Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1208 So… You Think You Want to Speak in Dentistry by Vanessa Emerson : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1208 So… You Think You Want to Speak in Dentistry by Vanessa Emerson : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Founder of Dental Speaker Institute and Dental Speakers Bureau, Vanessa Emerson is known as a thought leader by clients, prospects, meeting planners and peers. Her marketing services are in high demand, specializing in speaker materials, website design and e-mail marketing services.

VIDEO - DUwHF #1208 - Vanessa Emerson

AUDIO - DUwHF #1208 - Vanessa Emerson

A member of
 Academy of Dental Management Consultants since 2013, Vanessa is honored to serve as co-chair of the Academy’s Marketing Committee.

Honored by Dental Products Report as one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry (2017), Vanessa is known as the ‘go to’ resource for inside-the-industry information that helps meeting planners create better meetings, speakers acquire more bookings and BOTH to meet their business goals. She is frequently booked by dental organizations who would like to encourage their members to explore and expand their roles as speakers and consultants in dentistry.

Howard: it's just a huge honor for me today to be podcast interview Vanessa Emerson she's a founder of the dental speaker Institute and dental speaker's bureau she is known as a thought leader by clients prospects meeting planners and peers her marketing services are in high demand specializing in speaker materials website design and email marketing services she's a member of the Academy of general management consultants since 2013 and is honored to serve as co-chair of the Academy's marketing committee honored by dental products and report as one of the top 25 women in dentistry Vanessa is known as the go-to resource for inside the industry information that helps meeting planners creator meeting speakers acquire more bookings and both to meet their business goals she is frequently booked by dental organizations who would like to encourage your members to explore and expand their roles as speakers and consultants in dentistry we've been neighbors for decades I'm in Phoenix and she's out here in Tempe  your Mesa right Mesa let's start with uh your you've been in this business for 20 years how was speaking changed from when you started in a two-year to decades ago to now 

Vanessa Emerson: great question I think we've seen multiple changes in not only the dental meetings industry but across meetings in general there was some pivotal events that made a change in in our in the event the business of speaking princess the last recession really changed honorariums you probably saw that Howard the importance of sponsorship now in order for a speaker to really be able to earn enough to have it makes sense for them to put the time in the investment in to grow a business out of this sponsorship has become a big part of the equation we see well it's not resurgence but like just a huge of online content now which is a in a way competing for the attention for CE and so we our meetings have to be smarter they have to be new innovative find contemporary ways to draw attendees I mean just so those are a couple of the big ones there they're multiple changes and some challenges in the industry but I want to say right up front I think dentistry as far as speaking for sure we've got it going on you know I think when I look around at some of the other industries the speaking opportunities just the way they're meeting some are structured and especially the pay that's there for speakers I really think we have a good thing going here in dentistry would you agree 

Howard: um well whenever your average customer earns a hundred and eighty thousand dollars a year I mean that's just really really lucrative I mean the median household income the United States has never hit fifty thousand dollars a household and these dentists I mean you know it's nothing for them to make 175 and the good ones can make 250 to 300 so when all your I mean imagine every one of your patients came into your dental office and they all made a hundred and seventy five to three hundred thousand dollars a year we wouldn't be talking about dental insurance when you talked about a sponsorship on the ADA just removed see credentials to dental manufacturers and other commercial interests the ABA served eligibility criteria was reversed just this April 25th to the 2016, 2019 the Commission for continuing education provider recognition approves revisions to the SERP eligibility criteria which basically means commercial interests are not eligible for recognition is that gonna eventually go from online CE to convention CE I mean is eventually your if you get that sponsorship from a manufacturers are you're gonna have to tell the crowd that this lecture see is not accredited for your ADA  

Vanessa Emerson: I would tell you Howard I don't consider myself a see expert I think there are some others in the field that are definitely more on top of that than I my area is more around marketing and you know building the business from the strategy side but I would tell you that I think CE is constantly changing and we have yet to see how that's going to get entirely play out and 

Howard: how is convention attendance you know ever since we're both here in town when did the University of Phoenix online start wasn't it about what did they all have that that's what really um how was the online effected convention attendance

Vanessa Emerson:  I think there are a number of clinicians people who require licensure that would enjoy receiving their CE sitting in their kitchen holding their cat in our pajamas right be able to do some online CE and I and I totally get that and I think it's not a one or the other I think there's also great opportunity for our dentists hygienists or assistants those who are looking for that licensure renewal to be able to get out to their local meetings their state meetings we have here in Arizona have a great annual session as well as Arizona Dental Association has multiple other opportunities throughout the year I think it's a both but then again it goes back to what I was saying about I think we can't just keep reiterating the same old format we've definitely see some changes in the format from like three our four hour six hour days to much smaller segments keep it buried I think part of the challenge is there's nothing really entirely there's some things that are new but you know from the clinical standpoint there's not a whole lot of new for the doctor to bring the team and  come out and so I think that it remains the challenge of those who are planning events to be able to find new ways to really show the value of that face-to-face meeting which I really believe in

Howard:  so what um what categories when someone says it to you they want help in becoming a dental speaker they're a dentist or hygienists or they're in the dental industry and they're really passionate about sharing information what subjects here there's about 50 subjects in dentistry there's 10 specialties from practice management to pediatric dentistry what would areas are you seeing the most interest one close if a hundred people called you up and said I want to be a speaker what are the subjects that people want to speak on the most versus what is their the highest demand for 

Vanessa Emerson: okay couple things there my mind is going a couple of different ways so it just makes me think when someone is getting started speaking one of the questions they'll ask me is what is the hottest topic and there's not a hot topic there  are those that are always required there are some there's some new things out there like vaping CBD opioids I mean there's things that are required in that area for licensure there are newer topics that are hot billing and coding remains hot OSHA and compliance and ethics and control those areas just there's always a demand for that because it's required so once we step past those ones that are required into more of like practice management and clinical topics I think dental implants was a big buzz for a lot of years it's not so much now I feel like I mean there definitely still interest in that but it's not like a hot hot hot topic like it was at one point what I was seen after being in almost 20 years in the industry and helping speakers and consultants is that I encourage those who feel like they would like to speak and consult in the industry to go into this with the idea of sharing what they're passionate about and where their skill sets are because I imagine I anticipate we're on the same track with this Howard is that there's always going to be a need for the business side training around you know team development and leadership and communication because there's always going to be new people coming in there's always gonna be a need for some refresher just similarly there's always going to be an for a wide range of clinical topics I don't really have like a top-five other than what I was just sharing with you as far as what I see I  have three different focuses in my business and one of them is the dental speaker's bureau and in that role I work with meeting planners pretty much every day I also work with speakers pretty much every day and from what I've seen it's just really varied the there are thousands of meetings out there literally thousands of meetings in dentistry and that's I say I really think we've got it going on it's a strong industry and when I compared to the folks I talked to and other medical speaking industries or you know chiropractic or dieticians or other healthcare related the our honorariums are much higher or our meetings are really strong I don't see how you can go wrong with any topic that you know is a good solid dental topic if it's not just way out in left field

Howard:  you know Warren Buffett always says I don't care if you're a ballerina or a rock concert just don't tell people it's a rock concert and then show ballet so when you're talking about dental honorariums and you have a bunch of people listening to you that are thinking maybe they want to be a speaker someday what is the satisfaction equals a perception - expectation what would are what is a reasonable honorarium for someone starting out what are you singing in the market and then what does it top out at 

Vanessa Emerson: you know what is the beginner sure I'd be happy to share that with you and I think it's not like a there's a couple elements and so I'm gonna give you like this could be a three-hour course or I'm gonna give you like the real high level of you it really does come down to the amount of experience someone has as a speaker I think when they get started because not just as a speaker but there is their course really well developed and what are the results they're getting because that's going to help you know if you're gonna start upping your honorarium and when I say results I I always encourage the speakers like a coach to get to the point where they get spinoff business every time they speak in other words when they give a presentation we wanted that to spin off interesting consulting or product sales or something and so that's why I need my results so where I see honorarium starting us from anywhere from $0 so like 1500 2500 like in a starting range that's what we ask but it really in speaking around the honorarium it comes down to two things what we ask and what the meeting has right what their budget is so this is really a complex topic but as far as what's possible in dentistry I think there are those elite speakers who are and I should also say clinical tends to be paid higher than business topics but on the clinical side those elite speakers that we see speaking around the industry a lot I would not be surprised that they are able to command seventy five eighty five hundred dollars when they speak that's usually not all coming from the meeting you know if it's a larger meeting it's also a conjunction with sponsorship but you know I think there are study clubs out there I've seen that that could pay that for the right speaker but that takes years to get there and a real investment in your career in other words you're  gaining education I have a Cat Rescue he's gonna continue now I I've had my cat jump on the screen during a podcast at least five different times well you know what it's like here at Phoenix there's cats everywhere and we have a little sanctuary but he would have cried the whole time but it's  really possible to have a good business as a speaker you know to make a fair amount but most people when they speak they think about speaking as a marketing activity for something else so it's more than speaking in that business

Howard:  yeah I would agree I mean why would a dentist want to speak for $1,500 on the other side of the country when they could earn that in their dental office easily and wake up in their own bed go to sleep no but so you're saying clinical commands more than practice management and most people are using this seminar for a marketing opportunity would you say that's yeah that's what I would say do you see as you look around the industry would you say the same that most of the speakers we see out there are also consultants or have something to sell yes and and there's nothing that will get your career moving faster than a billion-dollar company that says oh my god so it's kind of tough because which came first the chicken or the egg you know somebody is some what glove dentist really loves your dental product then it's to your advantage that that person speaks all over do these big companies that do a billion dollars a year do they have a lot of control at these conventions of who's speaking I mean when you go to a big dental meeting and there's a hundred speakers how many of them were kind of shooed to the stadium the  front of the room because they have a big booth out there 

Vanessa Emerson: um shoot to the front of the room you mean like as far as being invited to speak yeah like if I'm going to have this big display to convention and drop a hundred grand on a convention floor but I only want to do it if these two or three guys are speaking how common is that is that is that the norm or is that rare I think at the larger conventions it's frequent that the sponsors have the ability to place speakers on the on the agenda for sure I've seen that for years where they can bring in speakers that they choose to put on not all meetings you know especially smaller meetings and and there's so many different types of meetings but the larger meetings for sure we seen that

Howard: so when you're how many would you say the speaking skill is all-natural or eco cheese people to do Toastmasters or improv or comedy school or you know Dale Carnegie courses how do you fine-tune them as a speaker 

Vanessa Emerson: that's a great question so I don't teach presentation skills and content development but there are multiple people who are speaker development coaches in the industry my focus is really more on like the marketing side it has been marketing and then like to help them with their websites their marketing materials and then we also have our Bureau which helps connect meeting planners and speakers and helps them find each other and our third area focuses dental speaker Institute I've got my little banner up here behind me and that is a curriculum is being developed where there will be a professional designation that can be earned for professional speakers and in that it's really a master's based it's like a master's program education based for speakers to be able to get those skills so when  you ask well how do we get started or what do we encourage them to do to become better speakers can I share my book absolutely but it's not out it's not on Amazon I look for it this morning on Amazon when's it come out it's gonna be this week um I got my proof copy here it says not for resale but it will be this week so you think you want to speak in dentistry this is really geared toward the dental professional who wants to get started and what I encourage them to do in this book and really for anyone who has been started wants to improve their skills Toastmasters is a great place to get started because it's super low cost and it's right in your hometown and you can put in as much time as you want there and you can work through their program and get some experience but in addition to that I really do encourage working with some of the dental sorry not just general but the speaker development coaches that are out there in the world there are quite a few that are in dentistry and at the back of the book and the appendix and I'd be happy to give a copy to anybody if they want to shoot me an email info at the dental speaker com I'll just shoot you an aversion of that and there's an appendix at the back that lists different educators who can help you with their own individual workshops so you can go to learn certain skills whether it's writing your speech or presenting your speech and Howard what you agreed that that it's something that over time you just get better and better especially the more you invest in learning do it has that been your experience

Howard:  I you mean and how to be a better speaker you know I really recommend I lectured for years without ever thinking of the science of it like maybe 10 years before I ever thought about it you know answer this and what got me interested is I always did a stand-up comedy that was my hobby and I've done you know all the comedy clubs in in town here several times so I went to the comedy school in temping and the guy the teacher's name is Toni Visage and it was so amazing because it was just like um two or three hour classes I think it's Monday Wednesday Friday for six weeks I think it was two hours a night Monday Wednesday Friday for six weeks and every concept he was teaching I was like oh wow I had thought about something like this but I called it that you know or a hook whatever and it really I kind of felt like I went from a dental assistant who's been assisting dentistry for ten years and could do any of the fillings and crowns it's actually being a dentist and understanding the science behind it and I I think I just think it's amazing I think comedy is the most brutal art form because you're not relying on your PowerPoint you're not you know standing your mind it's just you and a microphone and it's brutal you're gonna you're gonna live or die in a minute and so I think that was great I think improv was great because the crowd says things they say questions off-the-cuff so you just have to understand improv mind but you know some of the rules are so simple I mean talk about something you're passionate about you know everything in your presentation is a crux the slides are a crutch you know it's just you connecting with the audience and to grab a microphone and to walk off the stage and go into the crowd start looking in people's eyes and talking about what you're passionate about I mean that's that's the the secret sauce so if you're talking about something you're not passionate about it's gonna be horrible and if you are speaking on something you're not passionate about why are you speaking on it I mean yeah exactly

Vanessa Emerson:  exactly so hundred those things you're passionate about are typically what you have experience in and that's gonna help you really be seen as an influence or a thought leader

Howard:  so you have three different websites so let's say that a dentist is listening to you right now and she's thinking she might want to be a speaker does she go to dental speakers eurocom the dental speaker comm or dental speaking institute comm explain these three different websites where does she go first 

Vanessa Emerson: sure so the dental speaker is our brand it's our that would be the mothership the mother figure the dental speaker that's kind of our overarching brand and so under the dental speaker this examples of some of the marketing campaigns we do it's a creative agency we create websites and speaker packets and print and email campaigns that's really how I got started years ago with my business was helping speakers one on one with creating the materials they need dental speakers bureau originally was directory of demo speakers and Howard we were involved there together and then it grew up into dental speakers bureau so the what's different about it now is that it's more of a hybrid it was more of like a yellow page white page of approach and now it with it being more of a hybrid meeting planners are reached out to me and I'll talk to them individually help guide them help them find what they're looking for take more of a you know taken by the hand approach and help them find the right fit for their meeting it's not a traditional bureau whereas there's no Commission and you know it's a really super low price to it to be involved it's a little bit of a hybrid where what I'm most excited about is dental speaker Institute and our annual jumpstart conference and the Institute I mentioned we're developing our curriculum now which is a going to be that master's program with the professional designation that can be earned and that will be rolled out with with this we're working on the website now the first classes will be available in 2020 and at our January conference that we our third meeting here in Phoenix jumpstart 2020 will roll out more specifics about how someone can get involved ultimately where I see Dental speaker Institute going is that there will be quarterly weekend workshops similar to how NSA has the National Speakers Association has done their lab over the year well the years where they'll choose a topic and on that weekend we might work on you know writing a speech for the weekend so there will be lots of opportunities for education through dental speaker Institute throughout the year and then we have our big annual conference which I'd love to tell you a little bit more about it well we are as you've gathered all things dental speaker but I think our jump starts different in that that's really geared to be more than meetings professionals gathering annually we invite meeting planners and sponsors and we educate all three of those groups we have opportunities for speakers to be scouted there and we also will be discussing some of these topics that you've asked me about the future of CE you know where our meetings growing are they growing what are some of the challenges and who's finding ways to meet those challenges and find success will be having masterminds and panels as well as multiple education sessions so that we can I think it's really important to bring those three sectors together the planner the sponsor the speaker because we all need each other in this meeting professional that in the four as meeting professionals to be able to grow our industry and so we're purposely bringing all three together to be able to increase the conversation and to be able to openly share 

Howard: so that's here in 2020 right here in Chandler Arizona what's the date on there it'll be it'll be actually 

Vanessa Emerson: January 2020 I don't have the website updated yet we're still finalizing our agenda so it's January 9 through 11 it'll be actually in Mesa and we're really close to the airport but you probably know this area Howard we're gonna be at the Sheraton Wrigleyville which is right next to of course where the Cubs play their spring training games a little Wrigley stadium here in Phoenix right on so how much is the so it's January 9 to 11 2020 right correct okay so and in Mesa Arizona at the

Vanessa Emerson:  Sheridan I and how much is the cost the regular registration is 2,100 we're doing an early bird registration I don't have an end date on that probably tell early fall $300 off this makes it 1800 for three days the discount code is early bird all one word early bird just saved $300 and you can register it jump start at what 2020 comm or what it's jump start 2020 dot-com is where you can register 2020 dot-com

Howard:  I'm right there awesome awesome right so and our rich art agenda will be online this summer so it says if you are a dental professional who works or consults in the practice and also shared your expertise by speaking across the nation register now to secure your seat and jump start 2020 boost your skills and gain knowledge and strategies to advance as a dental speaker and platform professionals usually on it so if you had a hundred people attend how many would-be dentists hygienists assistants practice management cos all who would these people be 

Vanessa Emerson: well we're already at a hundred and ten we think we'll probably bring 200 in and roughly half of them are speakers and then the other half will be like meeting planners sponsors faculties you know people who are speaking at our conference that kind of thing so of the half that our speakers last year dr. Paul homily I'm sure you know Paul is also here in town yeah was was teaching a workshop and he just did a random survey you know raise your hand if you're a wet finger clinician you have you're currently practicing and two-thirds of our room raise their hand so that gives you an idea we do have a good mix of doctors hygienist for sure as well as you know practice management consultant business side 

Howard: you know the you know dentists have a really hard time with hiring associates because you don't go to school eight to ten years to be somebody's employee it's just two highly educated of too aggressive of a human that just dentist lawyers physicians they don't make good employees but the ones who've slowed down the employee turnover the most like heartland credits at all because they give so much continued education to their doctors and a lot of doctors will pick Heartland over some other associate job because they're gonna get a lot of experience and placing implants or Invisalign so do you see that growing in the speaker's business we're a big DSL say ok I want to hire this speaker and I want them to you know spread out across all my like Heartland has nine hundred offices do you see that growing is that a big 

Vanessa Emerson: yes and I think for the savvy speaker they go after that you know for years now we've seen this coming where there are more and more the  DSL the corporate the groups of all sizes and I think the savvy speaker would purposely seek out groups like AADGP dental group practices which is also here in Phoenix I got such a big dental thing going on Phoenix ad DGP dental group practices you know or organizations like that association where you can purchase their member list for about $50 off the website and go after those all those different size organizations that have multiple practices and seek them out find out if there's an opportunity for you to teach on your topic but I think yes I think that is growing that more speakers are working in the DSO and the group world corporate dentistry and I think that's really a smart thing to do

Howard:  so who's the American Academy of Dental Group practice building better groups together who's um who's all that I don't know that I know them that well I know they're over on by on Biltmore you know at the Biltmore but they're an association and so I think they probably a membership you know that our leadership that turns over but over the years I purchased their list or have been involved at their meetings with them with some of the speakers I work with have spoken for them they speak around the country are they have meetings around the country I should say well 

Howard: you're on you're also involved with the you were the with the what does the Academy a dental practice management consultants a BMC economy in general management

Vanessa Emerson:  right bonnie pew yes yeah sorry we froze a little bit there yeah bonnie bonnie pew is the executive director our current president is Laura Jamison and a Roy Shelburne is the VP will be the incoming president Oh like mother like daughter Kathy is she did the Apple fall far from the Cathy Jamison tree Cathy and John Jamison oh you know this is actually different Jamison spelled differently but similarly wonderful so again

Howard:  they're listening to you right now they want to be a speaker you said that the dentals speaker comm is the mothership what is that word they should go first is that the first one

Vanessa Emerson:  that'd be a great site to go to but the you know I I speak pretty much every day just someone who's interested in getting started or who has been speaking and wants to grow their business and so I would be happy to chat with anybody I mean their way the best thing would probably email me info at the dental speaker comm will get write to me info at the dental speaker I was gonna buy dental speaker comm Howard that it was like thirty thousand dollars so I thought I'm just gonna call it the dental speaker and since let me show you put the in influenza dental speaker calm and just let me know you'd like to chat and then I'll shoot you a link to my calendar and be happy to chat with anybody I'm happy to send a copy of the book I like to just give it away the information I think it's really helpful to for people to know if they're wanting to get started there's there's that idea of sitting in the meeting watching the speaker and thinking could I do that or sometimes people think I could do it better unfortunately I hear a lot but you know they they look at that they could could I do that but they don't really know how to get there 

Howrad: you know it's funny because I'm the National Speakers Association is right here in Tempe and everybody thinks that don't look at it because you see this building this is the NSA and everybody immediately thinks it's you know something related to the CIA or the FBI and probably the most famous tunnel speaker of all time was the president of the National Speakers Association Naomi rode Jim O'Neill Murrow they were huge in the NSA do a lot it is there a lot of crossover do you see NSA people saying hey there here's his dental industry with a 211,000 licensed dentist in the United States and then what about vice versa have you seen many dentists say what applies here and works well in dentistry applies to other verticals and I'm gonna go to the NSA has that been a helpful boost for people's career 

Vanessa Emerson: I think to some degree and I'll see a lot of it no but I think it's smart I think it depends on the topic but there are a fair number of people who can speak in more than just dentistry based on their topic like leadership or communication there's some things that would fare well in many different industries and similarly people who are giants in other industries on those type of topics can come here and speak but what I see for the most part in dental is if you're from outside the industry meaning that you don't really have dental experience it's not super easy to break into because we have a really thriving with thousands of speakers right I mention thousands of meetings there are thousands of speakers I know because I've got lists email lists my own list about a couple thousand speakers at all times so it's not super simple to just hop into dental and go oh there's you know it's a great market and be heard you'd really have to have something specific that you know this if it's about branding yourself in differentiating right you to be able to be heard about the noise so how do you 

Howard: what is works best for a speaker as far as your marketing is their own social media footprint is that a huge correlator to speaking a creating demand to hear your lecture 

Vanessa Emerson: sure I think that's level two level one really starts with the speaker packet on the dental speaker comm there's a portfolio page Howard and there's some website examples there but there's about two dozen speaker packet examples a speaker packet really has course descriptions written out the you know your bio a list of where you spoke in testimonials some of those things you accumulate as you start speaking more it's a document that meeting planners will ask for by name so I think it really starts the foundation is for the newer speakers to make sure they have a good solid speaker packet and then build out a web presence even if you have just a landing page I think it's super important that you have something online if a meeting planner hears about you and they search online and they don't find you then it's as if you're not really speaking so it's really important to have a web presence and as you grow I mean there's a lot to invest in as you get started right there's all that education we talked about there's some materials so just you know you could do it in pieces and as you continue to grow and as you're earning more you can invest more back into your business but then once you establish a speaker packet and the website and maybe do a you know an ongoing campaign like an email blast that goes out every couple months to meeting planners then and there are lists that can be purchased on that same website so there's a that's like the elephant in the room is how do I know who the planners are well there are some lists then you'd graduate to level two which is kind of like everything else so you'd mentioned really what I would call being seen as an influencer or as a thought leader and so certainly blogging social media podcasts like with this activity today this activity today serves both my business and yours and we see this happening all over the industry but it's about putting yourself out there as an influencer here's ago I heard the statistics that the statistic 3/4 of people will go where you lead them someone was teaching scheduling actually a dental office scheduling and they said you know three out of four people will go or you put that in the schedule but I think that works through all of our marketing that when you hang out your shingle and you create a website and materials that look as if you've been doing this for some time it gives this impression to the people that you're wanting to hire you that it feels like it's not your first rodeo and not that we're trying to in any way you know pull the wool over their eyes but we're wanting to you have to get started somehow and this helps you get started when you have that fundamental first level of marketing and then you move into your social media there's a long answer 

Howard: so they're recommending they go to the dental speaker comm and then click the portfolio and the portfolio shows these people who want to speak more and they're amazing people how much do they have to pay you to build this website package to get everything they need so they can start effectively marketing to meeting planners more efficiently 

Vanessa Emerson: that's a great question and so those are some of the examples of some of the materials that we've created right so it's not it there's not a cookie cutter off-the-shelf solution it really depends on where they're at and so you would expect to pay you know a couple at least a couple thousand dollars for a speaker packet because it's the writing of it the designing of it and the creation of an ongoing campaign through our agency now there are ways to do that for more or for less money that were certainly not the only graphic designers what I think is special about what we do is that we have nearly 20 years experience creating courses Howard I've actually had  ADA state and national meeting planners since occurs to me because they know they need help with their packet and they know that we know how to put it in the right format so that it can qualify for CEE

Howard:  and you do people who want to speak on do you think well why do you think they really want to do it deep deep down inside why do they want to be a speaker I mean you you got a Dennis here on your portfolio amazing eye dentist accessible practice why do you think they want to do it

Vanessa Emerson:  I think there's multiple reasons but one would be that you get to a place in your career where you where you are an expert at something you got you maybe have kind of plateaued in a way you know it's like about the passion of getting up every day and getting to work and like what's new and exciting in our lives and I think that as you build those clinical scales or those business skills and you find that you're kind of guiding people anyway like your colleagues are asking you questions or that's how I got started with my businesses people started asking I was working with Katherine I tell belt which I think really oh you've probably have worked with Katherine on a similar podcast before and I found there her colleagues were asking well how are you finding success with that and what are you doing and so Katherine really encouraged me to spread my wings even while I was working with her early on to start and creating this marketing firm and I think it's similar in that I'll have people that are become practice management consultants that tell me that you know there are other office managers and their community or asking them questions or you know people are asking and already seeing you as a leader and it's just a natural progression besides the fact that not for everybody but for a fair number of people it's fun I would you agree it's fun so who's that cantaloupe Katherine I tell belt how you slushie I can't speak eight I te L belt her website is Lyon speak dotnet oh so I got started it and you you probably know Katherine yeah and other California yeah

Howard: so so tell us about your journey how did how did you get into this how did that happen

Vanessa Emerson:  I was working in general surgery I would see I was an office manager for a general surgeon and in northeastern Arizona you had no Show Howard and there's a small little Regional Medical Center up there and the doctor I worked with worked in Pinetop this little get away from the heat for the rest of us and so it was really small remote area and because there was not a lot of people that were trained for this I was actually trained to go into the operating room and hold the laparoscope and I loved it and I'll tell you honestly if he had not retired I would still be there because I loved surgery and just loved that whole environment but life had other plans for me and he retired for the second time I was pretty sure he wasn't going to come back to work and so I answered and had the paper back in the day it was early 2001 back when there were newspaper ads for jobs and that's how it was synchro destiny when  Kathryn opened the door at her office for my interview I just I just knew I liked her right away and I would say she's one of my dearest friends like a sister to me

Howard:  Wow and that was your that was your journey yeah how you got into this entire business yeah and so I started out as her office manager as a speaker and consultant I had no idea what a speaker in consulting was I really didn't know much about dentistry I didn't have any experience working in a dental office wow that is an amazing journey so um what are you most so what are you most excited about now what are you most passionate about now as opposed to when you entered this with Kathryn twenty years ago 

Vanessa Emerson: oh you know what I'm most excited about now is that we're really becoming a seminars company as we continue to grow we you know we'll always serve speakers with the marketing we'll always have a bureau that connects them but our dental speaker Institute side of things I love the education side of it I love that we're going to be creating meetings that provide new alternatives we're bringing in speaker development coaches from outside the industry and really because we do have such a great thriving meetings industry I feel like there's a real opportunity to educate speakers and it really helped them up their game which only helps everyone in the long run because if you're a better educator then our attendees are going to have better education which is going to go back and filter down to our patients so on the business side that's what I'm most excited about 

Howard: so on a supply and demand I've seen a huge increase in supply of convention some since I got out of dental school 32 years ago I mean take Arizona for instance they started that huge yearly annual Western Regional meeting there's just so many more meetings and they keep adding supplies and then on the demand side you're competing with online CE so how do you see the supply and demand of that business going with an increase in number of meetings and and a increase a decrease in demand from online 

Vanessa Emerson: I think that being face to face at a meeting provides you with more than education and it provides you with the networking to that's a really vital key in growing your business as a dentist a hygienist is what us whoever office manager whoever is there at that meeting I think there's much more value than  just the education but I think the education is at the core and ultimately it's the responsibility of those who are planning to stay on top of what's new and what's currents there  are other industry associations like I should say not industry but like big international like meeting professionals international MPI is for it's a it's like NSA is for speakers National Speakers Association so MPI has meetings annually as well and they're really just out there on the cutting edge with meeting planners from all industries from all different types of meetings and they're sharing what's new and what we can bring technology and for instance in our last jumpstart John Stamper with his dental cast productions was there and he did Facebook live from portions of our meeting you know there's things we can do I haven't really rolled this out but I'll share it with you know if you're my first on dentistry uncensored you've heard a first we're actually going to have a virtual component of our meeting in January so if you're not able to attend because we've had a couple people who the date just didn't work for them but they really wanted to be there with John stampers dental productions he's created a platform where you can actually watch our meeting or other meetings while they're happening or their record us you can watch them later so I think there's not it's not just online or in-person there's like let's use technology let's use where we all things are always gonna continue to change right I mean we have to be able to shift with it if we want to be able to stay current and irrelevant 

Howard: so um some people are saying that I'm the book is the new business card that kind of to get to the injury level and this is like you're just coming out with the book so I want to be a dental speaker available on Amazon or your website 

Vanessa Emerson: it is it is it will be on my website it's gonna be available on Amazon this week so you think you want to speak in dentistry and but here's the thing I don't care if I ever sell a copy right because I will give it to anybody because it behooves me to do so that's an old-fashioned word right behooves but and I would say with for many speakers I following in their footprint I'm following an advice from my business coach mark LeBlanc who real market with the book and yes I think it's like a it's really like a business card or a brochure you could ebook you could do a brick you know what Howard this is costly that spent less than five hundred dollars for me to get this on Amazon it just doesn't have to cost a lot so right 

Howard: so you see this a big marketing opportunity totally yeah and I think it makes people think you're an expert I mean it's one thing to have an opinion like the next time you hear someone with a anti fluoridation communist you know conspiracy deal you know it's real easy to say you got a book on that with some references or any resources about your yeah some science behind your thoughts so do you think it and I also think that when you speak like say you go to a big meeting and they bring you and that that's a third person endorsement because the dentist sitting there at the big meeting thinking well they just wouldn't let in an idiot to speak I mean don't you have to be a cut above the rest so a book being invited to speak these third-person endorsements really help satiate the social needs of sapien would you agree 

Vanessa Emerson: I agree and I think it's about being seen as an influencer right that's a current term that people use key opinion leaders thought leader or whatever and what's interesting about this is that I totally drilled this I didn't need someone else's approval right and so that's why anybody can write a book and it just put it this it's again that whole idea that people tend to go where you leave them no I'm not encouraging anybody to do something unethical but the bottom line is people my schedule tends to be booked out a couple weeks in advance because I just I'm on the phone all day with these kind of conversations so it makes sense for me or makes sense for you the speaker who is also you know in the practice all week and you have a limit to how your time it makes sense for you to gather those thoughts together this is a small book this is only like 55 pages and this is really just how to get started if you're a professional who wants to get started it's not like all things everything but I took a little bite and got it published and now now I'm in a published author and this has same idea for  anyone who wants to be seen as an expert out there is a consultant or speaker it's actually not hard to do and it's not an cost really shouldn't be a factor because like me like I say for under $500 I have it on Amazon and if anybody wants to know who I worked with to do that I can might be happy to connect you so which website can they get the book from from your website the gentle speaker Bureau or the dental speaker dot-com or which one dental speaker speaker but it's not there yet it's nothing I guess 

Howard: I'm I'm honestly I'm on the book looking for that is I I've also noticed them I there's been people talking about on dental town I've got emails on it that there's now a lot of fraud in inviting you to speak at international meetings where someone says we're having this big meeting and it's some big old fancy place and have you seen any of this this fraud oh

Vanessa Emerson:  yes for years for years III know that it's not real when they say dr. Emerson we'd like you to come talk on oral cancer or something cuz I'm like they I'm not a doctor I don't you know there's  clues like that but sometimes so actually it's sometimes it's harder to tell I I would always wrote a pod sorry a blog on this years ago liked to just be smart you know like it's not a Nigerian prince asking for money but it is something out of the blue this like coming to China to talk at this conference and like how did they find you and I would not click on any of the links but instead if I think it might be legit I would instead search safely online to see if it's even a real conference what some speakers have shared with me is that they did follow the lead they did reach back and then they felt like it was more of a fishing expedition to try to get their information and stuff so just be super cautious you know Howard I know that some people want to speak because they do want to travel and they do want to be able to go other places but I feel like there's not much money in that I don't know if you've seen now but there's not a lot of money in the international travel and I feel like there's so many opportunities here that I don't need to travel to you know China or India or Saudi Arabia or somewhere to speak for $300 

Howard: so so what what is how are they making money on these fraudsters and I think they're mostly on Twitter I mean you're always getting all these people you know some big meeting and you know like say somewhere in Asia Africa Europe whatever and it's a yeah and then you go through it in and like say if it's too good to be true it's not but whenever they're asking money from you for you to go be a speaker somewhere I mean how much more insane does it have but but i but I see it a lot I see it mostly on Twitter how about you I get emails I actually receive emails and and I'll know that something's up because the same day

Vanessa Emerson:  I get an email I'll hear from five or six people saying I received this email do you think it's legit but so for me it's mostly emails 

Howard: so what so they're gonna go to your website the dental speaker beer calm or they'll go to the dental speaker calm or they'll go to the dental speaker Institute and which one did you say first you said the mother ship was that little fear I'll see and what you think about us as all things the dental speaker and then when you get there the other up the other menu items will be some of the other sites and what are they going to find the the most of your website there they're trying to work now when they get to work and check out your website what do they be looking for on the

Vanessa Emerson:  well there's examples there of what marketing could look like should look like I hate to say should because there's more than one right answer but there's some really good examples of marketing they're on the portfolio we have a list of meeting planners there t will this week hopefully be a page about purchasing the book and it will also be a gateway to get you over to dental speakers bureau to see what that looks like we have over us a hundred speakers there on dental speaker bureau that are available are looking for engagements and dental speaker institute ultimately where the curriculum will be and our more information about jump start 2020 will be there this summer so your brain right now you can go to jumpstart pardon yeah yeah jumpstart calm we went there for registration jump start 2020 functions 

Howard: so we'll see so of all your speakers that you're working with who do you think is the most overlooked who do you think is the biggest up-and-coming star that hasn't been noticed yet 

Vanessa Emerson: ooh you know okay so names that pop and thank you for this opportunity to share some people last year jump start we had a speaking competition and I'd like to share the two winners with you our judges choice was Dr. Emil Sloboda and his website is reversed margin dot-com nominal sorry he's got he's got a couple to us the Sloboda wacom sv o bo da silva boda way the Sloboda way calm and he won our judges choice and he speaks on a topic thats related to dental implants around them I don't know all the proper terms but it's like it keeps this cement from going down below the gum there's a device and on the people's choice the facebook vote voted for Karen Daw and Karen das speaks on compliance issues she's Karen dot-com d8d aw aw and I think that yeah Karen dAW calm her presentation was so delightful they laughed the whole time and this was OSHA we were talking about and her videos the videos are on both of those sites harder and encourage you and your listeners to take a view those are I'm sure there are many but those pop to mind is two people who I don't who are not speaking like all the time yet who will be that both are just really super talented 

Howard: you know I'm I've been speaking at conventions since I actually August uh it's it was August ninth 1990 so this has been a long time so next year August my staff once have a some party or something for the 30 year anniversary but going to all those conventions and having breakfast lunch or dinner with you know you talk to the people that brought you in or whatever they always have told me for 30 years at the number one complaint at every dental convention was there wasn't anything from the staff the dentist's takes your whole staff and everything so dentists a dentist is so clinical so that and that was what I have always heard for thirty years what what have you heard 

Vanessa Emerson: you know that the convention it feels to me like there's a whole other team now one area think that was somewhat not overlooked but like just didn't have as much attention with the dental assistant which i think is getting a lot more attention now Kevin Henry put together a program that he's offered around to some of the bigger conventions where they do a full day for the assistant with multiple speakers you know and then there are other people who speak in that area and I'm seeing the dental assistant to get a lot more attention now Mary givanni Julie Varney or some people I'm thinking of in that area that popped to the top but as far as for team I think there's a fair amount on the on the business side you know team-building communications leadership systems that sort of thing at conventions 

Howard: yeah Kevin Henry's is just doing amazing so so you're seeing that I'm really filling a void do you think there's any other areas in speaking where you think it needs more supply

Vanessa Emerson:  more topic areas and speaking I would love to see more new more new relevant you know and I think we're starting to see that like I mentioned vaping now that's kind of a recent thing where multiple people are coming out with the topics on vaping or CBD oil you know some of those things are new there's always an interest in new and when meeting planners reached out to me through the bureau they'll ask me what are new topics so I'll also ask me you know do you have some new up-and-comers that you think are going to be stars like the question you asked me that so that they don't want to bring necessarily the same people over and over and that's part of the idea that we want to be able to make our meetings relevant and we and if we have the same speakers every year people tend to look at that go I've heard him or her 

Howard: so how has a podcasting new would you say his podcast I mean technically came out when Steve Jobs came out with a smartphone and that must have been 2007-2008 but when do you see it really taking off in dentistry and how has that affected speaking do people who podcasts have a higher success rate in speaking or not or does that influence it I 

Vanessa Emerson: you know I think there are so many podcasts now in dental and that's part of the challenges are so many to listen to right it's just like so many emails are getting Artbox every day it's like there's a competition for our attention I think some of the early adopters like yourself and there's a handful others that like pump to the top in my mind that I know are out there and consistently with a large audience I think it's more of a challenge for someone to get traction now with podcasting because it's not entirely it's definitely not new but to your question of how far does that go in establishing you as an influencer I think it's definitely worth the effort and what I find is that many speakers and consultants struggle with getting a blog up on their website but yet it's easier to do what we're doing like I didn't have to sit down and write an article and get it just perfect but we could just talk and then take they could take something like this this video get it on YouTube and get it on their blog on their website but they can also push it out via email so you're able to get a lot more traction and a lot more exposure with blog does that been your experience Howard it's I just love it when you call a blog because

Howard:  I'm actually a history of podcasting I previously began it was called audio blogging and that was back in the 80s but it really didn't take off till Apple got ahold of it in 2004 but it's but it's amazing you can you're always giving away your age when you call it a a blog an audio blog a video blog but now it's a podcast dental town is amazing it is a 72 podcast and a lot of people think that everyone listens to my tunes but a lot of people get in their car and you know we have 65,000 dentists in the United States that have downloaded the dental town app and they go to the podcast and they have 70 they have 72 to pick from and some of them have been amazing like some of these people put up a podcast and just the views on dental time because I don't know what the users are getting on iTunes in YouTube but there's people on dental you can see their numbers or they put up a podcast and now have over 500,000 views I mean half are easily view how big would you say the average attendance is at a seminar 

Vanessa Emerson: oh gosh what do you think the average size is look in their room you know yeah without their luxury so average so like Oh depends on the type of meeting right there like a big meeting like him and a Chicago maybe 100 200 people like average I mean there's some or maybe a little bigger but you'll study Club a couple dozen but feel good  turnout yeah it's really very so what are you thinking 

Howard: well if you got five hundred thousand views 500 thousand divided by by one or you want to go 100 is the average sure right that's that's the equivalent of going out and speaking five thousand times to a hundred people I mean that's I mean there are some some of the most famous speakers that have come and gone and are no longer here on earth didn't speak to that many people I mean it's just the  digital audio blog video blog or podcast I mean that the reach of it is crazy and when I get emails from Dentist like I got an email last night from you know I'm a lot of Dentist in India and I and whenever I get an email from India I was saying okay when I go lecture in India it's a five-hour flight from Phoenix to New York layover 2 hours 15 hour flight to New Delhi wake up in a zombie state lecture all day then go back to the hotel or the airport 15 hours back to I mean it's great and you did all that to talk to 200 people and now you can talk to 2,000 without even getting dressed I mean you know it's just uh it's really change roll now some people think that if I create an online CE course or if I do a podcast or ever then they've heard me so if they've already heard me then they don't want to come see me and I've always seen it as the opposite I've always seen that people who to online course on dental town you know they just expose themselves for an hour to a whole bunch of people and some of that is gonna work on I want to hear more of you 

Vanessa Emerson: yeah oh definitely I I think so it's like a ramp up all right it's like it's um how we have different levels of products that we sell a different price points the self as I same idea of ramping up into them actually coming to for your own workshop for instance like you could create your own podcast for just you are the speaker who talks for a half hour 45 minutes to share you know some information I  don't I don't want it to be that we don't give information away but like we can't fit three hours worth into a 45 minute but that could be enough to get someone a drink to know that oh I want more of that and so then they come to your own workshop or to see you at a workshop or a conference 

Howard: what do you wish I would have asked that I forgot to ask um how do you work with me how do they work that would be a great way I'm the go-to info at the dental speaker and email you

Vanessa Emerson:  that's right they email me and then we hop on and schedule some time well we're really here to help people in a wide range I think what the one of the values that we can bring from our organization to the market is that we know a lot of people we've got a pretty deep network now a speaker development coaches as well as meeting planners is so I think one of the things that is helpful about chatting with me I said it's not about selling you into something it's really more about giving you resources helping you know what that next right step might be and so I'd be happy to have that conversation with anyone who would like to to hop on my schedule 

Howard:so your seminars gonna be a Mesa Arizona mm-hmm January 9 through 11 2020 if you go to jumpstart 2020 dot-com you can register and use discount code early-bird all one word to save $300 and when that book um when it goes live on your website email me the link to howard at dental town comm and all publish it on dental town and all the social media and I want to ask we've been neighbors for over what twenty years I lived in the valley I've been here since 87 well I you know I'm a native Arizonan but I've lived in the valley since um like 82 for just a couple years as a Southern California so yeah pretty much where were you born what area Springerville oh I grew up in snowflake and snowflake man gosh love that place like in Arizona so you think you want to speak in dentistry by Vanessa Emerson Vanessa thank you so much for coming on the show today and helping all my homies decide if they want to throw their hat in the dental speaking ring 

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