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Dentists on the Cutting Edge
I discuss Cutting Edge dental SEO marketing techniques and provide tips for dentists to help improve their practices. Here I focus mainly on sharing things that dentists can do on their own if they're inclined to dig in. Comments welcome.
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Top SEO Tips for Dentists #5 - Optimize Services / Procedure Pages

Top SEO Tips for Dentists #5 - Optimize Services / Procedure Pages

6/27/2019 10:25:16 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 28
Do your services and procedures pages have loads of well laid out and unique content on them? You should optimize these pages by actually writing unique content for each. It’s not good enough to simply have a paragraph or two explaining what a dental implant is or what braces are.

I’ll continue here with the dental implants page as an example. Imagine for a moment that I’m a user searching Google for a dental implants expert in my city. I want to secure my dentures. I’ve been saving for years to finally do this and improve my life.

OK, I found your site in the Google results and I clicked your link. Now, what are you providing me with? Hurry and convince me. You have about 3 seconds or I’m gone.

Are you showing me another boring explanation of how implants are most often made of titanium along with some stock photo? Not good enough. I’ve already seen that same stock photo and explanation 100 times. I’m not here to be educated. I’m here with a bankroll looking to fix my mouth and choose a dentist.

Satisfying searcher intent is SEO in 2019. Making your pages for users first is what Google wants. How do you satisfy the searcher intent above?

Show off your credentials and experience in detail on the page. Be transparent and provide information about costs and pricing. Provide patient reviews and before and after photos. Patient stories and video testimonials also work wonders. Provide answers to frequently asked questions on the page. What are the steps involved with getting implants at your practice?

Your dental implants page should be designed to convince users that they must choose your practice for this life-changing procedure.

A few paragraphs just aren’t enough to convince this fella to choose your practice. You need lots of unique content (1000 words+) on each page along with other elements like pricing tables, photos, and videos explaining the procedure to get Google to rank your procedure page as an authority in your area.

Thousands of factors contribute to a good ranking procedure page but one of the greatest is the content. Is your content worthy? If not, get to work on it. Never stop adding content. Ever.

I tell all my clients the same thing early in the relationship: “A website is never done… only ready”. This is because we never stop adding new content and improving our client websites for users based on data that we collect over time. SEO for Dentists requires continuous effort to improve your online presence and persuade your target patient to choose your practice.

You should put quality effort into each page of your website. Never just ride along with a site that is thin in content and stale or that doesn’t satisfy searcher intent.

Find my full article here

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Thanks for reading. 
Chris Scott

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