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Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1201 Digital marketing with your website by Keith Washington, VP at ProSites, Inc. : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1201 Digital marketing with your website by Keith Washington, VP at ProSites, Inc. : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Keith Washington is the VP of Products for ProSites and has 30 years of software management experience and 5 years in the dental industry. Keith has a degree in Accounting from the University of Maryland and has led product transformations at many successful companies. 

VIDEO - DUwHF #1201 - Keith Washington

AUDIO - DUwHF #1201 - Keith Washington

Keith started in Product Management at Intuit’s TurboTax division where he led a transition to web-based tax software. Later, he became the VP of Product Management at a leading Financial Planning software company and most recently worked at Active Networks, the largest SaaS event management company in the world.

Howard:  It is just a huge honor for me today to bring back for a second time Keith Washington he's the vice president of products at Pro sites and he got so much there's so much discussion on dentaltown about your first one we thought we'd bring you back a year later to see what's changed he's Washington is vice president of products for pro sites and has 30 years of software management experience and five years of the dental industry Keith has a degree in accounting from the University of Maryland and as which was the first dental school in America and has led product transformations at many successful companies he started in product management and into its Turbo Tax division where he led a transition to web-based tax software which is all over the news and controversial that Turbo Tax isn't letting everyone who makes under69 thousand a year filed their taxes for free we'll see if he comments on that later he became the vice president of product management at a leading financial planning software company and most recently worked at active networks the largest software as-a-service event management company in the world Pro Seitz helps dental medical professionals accelerate practice growth and achieve measurable results through innovative website design and online marketing solutions including search engine optimization social media management and pay-per-click advertisement trusted by over seven thousand doctors endorsed by eleven state Dental Association's and recipient of the 2015 dental town Townie Choice Award voted number one in website design service brucite website design and online marketing solutions are proven to help dental and medical practices to succeed so how's it going Keith how was it everything changed in the last year since you've been on the show 

Keith: Howard thanks for taking the time to talk about digital marketing and I think you just said a lot right there and in terms of the number of things that a dentist and a practice needs to focus on in terms of digital marketing seems like there's so many things to figure out search engine optimization paid search social media Facebook all of these things will be coming more complex I think the biggest change is how to deal with all of it and probably most importantly how do I know I'm making any progress am I making any money on all of this that's really probably the biggest things that are changing

Howard:  it's uh it's  I think those are taking out because dentist shave to wear so many hats I mean it's so over whelming just to learn fillings crowns root canals let alone add Invisalign or placing implants or bone grafting then you got to wear all these business hats you got to be a CEO Marketing website I mean it's just there’s just too many hats to wear how do you guys make it easier for dentists to wear less hats

Keith:  yeah I think probably it the way I think about it is our job and the job of many we call ourselves digital marketing partners is to help a practice get more patients and keep the ones that they have and really that’s the probably the most important thing we can do how can we help you through automation through us handling the digital marketing piece so that you can get a lot more patients in the door and really help you track your progress and track your return on investment I agree with you that how does a dentist who really got into the field to really just be of service or to you know really learn how to do their craft now they have to take our take on all of these different components all of this all of these different hats as you say that they have to wear our job is to help make that easy

Howard:  so I noticed that in your if you're in the twenty most richest developed countries they all have websites but as you go to the 200 least less developed countries a lot of them are skipping a web site entirely ingoing with just a Facebook page do you see that as an intermediate step or is that really the future should it  promoting their own website or a website or a Facebook page yeah

Keith:  we’d like to look at it you know I've seen this in other small industries if you are if you run an auto shop a lot of auto shops now small auto shops or small businesses are going right to Facebook and there's a reason for that but a dentist is a professional a practice as a professional and you as a potential consumer looking not just for someone else who's on Facebook but someone who has a digital presence that includes a website it includes a Facebook page it also includes reviews on Google and all of those things help make me make a decision as to whether or not I'm going to go to you may have gotten a referral from a friend Joe told me to go see dr. Jones but I'm gonna go look and look at really quickly at their digital presence certainly Facebook is taking off Facebook has over 200 million UMS users and so we're seeing that growth and we’re seeing the adoption in the number of people and the number of practices are using Facebook not just as a presence but as a tool for social media management and communicating with their patients but now more and more taking advantage of Facebook advertising to help augment some of their advertising needs some of their marketing needs

Howard: it seems like everything in the news about Facebook for over a year has been less than Pleasant and I always cringe because the owner of Facebook his dad's been on the show three times and I always think god what is that my four sons of the news I'd probably be cringing in the corner like a baby with all the negative publicity started with Cambridge and etc do you see that I’m having any impact on Facebook's and how dentists use it or its effectiveness I mean is it 

Keith: yeah  it's a good question there's a lot of people who worry about Facebook and a lot of industries where they say I'm not going to be involved in Facebook but again 200million users the average person spends30 minutes a day on Facebook and the US adoption continues to increase especially in the twenty to thirty five-year-old range so there is no Facebook is not going to go away and by the way 214 million in the US far out you know outpaces Instagram or any other platform Twitter any other platform by 10 times so it certainly is a marketing platform but just to give you some numbers I don't want to go too far but Facebook made 16 billion dollars in advertising revenue last quarter there's no reason to think that Facebook won't be able to do praticing and as a platform for you to communicate or practice communicate with their patients and get their message out it's certainly something that it's a positive powerful and probably probably the most importantly cost effective way to communicate with your local region with Facebook you can target the number of the users by income by age by geographic region if you'd like you said just decided you're gonna do implants or teeth whitening and you wanted to reach a  certain age group in your 20 mile radius with a Facebook ad you can do that through Facebook pretty easily and pretty effectively yeah because there's a lot of different practices

Howard: I mean if you were wanting to place a lot of implants you'd want a bunch of older people I would assume correct all right what is he what is the age range you like for dental implants

Keith:  right so if you think about implants anywhere from forty-five to sixty year sold you know even 70 years old are using or taking advantage of implants and it really comes down to understanding who your current patients are and then targeting those  people who are like them it's really important to do that and that's how we help that's how we help a practice by understanding who's coming in the door who's most likely to lose most likely to take advantage of the services and then doing advertising to reach those people in the community 

Howard: so you build the website but you also help them market 

Keith: absolutely you know it's really interesting fifteen twelve fifteen years ago the whole goal was just to have a website and the industry has grown so much from there and  the practices know that then it became important for Google to find you through search engine optimization and then Google launched paid advertising and that affects where you're placed on the first page and then social media took off and being able to not just have a Facebook page but to be posting regularly to keep your current patients have engaged more and more we're seeing the complexity but also the automation of digital marketing become more and more important in order to get patients I don't want to under state  the power of reviews also whether it be Facebook reviews more and more consumers potential patients are commenting about practices on Google on Facebook on Yelp and knowing the impact of positive reviews on someone choosing you as a potential practice is very important

Howard: positive reviews for what do you guys call in that social affirmations that what they're they're calling that yeah I think that's a good term for social affirmation is in is not just you know it's not just a buzzword but consumers people like you and me and you do it as well when you're going to go look for a restaurant or anything that you're looking for you go and see what their reviews are and you're expecting to see four and five stars and if you don't well I'm just gonna go away even if I got recommended but if you have a two stars a bunch of two star reviews in a dental practice that's ared flag for a lot of people even if I was recommended by a friend so we really help practices get more reviews more positive reviews from patients because if you're doing a good job people want to tell other people about it everybody wants to talk about it social every body wants to communicate what they're doing everybody thinks what they're doing is very important in any given day so we really try to help them get that message out when they have their dental checkup or dental experience

Howard: it really is interesting guys it's just a massive human need to share because when they go back and look at um cameras the first one the Polaroid picture I mean you and I are old enough to remember shaking that thing it really wasn't a picture for their own remembrance it was really turned out to be something they want to share with others I mean it's like 9percent of all photos are shared they're not kept in your you know for yourself you're sharing it with you with your family I mean I know I did all I ever told me my grandson sits on my lapel have to take it a selfie and send it to mom I mean it's just it's just an interesting thing is Yelp going away and they they're always in the a lot of news stories are saying that Google has really set out to own the review and making it harder and harder for Yelp views to even show updo you see Yelp trending downwards under the Google pressure or do you think it’s here to stay for the next five to ten years

Keith: yeah I think it's here to stay you really bring up a good point and that Google is trying to own the review space and when you look at a given page type in Dennis near me you will see a Google review on the right-hand side you will see Google review stars in the ads you'll see Google reviews in the map so they're trying to take over that real-estate but the first thing you see right under the Google map is a Yelp review so real Yelp is really they're not gonna go away and it's important because Yelp tries to position themselves as an independent resource like the Consumer Reports for online reviews and so then you know people so many people trust the authority of Yelp but Google will keep you know pushing because they own that real estate they'll keep pushing reviews we like to have our customers our practices have reviews in multiple sources even including health grades which is which a lot of people still value

Keith:  it seems like it seems like I don't know maybe because I was born in Kansas and I went to dental you know Creighton in Omaha Nebraska and dental school in Missouri but it just really seems like Yelp is a big East Coast West Coast big-city thing in San Fran San Diego like for you instead of Kansas or Missouri or Nebraska I mean I'm 56 and I've never seen anybody use Yelp do you think it's more a big-city urban thing or do you think I just have a bunch of illiterate friends you don't know 

Keith: I don’t think it's a big city urban thing at all and it really is a two to three second thing when I'm looking at anything that I’m interested in engaging with well especially with a dental practice when I go online my visual clues are important I'm looking at star ratings I'm looking at their website to make sure that it has the right calls to action is it a current office does it look nice I'm looking at where they located on the map I'm looking at their hours all of these things I can take in two to three seconds and we all do it even subconsciously to help us make a decision where we’re going if I have to choose between two practices having positive Yelp reviews having positive google reviews having a compelling website being found on page one of Google even on the website having education for me with compelling videos all of these things tie in to help me get another potential patient to cal land that's the whole goal if we can get them to call your office then you can help convert it

Howard:  interesting um I noticed that um you talked about HTTP web site HTTP hypertext Transfer Protocol secure is an internet communications protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between the users computer and the site is that is this a big deal it certainly is a big deal to Google and being ranked high if your website is not secure have HTTPS associated with it  affects where Google is going to rank you when someone's searching for a practice or a dentist near me it is not necessarily for instance I'll tell you ESPN is not HTTP secure and it's a number-one website so if you're exchanging information personal information on the website it's critical but if you ‘reusing it to folks call a phone number or just find out more about a practice it’s not required except Google is expecting to see that when you want to get ranked so if you want to get found and you want to have people have the comfort level that your website is secure and you’re not potentially they're not potentially passing information about themselves over the Internet then absolutely you want to have an HTTPS certificate 

Howard: it's kind of a new things I noticed now a lot of websites I go to a dentist you know I mean probably I’m I don't ever race my cookies so I’m so good if I start typing in it just starts prompting keys in all the dentistry I mean you know I tell people don’t erase your cookies because I mean Google knows if I'm gonna go on the internet it's a 99% chance I’m looking for something dentistry but I'm amazed at when I pull up dentists websites the first thing you see is not secure on the left side that's what you're talking about right in the tool that’s right exactly yeah they're there they’re all not secure so dentists are just not aware

Keith: when did this really become a big thing it's been over two years and I would say that in our customers most  of them have the HTTPS certificate you don't it's not that expensive to get it's really an ssl certificate it's not that hard to get one we provide them for our customers so if you're naughty if you don't have an HTTPS website it's almost like there’s no reason for you not to there just isn’t any reason to not have it and it’s not it's not a big barrier it doesn’t cost that much to have an SSL certificate we either provided in some of our options included or if you want to buy one separately you can do that from us as well

Howard: so why do you think yes doesn't do it 

Keith: because they're not asking you to exchange information they don’t care they're not really they’re not taking in data if you go to log into ESPN plus or a lot of these websites then it'll will become secure but they just don't care they don't they don’t need they don't need to have it to be secure and I'm not saying that it's not important it really is something that you want to what we try to do is eliminate anything that Google will downgrade a website for when someone’s searching for them and so if that’s something that Google and  you know protecting of Internet Information is important we want to provide that for our customers

Howard: well ESPN has a very special place in my heart it was actually on ESPN in 1998 we were building dental town and we thought the best decision was to make it with all Microsoft software and their message board system was just insane I mean nobody could figure it out and we don't spent like $40,000 of Microsoft software building our message boards and then I was on the ESPN website and I was looking at how awesome their message board was in the bottom corner was the name of the company it was in London we called them up and they said yeah we'll sell you software for 400 bucks I already spent 40 thousands of Microsoft and had to delete all that and you know half dozen programmers working on it to go with the yes fan so Thank You ESPN for the dental towel message boards and everybody was using that London company's software for a long  time it was just amazing so I noticed websites have changed a lot I've seen this rodeo before with the ATM machines and I was 10 years old it seems like allot of people as social animals as we are as much social affirmation that we want that you're a good dentist people thing today don't really like to deal with people they would rather deal with an ATM machine or make it a dental appointment online then wait for some human answer and put them on hold and this and that are you seeing I mean you got a huge sample of 7,000 doctors offices in the United States do you see online appointments making a break out

Keith: yeah thanks for bringing that up we as I talked about at the beginning we think that improving the patient experience and most importantly engaging with patients in the way that they want to been gaged with is critical to helping a practice keep their current patients starting with how do I book an appointment because I don't have time to call you necessarily at 9 o'clock in the morning because I'm working if you're only open at 9 o'clock so give me the opportunity to book an appointment then send me a reminder please don't call my home number it's so funny you call my home number I actually don't answer my home phone I don't me a while to remember that actually had a landline but send me a text reminder so that I can be reminded automatically and then probably something that we found was really important was make it easy for me to get on board it and that is giving mean online patient health history patient information form to fill out before I go into the office do you know how many times and you've done it before you go into the dental office it's nine o'clock my appointments at 9:00 I've got to get back to work by 10:30 and the first thing to do is get a clipboard and I have to take 20 minutes to answer questions that I can't remember most of the answers to and what if I can do that before I go in the night before so that when I check in I can be you know easily sent right into the lab chair and the doctor can get critical information in advance so if I have diabetes or if I am at risk for diabetes and I check that box they know that before I even come in we find that being able to on board a patient in away that they are used to working and being more automated is critical to helping improve the patient experience I'm more likely to go back time aftertime after time if I don't have a bad experience it's 10 o'clock I still haven't been I haven't been seen because we have a backlog because I'm filling out forms or my report you know or I forgot my appointment and I'm scrambling around so you're absolutely right being able to automate that in in starting with online booking all the way to the time that I leave that office is becoming not only not only important but also standard.

Howard:  yeah and it's something so frustrating you know the American government pays for so much health care between Medicare and Medicaid and I mean it’s just a huge expense and every timeI see a study done on the expense thirty percent of it is paperwork and it's like it’s like I'm a dentist like I mean it's2019 they come in and they still have to show me an insurance form and we have to have a human call I mean we still yes in our office have a full-time person that calls every single dental insurance for every single patient and we wait till we talk to him and because it's worth it in our thirty two years experience not to have to deal with all the confusion when we think something versus what's covered and I just can't believe that's not all automated I mean even the dental offices that have online forms they're just here to print out and then you have to have a printer at home and then you have to fill them out and bring him in then that date has got to be I mean it's just mean it's just so if they just sit there and made all of that paperwork go away and if they and then if they use simple insurance mechanisms like co-payments to you know when you tell grandma seeds a $50,000 knee replacement and she says and it's not won't cost her a penny and she's like well you're the doctor well then someone's got to pay50,000 but if you said you have a 10%copay your portions five thousand half of them would say you know I'll just take buffered you know so these two simple steps why is it taking healthcare so many decades just to do so much of the basic stuff especially in dentistry I mean why is it there yet an app for Delta when someone's got Delta they come in they pull up their app they show me a barcode boom done

Keith: yeah it's a problem we're working on solving and I will say that our online forum solution you don't have to print them out it is an interactive online forum in that forum data gets put right into the practice management system so there's no need to print them out in the office and then have to rekey em which introduces another element of era it's all online and it provides by the way critical insurance information before I walk in there I don't know if I can solve the problem of having to call the insurance companies but it's something that's important to us to be able to automate insurance verification we think we can do that we think that that's becoming it's gonna become important because without it you're just wasting time at the front office you're wasting time with the person who's trying to do so many things you know we talk about the dentist doing so many things imagine the person who's in charge of the front office having to juggle so many things just to keep the calendar full which is probably their primary goal so we think that insurance verification but also as you pointed out providing me information upfront with how to pay for this I talk about this all the time when when I go to a dental office and they say okay here's a finance person and the bill is gonna be $400 would you like to have the treatment done now and my answer is always this most people say this I'll have to think about it and the reason I have to think about is because I don't know it was my insurance covering some of this and I didn't walk in expecting to pay400 dollars or in your case five thousand dollars and so my answers I’ll think about it and let you know and then thirty percent of us never come back and that’s treatment acceptance and helping people with understanding their financing needs you know what insurance is covered is critical to increasing patient acceptance and treatment plan acceptance 

Keith: so how do you how does Prosites help them with their financial arrangements well so really interesting who’s the biggest financing dental financing company Care Credit CareCredit provides financing for almost 90percent of demo practices so in our website we have because we have a relationship with Care Credit an easy way for a patient and as well as a practice to be able to write on the website apply for financing in advance of even coming into the office so if a practice is utilizing that information and then providing it to the patient before they even come in so if I say I need implants send me the send me the care credit link I can apply for financing and then if I need it I have it and if I don't I know what all of my options are so we put that right on our website to help the practice better communicate with their with their potential patients

Howard:  now they just some changed ownership right that’s correct they're owned by um synchrony that’s right actually at the end of the day they're a bank so it's owned by my synchrony correct that's right so straight how’s that how long has that been about

Keith: I think that's been at least over a year and it has an impact at what care credit is providing in terms of financing  for dental patients so it's a st. seem game hasn't change that's right same thing and it's a matter of fact it’s a benefit to the practice because the you know the practices relationship with Care Credit also provides benefits to them

Howard: huh so when when you talk about the your  paperwork being filled out on lines that that's a rare thing I mean there’s 211 there's a 150 thousand full-time dental offices in general30,000 - list what percent of them do you think you can fill out the healthcare line forms online where it goes right to the practice management information system

Keith: yeah I was surprised to see that over 90 percent of our customers put a PDF on their website but before we started doing this and I think that’s okay so that I can write it in but it still has human error we’re seeing we saw adoption grow to now almost 30 percent of our customers who use online patient forms that are interactive it only asks me as it comes as a patient the questions that apply tome if I have family members I can I don’t have to start all over every time that I have a family member it really speeds up their process and so we’re seeing that adoption continue to grow I was surprised at the that we are meeting  a need that is you know really so apparent in the industry and being able to have an online form that makes it easy for a patient to fill out that goes into a practice management system that provides critical care information to the doctor in a critical care outline and let's that's the that's the potential let's the doctor before I even see the patient know all of the facts that I need to know about this patient and 

Howard: and you think that's odd that’s taken off 

Keith: I know it's taken off and I think you were just at the beginning really this whole concept of patient experience we're just at the beginning of understanding how to change that overtime some of the I tell you one of the good things and bad things about this industry is that change happen slowly and so it means that you're not gonna we're not fumbling around making a lot of mistakes all the time but it also means that it gives us time to get it right the first time and so I'm I think that you will see you're seeing that looked like five years things that you thought would never take off or things that you know thought oh it's gonna take forever now I just standard when I talk to if you talk to me five years ago and you would have said to me I'm never why do I ever care about Facebook why do Iever care about social media now that's just standard 

Howard: so a lot of the arguing about Facebook versus Google is that okay so you're you got two hundred million Americans on Facebook they’re on their half an hour a day they’re scrolling by you see something from a dental office website big deal you’re not in the mood but when you’re absolutely in the mood your tooth broke you google dentists near me that's right and that that's a Google thing so the question is what's more important at Google ad or a Facebook ad 

Keith: yeah so a great question we look at it as what's more why don't you do both and then track to see what's working really more and more we're trying to show case or show people the return on investment show practices the return on investment if I spend $200 on Facebook in a given month and I get two patients do you think that's worth it it may be for abut given practice if you think about just how much revenue they can make from those two patients in a year alone well think about it they get to keep them for five years so look at that and then if I spend $300 in Google advertising and I get two patients is that worth it making sure that we know that a practice knows what's coming what's providing the best return on investment if I live in Kansas it may not be Facebook ads if I live in New York City I need to have a multi-prong approach to all of my marketing activities it's not just sending in mailers in the in the neighborhood anymore although that still does work it's a multi prong approach and then tracking everything that you spend money on to see what works and then spending more money on that 

Howard: and it’s sad because the dentist you know they  figured out you know algebra and geometry and trig and calculus and they know the cosine and tangent but then they get on their Anatomy and then they get on their practice on software and it's just not easily to find out is you know how much are you paying for anew patient to get in your office what is a new patient value words what is the lifetime value I mean can you imagine if you were coming into my dental office and in the 32 years you'd referred 10people who'd referred 20 he'd referred to I mean it doesn't even let me know the pyramid effect of Keith Washington of what you have meant to my practice over 30 years and when you're sinking online forms with practice management software what dental office practice runs a software are you synchronizing with eat most easily if you're a young kid who just graduated last week and we're gonna start your own office to any of those practice management systems look better than others or any of them you stay away from yeah

Keith:  I'm not that politically incorrect yeah you know practice management systems are really based on that their whole goal was insurance billing and so they have grown over time into a lot of different components and some of the mare better at some things than others our online patient forms can be put in the folder of any dental practice management system we're currently mostly integrated most tightly integrated with10 tricks 10 tricks is the largest provider I will tell you that over the next five years there's another potential opportunity for growth for someone who's been in software for thirty years I've seen I've seen changes when when you know when you have some that if somebody who's been around a practice management system that’s ubiquitous there's opportunity for someone new to come in and so I think they all know it I think it's a it's acritical application our goal is to integrate with all of them our goal is to be to be you know I guess agnostic about the dental practice management system and support the practice in the best way that they need 

Howard: but you just said that you've seen in other industries where some software innovation came along what type of innovation are you seeing or what's that

Keith: so you use practice management systems alot and I've seen and worked with a lot of them and some of them are cumbersome to use some of them you've had to spend so many hours in training and being able to use that solution but you don't spend hours in training or even use a manual anymore in most of the new software can things that you purchase it becomes it becomes almost require that everything that you do is easy to use and a self it doesn’t require training so I think there's an opportunity and I know that the practice management systems are looking for ways and someone new will come along to come up with a seamless easy to use practice management system that doesn't require25 30 hours of training for each one of your staff members and it's all cloud-based so you don't have to spend alot of money on servers in your office allot of companies are going that way again our goal is to get the patients in and help you help you convert them but the practice management system industry is just right for you know a change in the way that people interact with it 

Howard: do you see any emerging players attracted your attention

Keith: yeah there's aIl don't want to you know call them out but they're the companies who started in the cloud it's really interesting you mentioned TurboTax a long time I write at the beginning of this and Turbo Tax was a desktop application and we were when I was there we were you know we had to get ahead of the internet in the web or these web only tax software companies would come along and so now cloud-based somebody who's natively cloud-based has an advantage because I can make changes to my software without having the practice have to update their servers so if you if you look at companies that are natively cloud-based those are the ones that will you know likely take off and have an impact on the industry

Howard: what you're seeing in is so factual because then Trix is the leader and I remember going up there 32 years ago I mean in Provo Utah and talking to the folders and he's writing in there my ex Gordon but if you look at the biggest hots bed of all the dental innovation companies they're all right next or dent Rick started being densha that they're calling it the the new state of dentistry the I mean they they' re calling it the you know like Silicon Valley they're calling it Silicon slopes I mean I mean just think right next to dendrix I mean you got you got my gosh boom cloud dental membership software CEO group curved dental  ATM dental Intel dental marketing you got the god of dentistry Gordon Christian there you got god I've communications max tech my social practice or tech ortho select pioneer lasers podium I mean wave ortho weave clear I mean it was it's and  I always thought to myself man every one of those companies should have been a feature of dentures I mean just everyone but that's not how for enterprise works cuz you got an idea you tell your boss he tells you to forget about it so you just leave dentures and you start your own company I'm cloud though a lot of people think cloud is great until on the message boards they tried it for their to replace their phones with voice over Internet Protocol and they didn't realize how their internet connection was not nearly as good as they thought it was when they were on the internet and they're on Google or social media or Facebook or dental town but man once they switched to the phone they realized they did not have the internet that they thought they did do you think do you think cloud computing is still bleeding edge or do you think it is now across sthe podium two leading edge

Keith:  yes about computing is certainly leading edge all of our websites are now hosted on Amazon Web Services we considered that to be the industry standard in cloud and cloud hosting solutions voice over IP certainly is taking off we use a voiceover IP phone system but you're right in that having a phone system in a dental practice in your dental practice and you're gonna get you know 30 patients today and your phone system is broken that’s mission-critical to you and you don't have options and so we encourage people to be careful about that and if you're gonna use a VoIP system use aVoIP system for someone who's actually a phone provider we do you know we've we own practice we own pace retention software and patient notification software and there are a lot of companies that start their own you know VoIP phone system to coincide with it and we like to look a tit  if you really want to replace your phone system go to phone system providers go to Best of Breed rather than just someone who adds in potential you know phones or purchased a phone system to go along with something else but you're right it's important that your phone system work and even though voice over IP is gonna if not not a bleeding edge but it's certainly taking off you have to know about your neighborhood you have to know about you know your Internet infrastructure before you switch over 

Howard: did you learn that from Mr . Robinson get out what do you mean get out to meet your neighborhood uauI'm in Phoenix and you're in Temecula California but north of San Diego you come out here a lot because you guys still own practice mojo which you bought from smart practice which is started by Jim and Naomi Road so what's uh how does practice mojo fit in with pro sites or that 

Keith: yep so we we consider that a key part of our patient experience so when through marketing on our digital marketing services you get a new patient we want to provide automated reminders and we want to provide it in a way that customers or patients want to be reminded phone calls texts some some with postcard and some with emails and being able to have that level of flexibility in the office and automation in the office is important we also purchased it because we consider mojo not just the notification software but a campaign marketing component mojo has over 300 campaigns email campaigns that you can send out to patients like for benefit reminder season or if you now do implants or teeth whitening or you have a new CEREC machine so that you can communicate to the to your patient here's what's going on you can do that by email you can do that in a way that keeps them coming back reminding them of their six-month checkup automatically without having a high level of overhead by your front office staff so that's why we purchased it so that we could take this leading platform and use it as the digital marketing tool and a patient engagement tool

Howard: so you also practice mojo has the  dental postcard feature doing that is that a big deal correct oh yeah

Keith:  absolutely we were surprised to see it could actually it's been at growing alittle bit so practice mojo supports postcard still through smart practice the leading provider of print materials to the dental to the dental community and so we still print out postcards automatically based on the practice this needs to customers in terms of reminders in terms of notification and it's been ticking up slightly and so you know I think that may be a testament to the type of customers that we that that our practices have because it may be older people who you know still like to have something on postcard but it also you know is an understanding and that people want to be communicated differently andso providing all of the options that make it easy for us to communicate with a patient is important

Howard: yeah I just want to remind everybody you know when you're making a decision you got to always remember two things you're there's there's so much more information that nobody knows at this point so you know when you're trying to make a decision you got to remember that you’re not dealing with perfect information and number two the biggest bias in your whole life is yourself and so many of these younger Millennials they  they hate junk mail they call it junk mail they don't like their mailbox they think it should go away but everybody who measures this stuff says emails and direct mail are still the two biggest features I could remember being down on smart practices down there on McDowell Road thirty years ago when Jim bough this first postcard printing machine I think he paid five million dollars for it and back then everybody knew Direct Mail was a monster huge but as all the social media came along they  acted like direct mail went away and why it's so confusing is because 99% of it is thrown away but my gosh when one when you’re doing implants and you mail to everybody in your neighborhood that’s over 65 and one out of a hundred grandmas looks at that card in calls your office I mean that is just a cash cow and I look at when iTalk to a lot of these dsos here on the show where they want you know a big new patient flow of a hundred new patients a month they say well it's real easy with you if we want a hundred we have to mail out a hundred postcards a hundred times every month I mean I we want to if you wanted 50 new patients about 50 100 s there's five thousand and it is extremely powerful marketing that remember if you're millennial you hate direct mail Grandma and Grandpa don’t hate direct mail and it still works another confusing marketing thing is orthodontist because they want to be all hip and cool to the  kid in high school to come to the office but there were thoughts knows well that kidding paid for it the mom is so how do you do how do you do advertising when you want to get the young kids in for you orthodontic appointment but you got to get mom and dad into paid drop the sixty-five hundred bucks how do how do you split that marketing when you have to 

Keith: yeah that's a that's a that’s a great  point mostly  you’re still marketing to mom and dad even though it may be the teenager the teenager has already talked to mom and dad I need braces as a matter of fact they’ve talked to mom and dad for the past five years about it it's same same with might my teenager first I took me you know three years to convince him that they should get but he should get braces because he didn't want braces and then it became the point that that I want braces and so you still mark it to the to the parents what we're seeing more and more is adult orthodontics taking off that more and more people in their 30s and 40s are now getting braces or Invisalign and in and wanting to have their teeth straightened and so we're changing some of our marketing tactics and look at Facebook advertising to that market to help augment the young you know the teenager or the you know the early teen market that's where we're seeing an opportunity 

Howard : back to the website unerring reviews what would advice would you give to dental office to get more positive online reviews

Keith: yeah quite simple ask your patients just that simple and  you should ask them in ways again that they feel comfortable so if you harass them as they're walking out the door and I talk about this a lot number one you should send them an email thanking them and don't ask him for a review ask him for feedback we'd like to get your feedback it's called a review but we’d like to get your feedback and ask him in an email or send them a quick text and say could you provide me with feedback our websites provide an easy vehicle for someone to go on and leave feedback and that feedback goes right to the doctor I will say this also you should know that whether or not a patient is happy or dissatisfied with your service before they leave the office never let an unhappy patient leave your office unhappy make sure you check in are you doing okay make sure you know that they’re gonna leave you a positive review and then ask for it it's similar to what you just talked about direct mail if you ask a hundred patients to leave a review or leave feedback by email or text you're gonna get two of them and those two have a great big impact on your office yeah and then back to the financial our or the true implant acceptance

Howard:  what do you think's the best way a dentist can use their own Prosise software to increase their case acceptance 

Keith: yeah one of the things that  we're just rolling out is new education videos and I look at patient acceptance and we understand that patient acceptance is in this way when you have a treatment plan you really should focus less on just financing but focus on explaining what the treatment is so here is what the problem is here are what your options are here let me show you and we have videos to help you show right there at the chair side let me show you how easy this particular treatment is or how difficult it is what the benefits will be after they've had that treatment and then I can help you pay for it or I can help you get financing for that treatment it really is about that chairside experience rather than just focused on the dollars with an invoice and then saying please follow up with the you know with the front office and make an appointment it's really about that chairside experience that we’re helping practices through education videos reminding them about the financing options helping them understand what the insurance options are and then having a conversation most patients will accept treatment if you have a transparent honest conversation with them about their treatment needs 

Howard:  so this is dentistry uncensored so I want to ask the tough questions and the the biggest compare that the biggest argument against a company like Prosites is that you should have a unique custom website because if you go with the company that has a hundred or a thousand websites Google doesn't search them the same they say they're all cut and paste and that to be unique you would want to hire your own programmer just build your own website what would you say to that argument you've had to have heard before

Keith:  I'm so glad you asked that I mean I want to make sure I clear it up we do have 7,000 over 7,000customers and we have hundreds of styles to choose from in our library but it doesn’t mean that you're just picking that design style and it copying something else you can customize that design style however you want it all the way from whatever tagline you want whatever images you want all the way to a full custom website we have customers who say I don't like any of your Styles built me something new we do that as well we also have a content library it doesn’t mean that all of the content is the same but we provide content to help you get started and then we configure that content to meet your particular practices needs whether it be procedures or about your office all of the content is configurable either by us will do it for you for free or you can do it yourself so there's no duplicated content there's no concern that all of my websites look the same all of our websites imagine we're just giving a great starting point at a low price and then you can manage and change it with our help at no extra cost anytime you want we also will change that style for you anytime you want at no additional cost and we call that future now assurance so anytime I change the technology when I move to Amazon orI upgrade our website engine we provide that to our customers at no  additional cost

Howard:  and in outside of Dentistry and dental specialist what other doctors do you do

Keith: so we also do a number we do Plastic Surgeons that’s probably our number two customer base and they have a high level of customization as you can imagine because they want their image to be different from anybody else we also support vetss o we have the you know the second largest veterinary website provider in the industry so we provide a lot of different vet styles and a number of other small medical groups including bariatric surgery for example we also door that orthodontics of course an optometrist and ophthalmologist America

Howard:  you open up your practice and you sign up for say Medicaid Medicare well your book three months in advance say they had no reason to try to get anew patient and thus they can't sell their practice so dentist you know when you see all these practices ourselves you got to remember physicians can’t sell their practices I mean anybody that takes Medicare Medicaid has a more patient one so you're talking about cosmetic surgeons plastic surgeons bariatric surgeons veterinarians those are really the last bastions of free enterprise in healthcare because once you go to a state-owned orstate-sponsored system all these rules of economics and patient engagement patient marketing or are gone right would you agree with that

Keith: absolutely absolutely you have I agree with the concept of you know especially in the plastic surgeon market of the free market there a high-touch high value group who really it's based on their ability to provide a service to a niche market and so our you know us being able to partner with those with those types of industries really requires us to have serious marketing chops to be able to do that Howard: yeah and it's really been a constant reminder of me for 32 years where I fall because I've had a 4,000square-foot dental office and a cross street for me there's been a 6,000square foot veterinarian office and it started with the   man he founded then his daughter took it over now it's you know on to someone else and um I I cannot tell you in 32 years how many times I've told someone they need to fix your teeth and they told me they can't because they just draw five thousand dollars across the street on their can dog and it's a it's very it's very interesting how people will find the money for what they value and that's I mean it's just amazing and the plastic surgeons the Bariatrics but back to Dennis I've always said that the number one you know when they always talk about high tech they always want to know if they should buy a CB CT or a laser or CAD cam or that I always say the number one return on investment is always a digital camera and these plastic surgeons the ones in Phoenix that I know that are closing the most cases it’s because when someone comes in for a consult they're showing them before and afters of their own work they're not giving them a brochure from the American you know cosmetic Association they’re saying this is what I did and a lot of the guys who do like faceless or tummy tucks or breast augmentation say there's only about  four cases they do so once they see what you are and they show you a dozen before and after pictures of this exact case of I don't work it means everything it means it means it's the whole deal so on so for dentist uploading their own work to their website how easy is that

Howard:  as long as they and you know this as long as you're getting sign-off from the patient it's important we see and you ask me how easy it is it's quite simple it all you have to do is to go into our editor and we provide a page and out-of-the-box page for before-and-after photos but we seethe number one place after the homepage that every consumer goes to is number one about the doctor so that page is really important and that's a custom page number to meet the team I want to know who the team is at number therebefore and after photos and so I agree with you 100% buy a digital camera all you have to do is upload those photos to the computer get them you know into our editor and we will make sure that they look pretty and make sure that they showcase what you want so all those three pages and then there from that point on patients potential patients look at videos go the procedure pages learn a little bit more and  become educated before they come in but you’re absolutely right having those before and after photos was critical 

Howard: my god we talked about so many things is there anything you wish we would have talked about that we didn't get to while

Keith:  you're right we did talk about it just about what a wide range of things I just you know what first of all I want to thankyou for taking the time it'sit is an exciting time in digital marketing it is an exciting time in automation a patient experience I just encourage you know all of all of the practices who listen to  your podcast and  engage with dental talent to continue to look at what their marketing components are where they’re spending their money and asking providers even like us what's my return on investment and how can I make that better

Howard:  right on right on welke thanks for coming on a second time and what I am whatever you Dennis to do and they get to work is on go look at your website I'm thoroughly convinced most dentists listening I've not even looked at their own website in a very long time and then I also think that a really neat exercise to do is you know in business everybody share their own unique selling proposition well you know you're in a year in a town of10,000 people there's 12 dentist one last time you and your team looked at the 12 websites of all the dentists in the valley one thing you'll find out that I've always found out is you'll one of your best buddies across the street maybe he's an implant and in his own mind and very very very well good enough to do an implant on me any day of the week yeah you're their website you you would never know that it's like it's like you have sometimes you're sitting there at a bar with a dentist and the end after 20 30 minutes you're looking at the dentist own website you know like wow this this website isn't even a connection the guy sitting next to me eating a cheeseburger mean how come all he's talking about is bone grafting and placing implants and emergence profiles and when you look at his website you  don't see any inkling of any of this and then when we were little only the rich people could fly air plane sor they work for a big fortune 500company of the government now people are living in these small towns are thinking I don't think my dentist could do this and I really want to have this done and Southwest Airlines only cost me $200to fly from Salina Kansas to Kansas City or Dallas or Oklahoma unless some big-city doctor do it because you know they're just so much better in the big city and they're not any better in the big cities it's just a but the competition in the big city makes the dentist pay more attention to their website and so you just you just got to take this serious first impressions are sent and led you never get a second chance to make a first impression and your website really needs to be as good as it can be that’s absolutely right so Keith thankyou so much for coming on the show a second time you have to come back in another year or two or maybe I when you’re down a visiting practice mojo you have to bring the practice mojo people over to the studio

Keith: I'd love to do that that's great I appreciate you taking the time 

Howard:all right and post a picture of their postcard printer because I'm sure all the Millennials listening do not believe in that there's still money to be made off a postcard in direct mail that's  great way you

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