Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1204 PatientXpress Hemesh Surana and Satish Medicetty : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1204 PatientXpress Hemesh Surana and Satish Medicetty : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Hemesh Surana is a seasoned techie. He spent 15+  year at Oracle before starting his software venture, patientXpress. This venture started as a hobby to help his dentist wife, who had purchased a boutique dental practice few years back. He wore many hats in dental office and observed closely to find many broken processes, inefficiencies which costs 1000s of dollar in revenue leakage. 

VIDEO - DUwHF #1204 - Hemesh Surana

AUDIO - DUwHF #1204 - Hemesh Surana

Dr. Medicetty has more than 10 years of executive management and commercialization in Healthcare. He has been providing financial and operational management support for his spouse’s dental practices over the last 10 years. Joined patientXpress with a mission to provide smart tools to improve practice profitability.

Howard: It's just a huge honor for me today to   be podcast interviewing Satish Medicetty  who is a CEO and spouse of a dentist of  patient Express and then we're with the  founder Hamesh Surana who's a CTO and  is also a spouse of a dentist so did you   guys meet each other in some support   club for men who are married to dentist

Medicetty:   you can see by just how being as   possible dentist is as a category of   being on our title so you can say yes I   think that made a very  important   role and how we met and then where we   are and how we rated it working together   I should say we almost didn't have a   choice but to do that

Howard: well let me read  up well the founder ISM Ashland let me  start is by Hamesh Surana is a seasoned  techie spent fifteen years of the work  old before starting a software venture  patient Express this venture started as  a hobby to help his dentist wife who had   purchased a boutique dental practice a   few years back he wore many hats at the   dental office and observed closely to   find many broken processes in   efficiencies which cost thousands of   dollars in revenue leakage for example   due to daily frenzy staff missing out to   verify insurances on the day of service   which caused denial claims staff not   having proper data matter fingertips   when handling calls and missing out   revenue opportunities owner doctors not   having proper visibility on phone   activities who answered which call their   nodes for the call staff logging into   multiple websites to verify insurance   staff not able to easily customize   reminder recalls and many more all these   daily office operation pains led to the   vision of an all-in-one comprehensive   portfolio of tools to manage a dental   office efficiently and to focus on   generating more revenue and plug the   revenue leakage and this so teaches your   CEO he's a doctor of veterinary medicine   a PhD but also an MBA I have an MBA I  mean I am   this has been a problem since I got out   of that old school 32 years ago so  you're trying to solve a problem for  your wives how's it going 

Satish: well I think   you know so far we've had very positive   outlook towards this product and   also what we were able to learn in the   market already and the dental offices   they're using this product have been   giving us excellent feedback I would say   so I mean overall in the journey has   been very encouraging so far and they're   really looking forward to you know take   it to the next level in the next few   months to a year

Howard:  there's a lot of   new players on doing this what is your   unique selling proposition why did you   decide to go the long route and just   start your own company doing yourself as   opposed of some of the other software   solutions that are out there now 

Hamesh: that's  definitely a very appropriate comment  yes indeed there are a lot of players must be later a lot of providers  offering these services so I think it  was very important for us to look at you   know what is unique about us and  how  we can really have an impact so when you   look at this particular image on the   screen right now   and we were thinking about okay the   product should really be a force   multiplier to the front desk and more   importantly support the full cycle of   patient interaction you know our patient   can use or the office you know patient   express starting from online appointment   booking as well as always patient  registrations patient reminders incident   verification is a very very important   need where we do the several other   players are not able to provide us at   this point and then at the top in the middle is mark alrighty I'll come back to a very very important thing because  we actually have a patented platform  around smart caller ID and then going  further down obviously cause you know  how are we doing with our patient calls  because that we missed and how can we  follow up on that and then   after the appointment you know reviews  reputation management and continuing to  communicate with our patients with the  to a texting system I'm finally putting  it all together in reports that are very   easy to understand for the front office   or anybody in the office to take   interactions I think all of these were   an integral part and if we are able to   come or bring everything together in a   cost-effective manner we thought that's   the most important thing for this   product now 

Howard:  why do you think it's   2019 and I still have to have a human   call a human at a dental insurance   company and verifying this way I had a   full-time employee doing this for three   decades and when  people complain   about the cost of health care do they   not know that 30 percent of the cost is   paperwork why do you think that we   landed on the moon in 1969 and I still   have to hire a human to call your   human to do something it should be just   an automated electronic what why do you   think that is 

Hamesh: I would say first of all   fantastic statement right so how you hit   the nail on the head I mean it's from a   technology perspective unfortunately   healthcare as a whole I mean especially   down industry in a greater extent I   think we're really far behind compared   to other technologies that people are   using right now but you're absolutely   right that mainly insurance verification   over owned is waste of resources on both   ends amenable to practices as well as   the insurance companies and   unfortunately it's a patient sometimes   you end up wasting a lot of these   benefits just because they don't know   what they have or what they can you know   achieve with the benefits at the end so   I think part of the problem is just   really adapting this new technology and   in trying to put it all together and   making it easy and I think having a   technology that actually makes it easy I   think these are all the problems in my   mind I think we are taking steps in the   right direction here I believe our   platform in a certainly is going in the   right direction to make it easy for both  offices as   companies today to the next level and I   know enough providers are looking into   it as well and I think it's going to   change very soon so let me add to that   how would your doctor from you talking   about the automation so that's what we   are differentiating our subscapular the  others in the marketplace we provide the   automation of insurance verification so   if you want to run the script with our   software five days before two days   before on the day of the service we can   do all this insurance automation for you   so for example we were losing thousands   of dollars when my wife was reading in   her office and we saw on the day of the   service patient was not active he went   to another dentist used up its all the   benefits and we were losing money that's   what we got this insurance verification   tool in our portfolio which can go on   the day of the service check your   hundreds of appointments and make sure   that patients are active on those  appointments and put me as a verified on   those appointments if a patient is not   active then we will highlight some ways   so that you can do it manually so we   have started that automation process   already and within five minutes all your   hundred appointments in a day are   verified automatically whether they   active or not how much money is   remaining

Howard: so you  want to give a demo right now of your yeah just did you   give it Emma why you because um you know   I this has been my pet peeve for three   decades is the business of Dentistry   these people don't know how many I mean   this is we've already almost finished   half the year and if you ask any   dentists in America how many people  called your office in the first half of  2019 they have no idea how many of the calls are missed and so they don't know any of this stuff so talk about what   wood attributes of this product you're making and why they're important to  

Medicetty:    perfect so I've got two one minced 1 is   the Bertha and another is a Schmidt so   those two patients in one patient you'll   see that we is verified and another you   see this no be out there so that means   that our script was automatically able   to verify this appointment that she is   active insurance and since there was no   way out here is the article verified and   how easy it is to find out whether   it's active under introduced or not you   select the patient and clip the patient   info button which we provide at the top   it will tell you whether the person is   active or not so it's three and time   talking to the insurance company you see   that working button and it's gonna pop   tell you whether the person is active on   that insurance or not within fraction of   second we'll find out whether she's   today or not and in the meantime while   we're waiting for that in a perhaps what   I can add here is the dashboard that   you're seeing on the right-hand side of   the screen so this is what we call the   intelligent dashboard right so the  technology the spot color ID technology   that we have actually integrates the   phone and the patient management system   and is able to generate this  give   a snapshot of the key patient   information so even before you go into a   detailed patient chart you're able to   actually get their information whether   or not they have an appointment   recalling history insurance I think we   have the data here already and then you   know any pending treatment plans you   know his family a bunch of things that   are important so this is and again our   patented software again this is not a   hardware this is a software plug-in that   that we add to the offices so coming   back so you can see the patient a   Schmidt I tried second patient he has   met life insurance 2250 remaining   this is all real time we are able to   pull in and if you're going to get   further details you click this I button   and it will give you further he just let   me clear all the drawings which we have   got here for example you want to search   whether this patient is auto coverage or   not be type or without here it will   filter out all the data from insurance   company later to ortho if you want to   figure out further details about his   remaining data all of the service   remaining all the limitations regarding   remaining are shown up out here if you   want to search all of our deductible so   you can see all the deductible related   information is showing up so we have   made it insurance verification a little   easier compared to logging the website   or calling insurance company here with a   one-click you have the data   fingertips and you can quickly make a   decision inside the dental practice when   patient walks in and that's how we are   helping dental practices pluck the   revenue leakage in their office we're   optimizing the insurances when it's in   front of them so we provide quantitative   features rights from the online   appointment booking so let's find out   one of the online appointment booking   how people can book appointment for our   system let's log in quickly looks like   the system is not working for online   find working internet let's go to other   features called we provided actionable   report like recon reports or pending   treatment reports if folks want to find   out how many appointments how many   patients are due for implants who do not   have the future appointment they can   search the influence here and click the   date and time it's pretty slow code my   site so I'm gonna use surge so we give   you this actionable list is found out   there are 39 patients who do not have   future appointments for implants now   your office can slice and dice the data   these are the kind of insurances how   many times you have in mind and then you   can right click and call right from your   practice mentor software or you can send   them a text message also so if I want to   select all within three clicks or four   clicks I can select all the patients in   my list for implant and send an SMS or   email to follow-up for the appointment   oh I can do a little marketing for them   campaign for them Hey look we are doing   the some implant campaigns we have a   specialist coming in our office would   like to come with they get the treatment   done so this way you can follow up with   the patients pretty quickly with our   actionable list and we provide you the   contracting feature so you can find out   how many calls came in your dental   office who picked up that call and   what's going on side and is it a real   patient call or a marketing call all   those things you can search for example   if I want to find out who the phone   number is this perspective which is not   in our database if I select and click   the W button I can find out whether this   is the mobile phone numbers   for number marketing phone number so I   can quickly search on internet and find   out so you can see this is the mobile   phone nervous of patients calling from   Texas so I can follow up by calling this  patient right click from the call log  but I can send them SMS or in the task  list to do the follow-up task so that my   office somebody can follow up with this   patient so I'm gonna and task sign it to   another office number 

Howard: so would you know first of all let's explain  this in in macro is this more something  you used in addition to a practice  management system like dendrix eagle  soft open dental or is this something  that you want to use just only and you  wouldn't need dendrix or eagle soft or  open dental 

Medicetty:   so we need to practice   Microsoft for like they eat this up   entrance to open dental and be on top of   it we had a plug-in on those practice   management software we augment the   operations inside a dental practice okay  

Howard:  so so let's um let's I'm gonna hold your   feet to the fire you this is your space   you're both married to a dentist um if   some kid just walked out of dental   school and they're gonna open up their   dental practice um you've worked with   all these software what would you   recommend then Church Eagle soft open   dental smart Pratt what would you   recommend

Medicetty:    some all practice medicine   that software's own good but I have been   leaning towards open dental because it's   open source and you can easily create   the solution on top of it and that's how   I started patient Express because open   until I was able to read the code inside   out and figure it out and extend the   open dental the way which affect my   office should run

Howard: okay so let me stop  there just because these kids these kids   studied on dentistry for years  and  they might not know what you said but I  was on another practice management  system for soft end for thirty years and   that's why we switch to open dental I   have no relationship with open dental   they've never given me a dollar they do   and they don't even advertise so I'm not   even plugging in advertiser they   don't advertise   are growing too fast because of what you   just said it's an open-source software   so I shall we both agree open dental I'm   do you have a good relationship with   open dental I mean do they seem to work   with you or they are they heart early   like dendrix where it'd probably be   easier to have dinner tonight with trump   then talk to anybody that knows what's   going on at Dentrix what being open  

Medicetty:    source is open code so we can pull in   the code from them and can modify the  application so innovation which is  inhibited when you prepare your software   it stopped and that's why we were able   to create so many solutions that they   need to soften our open dental like   smart come right Lisa fish talked about   before so integrate your phone service   and you practice met my software without   even changing your existing phone   service we are the only one in the   marketplace who can hook into your   existing digital phone service and   providing smart caller ID we are the   only one in the marketplace hook into   your existing phone service a provide a   call tracking so that's why

Howard:  let me stop   right there because again you guys are   married a dentist I'm a dentist but the   Devils in the details when you talk   about when you talk about call tracking   are you talking about your regular phone   line are you talking about voice over   Internet Protocol you know for you to do   this what type of phone are you talking   about it's your phone services  

Medicetty:   so we service is but is that does that   mean VoIP s900 person wipes there are  certain phone companies who are digital  but not white so like comcast time  warner cable the cable companies are not   web companies technically so they're a   hybrid of so we call them digital so any   digital phone service which are using   digital signals we can integrate that   plug in with them pretty easily  

Howard: okay how does the dentist listening to   you right now driving into work know if   their phone line is digital or analog

Medicetty:    I   mean question so if they aren't able to   see the old telephone instrument in   their office they   eighty to nineteen question using analog   phones so digital phones require   different instruments which has got more   caller ID and all those things so kind   of a voicemail tracking and those new   features and 

Howard: what percent of the  dentists in the United States do you  think have a digital phone come so  percentage is growing daily so I believe   it's almost over fifty presses are going   digital my wife when she started her   dental practice   she was inhibited I'm going voice over   IP or digital phone service she felt   like phone is a bread and butter her   office  yes initial six months hiccups we had to   learn about this white but once we moved   to the white not a single day we had any   issues if internet is down all the phone   calls get transferred to our cell phone   in our office so we don't feel any   instructions that he but what if ATT   was down which we had before if somebody   cut the cable outside for days we were   figuring out how to make that phone   service work now it's pretty easy with   oiseau right your digital phone services   you can direct on your smart phones and   you can work your office demo team you   know ninety two hundred percent of the   phone services are gonna be digital in   the next ten years   and that's how the industry is shipping   so I think one way or the other all   businesses will be in any some ways   forced to go in that direction and yes a   we have in my wife's office we actually   did that change last year and you know   we took a while I mean it took almost   like three four months for us to even   make that decision but I think our   experience was much more smoother than   what image is explaining we got onto the   VoIP service and then literally we did   that over the weekend and by next week I   think everything was going just fine yes   we dad   we did have a couple of minor issues but   other than that I think it was fairly   straightforward I would say

Howard:  I want to stay on this issue cuz   like saying when you go to dental town   and they're talking about these these   are huge issues voice when you said the phone line went down and they   referred him to your digital phones your   your smart phones in the office how many   times does that happen   in a month or a year

Medicetty:    ear  Aliza thrice twice twice here okay and 

Howard:   it's the same thing with cloud like these people get on they talk about  miracles of VoIP phone systems   they talk about cloud computing they're   like why would anybody want to have a   server and software and firewalls   why don't you put on the cloud but there   must be something going on in the cloud   yep because it really hasn't taken off   in dentistry to McDonald's I mean you   still see all these franchises where   every store location has you know the   internet connection the server the   software also is cloud in dentistry   bleeding-edge and it's gonna really take   over the next you know five to ten years   urja here today is a leading edge 

Medicetty:     leading edge I believe it might catch up   down line the biggest challenge which I   see well the club face is our digital   x-rays so bringing back and forth the   extras ticked too much that bit time but   other than that having a practice Menace   offer in the cloud I went my wife's   practice spend open dental in the cloud   so my database in the cloud impacts of   automatically I don't have to worry   about it I can access form anywhere in   the world I can just show it to you   quickly oh you can access if it's   running my voice practice quickly you is   clouded you go I mean Amazon half of   their revenue is their cloud business   did you use Amazon Web Services for your   cloud or racket little expensive for us   so if somebody is hearing this fraud car   that is a small company called   digitalocean   you can use them or Microsoft Azure   because even you go Amazon you need   Windows operating system so Microsoft   Azure provides you a quicker way to   provide you these X's so I can access my   wife's practice I should not be sharing   in publicly and she will hate me when   you can access from the cloud a practice   calendar almost many patient   communication stuff over the clock so if   you work so with some young kid was   listening to you right now and she's   saying okay   so I'm in over my own practice and I'm   gonna use open dental would you have her   have open dental on the cloud or would   you recommend her to have all of her   hard work what would be your decision so   initially on in the office slowly once   they learned because the cost is the   biggest prohibitive if you work with   going to the club it's gonna cost you a   lot initially so maybe one or two years   down the line when things are growing   they were enough cash for coming in they   can invest they can move to the cloud   because cloud even though it looks like   but it's kind of little expensive   sometimes when I check my bill it's   really high compared to what normal in   the office I can buy a server but six   hundred seven hundred dollars from   Costco and put it in my office versus   sometimes in three months I've already   spent $700 in the cloud you never know   when the processing power of the cloud   so cloud pricing is a little complicated  

Howard:  so every so rr5 for your genesis you   know just I always actually this is a   faster is it easier is a higher quality   as a lower cost is a smaller more   succinct and when they start violating a   lot of these things you know if it's not  faster and your staff wants a raise  every year and your insurance companies  want to pay you less and denied more  claims you know keeping one eye on the  customer patient and one eye on cost is  huge but you're basically saying that  cloud is expensive right now so you'd  have your own server you'd get on open  dental and then you would recommend your patient Express for smart caller ID call   tracking insurance verification   reputation management appointment   automation two-way texting automated   reports tight integration on and on and   on that's not what you're saying 

Medicetty:   yeah   and also I think what I would like to   add from a cloud-based perspective   having worked in other healthcare   settings as well in general the biggest   roadblock is the security aspect is   about that  - concerned I mean we don't have hours  on the cloud yet but I have you know  known that some other health you know  HIPAA compliant you know cloud-based you   know systems out there so I think again   it's gonna be you know matter of times   where you know the you know the change   will happen and  when you come to the   security aspect of it now that you hear   a lot about how people can hack into   your servers as well so you don't have   to be on the cloud if you have security   issues and from that perspective I think   young dentists have to look into systems   that are more amenable to incorporate   newer and better features that make   their practices very efficient going   forward because they really want to   concentrate on dentistry right and the more things that they can automate in   terms of helping them manage their calls   their patients patient engagement   insurance all these things the better   off they are

Howard:  so um I love you it's   bizarre so you know you know in my   journey dendrix up there in Provo Utah   right next to the god of Dentistry   Gordon Christian you know they started   this practice management information   system and they were the first ones to   come out when I was a kid to line right   up with Bill Gates Microsoft Windows 3.0   and they've been riding the wave but you   look at all the things they never did or   added or did right and around northern   slopes of Utah there's like 10 different   dental companies or I just think you   shouldn't even have existed dentures   should have done that 10 20 years ago   and it's just amazing all these   companies that Sprout up just because of   all the things they never did that all   the things that we're talking about   today but the other issue and whatwe   talked about what you guys did first all   those things like that you know or you   know the phones coming the phones are   the most neglected you know your smart   car IDs small dragging on I guess up but   the other big part of this equation is  connecting it with your accounting  software I mean I still can't believe  that that my opened  dental doesn't seamlessly integrate with  softened or Microsoft GP Microsoft great plains accounting I mean you know why  where are we out now with the accounting   deal and everything that you're talking   every feature you're doing is basically   about patients coming in out of the   phone insurance reputation management   where are you out with the accounting

Medicetty:    so  that's in the works so accounting not  just with the QuickBooks or big place  we're thinking from the energy  management perspective so the insulation   are trying to work on raising some   capital to take the company the more   bigger directions to do more   integrations and if we get crazy able to   raise the capital definitely will tackle   the accounting side and the inventory   management side of the business which is   still lacking in the dental space yeah 

Howard:  it's missing in action I mean it's like   complete schizophrenia when you have two  software systems one is all the patients   scheduling in insurance and then the   other ones your accounting and then you   walk into a dental office you say what   do we have to do today to just break   even no one knows you know so on that so   have you thought out any of your   accounting I mean have you if you got   funded today which accounting software   would you go to because in my opinion   but then again I got an MBA I mean I   think quicken and QuickBooks Pro is for personal home individual stuff I think  peachtree which is now owned by sage is the best but it didn't have any big name brand microsoft's the monster they  bought great plains accounting if you got funded today what accounting  software would you go with 

Medicetty:   QuickBooks I   use QuickBooks so I understand quickest   that's where I go first for sure but of   course we need to find out which is a   bigger market share in the marketplace   that should be a business decision yeah   and also I would say also books online is the cloud version up at which we use I actually   that part of that is also because again   in a cloud-based integrations have to be   part of any of these digital systems so  we absolutely are going in that   direction we will have more integrations   into in our software because of the same   reasons that you said in art and I  believe we know I think when it comes   down to innovation around these products   right so it's not unusual as you   know successful company gets larger the   innovation goes down and that's normal   process and also another side of it in   innovation happens because talent meets   paint right if you think about how him I  started I mean he have the skillset of  building a product like this but at the  same time because it was driven by the  pain in his voice office you know  similarly a lot of things that I'm doing   including my role in impatient Express   it's driven by the pain as well as what   it will be bringing out of the table and   that's how innovation is coming out   and I think eventually our hope is   that some of these bigger companies like   Derrick Henry Schein and Patterson would   really be amenable to come and talk and  in support this innovation and it girls may be dentists who started venture capitalists are more the Emma shine and   the parents and should start venture   capitalist arm and find us that's what we're looking so we have got this ideas we can innovate we can come up with the  solutions quickly compared to there so   here after the furnace if you become a   they can acquire us

Howard:  so I'm gonna so we   talked about all the phone stuff and   then I start in other phones I saw   haven't met anyone that can tell me how   many incoming calls you had last month   how many I went to voicemail how many   the voicemail were answered and call   them when they call in the first thing I   have to do is say oh what is your name   and you say oh you know my name is Hamas  and then I type it in the computer   when it should have just came up   instantly the minute I picked up the   phone I should have seen your beautiful   face and all this something that says oh   we talked about all that stuff I want to   switch gears to a different thing   prescriptions I think it's very sad when   an 85 year old grandpa   comes in and you got to give him a   prescription when he leaves your office   he's got to go to Walgreens across the   street turn in the prescription wait in  line used was it one of your first features a patient express our were   worried about with prescriptions 

Medicetty:   so we   started prescription initially but the   cost was prohibitive for us to do the   electronic prescription so we dropped   the idea again when we have enough funds   to come back on that track and we can   always get into that market too

Howard:  so then   your is your first product called so   what is your first vertical is it called   converged calm 

Medicetty:   so that was the or name   which we used to before we have changed   the branding so smart caller ID was our   first product pop-up right when you went   born drinks at the office it pops up and   then we provide shortcuts on the swap up   so that you don't have to ask first name   last name not even you have to type in   your practice minutes offer it directly  takes you inside the practice went to  supper so we have taken one or two  minutes of time of identifying patient  and quickly get to the profile of the  patient so that was our first product 

Howard:   okay so your first four and what makes   it cost prohibitive is it HIPAA   regulation what  is the what is the   cost driver to make that so complicated  

Medicetty:   so in the prescription one there are two   big players in the market place and they  have captured the market and they don't  want to lose enough and they want the  money if you want to use their systems  through the electronic prescription and  ignition a new practice when your  software East Clips another got another  one

Howard:  and then I'm on the smart caller ID   so with your system patient Express if   I'm on soft at and I am patient Express   when you call my office it pulls up the   screen right yes it so right now we're  integrated with open mental ten tricks  and working on either soft did not get  with soft end we tried communicating  with soft and it's again   we've never got any feedback from their  company they never talked to us so we  all need to get it with top pretty  practice with myself in the marketplace  so good mental yeah open dental in  Oregon and then dendrix in Provo Utah  and then I go soft and Effingham  Illinois   speaking of Eagle soft it's right there   in Effingham right next to the biggest   dental player DSO Rick workman with  Heartland dental I would think if I was   a company like you that the first people   I would go talk to DSO because the   dentist all want to just learn more   dentistry and that's why I love them   I flip and love the fact that all they   care about is their art their surgery   their dentistry but they don't know any   of their business metrics I mean they   don't know they couldn't even tell you   last year's return on equity versus  return on asset how many guns they can't tell you anything about that and that's   why I love them it's challenging but have you gone to DSOs because those are   the people that want to talk better faster easier higher quality lower more   profit before bone grafting 

Guest : so yes that's a major part of our   strategy which we haven't really had any   serious conversations partly because in   all of our features you know we've been   launching several of these features over   time in the last year and a half so as   of q1 2019 we have a fully functional   product with all the features and now we know it's working so now we   are actually making headway big idea  headquarter PDS is not too far from   where we live and smile brands and we   are actually and if they're listening to   us I think we would love to have the   conversation with them but we're also   working with a couple of advisers who   could introduce her and then take us  we were ready to have that   conversation right now because we can   absolutely show the impact and as   yes I mean the basic tenets or the core   of the product is this integration of   phone and your patient management system   with the software right so you don't   have to buy a new phone system as far as   you have a digital phone and over here   practically any practice management   system can be integrated but we try to   be no three large ones can be and so when the phone rings on the first ring   even before you become the woman you   have this easy-to-understand dashboard   that anybody in the front office can  understand and have conversations with  the patients and make it very productive and on top of that obviously   we have this whole patient engagement  platform with you know the texting the reviews appointment reminders a bunch of   things that you can think of so clearly   it's a system that would be very   valuable and the differentiation   piece compared to other providers is   this software plug-in for the phone and   the patient management system   we do not mean hardware 

Hoeard: you do not need  hardware Oh

Guest :  No so within 15 to 20   minutes if you have a digital phone   service we can enable this spot color ID   in your office and since you have opened   into dr. Farhat says even go easier

Howard: your website patient express you   talked about a lot of about web texting   and all that kind of stuff what is   integrated texting web texting what do   you mean by all that perfect 

Guest :   example you're on the road you want to   check who texted you in your office   using your smart device you can peek   into all these SMS communication or   texting communication happening in your   office and you can apply that so   basically you are carrying your office   and your smartphone 

Howard:  I've lived through a several rodeos   being out 56 years old I can't remember   when the banks started rolling out the   ATM machines and nobody thought this was gonna take off now they're doing like   open Donald's got the plugin for online   scheduling   all my dentists trends are my old I told   them they just said well that   sounds like a really bad idea we did it   with open dental and it's been a really   good idea   so people are different but you're out   there in California what percent of the   patients do you think would rather go to   your website and schedule an appointment   online without talking to a human like   an ATM versus call up and talk to a   human

Guest :  so in our office about 10 to 12   person appointments or online   appointments especially the emergency   patients 10 the relation percent yeah   okay 10 to 12 percent in budget mostly   emergency patients so late in the night   when they're in a pain yes searching for   any dental office who is gonna opening   7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. in the morning   and when the searchers have their beer   by our office we pop up through the   search engine optimizations and they see   the opening in our website and they just  booked the appointment so we have seen  many patients showing up and we make  $5,000 and that treatment because they  were emergency had a root canal needed  the crown so that is the must as I said  only the point booking has become for  emergency patient is the must solution  for everybody   Howard: okay so viewer on Shark Tank and you're   talking about trying to go out and get   funding and do more stuff and all that   kind of stuff that must be exciting   times for you I'm the first thing   they're gonna ask you on Shark Tank is  what is this cost so um so if I'm a dentist listening to you and I want this   what does it cost

Guest :    yeah so it can cost anywhere Louis $49   per month to two hundred ninety nine   dollars per month for the whole suite of   features right so you can use very   modular   we don't its monthly fees no long-term   contracts and so yeah as I said it could   be $49 or $299 based on what all what   all you need so when you look at the   overall the complete suite of features   so we actually will provide the best   bang for the buck because we actually   being together and made it a   comprehensive package and then Howard: Mr.   wonderful if you ever watched shark net   you guys ever watched Shark Tank yes   the smartest guy in the room it's always   the bald guy so it has to be Mr.   wonderful and the most handsome the next   thing he asks you is um who are your   competitors in this space I mean it's a   yappy lighthouse solution or each   revenue well who is the your competitors   in this space

Guest :  yeah I think you know   pretty much named both of them but I   think a very important computer for us   is B of course we've you know has done   you've made some good progress and they   came out of Y Combinator Britta raised a   lot of money and they're really doing   well and we're happy for them I think   the main differentiator is leaves   selling a phone system you know that's a   tough sell in your download business   because changing your phone system is   not easy you're really scared for it   there's more money involved but in our   case that we do not need to sell the   pound and we can integrate with any   digital phone and we don't even you know   it's very easy or the web we can   essentially install the software for   within 30 minutes and we can let you try   for one to two months even before you   have to make any changes in your office   so that's the biggest differentiator and  as a bug when it comes to you yappy you  revenue well and several other patient  engagement softwares yes there are  competitors they offer similar things  that we are but when we put the whole  package together especially with the  phone and basic management system  integration you're very different we  actually have an issued patent and we  believe that we bring the most to the  table including the insurance  verification where most of these  providers don't have that look about the 

Howard:   insurance eligibility if they paid you   49 to 250 a month do you still have to   have a person calling all these   insurance companies what is the best way   to check eligibility right now in 2019 

Guest :   so if you want to get a quick interest  notification you can always use patient  Express for example and somebody walked  in you want to   whether they're active or that insurance   a lot and what percentage for the   Diagnostics discovered that within two   minutes by having the first name last   name date of birth and they chose I need   this for information they can quickly   get the details as I should share in the   demo and can find out whether they were   auto coverage what else is covered but   when you got going to get to details you   can always ask your friend start to   insurance companies and get   further limitations like the full right   now and all the code base details they   can always cover basic information we   can give you within a fraction of second  

Howard: and what do you think is the is   your hottest unique selling proposition  

Guest :  I would say our unique selling   proposition again is this is a software   plugin that could be installed in your   office within 30 minutes from anywhere   in the world and you get to try one to   two months before you decide anything   and in most cases the cost of patient   Express is probably zero if you're   already paying some other providers for   your texting and reminders and  things like that   because when you look at our overall   cost again it's probably just an   exchange of what you're already paying   something is completely in the world's   trying the comprehensive system which   includes the smart caller ID with   intelligent dashboard insurance   verification and a whole suite of   patient engagement tools all together   will make it very cost effective and   really take the practice to the next   level within a couple months imagine 

Howard: I   got a question  know when I'm   talking to my buddies that are dentist   you know and when we talk about practice   management software they're talking to   open dental denture exceeding soft etc   when I'm talking to my buddies that own   dental manufacturing companies with a   thousand employees they're on Oracle you   know and you worked at Oracle for a   decade and well when you worked at their  Oracle from 2008 to 2018   how does the business world that you   dealt with that whole time seem compared   to now that you're in healthcare in the  dental world 

Guest : so   when I was at Oracle I was working with  Fortune 500 companies and they had a  budget for process improvements though  they think about marketing and I know  they spent so much money in marketing  but they forget that they're losing the  patience behind keep your existing  patient retain them nurture them and  improve your processes you make more  money than just going outside for a new  patient versus having your existing  patients referring the word-of-mouth and   pain making you bring the pain patients   versus almost marketing patients you   come in they come for $50 or $30 a cheap   patients and they never show up again   for the big treatments hands and urine   so invested process improvements versus   too much in marketing so that your   engine is smooth and then you can take   on new more patients that's what I have   learned from corporate world to the   small enterprises like my wife's dental   practice and

Howard:  what was it like working   for Larry Ellison I mean he's like the   third richest man in America yes this is   a fun company Oracle

Guest :  absolutely when I   was trying to leave Oracle I had second   thoughts that I'm having such a good job   I was managing one account cart delight   and we were generating almost half a   billion dollar for revenue for I come   together with three or four folks us so   leaving their job when you have such a   high lifestyle and work helping your   wife when she was complaining I felt   like you know what is fine corporate is great well this is my time to   create my own world   to start my own company and help the   boutique dental practices like my wife's   dental practice and help them compete   with the bigger practices which are   leveraging the money power the muscle   power of money and taking away these   small dental practices away so that's   what I like  by providing this process improvement  for a small boutique dental practices  they can compete with the bigger  practices and can have a better  profitability in the practice a little  bit because again   and I know you brought up the small   course of practices but the way that I   see it is it's a very macro level our   day because I feel when you look at in a   Lamanna insurance benefits that are   wasted and amount of patients that still   don't have internet benefits or they   don't I think there's a huge opportunity   I'm not even concerned about small   versus large Dale practices I think   create systems that overall improve the   dental health of the United States and   across the bowl I think that should be   our goal because in my mind I mean this   is something that everybody has to think  about you know your mouth is supposed to   be an energy point for a lot of other   diseases right so I think if we if we   look at it from that perspective how can   we build systems that make it so much   more easier for the patients and the   practices to expand the delta dental   healthcare overall globally I think that   would be a huge opportunity for every   dental practice every company that's   working on these kind of systems that's   true I think it's a huge opportunity out   there Howard: you know my favor you Larry   Ellison last time I heard him talk on   YouTube we were saying our services at   Oracle are social mobile and simple and   in the cloud Larry Ellison this   reputation management goes to the heart   of the Homo Sapien I mean it's a social   animal and it fills more comfort in   making a decision if he thinks that's   what everyone else is doing so they I   mean when they walk into a grocery store  there's 60,000 SKU items that's why  humans are so brand loyal I mean I still walk in I see the coffee there's eight   million brands but I drink Folgers my mom drinks Folgers my grandma drinks   Folgers you're just on Folgers how is the reputation management going and  on your on your product and what are   your thoughts on that

Guest :   because   that's the area of my interest as well   so the nobody should manage   and comes into play I think it's really in a key goes back to the   existing patients in my mind right so as a dental practice I mean you to   really focus on internal systems again   not so much on external systems   I think the reviews and all are great   and then you hang outside agencies to   get those reviews are fine but at the   end of the day you have a process that   really treats every patient that comes   into your practice as a VIP and has the   best experience right from the beginning   where they book your you know the   registration when they walk in walk out   and afterwards I think that's humongous   because we don't have thousands of   patients but I think we were doing   you know fairly well primarily because   our focus our reputation management and   this is something that the large   corporations are spending a lot of money   and that you have you give a good   example Howard again you know from copy   perspective and I always go to Starbucks   now why and evidently I'm a spokesperson   to Starbucks now talking about it   already and this is what I want every   now practice to invest time when people   go out they should talk about deafness   even without your deputies and I think   that's where the reputation management   should go and I believe again systems   like ours though really facilitate that  

Howard: satish is a veterinary min is married   to dentists our Chitra I have to be   honest my favorite Chitra   is dr. Chitra Gidwani right here in   Fishers owns most amazing that us in the   state of Arizona but what what was uh would as please Chitra the most on  this patient Express what did you  guys do   where Chitra came home from work when I   says good job stitch   [Laughter]   you know so it all started for us you  

Guest :  know we started in a practice like   you know anybody else and I think all   these general problems to the front   office and he's used it you need to   know worthless terrible animals and   Foreman efficiencies and things like   that and one day she happened to   really have this fun conversation in the   national and then they're good friends   and that's how we actually came today   and then once  we actually   established this in the practice and   then started looking at how quickly it   changed the process in a more than you   know I think money can important part I   don't you know diminished and but more   importantly how smoothly we were able to   really let the pain go by right in terms   of calls and reports and you know   what we were able to generate in terms   of patient follow-up and things like   that she just felt that oh I just feel   my days are going by much more easily   and smoothly and I think you know   she really felt that I'm too late thank   you very much for making it happen so 

Guest :   I'm not sure the founder and CEO of   patients press you two are married to a   dentist doctor Rachna I'm what same   question you what did you do where   Rochester came home one night from work   and said good job Amash

Guest :  so whenever any   patients gives her a good review or   whenever sucks just like when we   released our patient registration   automated by booking and what patients   showed up 8:00 a.m. in the morning with   a big check she said had you guys save   me so much time and money so I love what   do you have done so far with the patient   explained keep going maybe one day I   could retire and join you in the patient  

Howard:  nice you think this is amazing I and   also I would tell you that the reason I   had you guys come on the show is cuz I'm   a big fan of your posts on dentaltown   you guys been posting away on dental   town and the reason it's important to me is because I wouldn't be a leader to   these young kids and I don't have to   lead a young kid into wanting to learn   more about Invisalign an implant   how that's why they're dentists and   their dental degree shows   you they're already interested in that   to be a leader in dentistry you got to   lead them to the things that they don't   care about and they just don't care   about the business they don't care about   the amici and even when they say oh I   like the business okay answer one   question how many incoming calls yet   last year they don't know how many words   a voicemail I don't know on how many   came during working hours I don't know   what do what is your overhead what is   your break-even point what you ask him   anything to do with the business of   dentistry I mean I might as well ask my   eight month old fifth grandchild Jasper  you know so it's everybody's best interest to try to get the health care and the government to be focused on   business and there's only two entities   in America where you have to wait in   line it's when you're dealing with   doctors or the government when you were   with Oracle I mean these people had   budgets to deal with what you're talking   about   you know I when you when you're with   Oracle you're dealing with people who   already get it I mean you don't have to   go to Silicon Valley and explain to them   what the internet is and you don't have   to go to the fortune 500 to say hey have   you ever thought about overhead and   profit and like yeah we've really   thought about that a lot but so I really   I'm excited that you're on dental town   talking about all these issues I'm   excited you're married to Dentists so you   got a lot at stake about this I mean   trust me not only do I want you to   success I know your dentists wives want   you to success is there anything that I   should have asked you today that I   wasn't smart enough to ask you on this   interview yeah

Guest :  I think everything went   well we truly appreciated the   opportunity to you know come and explain   more and discuss more about our product   and   I think this is just an opportunity for   us to interact with you and through you   hopefully and a thousands of dentists   and all I would say is Italy they will   have an opportunity to come talk to us   or you know website or email or and   we're very happy to help   how do they contact you what's the 

Guest : best   way to contact you   so our website has our information so   it's very simple its

 www.   us and once you get there you'll be able   to find our information and I think it's   they know you think there are there's a   contact form there are phone numbers but   certainly we hope you'll be able to you   know reach us and it's free to express   that it's not expressed for the e it's   just patient big action press patient   yet big acts capital press so patient   Express calm gentlemen thank you for   coming on the show and tell both your   wives I said hello   all right have a rocky hot day

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