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Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1209 Dr. Carlos Mora of NXTdentistry in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1209 Dr. Carlos Mora of NXTdentistry in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Carlos Mora was born on July 15th of 1985, he is a general dentist who has been practicing dentistry for 4 years. 

VIDEO - DUwHF #1209 - Carlos Mora

AUDIO - DUwHF #1209 - Carlos Mora

He started creating a study network for dentist ’til the point it evolved to a professional virtual ecosystems focused on dentistry, and now he is trying to implement artificial intelligence in dentistry. He created his first platform Dental Diagnosis 2 years ago but it was til almost a year ago he redisigned the project and created NXT dentistry which has a better infrastructure for dentists.

Howard: it's just a huge honor for me today to be podcast interviewing Dr. Carlos Mora be now your if you're listening this in the state's DDS is dr. dental surgery in Mexico it's CD and that's or odontologist he's the general dentist who's been practicing dentistry for four years in Pachuca Hidalgo Mexico about couple hours north of Mexico City he started creating a study network for Dennis until the point involved into a professional virtual eco system focused on dentistry and now he is trying to implement artificial intelligence in dentistry he provides a technological infrastructure for the continuing education of dentists as well as providing consult consulting material he focuses on the creation of search engines to provide more efficient results from more reliable sources in addition to providing an infrastructure for the study he also created a whole network of services for the dentist either through third parties or through the next dentistry staff in order to provide the dentist with all the services they need whether they helping your academic training they bring you the best services you need for your private practice or whether you want to prepare for an admissions test to specialize in dentistry thank you so much for coming on the show how are you doing today

Dr. Carlos Mora: I fine and you how fighting oh my gosh 

Howard: you're our neighbor I'm here in Phoenix Arizona it only takes me three hours to get to Mexico so how many dentists are there in Mexico

Dr. Carlos Mora:  I will say that in Mexico so that's the same number of that's the same number of dentists e'en odd 

Howard: United States the United States there's two hundred eleven thousand Americans who are alive with an active license to practice dentistry but that's in 320 million and you're saying Mexico has 200,000 but in a smaller population 

Dr. Carlos Mora: yes actually my city is very it's very it's more my city and actually it has now like five universities of Dentistry back Christie it's a small population here in Paducah and it's a great number of universities here

Howard:  so how many how many dental schools are there in Mexico in total no exact number but I think it will be like between public universities and private universities would be like 100 more or less and what is the differ is the is the private usually more shorter curriculum and become a dentist in less time and then the public the schools the old British education system where it takes you know six to eight years to become a dentist

Dr. Carlos Mora: yes in private schools are it has less time for for to complete a career actually if you can complete a career in three years in most of the private schools in dentistry three years three years straight out of high school yes and then what's the public like it's like it takes you like four to six years to complete your career in can public 

Howard: so um do you think that the public dental schools four to six years are higher in quality than the private dental schools in three years definitely yes definitely and what's the what's the return on investment when a young person decides they want to be a dentist if they go to a private school for three years or a public school four to six years is it generally a high correlation to having dental office success and having a great career 

Dr. Carlos Mora: not because of private schools I'm not kidding they are is watching that they have a problem that they are not interested in teaching the students were teaching the complete topics in dentistry it's amazing how  many how less knowledge they have to for dental topics that need to be useful use usual or  I don't know like wait a minute the word die oh you three okay all these things they don't know that that private dental schools they don't provide all the tools or the knowledge they will how to how can I say it private schools don't provide the necessary knowledge for they even practice and write 

Howard: and how hard is it to get into a private dental school so basically if you have the money you can get in or is it that's how it works in private schools in public schools

Dr. Carlos Mora:  you have to make a test and they have to admit you if you are if your score is low you just being rejected how much does the private dental school cost there are like mmm many two hundred two hundred dollars per month the basic ones there are all ones for like five hundred

Howard:  so two hundred to five hundred depending on how good the private dental school is yes that's correct and then how much how much would the public dental schools cost well sometimes it just cuz you like 

Dr. Carlos Mora: one one hundred more please for the whole semester half year just 100 and 

Howard: what percent of the dentists and Mexico went to private dental schools in three years for two to five hundred month versus went to the public dental schools for 46 years well that will be her question is here in Mexico and in my city and 

Dr. Carlos Mora: while I'm looking in the major cities of Dentistry the Old Mexico excuse me it's data there are a lot of dentists there's a lot so many of that then this will not have even so from  public or private school they want work at a dental office it doesn't matter it's  more difficult to the ones who go from the ones who get out or mmm graduate  from private school it is a lot more difficult to get into private practice and 

Howard: what percent of the dentists in Mexico would you say have to have another part-time job doing something else to help pay their bills what would percent are just dentists and what percent have more than one job 

Dr. Carlos Mora: will see that 60% 60% of the dentists have a different job yes and what what kind of jobs is that  well they they are in different schools or they both business a local business from another thing that those things have to related to dentistry and other ones may different jobs like a computer or or things like that 

Howard: so um what if somebody is some young kid in high school walked up to you and said when I grow up I'm gonna be a dentist just like you dr. Carlos um what advice would you give a young kid who said they wanted to be a dentist in Mexico 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well you have to be one of the brightest stars whatever you want if you want to be a dentist be sure to become one of the brightest stars if you're not going to do that if you're not going to work for being that best and least don't do it because there's a high competence there's a lot of dentists and you have to be unique you have to be so good so to shine about others so that's what I will do if you love the industry you will do it easily but you have to do it with passion and be one of the best what percent of you so

Howard: so Mexico's 129 million people and you think there's basically two hundred thousand dentist which is amazing because America has 200,000 dentist with 320 million so that is a lot of dentists what percent of those dentists would you say have a smartphone and have an internet access so that they can go to your website which is next dentistry comm NXT dentistry com I love the name of your website what percent of the dentists have an internet connection in Mexico on their phone so they can go to your website

Dr. Carlos Mora:  sure in Mexico I will say 70% because the other 30% are people that there are dentist graduated dentist but they are in making such service in a community for a way that there is no Wi-Fi connection so I would say that 70 to 80 percent advantage will get access to nations so we just come down to they have the smartphone they just might not have why fine connection oh yes well done well I will say then 90% of the dentists have a smartphone from 95 actually 

Howard: and who is your customer going to next dentistry doc on NXT dentistry calm who is your customers and more dental students is more practicing dentists why are they going to your website and what are you doing for them 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well actually what I'm doing for them is to save time in investigations for example I was thinking that Google sometimes because I was a teacher in a dental school and I said and I saw that Google when you search for something sometimes the links are not reliable and other times one link is very similar to the previous link so that I said that's a waste of time and the source is not reliable so you say well if we create a new system of doing searching and and that's what I do so my principle customers are dental students and then just a general dentist that goes to my website and search for the topics they need 

Howard:so is it mostly for dent or is most of your customers all in Mexico or is it all Central and South America spanish-speaking 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well with the app I can say that actually it's getting to me in Europe and Asia mainly is my customers are from Mexico but Latin America I they have access to my eye and my website and in Europe is getting presencing in Russia United Kingdom Ireland Australia Iraq that's a lot of countries actually it has risen in 61 in the whole world 

Howard: so um there's a lot of Americans on leave everybody sucks about immigration from Mexico to the United States but actually there's a lot of Americans moving to Mexico have you seen that in your area or Americans becoming more and more likely to be a patient of yours 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well actually shooting Pachuca there's a there's not a high population of America well there's a great great number in the in the major cities of Mexico I haven't seen or haven't met one America that is practicing dentistry in Mexico a lot of patients are from United States patients but dentist no I haven't seen a lot of them

Howard:  there was a lot of news about molar city have you heard a molar City no I haven't heard about that um it's it's a border town lost all Gabbana's had he said molar say lost all gone dons los al geo do any s there's just a lot I'm in Phoenix Arizona and a lot of times a person will get a five ten twenty thousand dollar dream and plan they just say the heck with it I'm driving to Mexico and so California is ten percent of the United States population so when you go when you cross the border from San Diego to Tijuana dentistry is huge and there's one area that they call it molar city because the dentistry 75% less expensive than the United States in Canada is that literally getting to be a big deal

Dr. Carlos Mora: jeez actually I have well I know in the world there's a lot of patients that go to Mexico to get a less expensive treatment and actually I have one patient it's just from Mexico but living in LA so she came back to visit their parents and in Mexico her parents Mexico and she go went with me to attend the treatment because she's told me that in you in USA it's more expensive than the treatment right sorry 

Howard: so when you're educated when they're coming onto your website and what would skills are what are they wanting to learn that will make them a better dentist 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well I think knowledge and the reliability of the knowledge your ailing for example it's the links all the links are is totally from books there are no leaves from from an announcer no people who is not who have opposed and was not reviewed know Nixon two three is about knowledge and reliability octa knowledge so I created next industry because it was study says that anyone can be a genius to be a genius you need to get the knowledge of the area's you want to succeed I don't know so if you want to be a violinist if you are a you can be one of the better violin players if you love violin but if you like to be the most on one of the best orthodontists you have to you have to  learn a lot of range east orthodontics so I just want to create a space for those changes who want to learn more in an easy way that's what I that's what I meant 

Howard: and what little procedures do you find that the dentist want to learn more about because the patients in Mexico are asking for it seven industry 

Dr. Carlos Mora: esthetic dentistry yes it's one of the higher demand right baby patients and would um would procedures but by the way

Howrad: if you ever go to molar City all me there it's in the US side is Yuma Arizona and that's about a three-hour drive for me you know where you mayor's on is just yeah it's right across the border that so they get big traffic from San Diego and Phoenix but molar City I I went down there and I just found it to be just amazing but what cosmetic procedures or are they interested in well 

Dr. Carlos Mora: whitening icontact's been used so bleaching bonding in veneers yes and that's that's the most popular just naturally sheer in Mexico well it's kinda it's forbidden but it's carrying popularity the authorities in in health it they  forbid making some kind of aesthetic procedures like we said to me like what procedure be checked on me the one that take out rishaad and what is that procedure their duty take out the fat of the be shot but the bishop at yeah and you have a profile more more more steady and that in Mexico you can only the procedure is only meant to be by a maxillofacial surgeon and general dentists are doing this naturally that is forbidden if a priest is the name of a breeze if they catch you that you don't have the title of maxillofacial surgeon or oral surgeon they will closure you're dental office but that's procedure that is getting popular here and would it would is the press I'm still not understanding a thing they're doing something to the upper jaw the maxilla the cheese the cheeks okay we checked to me we shot fat so they're removing fat out of the cheeks yes double shot fat huh so they're removing cheek fat yes I I've not heard that the United States but that's popular in Mexico some course that it's about two hours practice but  that's impossible that's why the authorities it's for being that kind of treatment because of the complications 

Howard: wow I've never even heard that so it's called the goal of buccal fat removal is to thin the cheeks specifically in the area of the cheek hollows although a face that is naturally soft and filled out is considered youthful some people find that their face fills too full even chubby a buccal fat removal removes a buccal fat pad a naturally occurring pad of fat in the cheek hollow area the size of the buccal fat pad varies with a hot so that's a thing I have never ever heard of that in my entire life wow I learned something new every decade and that is what I learned today huh so so and in Mexico if you're doing that and you're not an oral and maxillofacial surgeon then you're gonna get in trouble yes huh do that procedure Wow that is uh that is amazing so besides cosmetic dentistry set bleaching bonding veneers buccal fat removal what else are the general dentists wanting to learn from next dentistry so they can now provide more services for their patients 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well focuses because at least in here in Mexico there's a lot of doubts in oral pathology when you are diagnosing actually this is what is going to be implemented well it's going to be functioning the artificial intelligence artificial intelligence and actually it will be great because with one word or two words you will be able to diagnose to get help in diagnosis that diagnosing the oral pathology in screen because it will have many variations of a word for example if you see a tumor you can type tumor you can die mass you can die nodule no not you and you will get you the idea and I will say okay all these words mmm matches with that pathology so it will be very helpful because sharing many dentists in Mexico I see they have a trouble diagnostic so Diagnostics is huge um is that a lot of that I did any new equipment like are like CBC T's or anything like that is that technology based no it's based only in the sign and symptoms I'm looking forward to work with radiologic centers to provide I see city image pictures so the database of next industry in order pathology increased and that helped dentist to match their  actual their actual image radiographic image to the to the database but now he's working only with sign and symptoms

Howard: huh his implant dentistry very am how would you describe implant dentistry in Mexico is it growing is that flat is a contracting house implant dentistry doing

Dr. Carlos Mora: it's growing and actually most of the patients most of the dentists are now providing implant dentistry they there's a theory in Mexico it's called diplomat diplomat Oh is like  a course newer techniques and you can learn implant dentistry in just about six months like growing into bats course like one time at a month and you learn suddenly how about implants is it now

Howard:  are you selling online CE  dentist go to next dentistry calm and by online see courses I can learn over the internet or are you putting on conferences 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well I was working with conferences but there's a vision well hyun-seo is of course or the topic is great they won't pay you they want to have a certificate so I have to make some connections with universities of the industry Mexico so they can provide the certificate that's how it will work as how we will Austin next scent is free but for now well here in Mexico know many universities have opened me the door to work with that 

Howard: so do you have to get online certificates to renew your license is that a government regulation that they're trying to satisfy no there's not a regulation but then it is here in Mexico they won't pay if they have no certificate because I have trouble because what do they want to do with that certificate is that for marketing to hang on their dental office walls their customers have more confidence in their skills 

Dr. Carlos Mora: yes actually they do it with that purpose and actually there are some people great number that they don't they don't even enter the course they don't they just want that certificate my me and why do you think they want it as you say it will make them feel the patient more  confidence because they are learning new things and then you have the certificate for me it's more important than knowledge it doesn't matter if you get a certificate or not if the course is great okay you bail is it worth it well many people they don't think like that so if there is no certificate they won't pay you upwards it doesn't matter if they need it and 

Howard: if there was a dentist listening to you right now from another country from saying I'd say it's Canada Asia anywhere and they wanted to lecture Mexico of those two hundred thousand dentists in Mexico how many of them are fluent in English like you are to where they could go listen to a dental lecture in English and be able to understand it and ask questions in English

Dr. Carlos Mora: I would say that forty percent or thirty percent thirty to forty percent this yeah I call that the I learned that at

Howard:  Arizona State University they called it the rule of 50 million and that is if you're born on earth and you have 50 million people you can talk to you don't really have a need to learn another language and by the time your country is like two or three hundred million there's like almost zero need but if you're from a country like Denmark or Sweden or Switzerland where they maybe only have five or ten million people those people will know up to five different languages so considering that a half a billion people speak Spanish on the earth on in the Western Hemisphere there's really no need for your to learn English so that's why it's only 30 to 40 percent of the highest educated people in your society doctors of dental surgery there's really no need to do so do you see a lot of international speakers in Mexico are they mostly from Mexico mostly are 

Dr. Carlos Mora: they are from Mexico and yes they are the other country that comes a lot to Mexico is Peru and Brazil  embracive Brazil now they speak Portuguese so do they have to be Dr. Carlos Mora: dual language I mean if you're a Portuguese dentist in Peru in Brazil you gotta come the Mexico give it in Spanish yes actually they talk here in Spanish it's in Spanish and what would % of those 200,000 dentists in Mexico would be fluent in Portuguese that's a question I'd say I would say that 1% only 1% yes because here in Mexico University even in public universities is obligatory it's in English to learn English but in the whole the whole in your whole career you will only take three to four courses of each so it's only basic English here in Mexican universities actually in Portuguese they don't teach anything Portuguese or French even French that person that that percent is very  low the most common is English and the  second place will be French but Portuguese is one of the less persons hi 

Howard: I wonder who and why French or what why French / Portuguese 

Dr. Carlos Mora: I might say that they love the accent or because they want some day visit France and why would you

Howard:  say that the for Mexico most of the major influencers come from Peru and Brazil why not Spain Chile Argentina Venezuela what is it about dentistry in Peru or Brazil and that makes the Mexican dentists want to like listen to them so much why are they influencers 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well the one the high that I have seen them they're making very beautiful just in a static identity but in composite  in one interesting so their main they are teaching us how to make a more natural view we racing and 

Howard: in Mexico if the dentist did a hundred fillings what percent of them would be composites versus amalgams sure

Dr. Carlos Mora: in Mexico now I think is 90% composites from Malaga yeah here in Mexico we are not using any more emollient and  how and which do you think lasted longer the amalgams or the composites definitely oh my god so so when

Howard: when amalgams definitely last 38 years on average and composites last six to seven years why is it just the fact that when we started you said that buccal fat removal you know is it just because looking better is just so much more important than being healthier

Dr. Carlos Mora: or many people yes but that's how easy is making dentistry here in Mexico as I said actually in what would presume everything the Adventists will make rush of surgery like removing but a general dentist in what world I didn't see that coming yeah 

Howard: you know for the entire biology Kingdom you know whether you're an ant or a beetle or scorpion or a human the ability to attract and retain a mate for reproduction aa string is absolutely one of the greatest goals of any animal in the animal kingdom so beauty is always so important it's just almost crazy but I've always wondered what the total cost of the aesthetic health compromise was switching from amalgam to composite and I cannot wait until they can make composites with some  ingredients that make it more toxic to the biological organisms that are trying to eat them you know amalgam you know every ingredient in an amalgam was antibacterial so these composites need to go from being a Newark plastic to having active ingredients so that all these bacteria won't won't eat them so what is the most you said that the major influencers were from Peru and Brazil would implant system is the most because Brazil has a very big implant company called neo dent which was bought by the largest implant company of the world straumann so are a lot of these Brazilians coming up to Mexico to teach neo dent for the brand of implants or what brand would you say is the most popular in Mexico

Dr. Carlos Mora: I would think that some straumann yes yeah who bought neo dead do you ever hear of neo don't know yeah so they so what so when they bought neo dent in Brazil 

Howard: which was the largest implant company in Brazil straumann bodies so now it sounds like they're rebranding everything just ramen do you what do you what about Invisalign is that um how's that going in Mexico 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well it's not usual to find someone that use that system but they are beginning to offer courses from Invisalign and it's going to get popularity very soon now I would say I will say that two or three dental office orthodontic office of ten will use embezzler

Howard:  is there a more popular brand than for a clear liner I mean if this line is an expensive brand but is there another brand that's more popular absolutely they are looking only for imbalance here in Mexico I haven't seen any any other brand so how popular is braces orthodontics

Dr. Carlos Mora: it's very popular I think that 90% of the people here the population in Mexico is looking forward that treatment it's very popular here braces actually many patients come to the dental office and ask for for braces hey but you need some other treatments I want racist the same happens with bleaching so are you are you teaching orthodontics on your website next dentistry comm none no I'm not from now I'm not teaching anything now is working as a database of virtual library and and how's your how's your library going getting 

Dr. Carlos Mora: it holds like almost  5,000 copies remember yes now how do you make money from this they do they join the site 

Howard:you have to become a member of next dentistry money from this project and so you better do this for four years how long have you had this website next dentistry it was born on July of the past year last year and

Dr. Carlos Mora: it just is going to be almost a year almost almost so are you speeding are you spending more time treating patients or more time on next dentistry well actually working more spending more time in dentistry because I think it will be it is a great project that will make learning easy issue so that's that's all my time I'm focusing in Mason and Weiss 

Howard:  why would you do that because when you would treat patients you would make money and this is non revenue how do you plan to monetize it somehow how do you plan to get money back from all your time and effort 

Dr. Carlos Mora: okay so because next NTC no well the most important thing is a butyl library but actually it will have directory of services so many brands or many local business can't announce their business there so that in that I will get I will earn some money but well that's for from publishing but publicity just visited but well for the butyl libraries I don't earn money I would like to investors that investing in publicity to their to their local reasons 

Howard: so is it um is there a big business of dentist in Mexico who want to get license in another country like say United States or Canada or some other country is that a hard process through like if you wanted to practice in Phoenix Arizona how difficult would that be for you and what would you have to do and you see a lot of people trying to do that 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well actually it's very difficult I have heard it's very difficult because you have to me do make very very tough tests to be a million in USA or Canada so actually one girl one dentist told me what she loves my website because she told me that mmm it has more more topics then then she was getting from  guys that they sell for permitting that test so they can practice in USA she saw the your database is so far better and that's a way that in my website can help dentist 

Howard: whenever I go to a resort especially in the Caribbean Central and South America I meet a lot of dentist because when I go on shore I mean I don't want to go buy a Gucci purse and  have my buccal fat pads removed I am always looking in dental offices and I've met a lot of American dentists have you met many

Howard:  American dentists in in Mexico ameri-ghen than just no you ever met any Mexican dentists yes Wow I was so I would've if they're mostly just in the tourist traps where the resorts are is that does that probably why I'm seeing them more because I'm going to Cabo or portal of our to our cause them 

Dr. Carlos Mora: all there major cities that they have more tourists and actually it's more more more probably that you can find American dentist Chile in a city like Pachuca it's not common maybe in Mexico City the capital city of Mexico but in cities less importance do one kind is she American dentist

Howard:  on dental town what are the fifty categories is international so it's got a form for each country and if you go to Mexico there's a question posted today anyone know what is involved in being able to move to Mexico and practicing dentistry if you currently hold a California license so if this dentist is in California license to practice dentistry what has to happen for him to move to Mexico and practice dentistry is that hard to do what does he have to do 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well I would say that the first of all many people will see you will have many success here in Mexico because she has foreign education and that for many Mexican patients will  bring confidence to the dentist so I think it will be easy moving on from USA to Mexico and and have a private practice and he will only be concerned about the  place the demographics please geographic space where she will install well what his dental office that's all but I think she will be very successful many of the go ahead minions and people want more  they believe that for a education is better so if they go with an American dentist obviously will their job their treatment will be so successful they will achieve that expectations and 

Howard: so you're saying that customer will think that they're doing well because they would like their California training and that will be an advantage is though you're saying yes definitely yes yeah  

Howard:when I go to dental schools on you like Miami I mean Miami is really a lot of people are from Central and South America there and when I go to dental schools there a lot of people were very successful dentist and you know there's five country the Mexico is a hundred billion people Brazil has two hundred million people and then there's five with fifty million people Peru Venezuela and Chile Argentina and Colombia but they were very successful in some big city and they came all the way back to get that u.s. degree because they said then they could go back home and raise their prices even higher because people have more faith in that training from Nova in Fort Lauderdale Florida than what they might have been getting back home do you agree with that

Dr. Carlos Mora: yes I agree you agree with that what dental schools are most popular if they have to make if you're going from USA to Mexico what university is the weather is the best yeah well helix ago one of that the best is the a public university is that nah it's in Mexico City actually is considered the best university actually in America and Latin America in Mexico and Latin America it has so much prestige that University even Mexicans would love to get higher [Music] higher grades in unum and one of the the most difficult universities through to enter to be a millon and I just learned that a few months ago that a University of La Scala that is near to Mexico City in plan Scala the university is one of the most popular university in endodontics actually many people foreign people for ending this come here to De La Scala to learn to be admitted in that University it's University Universidad autónoma the black skull yeah and

Howard:  how would you describe the prevalence of dental decay and gum disease and Mexico would you say it's a really common or not that common or you know what is the dental decay rate like in Mexico 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well few years ago I would say that 94 percent of the population have tooth decay but nowadays government and schools are making programs that make promotion of oral health and actually to be admitted in even in the kindergarten they have to be fool they have to be so healthy cool healthy in all their teeth

Howard:  so what would about them water fluoridation is that a big thing in Mexico or

Dr. Carlos Mora: not really now we are more about topic application of fluoride that's what we are working most of the cities in Mexico and would you say I'm

Howard:  like if you saw a hundred baby children that were five years old out of a hundred at age five how many do you think would have a cavity and so where do you think that's coming from 

Dr. Carlos Mora: there's no oral health promotion here in Mexico well people doesn't have that they have an understanding important promotion actually if you're in Mexico it's very usual to  give to the babies to the babies of one two or three years so that and actually they go to the dentist when they the kids are completely destroyed and one of the problems here is a many people say that okay but these are the serious this is one T this is one T teeth so they want it doesn't matter you will get new ones that's the toe serine makes it go families many family things like that so that's  the source of this program 

Howard: so would you say that if eighty five percent of children have a cavity by age five would you say it's mostly from diet and mostly drinking soda do you think that's the number one cause 

Dr. Carlos Mora: yes obviously education so do you do you 

Howard: um so what is the most famous brand name of toothpaste in Mexico what is this be Colgate yes it's called or I'll read 

Dr. Carlos Mora: Colgate in a world be for the toothpaste yes an oral-b to face I mean who 

Howard: do you think spends more money advertising in Mexico oral-b or coca-cola coca-cola so does it does it make you uh I mean I don't like to get into a religion politics all that I'm just thinking I'm just intellectually trying to see how you're thinking do you think coca-cola and Pepsi should not be allowed to advertise but companies like Colgate nor will be should be to promote oral health or do you think that's crossing a line and too intrusive 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well I can make advertisements but what I really think is that the teachers in kindergarten per se the government per se in Mexico should make health promotion or little promotion I would say that coca-cola the the blows their advertisement I'm not saying that I'm just saying that it should do more oral health promotion we I don't know 30 seconds the commercial of 30 seconds in in probably boring yeah it's interesting because 

Howard: you know and the United States has gone through periods were the 18th amendment was to ban alcohol and the 21st amendment was to put it back in so that was a 180 flip but they knew that something was wrong with alcohol and then they started passing lots of laws you know limiting and regulating alcohol advertisement because you know basically it wrote it's about 15% of Americans become alcoholics but I wonder I've always wondered and they did the same with tobacco at the end of in 1950 half of America smoked now it's less than 20% and a lot of that was attributed by the ban of advertising cigarettes and I always wondered if that same logic of managing a population will ever come into dentistry or health and you know because I hear people talking about they don't want their kids watching cartoons getting advertisements to eat unhealthy food and I just wonder if going forward you know a generation two or three I wonder if there'll be a lot more regulation of what kind of marketing messages you can give the kids that are directly linked to last optimum health for example 

Dr. Carlos Mora: in Mexico few years ago some serious in their boss they are they were they have to put in the logs the cancer performance oral disease and that kind of advertisement I think was the reason the consumption of that of that of that series low but it was because of that advertisements that a these can cause lung cancer and you see the image the peak well here in Mexico works like that if those can reduce their advertisements but  they improve this this gallery

Howard:  so if you want to follow doc on Twitter his Twitter is the same as websites at next dentistry at NXT dentistry and you just sent a tweet today this says excellence is not enough next dentistry Pro is coming soon so what is neck dentistry Pro and when will it be coming 

Dr. Carlos Mora: well it will be available on July 1st  excuse me and it's about to connect to dental universities it's going to change the way that students here in Mexico study dentistry it will be it will be like a social network focuses on dentists it but most important knowledge it's all about knowledge as I said at the beginning I think the  key to achieve excellence is the knowledge okay you have to read a lot of books but also you need to do a lot of manual training to be as and next industry will help you in knowledge in making searching more faster reliable and thus about next NTC floor it's more educational is more focuses on dental schools are you gonna charge money for that I mean will you be able to monetize that yes actually well in this case the universities will have to pay the rent of the platform but it's going to be crazy it's going to have actually the archives of the patient's medical histories it's going to be huge it's going to be all connected now you will have multiple option questions to prepare to your test it's going to be forums chats well you will have everything so next industry is going to be the option number well one of the best options to study dance all right 

Howard: I can't believe we already went over an hour I was so excited to have you come on I love Mexico I think it's got to be almost everyone's favorite resort in the United States I mean any all my friends you always want to go to Mexico I my god I've gone to Cabo four or five times with Dennis I mean just love Mexico I love what you're doing down there I  think the country is just doing so well last question have you had a lot of immigration from Venezuela there Venezuelan Argentina are having economic contractions have you seen a lot of dentists from Venezuela coming up to Mexico trying to start a new home

Dr. Carlos Mora: well in the news I haven't seen it and in the news having talked about it from Venezuela they haven't talked about it they are going there more people who is maybe immigration from under us but that's whole and actually they are not the professionals they are not dentist 

Howard:  okay well hey it was an honor for you to come on the show if you ever come up to Phoenix Arizona my house is yours and if next time I'm in Mexico City I will try to swing by Pachuca Hildago Mexico and visit you in person thank you very much it will be an honor meeting you in person all right I hope you have a great day  

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