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Dentists on the Cutting Edge
I discuss Cutting Edge dental SEO marketing techniques and provide tips for dentists to help improve their practices. Here I focus mainly on sharing things that dentists can do on their own if they're inclined to dig in. Comments welcome.
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Top SEO Tips For Dentists #2 - Best Dental Marketing Companies

Top SEO Tips For Dentists #2 - Best Dental Marketing Companies

6/17/2019 4:11:51 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 36
Avoid large dental marketing companies like PatientPop, Prosites, and Officite if you really want to compete online. In my opinion, the “boxed up” websites they provide are nothing more than an extension of a cheap business card. Their websites usually have abysmal rankings for target keywords and usually only show in search result top positions for the dentist or practice name. This means they’re flawed right out of the box and will leave you struggling to get new valuable patients for however long you are with them.

Another thing to point out is that many large medical practice marketing companies like Prosites or PatientPop “provide” a website as part of a digital marketing deal where you don’t, in fact, own anything. They own it all. The website they provide doesn’t hold much value anyway but you will have to replace your site to move away from them.

This often makes dentists feel stuck.

Be “One Of The Few” Not “One Of The Many”

Large dental marketing companies often have thousands of clients and provide very similar sites for all of them with very little if any unique content. Often, the level of personal service and SEO value you get from a smaller company with only a few select clients far exceeds what a big firm will provide.

Sure, those bigger firms are often cheaper than a smaller team with extensive dental marketing experience but your website and online presence are instrumental to your dental practice success.  If you steer clear or move away from big providers like this your practice Internet marketing will have a better chance of success over the long term.

At Cutting Edge, we make ourselves a part of your overall practice “team” and strive for success by taking care of your website, your Internet marketing and more.

Lack of Exclusivity

Another disadvantage of working with a larger digital marketing company is the lack of exclusivity. They may pump out a site that looks just like yours for your competitor located across the street without even caring about your success.

If your relationship with your digital marketing team is not based on exclusivity then they are not doing SEO for you. For instance, if our client wants to be the dominant dental implant provider in their area and wants to be highly ranked in organic search results for terms such as “dental implants for dentures” or “full mouth reconstruction” then we work day and night for however long we need to get them that result and even more to keep it.

I believe it is a clear conflict of interest to take on competing practices. You should only work with SEO companies who offer your practice exclusivity.

Besides, SEO for dentists takes considerable effort, loads of work and analysis over time. There is no way large firms with thousands of clients get this right. You should instead work with a smaller niche-focused team like Cutting Edge for the long-term growth of your dental practice. The best dental marketing companies are not the biggest ones.

You’ll get more value for your money and more new patients working with a smaller team who is passionate about your practice success and actually has the time required to do a good job.

Interested in stand-alone SEO services? If so, check out the expert Dental SEO Guys at Cutting Edge.

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