal scanner so you would need both of those objects the CB CT I would think is the most practical here's a simple fact how many teeth do you mark to watch to see if they need a root canal I'd imagine it happens quite often for my brother it did at least and what's his CB CT he was able to instantly tell whether the patient needed it or did not need a root canal Wow and that's the biggest difference is your diagnosis is 100% correct versus it's indisputable versus thinking well I might watch that you might need one you might now so let me do let me do a deep filling and come back if you still have pain in a certain time period this is you walk in you don't need a root canal or you do need a root canal so that's where I think CB CT is taking the industry

Howard:  ha that is very interesting and all I want to say is that every oral surgeon in America today living that has placed more than 10 to 20 thousand implants placed their first 5000 with a panel so CBC T's are great but I wish I think more dentists to make a lot more money if they bought a van and put a CV CT in there and went around and took other people's CBC T one of the biggest rooms I see also the CBC T is don't go back to the iPhone I don't want a five-year-old iPhone so if I buy a CBC T in five years I'm looking at the new iPhone X and I'm thinking oh my god I paid it I paid a gazillion dollars for this thing and now I want to keep it forever so what what about what about when high technology purposes last longer than the technology

Steven Kizy: so if you look at the medical industry I don't know how much better it can possibly get I mean I'm not as creative as some inventors out there but a 3d image is a 3d image now I could see coming out the 40 image but I don't know the point of seeing movement and there may be some point with  sleep of seeing movement of the of TMG but that's neither here nor there whenever we sell a 3d machine my main purpose is don't you know 3d is pretty much very similar no matter which manufacturer you go to it just doesn't matter what it's pay attention to the 2d portion if you can take white wings from your pan that actually look like white wings and you're able to diagnose wonderful if you're able to take a pan consistently that's consistently clear wonderful that's what you need to look for the 3b is going to be similar no matter who you go to now the new innovations that I don't know and that's that goes beyond my paygrade

Howard:  I don't about you said the on the intro scam you said I taro interaural scanner and the plan Mecca Abraham road plan Mecca also owns the plan Mecca e4b I and I think they I think they sold like a sixth of it to shine and a sixth of it to 3m the last time I went to Dallas there it was owned but but anyway I'm so what do you think of the plan Mecca e4 d if you like to plan Mecca Emerald oral scanner

Steven Kizy: I like it I don't but again I do think it's for certain dentist that will actually use those machines it's not for everybody yeah it says it's for thy dentist who like lab work yes and and we agree that 3d printing 

Howard: is bleeding edge it's not quite leading-edge its sides it's coming soon to a theater near you not quite there so she just got out of dental kindergarten school she's 25 she's $285,000 in back you gonna see 4,000 offices in real world Middle America she claims she didn't learn to place one implant dental school shin d1 clearly she yes she basically just got her dental license they say now you have a license to practice in America what CE do you think has the highest return on investment I mean what would you have her go out and learn would it be sleep apnea would it be internal scan II  would you tell her has the highest return on investment so

Steven Kizy: I'll start with endo absolutely getting patients out of pain second on that list as I would go towards the clear aligners and learning how to either do Invisalign or any other company that they think is beneficial for their patients it's easier you don't have to take too much time with the patient but you are correcting the patient's smile and cosmetics is very important so I know would be number one cosmetic restorations would probably be number two for me and part of cosmetic restorations but also be the clear lighters

Howard:  I agree it's all about bread-and-butter dentistry oral surgery endo fillings cleanings exams and then after that you're saying cosmetic like clear liners but you said something like in this line or another well they won't know what you think should  they do the Invisalign mean III guess I would ask you this you know when is Invisalign brand oil I mean when the patient's mouth says I want Invisalign can I substitute that with a clear aligner or does that customer know they want the brand Invisalign is it brand loyal or is it kind of like a Kleenex well you hand me a Kleenex but you hand me a tissue and it's not made by Kleenex I tell you at work go make me a copy go make me a Xerox copy of this but you're using a Canon machine so it is Invisalign like Xerox and Kleenex or is it brand specific like Hershey's and Milky Way and Kraft macaroni and cheese

Steven Kizy: I wouldn't I wouldn't give a patient a clear aligner that wasn't Invisalign if they asked for Invisalign directly I wouldn't do that personally but I do feel like it is like a Kleenex if the patient walks in and asked for Invisalign because they market direct to the consumer they just want a clear aligner and they don't know that that phrase so I feel like you could say well we don't offer Invisalign we offer company X they do the exact same thing and I don't think a patient would object to that yeah 

Howard: and  back to the wisdom teeth but back to extractions in molar and oh I half the dentists in America tell me they don't like molar endo and that's why there's 4,000 endodontists and the average endodontists makes three hundred and seven thousand dollars a year so the average the average net income for dental dental specialist averaged 320 general dentists 197 Dennis who owned their own practice net 244 Dennis who were employed make 47 so you make $100,000 a year more being a specialist over a general dentist or being an owner general dentists instead of an associate oral surgeons make 448 because they can do surgeries and implants pareo or 330 that's because of implants in a toss 307 pediatric dentists 304 I'd rather just give up my license and be sent to prison than be a pediatric dose thank god there's someone crazy enough to do that orthodontists make 289 prosthodontist mattoon 19 so you know so but but bottom line is own your own practice don't be an associate and if you're a senior in dental school this year now listen why should I know 25 percent of the people who email me Howard at dental time calm or leave a comment in youtube 25 percent are still in dental school and they always ask me should I be a dental specialist I say well only if you want to make three hundred and twenty thousand dollars a year instead of a hundred ninety seven thousand dollars a year and what about sleep apnea is that a buzz is that a fad or is that a return on investment 

Steven Kizy: so I know certain dentists that have been doing it for twenty plus years and they that's their focus they really enjoy it and they think that they and they do truly help patients I is it a fad I don't know if every dentist needs to offer it or provide it i but I do think it is important for a patient to be able to sleep correctly and I do think it makes the biggest difference in the world to their lives most the patients that you're attracting if you're a dentist doing sleep apnea is those moderate level they're not severe sleep apnea so you have to gauge where they're really at now there's a lot of twists and turns with medical billing so on so forth that if you learned if you took the time to learn you can make some decent money doing it but I say it's actually been around for a long time and I don't think it's  a fad I do think it's helpful but you have to first be successful with your practice and then offer it as a secondary or bring in an associate that does specifically that into your practice to help your patient base i wouldn't recommend starting with that

Howard:  i was saying earlier that i learned a lot about dentistry by getting out of the country and meeting 50 other countries and my four boys they out i always tell me that probably the most information in knowledge I gave my four boys was dragon you know everything every time I went to a foreign country you know 2 3 4 1 2 3 or 4 my boys that go with me you're right next to Canada by the way shoutout to Canada it's happy Canada Day and that's a and also more trivia on Canada I can't believe this what I did you know the birth of Canada and the birth of the Ontario Dental Association were just one day apart so it's happy Canada today and tomorrow is happy Ontario Dental Association's day but you're on the border how was it different being a dentist in Canada than the United States would you rather be a dentist in Canada or Michigan and what can we learn about the difference between being a dentist in two different countries by living on a border town

Steven Kizy: so the dentist I know in Canada do extremely well they're rather limited depending on what they take so is it as you know they have their  normal procedures every day but then they can go above and beyond for supplemental insurance or charging the patient cash I would pick no other place in the USA in my opinion so Michigan is a I would prefer to be on the Michigan side I love our Canadian Bennis but the United States is probably the best of the world at dentistry and  I might be biased but that's my true feelings 

Howard: huh you mutt you sound like someone who doesn't like maple syrup only in the morning I've seen those maple syrup farms I never I grew up in Kansas so couple of my friends were born raised on a dairy farm they have the same equipment as dairy farmers John those maple trees it's the vacuum system I mean instead of the thousand had a cattle out there it's a thousand maple trees unbelievable how that works um yep same system in your office with your suction yeah oh yeah back to the CEO of Heartland he said burned butter Success offices are getting patients out of pain a new practice must do seven root canals a month or it will fail extractions oral surgery is a must basic crown and bridge fillings and treating kids as a secret and a lot of consultants have told me that you know burnout is a huge problem in dentistry lots of dentists burned out and the secret to not burning out is the ad especially every five years it's just it's just something to mix up your game and that could be wisdom teeth extractions implants periodontal surgery LANAP orthodontic clear aligners sleep medicine bleaching bonding veneers Botox and dermal fillers if you were a dentist and you've been practicing ten years you've plateaued you're kind of bored you kind of burned out same ol same ol and you said you're right I'm gonna add something new of what would would be the first new specialty you would add every five years and what would be the second or third

Steven Kizy: so implant would be the first people need it it does every single patient benefits quite a bit from it every every dentist if that has done extraction so you know when you actually meet the place one the second in my opinion it would be I'm a huge math fan and orthodontics has a lot to do with math so I I would personally enjoy that portion of orthodontics yeah and Howard: again just be smiles drug Club just pay take the easy cases I mean why do you need a pan onus F on a non growing adult if you're not gonna extract any teeth I mean I mean obviously look at a panel and set but just just take the easy case it's like endo start off with simple endo start off with rooty teeth and then build up two molars if you're gonna get into ortho just do class one adults if you're gonna do get into pediatric dentistry find out the exact legal age when they're no longer pedo I assume at 17 years and 363 days just start out with 17 year old kids and and don't go any younger than that just make it easier faster smarter easier just don't get over your head there's a reason there's ten specialties in the United States and if you really think you can practice dentistry without using specialists then when you get sick are you just gonna go to your family physician and he's gonna do a bypass treat your prostate cancer and do your retinal attachment laser surgery I mean it just doesn't make any sense but about to I'm about to see like what yeah

Steven Kizy: if I was a new dentist graduating one of the first things I would want to learn is how to speak to patients and explain a treatment plan being able to treatment plan as probably is you know the most important part of a dental practice and one thing that I find with a lot of dentists is when a procedure is expensive they're almost afraid to talk to the patient about it because it's too expensive and they already default back to the least expensive procedure but every dentist needs to remember that they need to provide what's best for their patients and if that procedure is more expensive so be it it's what's best in your opinion and keep that and learn how to communicate that to the patient correctly 

Howard: yeah that's on one of my frustrating things that the average you're in Detroit  City home of Ford Chevy Chrysler the average new car price in America is thirty-three thousand five hundred sixty dollars according to Kelly Blue Book and USA Today on average an American will buy 13 new cars by age 76 and 95% of dentists will never sell one dental case for 30 3560 because they don't like to sell and they don't like to have that price yet my four boys my god every time they get a new car or one of their friends gets a new car they got a driver by show me their so happy and they're so excited well  you're missing out I mean I I've done caused many cases were when the woman saw it she cried I mean when you take someone who thinks they're gonna be in a denture and now several root canals and implants later they got a full set of fix movie star teeth why are you depriving that patient from the happiness of owning a new car model mouth and you think the Americans don't have any money I'm pretty sure this is the richest country in the world every chart I've checked this is the richest country in the world and yet you didn't sell one case for ten or twenty or thirty thousand dollars last year and then you tell me you don't like to sell dentistry then go sell cars right I mean go get out of dentistry doesn't need anybody who doesn't like it we already have a lot of patients like I had a lady one time asked me she goes is this up what's more painful a root canal or delivering a baby I so I have lots of patients that say they want to have another baby but I've never met one that said they want to have another root canal so I assumed the root canal is more painful but um I can't believe we went over an hour but I want to hold you the phone let's go back to supplies  I don't like to talk about how much money supplies cost because who cares you just you just signed up for a PPO 42% less your staff cost 28 your lab bills eight to ten percent supplies is four to six you know my best marketing would be for you it's like that it's just here's  my marketing advice to Steve and Kizzy you never asked me for it like right now you have at the next president elections you know getting closer not further away in my life anybody who started out the race famous lost nobody knew who Jimmy Carter was a governor of Georgia in 76 nobody knew who Clinton was some governor in Arkansas Reagan and Calvin it's always a no-name that has known it like Obama my god one year before the election the first guy that even mentioned named to me was Fred Joyal who owns 1-800 Dennis I said Fred you're actually the first guy that's even mentioned his name which makes me think the guy's got I hope to like I'm from Arizona Steve John McCain everybody knows who John McCain is but for every person she loves them someone didn't like him so it killed Bob Dole from there getting steep John McCain from beginning so I always tell people the next president  States if it's half of them will get two terms so either the current president gets another term but the next new president I'm guarantee you 90% of America hasn't even heard of the next new president and what you got going for you is there are so high negatives against Patterson and shine that if I was you I would just mark it hey we're not shine we're not Patterson you're Steven kids you don't have any negatives so the whole America outside of the middle area that you're in if they don't know you you're the next president because they already know who they don't like and you're the fresh-faced on the Block you got a very cute face if I can't stand shiner Patterson why should I give Midway dental supply a chance Steven Kizy: there's a simple reason with our horizontal management structure and I know this is going into specifics but you know what let me simplify that our sales rep is in control of your accounts so the person you talk to is the person you're doing business with they don't have a lot of rules and regulations that they need to follow at Midway dental so they can make a decision for you on the spot walk away and do what's right for you that's why I would choose a company like Midway dental over other companies and in the market

Howard: and you said a horizontal management a couple times what what does that actually mean it means we don't have a group of metal managers out there controlling what our reps do 

Steven Kizy: it's a direct relationship from the sales rep to upper management there's nothing in between and what that allows us to do is is a just shift change adapt extremely so if we see a trend we can snap our fingers and move in that direction

Howard:  and would you agree that Kim Myers in South Bend Indiana is the best Midwife Dunnell supply rep in the whole world oh by far I don't know who I adore more her or her sister just too amazing and what I like the most about her sister is um she was in a dental office and she was a treatment plan presenter and she these aren't small nobody nothing towns in Indiana and they just sell world-class dentistry all day long to middle America the same middle America that pays fifty thousand dollars for a Ford 150 pickup truck sixty thousand dollars for an f250 and a hundred thousand for an f-350 and these women they know you have the money they can look at your damn truck so when they go to your mouth they assume you want a new Ford 50 so we're gonna do a filling here or crown here place two implants here redo this one the whole thing is just only $20,000 and congratulations on your amazing credit because it's only going to be three hundred and sixty nine dollars a month for 60 months on care credit do you want to start that today and they they do it all day long where's the other dinner site oh my god she's never gonna get all of her teeth fix I mean why would you want to be out of pain and look gorgeous and ten years younger I mean why do you how I mean how often does an American get a new car as soon as their last payment is paid and as soon as they realize oh my god I don't have a car payment this month what do they do 

Steven Kizy: right I mean look how many dentists own a CBC team it's that's not a hit that's a very expensive machine somebody had to offer it to you first right and and had to show you why I take some pointers and when you talk to patients do what's right for them and that's it that's what needs to stick in your mind as you're doing the best possible thing you know for your patients so if it takes $30,000 of work to fix their at their smile then that's what's necessary and you need to provide it 

Howard: what can I help you for one bar over-tighten question a big complaint on dental town is you drop your your sensor you know your your assistant takes x-rays she sits on the counter then fat old bald dentist me walks in there and trips over the corn and hits the ground x-ray sensors you know do what sensor do you recommend you recommend a warranty and when your assistant does drop the sensor on the floor do you shooter do you put her down or what what's your policy ah 

Steven Kizy: oh man that's a tough one I don't know the answer to that one but you know every  business has business insurance and I would see if you're covered under that you may not need a special it you may not need special insurance we have inventory at our office in a tier I'll give you an example at our warehouse we dropped a CB CT once it's standing up it drops it falls it breaks that's you know sixty five thousand dollars or more our insurance covers stuff like that and that's what you pay for 

Howard: so you didn't lay them right next to where they buried Jimmy Hoffa and I'm a hit make it a dual grave you just had insurance is there any digital sensor you recommend more than others for any room I mean Texas the jeddak's they're wonderful

Steven Kizy: I don't know much about the ship because I haven't sold it you've got to look there's really only a few manufacturers out there that make sensors it a lot of them are just rebranded white label sensors so when you look at the Polaroid sensor the XDR sensor that they're all great they're all they all do really well another sensor out there that I think is making waves that can actually help with that issue of dropping a sensor is jazz imaging right is easy and that that company were they were the founders of death so they actually made the decks of sensor if they left their non-compete ended and they created a sensor that you pay a monthly fee for it and you can send it in and upgrade it when it's time if you dropped it and broke it you send it in and they'll send you a new one it's all  included so it's that whole monthly service model for a sensor 

Howard: and how to do my homeys contact you if they want to see if you can save them money on their dental supplies sure well what you can contact us at MIT McDonald comm there's a Contact Us section also 

Steven Kizy: I am more than willing to give my my email address which is s kizy@Midway dental. com and I will be more than happy to reply that is a cool name Skiz e I'm thinking you should have started a punk rock band and synaesthesia old urban skills E and the what AM is e so I'll just my daughter's name is Isabel so though being Izzy Izzy kissy Kissy I love it 

Howard: well hey I'm seriously um congratulations I'm so glad somebody like you every time I meet someone like easy goes in dentistry I'm so honored that you chose our profession you know that's what dentistry needs more amazing players I love how you're fearless you're an innovator you could care less with these big shinin Patterson's out there you don't even care you're just happy you're building a great team you're serving your customers and you grew last year a hundred percent so come on Doc who cares that they just opened up a Heartland across the street from mirror and Aspen - who cares who cares you feel towards that honestly just open up smiles direct Club smiles direct Club doesn't even do 80% of their cases it's all about attitude life is an attitude love your attitude and thank you so much for coming on to my show and talking to all my homies about midway tunnel thank you so much thank you for having me and you know who told me to interview you I do Kim so you owe her a Starbucks chocolate mocha latte sounds good all right are the met thank you all right have a rockin hot day bye-bye 

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