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Reese Harper – Flexing Your Wealth Building Muscles Part 2

Reese Harper – Flexing Your Wealth Building Muscles Part 2

5/24/2019 7:14:17 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 19

Podcast Episode #222: Reese Harper – Flexing Your Wealth Building Muscles Part 2

Episode #222: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast
Reese Harper – Flexing Your Wealth Building Muscles Part 2

Making decisions based on advice that is coming from misdirected or wrong places can really damage your financial future. Today Reese Harper continues sharing his wealth-building advice from our last episode and explains why it’s so important to focus on net worth and make sure you’re listening to people with the right incentives. Reese’s insight is career-changing and eye-opening because he starts with what’s most important and builds a model that helps you grow your net worth year by year.

Listen in to hear Reese explain why he thinks many people in the private enterprise sector—especially dentists—are retiring later and where the biggest obstacles lie when it comes to making dentists work harder and longer in their practices. You’ll learn the importance of communicating better about money and tracking it properly so you can grow your biggest money “muscles.”

Minute Markers:

3:10 – What retirement means today and why are people retiring later.
5:56 – The problem with the advice dentists and business owners get.
8:35 – Where your focus should be when trying to build wealth.
11:40 – The necessity of making hard decisions now in order to make things easier later.
17:13 – How Reese is building a program to give the best advice possible to the people who need it the most.
20:08 – How he helps spouses collaborate and communicate better about money and track progress.
22:05 – Where people often get lost in financial planning and lose time and energy.
23:24 – The most valuable thing about technology in finance.

Featured on the Show:

Reese Harper: Site | LinkedIn | Facebook 
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