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1194 Michael E. Wehrle DDS of the Wehrle Implant Immersion Course and HEB Dental Excellence : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1194 Michael E. Wehrle DDS of the Wehrle Implant Immersion Course and HEB Dental Excellence : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Dr. Michael Wehrle graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1989, then went on to complete a GPR at Worcester City Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. Immediately Dr. Wehrle continued to pursue his advanced training, including over 500 hours each in orthodontics and implantology. This allowed him to achieve the status of Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry very early in his career. While pursuing his Fellowship, Dr. Wehrle established his dental practice, HEB Dental Excellence, in 1994. 

VIDEO - DUwHF #1194 - Michael Wehrle


AUDIO - DUwHF #1194 - Michael Wehrle

Truly passionate about excellence in dentistry, Dr. Wehrle felt just as strongly about giving back to his fellow man so he also worked with the United Way to establish the Northeast Tarrant County Dental Clinic for the underprivileged in 1994 concurrent with opening his practice. He also went on numerous mission trips which lead him to helping to establish the Wehrle Implant ImmersionTM Center and Clinic in Puebla, Mexico. He uses this incredible facility to serve the local residents around the clinic, as well as offering the Center's hotel facilities to mission groups serving the area. The combination of his two passions eventually lead to his creation of the Wehrle Implant ImmersionTM Course in Puebla, the premier course for basic and advanced live implant training utilizing true immersion. Dr. Wehrle frequently lectures and teaches in both Mexico and the United States and is accredited by both the ADA and AGD, allowing him to offer CE credits to his graduates.

Howard: It is just a huge honor to be here in Phoenix in the studio with Michael Wehrle crazy so much it's Dr. Michael Wehrle DDS FA Gd Associate Fellow a AIB graduate from Baylor College of Dentistry in 89 they went on to complete a GPR at worst Chester City Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital immediately Dr. Wehrle continued to pursue his advanced training including over 500 hours each and orthodontics implantology this allowed him to achieve the status of fellow in the academy general dentistry very early in his career while pursuing his fellowship Dr. Wehrle established his dental practice HEB dental excellence in 1994 truly passionate about excellence of Dentistry Dr. Wehrle felt just as strongly by giving back to his fellow man he also worked with the United Way to established at Northeast Tarrant County dental clinic for the underprivileged in 1994 concurrent with opening his practice he also went on numerous mission trips which led him to establish the Wehrle implant immersion dental center and clinic in Pueblo Mexico about two hours outside of Mexico City he uses this incredible facility to serve the local residents around the clinic as well as offering the center's hotel facilities to Mission group serving the area the combination of his two passions eventually led to his creation of the Wehrle implant immersion course in Puebla Mexico the premier course for basic and advanced life implant training utilization true immersion Dr. Wehrle frequently lectures and teaches in both Mexico and the United States and is accredited by both a BA and a JD allowing him to offer CE Credits  graduates thank you so much ray vet thank you by the office they only show um so um well first of all how did you be a started in dentistry.

Michael: I I got started in dentistry I was eight years old and I went to dental office I grew up poor inner-city on food stamps and it was one of the rare trips to dental office and the guy leaves the room he's got he's got front delivery what I know now is front delivery so all the stuff is sitting there in front of my face and I'm looking at all the guy's toys he's got these cool toys and I knew that Dentists made money some sort of money and I just do want to be on food stamps rest in my life I was already good in school so I said I'd this guy makes money he gets to play with cool toys he looks like he's got them he's the boss you know I like to run things even at eight I like to run things I went home until I mom I said mom I'm gonna be a dentist she said great consider the neighborhood we live in at least I could be a felon or a drug dealer this is good go be a dentist and i've never changed since then and it's been the best things they're having it's just I love dentistry or worries I was in Buffalo New York and I grew up in the West.

Howard:  Did they ever get a football team.

Michael: They sort of have one but the heaven won anything yet they just close.

Howard: One of my friend Sam Dominick there's nothing he's going to show there's nothing that stresses him out more than the Buffalo Bills but yeah you know what and I am I still think there's nothing wrong with selling mercedes-benz and Lamborghinis and all that and a lot of a lot of people I remember mother Teresa one time mom said something about some guy I think it was um oh the guy in Pulp Fiction someone made a comment because he'd gone do it seen her lost a million dollars well people don't realize that when you lose a million dollars all those casino workers have a job right and also I have nothing wrong with making boats and yachts or whatever but I still think some of the greatest companies were made in the poorer is like like Walmart sure and when you're growing up in Bentonville Arkansas you just learned how to do more for less sure and and and too many too many times in dentistry like the you to major median all the courses are about all on four right for 25,000 our art well where's the course on all on none okay i've heard of Kansas there's a hundred how many all on nuns are done dentures are we all on for America what would you guess the ratio be.

Michael: Oh God a thousand to one.

Howard: Yeah and well do you don't realize there's no money in that really there's no money mcdonald's right exactly stay hamburger to you so you only want to own Ruth’s Chris mmm because there's no money in mcdonald's and I love when people come from the poor they don't forget their roots and all that so um um you remind me of them yaaaaah you know all these business lessons like they always say you know do one thing your unique selling probably do one thing well how do you explain Yamaha I mean I mean who sells number-one motorcycle in Japan who sells number-one piano in Japan yeah because the guy had two passions he actually loved motorcycles him pianos and his first first winner in both divisions you're an ortho you make swords and nice and implants how did you mix up well whatever Yamaha stereo motors like.

Michael: What happened with with orthodontics was I I bought the practice after I did associates ship for four years I bought the practice of William Wyatt jr. And I know that you know William Wyatt senior so I'm in the same building as William Wyatt senior so I mean worse and this is a family building man there's there's doors that open and you're in the person's bathroom I mean it's it's built as one family so I'm in the family now and Bill and I hit it off great because bill is not just a genius he's a gentleman Bill Wyatt see who helped to start that and found that merit orthodontic society were talking about and he is just an amazing human being so I got to know him really well we'd go to lunch and he would impart all his years of wisdom and then when I at five years six years down the road I built my own place just a couple blocks up the road and bill still would come and we would share did things thoughts and he would do or could even then I was like bill you do the orther you do the orth I was just referring to him but then he came to me said well I got a retire and I knew he didn't want to retire I said bill you already told me the day he retires the day they started throwing dirt on you and you're way too young for this because he was only like 68 or something let me see no he was 72 or 73 and he said well my wife's retired and she runs the front desk so I have to retire and ice we don't have to retire so you're just cold blocked arrested just come down he was all right I really appreciate that Bill's got this wonderful country dialect he says if you just let me come down here i'll just stay six months and i'll just finish up my cases and i'll finish up that and and and i'll be done and i'll be gone so bill got down there and and and and I actually took off Friday's then to give him the place on Friday so he can finish up also I was thinking oh that's what young Dentists do I was younger stupid I thought well you're I'm gonna go off and work on my golf game hard it lasted four weeks four weeks of bad golf and drinking on the golf course and me drunk by five o'clock and I just realized I said my god i've got a genius and orthodontics sitting back there my golf games terrible you should have to drink to watch my golf game and I said I'm gonna get back in there and I started learning from Bill instead so I started working side by side with him on Fridays and once that happened he became invigorated again because bill loves nothing more than to teach that's why he started the ALS so now that he had a pupil to teach and that I brought in another associate another associate and they started teaching those and one thing led to another and he stuck around till he was 88 years old and he kept trying to retire like the year before you before and finally he sent me a letter with his with his insurance saying it expired saying well my wife says I gotta retire so at 88 he finally retired so he was my mentor for 12 years and with Bill Wyatt as your mentor you can't help but learn orthodoxies.

Howard: Is he still alive?.

Michael: Oh yes he is as I'm going to tell you the story he still nation- does his son work in the same billing they don't actually my the one that I'm really why'd you that's who I bought the practice promoter from jr. Right and and so he was going off to sail the oceans and he decided to sail the oceans instead he was he was literally acting a rhotic ladder a yacht around the world that was his dream then he found out you know he didn't like the water that much so he set up someplace else matter of fact I saw him just a little while ago it Bills last meeting now he's like a rockstar i'll believe his last meeting when there's dirt thrown on him but so so so much so so he said um an 88 he said I'm gonna retire and then just last year like 90 he comes back he says well I'm ready to come back and I said bill i'll take any day are there cuz he's still the smartest guy in the room as far as orthodontics and and we do it for him so his hands aren't in the mouth so but his wife said no so he's just a patient in the practice now and he's he is slowing up finally but I mean he's hit his years.

Howard: Here's what we have to do and i've talked to will Wyatt jr. DDS London guy he's got like 20,000 posts on dental town he's an amazing mind.

Michael: He's yeah he's yeah he's he's a chip off the old block..

Howard: Actually more scientists astrophysicists chemists I mean he's a realist yeah but his dad's net analog day right none of that is on youtube knows digital he's got.

Michael: He's solving that his other son who's a math major married ago funda Gus you're exactly and he's a stud math teacher out there in in the country in Granberry little country thing a little country thing Bill's got like two or three hundred acres out there so that's a little country farm in Texas and his wife Madeira is IT savvy so she's got if you go on youtube you'll see Bill stuff popping up all over he's got at least a hundred cases on youtube now Bill's cases are like forever.

Howard: He's got a youtube channel now.

Michael: Yes he does.

Howard: What is youtube channel.

Michael: I guess it's got to be William Wyatt senior.

Howard: I will go to youtube right now.

Michael: But he's uh so she did finally get him out there you're right that was Bill's big dream for ever was to do it but it was just so cumbersome but fortunately he found because she's she doesn't have a day job per se she so she she's wonderful she goes everywhere with Bill and they're always working together this stuff so he has the time she has the time they can work at it a little bit and then stop whatever and it's been wonderful for him and wonderful for her and she's a very sweet young lady it's it's very nice watching together.

Michael: Do you see I'm will William II white and Judy nice I see really juniors what we call I see Willie I get that last meeting so it was Bills last video I saw in there but normally I don't cuz we're on different sides of town you how that is when you're Dentists.

Howard: Well yeah well have him send me I didn't find it I did a search for Google and I found a son on youtube but not yeah but so so love it so did you so did you learn a lot of the ortho did you.

Oh my god yes a lot of the ortho now I do it all and I do it the same way bill did you know I don't need a CBC tea I don't need a self I know this said you look at the patient and he would just take it in he would just sit there it's just it's great watching in mind like his work because he he took all that stuff he knew how to read it I mean so do i but it was more just looking at the patient and then he would let the patient talk to me talk to a to ask me like 20 questions and invariably he would always get the case right I mean I can tell you somebody crazy stories with TMJ with a patient coming and in in like a month he have him solved and maybe like had this one that came in and she was hysterically crying she was just a mess and and she said i've been all these dentists they keep messing up but I'm giving you one chance and poor bills so sweeties he's not used to this kind of energy I'm and doesn't bother me at all better I'm like whatever so I said all right well tell me what you want so build this well I don't know I said bill you do know you always know just tell me where the bytes gonna be he goes I think it's gonna be right here sure enough who was right here next time in she's only using a few four-letter words the time after that she's not tough so then she tells this whole story her life was breaking now she found out walking into the practice that day that she was pregnant for a pregnancy she wasn't really expecting and all this stuff was happening her life on top of TMJ and and she was a completely different human being sixty days later because bill helped to take her out of the constant pain of TMJ and that's just what Bill did all day long because it wasn't just TMJ and ortho bill just understood dentistry and well that's what I learned from him was to listen to patients look at him talk to him and also just to be a better person because bill is just a fantastic human being i've been blessed blessed blessed to have him in my life that's why I kept proud is that's why I wouldn't let him retire it every time you tried I'd say no really.

Howard: You said I did all these cases on a CB CT i've had several oral radiologists on this show that cringe at these or thoughts are taking a CBC just routine on everyone here smiles it's like it's like they but if anyway I'm so then so that was your Yamaha motorcycle right now you got the number one selling keyboard out there you implantology so so how do you how do you journey end up in implantology.

Michael: That was because of my mission work that I did I was already running mission work in the mid cities which is where I did all this charity dentistry I started charity clinic there so I had three offices then I start one in Mexico so I have three offices I'm being paid at one of them so I'm not a great business person to follow like you are so the other two though I had doctor wing volunteer doctor wing Mike wing was my becomes my associate in this story he volunteered first in Dallas in the mid cities and then he was my little he's from Panama originally and I said well you want to get out of Mexico with me Cesare no but on the Mex with you we went down there he was fantastic we hit off or come back and I said man we're working I really like it they tell me some days we came to use certain color composite I said dude if you come to my place i'll let use any color composite you want whatever you want he's just sold so he comes to the prices hey do you mind if I do implants and I said no I don't mind if you do as long as you're well trained him tell me what's your training in places well I watched youtube and I read some articles I said dude that's a little sketchy man I said I'm not saying you can't do it but don't you think we should have some mentor holding listen as I'm talking to him I'm going through the mail and in my hand as an ad for a big dental and it says come to Los Angeles spend a weekend with us and i'll make you an implantologist so I said well all right we can do this so I booked us both a flight we go out there and we have this lecture with this guy who used to work with Carl mish and he's and you know he's talking mail he's telling war stories about Carl Mission all this we watch a surgery from here to like 50 feet away and I buy the kit for 4000-5000 dollars and I'm in I pronounced an implantologists well I take my dentistry very seriously I get back home and I started telling go wow you know you're really more a danger than you are an implantologist right now so I call the baby dental said hey man I need help with this this isn't good enough for me they said your luck William Roddy is one of our best instructors and he lives in the area so I called Dr. Roddy and sure enough I paid him to finish my implant training and he had a CB CT we did him a CBC T in our office yet so I started using a CB CT plus when you used a CBC t he would tell you you know go through the cases with you all that until we could buy our own like a year later I got my first gen Dex 700 and it just took off from there so just from doing it for my natural love of all things dental because I had done everything in dentistry except implantology I mean I didn't refer out anything I do all my nindo all my extractions all this all that I'm fearless for that thing but I was afraid of implantology because there was so many bad stories out there and and and I my one of I was a so besides being in you and the business side would be Gordon Christensen on the dental side so I wasn't always means in Gordon every meeting was like you need to be doing implants if you're a general dentist you need me just i've got in my powerpoints I have slide after slide him saying it year-to-year and I just ignored him because just like everyone else there was such a mystique around it that I was a little bit afraid so by heaven wink come in there I was able to break that down and it took a lot longer than it should have because I didn't get proper training and then I started taking a bunch of CE and I did what I do I start just running around falling this guy look at this guy doing this guy and then you know I started to get it and I started to go along but it could have gone a lot better if I had formal training so actually that was kind of the genesis of the implant training course was besides building this thing down in Mexico which made this all possible I said when we actually built it I sat down with some other guys who knew more about implantology I always work with people smarter than me which some people say it's very easy to do but he sat down two guys smartly it had a bigger resume and I said look man let's let's sit down with a blank piece of paper and I can make it all happen I'm a logistic specialist and I am a systems guy I can make stuff up I said tell me what it would take to make the proper implant course so they sat down later watch these guys talk back and forth Eddie Lawrence and Steve Mcenany both of whom had done a bunch more implants than I did and I sat it all down and I wrote it up and I said yeah okay all that stuff you're talking about I can do down at this facility that built Mexico along the way within this story so that's how I got into implantology a little and then I got into it a heck of a lot more and I started teaching and obviously.

Howard: This um this giving back to the community this you set up a a charity place the same year you started your dental office you know you got this other journey but where does that come from is that religious roots in no.

Michael: Definitely not actually I was started out in atheist now became an agnostic and only came to Christ later in life and actually for a while I was going on mission trips with Christians as an atheist as a agnostic because they couldn't find a Christian dentist to go with them and they didn't but they were cool patients in my practice at hey man do you mind well those trip Isis white you can't find a Christian to go and they said no we can't do you do you mind going on I like film about helping my throat I porn on food stamps hard so many people helped me along the way and and free for me to sit here and say that I'm a self-made man and that i've you know that what I have I own that'd be so wrong and so wrongheaded of me so I don't have a lot of good traits but at least I know where I came from and I know how I got here so I thought that I should give back so I was going on these trips I sorry you keep Jesus over there and all do the dentistry over here the two don't have to meet but from hangout these people I saw how good they were how good they were to people Christianity done right really does speak to people because all it is if you're doing it right not the dogmatic stuff that people fight around that stupidity the red-letter stuff that Christ teaches is all about helping your fellow man and being decent that's all it is so I saw that and I started working with these guys for year after year not just a little bit like I mean these are teams of 25 people and again I'm a systems guy I would set up a funnel where there was diagnosis numb instead I had like airline mechanics placing the fillings in the mouth at the end of their have to be prepped in this debt and it would come back around and check them afterwards and we had this whole thing going we had a bunch of girls that i've been with the Army and the army doesn't do it as well as you people do and this was in Honduras so I did Honduras for four years before I came to Christ as a missionary so it's kind of funny with the first time I went to church and actually I was raised in a Catholic High School and a Catholic University still didn't take so nice so when I go to you've got some history there so when when I I did finally meet with a pastor on all this cuz my I met my wife and she Tammy and she's the one that actually finished leading me to Christ I sat down with the pastor nice and he goes I said I already tithe I already do mission work I was just as well you're already there I will I got one little problem I'm not sure God exists and he goes well that's a big one so he starts pulling all these books off the wall and exercise started with mere christianity and that went to jesus the case for christ and then jesus more than that a carpenter and that's what led me to Christ so after that I went on my very first mission trip four months after I became Christian to Puebla Mexico just because by luck of the draw that's where my church happened to be going so Northwood Church I go down there with them and I go down with 25 MDS your of this story cuz you know how the MDS or the real doctors and we're not so i'll sit up there and the first day said who wants to help with dental nobody wants to help with dental well i've got a lot of energy i've got that's one of my other gifts is i've got a nuclear x-ray so I set up four chairs pointing in opposite directions in a room and I went down to Walmart because they didn't have it then I got a rolling chair like this guy was sitting here and I would push back from one chair spin in the chair shoot my gloves in the basket and be it the next patient starting over I would just go back and forth and back and forth back and forth teeth are sucking and flying everywhere and this and that because it's just pulling teeth and I can do that all day long so the med students are over there watching having people coughing this and talking health histories and looking at rashes well i've got blood and guts flying over they forget that we're doctors of dental surgery we do surgery all day long next day they say okay well who wants to volunteer for down Oh take me take me they all want to dentistry so that i've set up a doctor or an RD at each they said I was let him know my would like if it was a baby tooth like coming out or something I'd let him take the tooth out they had the time of their lives on that trip I met Tom Basile and actually I took out his wife's teeth with his four boys cheering me on in a circle in a parking lot her four wisdom teeth without a panel without extras ending me you can see him you can figure it out so I go in there and I get them and I knew from running the trips to Honduras that one things you need if you're doing proper mission work proper mission work is where you're not just doing it to feel good about yourself you've got to make an impact over and over so you need stability on the ground when you leave these people had created their life around this they knew everybody they got married with the intent of living there all the kids have been raised there they've been there since eighteen us that these people are stable so i've been come back I go with my church to Vietnam and I found out that churches shouldn't run dental trips because they just ran it just terribly and I was like oh my god this was terrible I told Washington well call that guy and Mexican just do it yourself that's not well so I call them back it's really funny when Thompson here cuz it's because Tom says all I get these cows a lot of time you get fired up for Christianity because you come down a mission trip you're gonna help and you're just said and then they don't because what a Satan's great things it's just the busyness of life overtakes us I have too much energy for one person so I didn't have that problem Tom will tell you that every word that i've ever said to him I have kept every promise I made so what I said was I said all right i'll do the mission trip so i'll come down i'll do this so that but I want to live at your house because I knew he had a big house and I knew he had people stay there occasionally I wanted to know who I was working with man you know I'm fresh to today I grew up in her city where I'm used to scams and people would say in one thing and do another a lot of hypocrisy so I want to see if it was a real deal he's the real deal okay so four years I live at his house and I would just come up to the up to once a month that would go up there just for a weekend and we'd find someplace in Colombo in puebla with an egg problem mexico with a name proudly yeah where la Pueblo is the fourth biggest city in Mexico it is three or four million people in the city itself it's like eight main an entire Metroplex it's up at 7,000 feet mm higher than Denver so it has the same climate as San Diego and because you're closer to the equator you don't have all that altitude sickness it has an international airport so you can fly directly in and out of there you have to understand the drug problem Mexico they're trying to the drugs from Guatemala to America is fast they can if you're a city along that path you're gonna get drug soaked like Monterey used to be called the City of Gold now it's the city of drugs that's a sad terrible thing Puebla is a 7,000 foot dent in for these people they they've got no business there it's also got more colleges in place it's like their Boston and it has odlo which is their Harbor which is University de los los Americas of the Americas and so they don't have all those problems there so it's like wow it's this perfect place to be just by you know a blind luck or divine providence take your pick I'm gonna say it's Jesus Christ so I I start going to the mission trips with them but my problem was this I'm a I'm a I'm a again I'm a well grounded wet finger dentist I want to make cases perfect all I'm doing to shuck a cheap I mean they they love it there there there forget one time we go down to Argentina it's like something out of a TV commercial this woman walks up drop-dead gorgeous and then she smiles it's like oh my gosh I mean her teeth were just horrible we took out 12 teeth on her the next day she makes us chocolate chip cookies and brings a bad in the worst ghetto i've ever worked at and i've worked in some god-awful ghettos I sell fast of time I can't do this anymore I cannot just just shuck him we have to fix these people right to do that I need a dental office things while we're gonna do that so we'll just get peaceful and we'll build a dental office I said well I guess it's time for you to move out of your house i've been going there for a decade now so I said i'll build a little place up top his kids at that time said dad you tell us we always have to finish our stuff and you never finished your phd so Tom did his phd on business as missions businesses ministry and what it is basically is the concept that my gift is not ministry all right I can't tell you a sermon to save my life but by god I know dentistry and I know business so I can do dentistry in business and use the proceeds to support the ministry and he goes out and does the ministry and save the souls does orphanages water ministry I mean we do everything down there out of this and it's not just the two of us it's some other guys that came along and helped us we kept it small and tight that one says which church helped you with that a lot of churches helped out but nobody was involved because there's too much bureaucracy and anything that's bureaucratic including churches no offense it's just the way it is so we said no let's keep it small and tight let's just do it ourselves move on this as we go and we built this monstrosity than it is the size of the football field that has a 20,000 square foot building that.

Howard: Is there are pictures of this on your website says.

Michael: WI IC or WI IC or yep and that end.

Howard: WI IC stands for the whirly so you're like really immersion course whirly implant immersion course WI IC org and uh and there's the.

Michael: If you go there's view the campus in the upper right hand corner Green tab.

Howard:  That's a gorgeous building what we did is you can even know that up to the guys watching on youtube.

Michael: This is when I get there this is all my orphans I was working on this is us building it this is the the building itself there and it is dental heaven for training I'm going to tell you that there's nothing else like it in the world that actually that's why I came here to I wanted to ask you Howard because you've been all over the world you everything who else has eight operatories completely modern my biggest challenge is every title so have a dental thing connects to the guy you have a nice little clinic invent to annul I don't have a nice little clinic in Mexico I have the Mayo Clinic I have two cbc T's i've got a CEREC i've got a full lab i've got five general dentists and orthodontists and oral surgeon i've got everything down there and anything I'm lacking I just bring it across I mean it's a two-hour flight it's no big deal and that and then above it on the second floor is the living quarters for either missionaries or in my case dental students and then I built more living quarters on the third floor for the instructors and above there is a church on the third floor but this is all wired with HDMI cables we had myself and Tom you know about and then another gentleman named Glenn came along and helped us to fund it but the fourth guy was a critical one also was Joe Russell and he was a builder that was retired and a Christian in Philadelphia and he came down and lived there for nine months to make sure this is all built beyond US standards so I got HDMI cable running throughout this thing we've got our own generator we've got our own water I have purified the water in this building you can drink the water in my building.

Howard: How do you pay for all.

Michael: That well actually you create a business that does it so first off when we first before I did the implant course I'd already used my own money My tithing to pay for dental so I had no debt but but dental didn't have all those toys yet and then I start doing the dentistry and what I found out was that they're gonna pay you in chickens and eggs especially being a missionary I was given half that away free anyways because that's what I'm called to do so I wasn't making any money down there I was like wow this is not helping so much for building a 20,000 square foot center we're done baby that cost a million dollars and Glenn put that up on the belief that somehow we would be able to lend today he doesn't like to say that okay very very easy very closest he's a little guy.

Howard: What's the what's the most funded University in American history.

Michael: It'll be Harvard isn't it you know.

Howard: That's what everybody says but who is the richest man in the world.

Michael: Oh that's uh it depends it's Carlos Slim er its.

Howard: Oh no no I mean that ever lived oh that ever lived rockefeller okay so we need I knew that when he died he had 1.8% his wealth was 1.8 percent of GDP Wow which you know bill Bill Gates about half of a percent and he believed in his religion that if you put your name on the building on your charity like Stanford did and Hopkins did not so that you get credit on earth so Rockefeller fun to the University of Chicago and didn't want his name and didn't want anybody to know about it and held just in the Economics Department they got 12 Nobel Prize winners in that class so I so so I totally understand that but people don't like to get don't like to tell what they're doing in charity because that's not why they did it here on hearing this that's why Glenn's built it.

Michael: We call it left hand right hand in Christianity the left hand should know what the right hand is doing and he's militant even if I say his name is Glenn deep right because fortunately he's a dentist so you'll never know this but I can't give his last name because so Glenn helps to fund it and and I create this program with Tom where where we can pay him back so there's rent that comes out of this a lot of it's from dental to be perfectly honest so I overpay for a lot of things down there because that's what I'm called to do but the key thing was that Joe builted beyond us standards so we were then so I built this thing up and I I got out of the Dental Society there and I have him send their needy and doing this do it and I'm not making any money so at the same time I look around cuz i've got a good head for business and i've been doing implants for a couple years and I looked at the implant market at that time the live implant training and I noticed two things one if you were doing implant training and this was a five six years ago if you were to implant training the United States then you you couldn't really work on live patients because they had licensure problems and they had the lawyers down here we're always looking for you know that's our legal problem if you left there they were cutting every corner in the world no one was using a CB CT they were all using a panel even if they had a CB CT they didn't really use it instead I started asking the probing questions and I said man I can do a better job than this so I it took me six months to get a CBC T down there my first Gen X 700 so I got it down there and we started putting on courses in November of 2014 and that's what started to pay for it because when I started filling up the hotel more because the hotel had a low occupancy now I got more teams and I said when we come through charge me like an American so they they overcharge me down there by my my ascent and also some of the profits from that every time something was broke at fixedness then so that's what helps to pay for this but it's not just that we really are trying to run it like a business with rents and this and that or notice.

You have this form from I am playing company I have yes I work.

Michael: I look primarily and they're they're wonderful is is ids mega jet I just manage anything and carry liens have been very elastic to me they've I tell you every time I put in a course and they came down to make sure I was doing it right when they saw his doing right they said alright man you know we'll we'll do this that they are so generous with all the supplies that they give and I tau has been wonderful in helping to teach me when I first got in there because I was re using I was just an a be dental and a be dental if you know went bankrupt pretty much so they closed shop in the u.s. So in the middle of this i've already been doing courses with a B dental sorry not AV they'll excuse me not 82 excuse me by Odetta bio dentalclothes shop in the US and all of a sudden we couldn't get these cases restored well this is a ministry i've got to restore him so it took ten thousand dollars out of my pocket to restore these cases at the one lab that was less that still had parts for bio dental so we make this whole transition mega Jen's been nothing short of fantastic ideas Scott Ganz and ital came down there in some courses they've been fantastic working with me and being very helpful I can't say enough good about megagen IDS they've been very helpful.


Howard: An IDS stands for integrated dental systems.

Michael: Yeah that would have been my choice I would have just called it mega Jen USA cuz everyone does same thing what does idea stand for it should be mega jen us but they didn't ask me you know I mean so.

Howard: I think they do that in case a loser their sponsor I mean I drove out yes yeah generated entus if one day I'm no longer mega Jim that's true i've seen this.

Michael: That's not my level of business I don't know how to do that but so they're the ones that that I work with down there primarily but I'm a free agent III by design.

Howard:  I want to ask you one more question I think is your some some of the girls you know that they're different than boys and some of the girls say I don't know if I'm a single girl and we want to go to Mexico I think what would you say?.

Michael:  This is awesome.

Howard: Because because for me I mean when I go to Mexico I mean I just mean it's just a blast right deep-sea fishing drink more than I should.

Michael: I am I am no fun okay I am so I'm telling you clearly and I'm telling your listeners clear I'm telling everything I'm the no-fun zone but it also makes me a safe zone so other than I saw about going outside was it was half implantology and half a vacation I think if you're giving me $11,000 to teach you implantology I should teach you implantology if you want to go out and party hey stay another day and get as drunk as you want I'm not a Puritan do whatever you want but you cannot go out drinking and then work on my patience for 15 hours the next day so when you're at the BAM Center there is no alcohol than BAM Center sorry it was it was businesses as missions which is now is that was the original name but was not calling the worldly and implant immersion center it was it was the whole BAM idea that we started with so there is no alcohol here by design because it's it's a Christian based living and now it doesn't you can't go out and go have drinks afterwards and I only take them out the last night because the whole premise of this is that I'm doing it really should be called the boot camp I'm doing immersion training so I tell people if you're gonna come down what's gonna happen is I'm gonna get you there Tuesday night I'm gonna tuck you all in bed in the same building and after that they don't leave this building until Saturday night that's why this thing is so efficient and we can get so much more done I want out what I did to learn this stuff is I went to some the other courses and even when they're well-meaning all right you've got to have a car pick up all the wrong car shows up and all it's got this got a flat it's got this and people aren't dependable then they go out to eat dinner and they may or may not have drinks and then the the room may not be ready oh I just have some free tequila it just turned into a nightmare I said they're counting all the hours as an efficiency expert going oh my god there's so much time wasted here there is zero time wasted they get up from 7:00 to 8:00 is the only time they head to themselves and that's breakfast time and we're all sitting around talking from 8 o'clock on you're either placing implants reviewing implants or placing more implants or learning and doing lectures from 8:00 in the morning until 10 o'clock at night and by that time especially if the pace that I run at with my energy nobody's wanted to go out they're all exhausted and they couldn't get out anyways part of the rules is that you stay on campus because if anyone does go out and get lost as it it dilutes the quality of my program so we do that for all lectures and a little bit of surgery the first day Wednesday and then Thursday Friday Saturday we're doing lectures in and we do it in a very different way too than most of the courses is if I was connected to name this I would say how to run a live implant training course right and one of the things is they got to stay in because you're gonna lose time otherwise the other thing is you have to pre-plan all your cases now this is not a fun subject for people who put on courses because that's way to many hours I don't have a life anymore Howard all I do is implantology my dental practice work out go to church and and and I really don't have much of a life in where and I'm fine with that because I really enjoy doing this but to do that I'm screening every single patient that comes through the practice down there my staff takes a CBC T and emails it to me with a treatment plan I go through the treatment plan and I send it back saying all right this particular patient would be good for this this and this because as you know there's all different levels of implantology some people need rich twist some people need satisfy status bumps and if you plan it all out then you can allot the courses necessarily if you're a beginner the last thing you wanna do is go to a course where they just line up at the door and the first person in needs a sinus lift you're not ready to sinus lift on your first one and then you're gonna watch the instructor do you could have watched that on youtube so I plan all mine out I can tell you all my patients ahead of time I can tell you the implants replace the surgery is really done better and I have backups for all of them just in case something doesn't show up so a kindergartner gets kindergarten work and then first grade work and then second and by doing it very rigidly in dogmatic the first day of surgery you're gonna get lecture all day you're gonna do a socket graft II just so you learn how to work in the clinic and I get to see a work soft tissue because so much of implantology is soft tissue the second day you're gonna work on healed wide posterior ridges very simple stuff now the third day you're getting in there you're getting more difficult stuff you're doing ridge splits baby Ridge splits you're doing baby sinus little little sinus bumps things like that and it and some immediate and night it and a few anterior teeth to work on the last day you're working on multiples of all those you're learning how to do larger cases where you might have three or four implants in a row but by by doing it that way dogmatically and by certain protocols that are established just like in a regular school I mean you would go from kindergarten up to grad school you wouldn't go grad school fifth grade kindergarten and but all that takes a ton of planning and also it takes the same staff I have the same staff over and over I treat my staff like gold down there i've given him a my ministry had three parts to it I wanted to increase the dentistry of Mexico so that was said you cross a magic line in the earth and the dentistry went back 50 years I wanted to create a workplace where my people were lifted up and had better lives because of it and that's my employees and third I wanted to Train general dentists how to do implantology and how to get better at it and we've achieved all of those by work together but because of that my staff knows how to run this course almost blindfolded as a result of this in other courses that would make them instructors I still bring down nothing but the best as far as my instructors but i've got just incredible instructors Frawley who you met sitting here and you know Ashraf's ouya he's one of them he's the Tunisian wonder out of Tunisia i've got Vance big country Costello he's an ABO I certified dentist he's done.

Howard: What I just posted on the computer is the reason I invited you to come on this show is there's a thread on dental town under continued education called the Worley dental and plant immersion and everybody is just talking about how much they love you what I just did is I just posted your dates for this year I just post on the thread um there there's your video about the about the deal but um so so you're so 2019 you oh so you how much is the course you said.

Michael: It's 11,000.

Howard: Okay so you have a beginner course they're all four days so the next one is May 14 to 19 you got one August 22 2015 12 to 17 but then you got beyond beginners courses and then you got all 1x courses what x- mean because you didn't want to pick the number four.

Michael: Exactly I personally had said yeah I know Polamalu and god bless him he's smarter than me I'm sure but he always says it always should be four I don't know if it's four and one of them fails then I got it all on none so I'm not a big fan of all on four I personally like to put in an extra one if I can implant and over-engineer it a little bit so all of that just means it's determined by the needs of the patient.

Howard: Can I can I enter up to there in my 32 years some of the biggest regrets I have is probably the most diagnostic error I made is you know back in 87 you know I'm 25 and you come in my practice you're 19 your teeth broke down my kind of this case finally i'll smooth it off i'll do this and ten years later that guy's a hundred in your office and and I don't know why I did this so but I did this so many times it's so wrong they want to give her their partial so I would get I put two implants and three in a bridge on each side I'm a hero 10 20 years later she's in a nursing home she can't come to me I gotta go to her and one of those implants failed and I'm pulling out and say well she gave me like 5 grand through sight why didn't I put 3 in romance and a three-unit bridge and then I could have slipped out that implant nothing to you to it I I saved a hundred and fifty bucks and now I removed one implant I got it I got a section off and she's here.

Michael: You're exactly right.

Howard: And you're talking about sure I mean you driver your car is a spare tire.

Michael: Exactly.

Howard: But your mouth doesn't I mean what do you think of a three-unit bridge be replaced by two implants and a three in a bridge.

Michael: I'm opposed to it the people who are doing it but I'm like you what I would i'll tell you what I tell my graduates first off they're all beginners eight more experienced I go dude you why plays to it you can place three if you place three you're 50% more experienced who cares about two minds on the confirm.

Howard: If one of those fail exactly you know any one of those three could fail at surgery and you can see.

Michael: I tell patients that all the time I say you know what mrs. Johnson i'll sell the case based on two so i'll say all right you've paid me for Jimin here's my gift to you ma'am I'm giving you an extra plan for free why because I'm telling you there is a chance now they are 95 90 percent says will down the road not initially you've got to get them to take first so if they don't take and for whatever reason then I look like a genius because I can then go ahead and put the restoration in anyways and even if it's the critical last one or something that I can still put in a very good determined temporary one until I can graph that back one this and that so then she's not walking around with nothing in there which she would be if I hadn't done that so I over engineer all the time and as you said all causes if there is a little bit more money and it's such a small amount compared to what we're charging and and it makes you look like a hero so I'm gonna tell you as a businessman it's a good thing because you know marketing more than anybody does isn't that hundred fifty bucks and all that good will you get worth a hell of a lot more than 150 bucks.

Howard: Man your faculty is amazing i've had i've had out Isaac tall wall and I said yeah Tom yeah on the show yeah he's done a podcast Gauguin's is an amazing man they haven't.

Michael: They run their own course they're smarter than.

Howard: You got the you got the number one implantology from africa Dr. Schwartz or sue yeah.

Michael: He's the one who started the Tunisian implanting and his work is not of this world.

Howard: Yeah i've ran into him several times so he's one of your faculty down there he is he's my prime lead Dentist him and Kevin Frawley who is from surgical aesthetics who came down here with you the two of those guys cuz I have like a hierarchy just in case you have the difficult case where something crazy happens I like to have some studs I can throw in there and I Shroff's gift in particular as the anterior he can graph get like it like nobody's business he's one of those micro periodontal surgery guys too and Kevin's he can do just about anything with the sinus although he's very good with soft tissue work because he's out of Beverly Hills Rita's so much soft tissue work because every time they get a millimeter recession they're doing a SIA actually about entire soft tissue of course they do nothing but soft tissue graft with him and with Myles Madison who is the periodontist to the stars out there in Hollywood and we have a soft tissue course for that too so there's other courses I run the bread-and-butter one is the beginners but if you're more advanced than because I have all these things what I do is i'll talk to you on the phone find out where you really at cuz that would start saying well you know I like to do this mister alright alright whatever don't believe es Mir you'll ruin your experience tell me exactly what you doing exactly what you need so the coolest one was I had this guy's from the AI D and they were getting ready for their ABO eye thing and they said all that I lack is lateral sinus I said okay what do you want - he goes for four days I want to do nothing but lateral sinus lifts and I happen to have a glut of lateral sinus patients waiting I said really you don't want to do anything else I got ash left so yeah he could he could cheat you interior stuff like it just no that's all I want to do if you if I can't do it then I'm not going I said all right him and his buddy came and did like eight lateral sinus lifts each and that's all they did the entire course so it just depends on what you need and what you want I just have a very real conversation with them to make sure that they don't get their butts in trouble you know and then have a bad experience as a result of that i've got about a hundred percent if you go on the website you'll see all the the testimonials all my students will tell you it's either the best or one of the best courses they were taken because I.

Howard: What I am when I tell people is a huge red flag is when oj wouldn't take to understand and these guys that um you know they think they can only unsocial me they can only let people comment if they can delete them and Bannerman right they got to control the message whereas I don't like a yelp review you can't and and dental town you're you're just a legend on dental town and like say that your own this one thread really dental implant is why I ask you even on the thread.

Michael: It was funny if you if you looked at the thread what happened for a while there is some of your Tony's we're going no this can't be possible nobody gets this many good reviews so finally Howard Goldstein I guess is who's who's the about our building yeah came on and said alright all y'all gonna stop and I'm not a social media guy so I got on and I wrote this long review the answer to all their questions said alright I do this this this this this this this is this I have no idea this is the appropriate way to answer or not but here's my phone number at the end if you guys want to call me and they said well this is your first time I can't even type my kids type for me so and then the whole thing turned around it became like wow this guy really does this and I have 150 grads now say hey man they're all on there just go on the website look up anyone on look up Becky from Kansas City and google her address and call her and it's not like you can't call him with my grads and get and they'll all say his thing oh my god it was amazing because we do so much prep work my wife always calls like in the middle course now she's going all the time but she's gone how's the course going like this there's of drama as a baby it's the same every time they come in like in awe like a little bit afraid most I'm like oh my god I'm doing implants I'd be had some people like it cost me going I'm gonna kill somebody let me kill some time like dude breathe okay I'm gonna walk you through this so the first day they're scared usually and then the second day they think they're overwhelmed because there's so much information first that's because they don't they're in the surgery part then when they see the surgery I break it down step by step by step by the third day it's hilarious they're all talking smack to me they're walking down the hall when I got this I got this like yeah yeah now you got it okay but I loved watching that growth that is one of the coolest things that I get to do one of my favorite doctors was was dr. Robert Adair he was the first guy to write me a check he's this older guy here and he he said ID I know you haven't run a course for but I got faith you after talking to you I'm writing a check for the folding I'm burnt out on dentistry I and any and he tells me I can talk about this I can and he went down there and he got completely reinvigorated he bought a CB CT starts to an implants his nephew comes out as my first legacy joins his practice now his whole thing's blown and going and then he got mitral valve prolapse he was gonna go to one of my advanced course set it called back and say you know what I guess I'm first in and first out but it says thank you for making it possible for me to finish my career as an increasing level of quality of dentistry my practice has gone to another level and I'm happy to leave on a high note I was always fearful of waiting too long and in reaching diminishing scope for realizing it good luck and continuing to Institute says God bless first-in first-out that means so much to me that really is worth more than money that I can impact somebody's life because that's one third of my ministry was to lift the doctors up I know what i've done for my doctors.

Howard: I'm gonna turn you on I know that you're really really amazing what you're doing I know the faculty you have on there cherry i99 no it's all that but I'm attorney I'm trying to get myself in and the kids zone sure their dental kindergarten a quarter of them the rest are under 38 and her I know how she's thinking first things you thinking is okay I'm gonna go start my practice I'm going back to my hometown you did ortho you did implants which ones did you learn first which ones worth more.

Michael: Oh there's no question there is no ROI comparison between the two and I love war thaad onyx and orthos great provide you getting assist and do this right do that right but your ROI implantology is greater than else that's why Gordon says it's the the greatest thing ever happened at dentistry and I agree with him because.

Howard: He said it's from the golden age meaning gold inlays and onlays right to the titanium age yeah.

Michael: I mean you think about our when we first started out used to say pay for somebody come with his broken down tooth and you didn't want to pull it was a distance toothless a let's say was 18 and so you put in five pins you put an end or you put in a post you wrap it with baling wire you say a Hail Mary you hope it hits the the thing and you had to do that with teeth because you didn't have a better option you would have beautiful the patient do this to that I never do that anymore if I have any questions all about this survivability tooth i'll stop and say mrs. Jones let's say I'm doing a root canal and I do everything I say this for curved roots upper second molar all this and all of a sudden a file breaks or there's just something in there that I'm just going wow this this isn't going right i'll stop sit her up and say this is Jones i'll tell you what I can do you were gonna pay me for a root canal buildup in a crown here's a better restoration and that given how this is going I'm telling you that's gonna have it best in ninety percent success rate at best.

Howard: And and the other thing that blows our mind is i'll say us she'll say well yeah I don't know I don't know if I'm in de implants some kind of little gun-shy I don't say well do you do you extract any teeth and she says yeah I'm someone comes out today yeah I said you pull the molars and she'll say yeah I said so you can pull a molar I think it's harder to pull a molar than to place an implant if it's so they've already man ever does a surgical skill set that's that's tougher and place their bones here's a chart here's what's harder here's your human tooth or put in a gene.

Michael: If you're doing extractions and an endo there's no question that those are hard or molar and I think those are both harder than that I'm gonna tell you that in implantology it's a skill set that you already own it's just used for different things it's like you've got ten different tools around the house and you just never used them for this particular job I'm gonna show you as a general dentist if you're in if you're a wet finger record now if you're the kind of gentle Dennis and farms everything out you don't do molar endo you don't do extractions you don't do don't do don't do that's the name of your practice Odom you don't do practice which is cool you're just you're just you're just picking like that simple restorative good that you shouldn't be an implantologist but everyone else out there who's trying to get this stuff done and trying to learn it chef's I'd do it where that goes well what if I hit the nerve I go do is come on man I'm gonna keep you two millimeters away from the nerve where they stop or drill you can't get down to them as long as you have CB CT to plan out this is critical in my courses you have to take a CCD off the only one but you have to take a CT if you do that I mean and they go well get close to my goal how many times a day when you're taking the K out of a nerve are you so close you can see their their blood type through the through the wall of it and and you do that all day long and now you're afraid of this you've been brainwashed just like I was and again that's the beautiful part about this is I was them so my students are me so I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna take all those different things you're I know how to do you already know how to control a handpiece you have hand controls you this then you maybe you're a little weak in soft tissue you got to get more into Perry Owen I'm gonna make you a bit of a miniature periodontist over time to because you have to respect the soft tissue but that can all be taught just like everything else in dentistry you're taught when you first got the dental school you didn't know how to do a molar root canal and and I Got News for the hey man I got nothing respect for the periodontist oral surgeons can do stuff they're great they're fantastic wonderful they weren't born periodontist an oral surgeon and got the additional education which is good for them to be able to do it all I'm saying is get the official education correctly whether it's from me or from another course that really does it right leg mine and then follow up and I also tell all my graduates join the AAA ID when you're done I do not want you to hear just my cronies voice out there that's why I love bringing in Scott or Ike or try for Kevin or advance or whoever else that I'm pulling in there Robert Horowitz all these guys that I bring in there because I want them and in my course that's one of the hallmarks of it almost to the point of confuse they've been well you guys all have different paints I said I want you to hear this I want you to hear the back-and-forth as we discuss a case because most of time is slam them sometimes look different approaches because as you well know there's a dozen ways to skin a cat and that's what they need to hear is all this and that's another critical part of the cave courses and that's the thing that I hate most about implant courses is when the docs call up they'll say how many implants might a place dude how many implants do you think you should be placing when you've never placed an implant before and you're gonna have three days to it you really get placed in 30 in their minds.

Howard: Am in college and people say well how many hours did you study for this it doesn't matter how many hours you studied we're on your phone where you're reading right with a buddy my brother master one hour then but by the way on your heb dental office what what does HEB stand for.

Michael: Its her shoeless bed for it's just the area that I live in it's what it's her first ulis Bedford Hurst is the address but you know Thursday choose her st hers were always known as h-e-b so I just threw it all in there there too.

Howard: So so I would I want to talk about the the dark side the the feari'm sure she's got a come from her um another thing I hear this all the time she was you know I don't know if I want to go to implants cuz you know I I got out of school I went in with my mom and my mom's and placed implants and I'm sitting here looking all over implants and all the implants five to ten years old twenty percent or 40 percent or ailing or failing with peri-implantitis and so when implants fail do they mostly fell right out of the gate you put them in the intake or do they fell down the road.

Michael: I would say that that more of them feel failed right out of the gates you should be able to tell it and if that happens I tell my students say if it's really a catastrophic there just take it out and graft it that's the great thing about implants when they fail that I remember I went to these specialist lectures and they say what it fails you better be able to deal with it well here's what happens when an implant doesn't integrate you just unscrew it just about your fingertips because it didn't integrate it's very rare that you have to cut an implant out you have to cut an implant out then you can actually keep it in there and leave it there for years it's either stable or it's not and and you should never have that kind of height that high of a mortality rate or morbidity rate for that matter if you're doing it right which is again why it's critical critical critical and why we have all this fall bets that's like the tenant of the course is that we if I if I give you all this knowledge in three days like who's the guy in New York City who's the smartest guy in the world implantology right now that carl fishes dead his brother curly curly hey guy maybe Craig yeah but no it was the curly haired guy i've just I got a brain fart yeah I can't remember his name you know he's out of NY used as whole practice area said curly hair he teaches a two-week course out of Columbia and I thought to myself I take a two-week course that's too far too long the wigs you saw you'd be perfect for this you learn too much too fast I want you to learn a little bit and master it and then come back and do a little more and then come back and do a little more that's how you do it there's a way to learn this the same way you learned everything else in dentistry if you're gonna tell me you can't do implantology then I'm gonna tell you can't do dentistry and you're say well I'm already dentist I can do desert that's my answer you can do implantology it's just a slightly different repackaging of the skills that you already have with the proper training and the proper follow-up so all these people dentist are now sorry let's turn out that's the curly oh that's what stuck with me so we stay really connected afterwards we have a Facebook group i've emailed I have phone calls if you can't reach me you're just not trying I look at my email three times a day so i'll get phone calls the middle of day like Oh somebody's in the chair right now and and I and I just open it up and there's a thread showing i'll say okay tell me this tell me that tell me this send me a picture and I teach them all how to stay connected using screenshots of CDC T's and photos so they can always reach us and let's say I didn't know the answer well then I can ask Kevin or Ashraf or whoever else I can throw it out there for all my instructors to sit here and bat back and forth there's not too much that we can't solve and you have that completely at your disposal when you go back because the truth of it is when you take any course so you go back to your office I don't care what it is you're gonna implement it there was gonna be sometimes we go damn know why did that guy say that day I don't know I was sleeping that day because it was our 15th hour of surgery you know I What did he say again just call me up and ask me man.

Howard: A-another another thing that I tell the kids to do is uh do the cheap stuff textbooks first like I remember when I was little I went to a car wash when I got school and went to is seven three-day weekend course at Pittsburgh so the first thing I thought I should do is get get his damn book and read it so I that's one of my slides is this is your textbook for implantology get Karl's third edition and read the damn then cover to cover that is my textbook in this course yeah and and and it was a great it was a great podcast ideas it was two and a half hours long on youtube it was just an amazing deal but I mean high so I sit there and I read the book just like a book a book just front to back and I got there and I couldn't believe all you know people are asking all these questions like that was in my chapter one in the first ten pages and so I think um seems anything I'm endo as Lewis is appalled by Steven you know on I mean I mean I I don't know why so many kids to learn anything they gotta get an airplane fly across the country and go to these expensive weekend courses or they haven't even done the basics sure get-get Karl misha's book on implantology and just read it just sit down right and don't do that school stuff like high school well you know we're gonna read chapters one five and seven and we're gonna do questions thirteen night know you have read the book right do all the questions and and then read it again because the first time you read through that book you're not even educated enough to do I understand half of it and then when you go to these hands-on courses you know mean a lot but it'll mean so much more to you.

Michael: Are you trying to tell me Howard that you get out of something what you put in that's a revolutionary idea i've never heard of that before you should write a book on that.

Howard: Well I almost think it's almost like you have to be old anymore to want to read they want to do.

Michael: Certainly a book yeah they would things heavy.

Howard: And yeah I was.

Michael: Really heavy is the pink pareo book what the pink pareo book.

Howard: Well but look I want to go back to Vario because like I hear sure peri-implantitis hmm why what is variance.

Michael: Plato's this inflammation of the gums around implant it can be a it can be a bunch of different reasons the the thing that used to be so confounding was the cement legs all half the time it's gonna be cement I use what I call screw mandible crowns now which what that means is that it's a combination of cement retain and screw retain so I make sure first off yet make sure the post is pretty much in the center of the crown and then I when I have the count crown constructed I have that I have a hole made in it so that I can put the post in there first which makes it easier to cement because cement is easier than that and then when you cement it in you can unscrew it clean the margins off fully outside the mouth and then put it back down in there and just fill in the top of the hole and so I don't have a cement retained problems almost ever anymore and that takes away a lot of it and the other part is just where you placed it do you understand that it has to have a taxed keratinized tissue and if you don't have it this is and if you don't have that skill set great this is a great time to use your specialist hey you know what bill if you don't know how to understand how to do to manage soft tissue then you've got paradise all around you sound om and say hey you know what I need I need a connective tissue graft down here to increase the attached gingiva now I'm gonna tell you shouldn't learn that overtime but if you don't know it at first you just have to repeat area but you have to respect the rules of implantology the rules are you have to place it in the bone you have to place it attached gingiva and then you have to have it in such a way structurally where you don't have one small implant with a ten millimeter cantilever coming off the back of it and it's just basic basic stuff and as you said all of its in Carl's first book if it's not in the first book that it says on his book is book on process prosthetics and my very best students the ones that are just geniuses somehow someway are the ones that have read both books and taking the course you're exactly right so there's nothing hard about it it just means you have to just like anything else I mean that's like saying well what happens when endo fails I mean you know which is the great thing now I personally never retreat into any more I know and adonis be up in arms about that but i I think as an Eddie Donna should we learn how to place implants right now and that should be one of your choices because no matter what you say I'm gonna tell you that I'm gonna have a higher success rate taking that 2,000 place an implant in then you're gonna have no matter how good you are and doing retreat and maybe you're so gifted that you're that one guy in the nation that's not the rest of us so I personally don't anymore but the point is there is no dental procedure in the world that doesn't have complications I don't care what you're doing you know if it's just if even if you only Dooku's will composite you're gonna have sensitivity to chewing sometimes you're gonna have something in there and you're gonna have to learn to deal with it the great thing about this course is when that happens this is half my phone calls oh because it's their first time but I have a new plan fast and what happened I said well I got in there and it was loose it didn't integrand okay what you do well you said take it out and scrape the stuff out the soft stuff and put some bone in there and put a membrane over to close up said good did you do that yes okay then wait three months that's gonna grow back you're gonna grow bone and you're gonna put another implant in there and this time it's probably gonna work because what's the chance of two implants to both have a 95% success rate failing back-to-back that's like the bad lottery you're gonna win I highly doubt that's gonna happen unless the person has some sort of medical condition which we also talked about in the course is making sure you just look at so you just go wow this person is one step from the hospital they got kidney fair they get this they got that there's I had one patient that was just partying too much they were young so I knew they were getting married they want to have kids so I said to him she had a couple implants fail on me and I said look and I didn't want to hit too hard I so I had to find out a way it's always about verbal skills you find as you get older as a dentist and I said I tell you what I know you guys want to thank you have a baby coming up so what I want you to do is I want you to start treating this just like you're growing a baby in here you're growing tissue just like you're growing a baby so I don't you start sleeping I was cuz she came in the den for Labor Day and she you can see the smell the alcohol coming off her again no judgment but that's not a great situation for the health of the body when you're trying to grow tissue she cleaned up her act guess what the next implants work I mean you just have to be able to understand what's going on here and be a look at your to of your faculty I'm.

Howard: Talking about Sam Huckabee.

Michael: Sam Huckabee is who I want to be when I grow up Sam Harvey is one of the best human beings you're ever gonna meet just kind of like a younger Bill Wyatt he's a fantastic implant colleges he took turn house course up there and he did the two week program and and and Sam was one of my earlier instructors and he still comes which one my biggest problem with Sam is he loves his family too much which is a great problem to have right because i'll call Sam up but i'll say hey Sam what are you doing because wow we're going to the kids volleyball game like Sam nobody's that excited about it kids volley ball game.

Howard: Where does he practice.

Michael: He at a Kansas City and him and his wife his wife does the orthodontic so they have another ortho practiced and he runs my study club up there in Kansas City also and he is just fantastic and.

Howard: Tell us about yourself what does your study club.

Michael: The study club is anytime I get three or four people in a city I started to study club so first I have to find a Kol someone who's a little more advanced and it helps if there's an instructor Sam's instructor in Kansas City.

Howard: Do you have one in Phoenix.

Michael: I do not have one in phoenix.

Howard: Oh my god.

Michael: You want to start that i'll let you start hard can you got nothing else going.

Howard: On well i'll introduce you to some like my friends here sure maybe uh yeah.

Michael: But there's just you got the cast Institute here that's one of the places I came to till he goes back with Joel Gonzales the implant dude.

Howard: Yeah just which he's no longer with Megadeth no he's not.

Michael: He's with argon are not a matter of fact he was in my office then left a text with his picture by the by the front thing saying I was here in you or and I said well that that's I left town just because I knew you were coming only because Joel Gonzalez is where my favorite people in the world which means you care around like that when you're.

Howard: Always at Caroline's.

Michael: Yes he did yes came alleys.

Howard: Which are gone.

Michael: He switched to our guys.

Howard: Yeah let me say that does the implant like he used to be made again now in the dark I mean there's I mean it's the woods like Tiger Woods I'm sure could be being golf right with whatever.

Michael: They say yeah that's true I'm not gonna say that the implant doesn't matter at all but you better understand your implant system be able to use it but I'm going to tell you that the implant principles that we teach her that anybody teaches teaching it right are universal it's not like well no it has to be a mega gen implant here and I know I'm you know I should be saying that it should but that's just not true half my pee my own prime or deny probably two-thirds and abusing mega gen because I do and I can speak to this but i've got another third that are doing in plan direct or who is a host twice and host how you say that.

Howard: Iesson pison.

Michael:  Sorry I think I mean there are some like that and and and it's all as long as you understand the principles of that I personally love mega gen it makes perfect sense so when I went down when I first got introduced to mega gin anyone any ridge line when I went out there their concept is that they have different size threads for different things so if I would have to sit here one time that's not gonna dry wall here and i've got a stone wall there and I get the same screw and put them both in there yeah we don't have done the hardware store nice and I got demonstrates I said I need different screws to put on in plain clothes because you boys put the same screw in the same kind of material anymore stupid I go well this company is not stupid they're pretty different ones in there they got drywall screws it goes well good that's the one you ought to be using it makes perfect sense that you would be nice to have those options now yes with changing your drilling protocols I guess you can put a Nobel in anything or a our guy in there this that I'm just telling you for somebody who uses any rich Meghan I love.

Howard: I know maiden secret yeah what's that is very very simple I'm what Dr. Park did in Seoul South Korea is all the typical University all the implant companies on there especially in Europe they have a very slow product cycle so they give an idea you got to go to universities pictures of faculty then they go to set up protocols and then they'll do it and takes all this time and money Dr. Park first owned a a hundred dentist dental office hmm and was crushed in dentistry and then he was having problems with his implants they find his side I'm assuming on the basement so when they get an idea with this hundred person group practice they got an idea and they want to change the implant they'll decide on it all after work then the guy will go mill a hundred of them and then they will all be installed and placed within you know a week and then so then six months later they they've already done the whole product cycle then they go back to the drawing board say okay this kind of worked is that so their product cycle there it's so fast I don't I don't know why anybody could keep up that I mean name a dental implant company that could design an implant make a hundred and have them all placed in a week.

Michael: I can't.

Howard: Magazine does it all day long yeah so I worked yeah I love.

Michael: I love the image in plant now I don't do anyone it's me other ones.

Howard: But it's kind of like why do we get the the flu of the cold everyone because the virus leaves usually in birds goes down signaling we humans have a baby every 20 years viruses have a baby every 20 minutes right so by the time it gets back here next year it's evolved you know so it just evolves a scale of you know a hundred x or what a human does so they're their evolution rate of their product cycle owning that dental office and is.

Michael: That's so cool I didn't know that that's all he's a genius i've met him just enough to shake his hand I don't know doctor part but i've never heard anyone who's known him say that the guy's anything but wonderful and I love that I love hearing good things about people there's so much other bad stuff in the world out there it's nice to hear good things.

Howard: Now he is really the good guy he's been on the show just a great guy um so I want to remember I'm Jill Tatum who when I was a baby got asked oh this guy was the the master genius of all time is still placing implants yep lives in France yep he has a theory that he thinks very implant Titus is predominantly because you placed the implant and you didn't get attached to it all around it mm-hmm and he says that these people laying flaps they're not sutured right you're not taking the time they're slumming something slump and stuff out yeah that's the main problem and he says when he places implant he dissect the the flap is everything and and and and then what's the answer to what he's been saying forever these kids think they can place implants top in your surgery well I'm just gonna get a CBC T I'm gonna make a surgical guide you got a certain guy your mama can't place the implant sure it's you and your mom it's not a dentist it's like I don't think I don't think anybody's gonna agree with that and then if the implant gets in trouble you need to learn how to lay a flap so talk to that young kid out there thinks I don't know I want to be a surgeon but with a with a surgical guide I don't even have to be a doctor now.

Michael: Yeah it's gonna go south on you when it goes south and you're not going to know how to handle it that's why at the course the very first thing when we do the lecture course I do an extraction socket graft really I'm just trying to get them used to working with soft tissue that's their first introduction into working with soft tissue because we're gonna take a look at and I'm gonna teach them how to bring the tissue over and close up and get it attention and how to do it.

Howard: I'm gonna hold your feet the fire is your I mean I would almost think that teaching a person to do implants with surgical guides would even be correct it's like no you if you get really really good later you can use certain guides but first you need to be a surgeon you need to learn how to lay up so.

Michael: Absolutely cuz cuz it's gonna break down on your psyche anything else I'm gonna drive a car but I'm not gonna know how to change a tire well then you better we'll bring in some buddies and that semester.

Howard: The best analogy for an implant to you when someone goes learn a car they don't say walk are you learned in cars cars car yeah and but but yeah what car is over that I need the tiny really to think that some people are getting it over their head quick by getting into surgical guides giving you the CB cds placing implants and they never salah g and then he'll would say well when they punched through the tissue right and they let that little defect there right that was the birth of peri-implantitis.

Michael: That would be in that particular case now hilts a genius okay and that I said I throw my people to AI D he's one of the the the benchmark C he's one of the found out if he's a founder he's certainly the person they all grew proud a ID he's one of the pillars of the AID he's fantastic I went and I learned from Bernie dunks a little bit at his place in Atlanta and he's the direct disciple of him there fact that's why I got my hand wash station I was at Bernie's place tonight hand wash Envy he had a beautifully because he'll it's all about sterile technique and all that too and so and I realized that I didn't have that done it so I got proper hand wash stations done I would just next day I went down and got it but you're exactly if you see Hills the way the hill lays a flat man that guy lays flaps like nobody's pistol go across the palate to do this split thickness bring this tissue over here instead he does look forwards he does this that he is amazing but if you can't be a hill Tatum you should learn what's attached what's not attached how to move the attached over to where you need it in a basic basic a free position flap and that's one of the things that I teach my newbies is now if you go in there and they got no Ridge and no tissue I know this nut maybe that's not the case for you then because you're never gonna find any attention you know that but honestly that's only about five or ten percent of cases the other ninety percent you can do by learning to as simple a plea positioning the tissue just very simply if you're gonna punch a hole in the top don't punch the hole there take that attach ginger but it's usually right on top of the ridge bring it over to the buckle it's a very simple decision and suture and learn how to do this properly and you can do it but you gotta learn how to do it you can't just buy a guide you know watch something on youtube punch a hole in it and you know you get lucky a few times because you'll by luck have the right amount of test in Japan and then you'll get into something else then all the sudden it'll fail and you look like a damn fool is your patience or you'll have real problems.

Howard: This way I love that downtown something I am and again that's why I have you on the course I I like the I like I think dental town brings out the truth because you can't control your Yelp reviews you probably you can't control what they're saying about you on this bill and what did someone saying where do you recommend I'm going to learn how to place implants I just did Wehrle’s course absolutely amazing eleven thousand dollars for five days flight hotel and all food included I placed seven to twelve implants did cool some cool bone grafting and a CT graph but I mean there everybody just was in there I want you dressed one last thing though sure because I think you didn't really answer it okay I'm the girl the safety deal can she fly from Dallas to Pablo does she have to do the layout am i sorry.

Michael: No no.

Howard: Do you think she'll be safe.

Michael: She will absolutely be safe alright let's let's talk about Puebla Puebla is because again it's off the beaten path it's a it's a dead end all the problems in Mexico all the problem ixr is drug and drug-related what you have to stand it's like here i'll put in American terms alright let's say you go to New York City and you get jumped in Central Park cuz you're dumb enough to be out there at night try to buy drugs looking for a prostitute but let's do it say you're a suppose or just being stupid you decided cross there with a hard dollar bill falling out of your pocket at 2:00 in the night because you want a piece of pizza I don't care why and you get jumped that same person then would say well I'm never going to Kansas City because I got jumped in America that's just dumb man.

Howard: Yeah.

Michael: You have to understand the geography of it and there isn't that problem they're not yours in a safe it's very safe but I'm from Dallas Toni.

Howard:  It's nonstop from Dallas.

From Houston to there Dallas used to be non-stop and it will be again i've the American little non-stop from Euston so to go there my sister I fly all my people through there now if you get more experience like I fly to Mexico City all the time but I do not let my students do that because I got a Corral i Corral every once if they don't show up in force and there's a problem there to fly from Houston but the other thing you have to understand too is all those stories if you read about them they're always out doing something all right you're in an implant center with the guard gate doing implantology nobody cares about you.

Howard: Actually they love you because when i've been down there and make sure we're the Sunnah make sure you dance forever a lot of times our guards will come by and they're all shaking you're here because we're down here you know.

Michael: I pay for my own i've got cameras I got everything is it's a compound that I learned myself I grew up intercity this.

Howard: Is just like Phoenix and Phoenix I mean in where where my were my dental offices somebody just got killed like a little while ago buddy this is a drug deal gone south it's the middle of the night you know I'm a grandpa so I'm in bed by 10 o'clock yeah you and me both rather doing drug deals at 1:00 in the morning but so what you're saying is totally safe that's.

Michael: When I was going down there before I built the band before I did this for that and I lived at bastille's house I would go off and I would ask the people cuz I wanted to learn and I like talking people they make are you crazy and they look at you like you're a dumb gringo we don't have those problems here the problem in Mexico in Puebla particular is my driving my driving is very unsafe and I'm a-tellin that when they go down there you're taking your life in your hands you get a car with me because I Drive like a maniac it's the drivers down there that's the only time i've ever seen any sort of actually problem other than that i've never seen or heard of anything that's a problem other than you know like you say a weird thing here or wheeling there with just your typical Robbo.

Howard: What other thing again I'm attorney to Revere and the reason I talk so much about fear no I hear you.

Michael: I get this conversation all.

Howard: The time yeah the reason times my job here is because um I believe that you know the other top predators I mean a human human beings are the top predator the animal yep but the other ones you know a bear a shark a lion they have no fear disease and kill anything where a human is a top predator but they they live their whole existence scared and they're frightened and fear is bigger than greed that's why the 10 biggest falls on Wall Street are far bigger than the 10 biggest gains you know things like that and another fear she has is that that you have to buy $100,000 CBCT and a $50,000 implant setup deal does she have to buy a CBCT to get started and how much would be the introductory implant kit cost.

Michael: Let's say that let's first off let's put the CBCT aside for a second answer that second the first thing is I'm not a Salesman so I can't tell you directly but i'll tell you that maybe $10,000 is what you're going to spend on the startup implants and a motor and and just to get through that again I'm not idea is gonna kill me for this I'm not a salesperson I don't well say yes 25 25 you know how much is the average dentist that takes your course how much do they charge for placing one that's just it your your ROI and an implant start to finish it's four thousand dollars you're gonna make it well.

Howard: You can't sell a product if it's not sitting on the Shelf you go get a ten thousand dollar startup system at $10,000 get so you get 20,000 you got 25 implants and you get paid a thousand dollars to place one yeah well what would you say they offer.

Michael: Two thousand dollars a place.

Howard: In Dallas.

Michael: Oh yeah yeah.

Howard: What Dallas all the history oh I'm in Phoenix you know we don't have the Dallas come in FL that's how poor we are.

Michael: I feel bad we'll leave 20 on the table.

Howard: But you know but again I want you to save yourself over and over know you can't sell a product that's not sitting on the shelf someone walks in and says can you do braces you can't even do it this line why because you didn't go to shirt they're damn free online course I mean all you do is take an impression send that to Maxie how are Costa Rica and these in these implant course I will go back I always say the smartest decision I ever made professionally was that I noticed in 87 that whenever I went to the course it was the same people and they always had these weird initials by the name fadd then I realized that all the people I knew that were happy successful and loved dentistry they all had FA DD yes animate a hundred hours of CE a year and they and I were and I would say to them I got my um I got schooled straight like they would say implants is one and this is my dream plan story I didn't know I want to learn implants I was I was trying to learn how to fillings and crowns and illusion and all that said like that and but to get my fadd I had to take you know you can just deserve a number I think and so I called the guy in charge of the fadd in rickety in Arizona I thought I was gonna talk them out of it hey I want to take it all in fillings in Crowns Brady and said no that's not Lauren and I actually got mad I'm saying let's done why should I take implants I'm not gonna place an implant here that hard he goes it's cross-training cause you're you know you have your toolbox you know one just have a hammer right where are the hammer and a screwdriver to nail all these tools and so then I got out okay can you get out of this so I thought where can I go and not get all my requirements oh it was it was mich of seven three weekends I said well I'm gonna do this course yep just so i'll be done I get my fadd oh my god three hours into it I was in love with Carl mesh it was like I discovered this new continent Australia that I never hadn't seen before and and also oh my god I was so wrong like I had I was totally against a sinus lift because I thought it just it just seemed a bridge would be better.

Michael: Right.

Howard: And and I was on as I told her I said well I would never do it on myself so I would you know religion or my two older sisters are nuns and the oldest one is study every major religion and its original text and she says in every single religion there's not name of a person a city a place nothing can be found in all major lissa for one phrase the Golden Rule treat other people like me when inaugurated and I told Carm I said I wouldn't show you how the people I are mature I would never do that to myself he goes have you ever even seen one yeah no exactly exactly you know that that's why you don't even know but I'm here I can't believe we're gonna do an hour we did an hour and a half.

Michael: Let me answer your CBC t question.

Howard: Okay.

Michael: So maybe the last thing I finished with because my first I told you Steve Mac name is my instructor Steve did 3,000 implants before he place it then when I told that I was gonna have a CBCT training in my course he goes well you know I can land the plane but you do the CBC t stuff I really don't care about this so he came down I did the CBCT training he did some some teaching too and then he calls me back my goes whirly you ruined me for dentistry I can't do it no more without a CBCT you know you don't have to have a CBC T but the day that you get it you get so much better at everything in dentistry if my office burnt down tomorrow and my wife works there and I do a schoolyard pick I'd have to decide between my wife or a CBCT is the first pick I'd probably take the CBC t because I know no one's gonna take my wife because they're all afraid of her she's redhead so it just if you need a CBCT if you're into any of the implantology eventually but you don't need a friend so you'll take you buy that kit for ten thousand you'll make a little bit of money on it and then a CDCT is a profit Center and i've got a slide here and proves all this stuff and showing in my school years of implantology I made money every year off my CBCT just off the scans not off the additional dentistry not off of the implants of just off the Kostka that's like saying my hygienist cost me money not if you're doing business right it's not so you have to get up to a certain level and then take the jump and i've never sold or sold anyone else and a CBCT where they've ever come back to said man I wish I'd got that everyone on university goes I wish I get I sure as hell wish I had I got two of them down in Mexico now and those weren't gifted to me the companies did help me with them but I had to pay for those okay.

Howard: And i'll end on on your my marketing recommendation for you.

Michael: Okay.

Howard: Pinky had a deal where you know they have these have five six one weaker clumsy but it was a it's hard to do this summarize what you're gonna learn in a week or in your grace at forty deal so what they did is I made a one-hour online seee course on Dental town for each one of their weeks okay this is the best marketing thing they did it says if it explains I mean it's tough for this little girl at twenty-five years old okay so maybe this is you go block off a week go to Key Biscayne sign up for I mean that that's a big jump but to sit there and listen to the actual instructor for an hour.

Michael: Sure.

Howard: And you've got some of the most amazing at yourself is amazing yes it's amazing faculty I think I think if I was you for the WIIIC.Org I would I would do a mini series where each one is every one of the teaches a one-hour deal so here's your or khabees you or.

Michael: That's a great idea.

Howard: And then they're sitting I love a different voice I like this guy I know they buy into because because with humans again you know then have you ever gone go to the go to even when you go to zoo have you ever looked at him out I mean we we have 90 percent same days as a mouse or they're just sitting there scared right and and humans are just obsessed with fear and in fact it is it's amazing i right now there's so many people talking about how the economy is gonna follow their do just they're falling all in as fairness stuff okay let's say you gotta be completely crashes i looked at four times yeah 87 mm mm ein who cares if it falls yep it's right back and like and what wow long as the longest misery index used live to two years.

Michael: The worst is that are gonna happen is if is for our economies because you know if you invested right before the great crash used to make your money back in order for our economy to fall the entire nation is gonna have to fall and that's never gonna happen.

Howard: So so the list so I like to get over the ferret here you can't sell a product if it's not sitting on the Shelf and maybe maybe you're right it is for of doing it all on 4 but you're gonna start with just molars oh god yes and maxillary second bicuspid yeah you're gonna start with low-hanging fruit and you're gonna make money and and and if you can't do this procedure you're not gonna sell it and I wish you would I wish you'd make some online CE when I write it down it's done this one this will happen in the next three months yeah all right but I love everything about you I love what you're doing all right I really appreciate everybody on double time work but I think we're all you're doing for dentistry your charity work all the things I think oh you didn't give a name brand on the CBCT on the CBC T sorry I I use a I start out with a Gen except now with the vortex I think the Vaughn Tech is the best one out there it's quality is just as good as anything out there but most importantly its warranty cuz these things go out a warranty because i've had this happen to me when they broke down man these repairs can be like $13,000 in it so the difference between vitex five-year warranty at anyone elses two-year warranty is night and day so I would get a vate ech for that reason now if gen dextrous wheels jumps up tomorrow starts offering a five-year warranty that's okay that one's just as good but that is a huge difference between theirs and that's thing you can't dispute everyone could say well my image is better well how's your warranty because the warranty is gonna matter three four five years down the road.

Howard: Yeah and vatech is amazing.

Michael: The way they run their company is just fantastic going on that but my short answer for anyone out there is simply this ask any other person okay so what's your warranty on it and and then ask what a repair is when the head goes out are some of that and when you get up off the floor you'll buy a batech.

Howard: And where where are they is that Korean.

Michael: Yes.

Howard: Korean they.

Michael: They're the ones that built the entire factory so they built every single piece in the machine I mean every nut every bolt everything is in their process not controlled by them because they wanted proper quality control.

Howard: Yeah the last thing that is on some of the greatest autobiographies and books ever Mr Honda mr. Yamaha that was back when your bad your dad punished you yes and what do they do they built the whole company together yep and the founder lived in the company didn't even have a summer house what it what is Chrysler GM and Ford do they sub out to 30,000 different vendors yeah I mean look at Boeing Boeing designs a plane in Seattle makes the fuselage in Wichita and the management's in Chicago yep that's not how Japan taught the world how to do it and that's what the Koreans are going there they're realizing it you know if every single person involved with this product we all work live and breathe and and that's way by tech they'll be at the cap and and the other thing mr. Honda I did which was so amazing is when they would have a downturn mm-hmm what does Americans do oh we got to save Wall Street or stock in the bankers so we're gonna lay off all of our employees you know what you and Honda and Toyota did they said oh whatever new car sells so here's harder to do we made everybody a little toolbox we gave everybody a list of everybody in Japan they bought our car we're gonna all break up and you're gonna go check with every car because we want data and we're gonna and you're gonna visit 100 people that's about a car you say how is it running what broke down you know what could we have done better and then guess what by the time they asked about a hundred people who had an old car from Honda they say actually I'd like a new one and then after just like six weeks those guys the whole workforce would come back with so many orders they'd start the factory up again and then since they all live together I might be a fancy-schmancy engineer and you're just a lineman but you said look lunch to me every time I install that windshield wiper right can you talk about it yeah and that's why um there's only two companies there's only two countries in the world that can make a card it's Germany in Japan and they do the same way and if you've ever gone to Tokyo and Korea and you've ever gone and visited Chrysler Chevy and Boeing you understand there's a difference and it's the founder the head Roth's on the the fish rots from the head down and you're the founder of this company and it was an honor meet you..

Michael: Thank you give me 30 more seconds I just realized I'm gonna get in trouble here because I didn't mention surgical aesthetics which is how you one of the ways that you got my name is from Kevin Frawley they have an inch ace white they have been fantastic and supporting me the bone and the regenerative products not just that Kevin's a fantastic clinician and he's been one my primary guys he flew into my office and showed me how to do soft tissue surgeries the first sinus lifts I did I did with Kevin down in Puebla which is great they're not only your own places I can just line up all these patients and go down there and do my own CE II just get these genius instructors to come down there and Kevin has been fantastic about that and chase who runs surgical aesthetics for him I can't say enough good about surgical aesthetics and if I was and that's the only regenerative product news and people always critical i'll give it to you for free in this in that I don't want your product for free it's not you know a good product I'm so happy with surgical esthetics and what they've menteng and what they've done for me and they did a podcast with you but about two months ago.

Howard: And how do they if someone wants to I'm get in touch with you how do they get in touch with you with you.

Michael: Go to WIC that work WIIC org or I'm old school 817-919-6964eight one seven nine one nine 69-64 is my cell phone number they say it again eight one seven nine one nine 69-64 all you have to do is call me I answer my phone myself one more time this is your cell phone this myself what is it eight one seven eight one seven nine one nine nine one nine 69-64 69-64 all right you can go to WIC dot org to see the information or if you want to send me an email in my emails for Dr. Michael Edward Wehrle so it's and i'll say that again because that's a hard one i'll answer darn near anything so just.

Howard: So you got to change that email to Gmail because the largest search engine in the world is Google and Google and ok so let's see I'm searching for dental implants and and you have a gmail address and a youtube video on your site Google points there I have a gmail address but all my staff knows it I don't know it oh yeah so if you have a hotmail account so Google so is owned by alphabet so what say if you want to show up on search you gotta have all their properties so you have to use a gmail and the youtube video on your dental website on every website because who owns hotmail ok not Google right there tough.

Michael: I've got a gmail account I just don't know it so I.

Howard: And then I like the fact that your website also has youtube videos so.

Michael: Put my gmail up on your on the feed that we had yeah because.

Howard: You have you have youtube videos on your deal so that really really helps with your searching the reason else your search engine say you said implant dentist that's only a few ones and zeros but when somebody has a youtube video and I I just posted on dental town and this is a youtube video that's four minutes long that's so much code and when you look at Google some search engine appliances 80% of those things would never even work aren't even made for a text or an image they're made for these big cumbersome videos so the more videos by youtube you have and and Gmail and Google Maps and you just all Google load it up at all of your SEO.

Michael: Thank you I appreciate that because this is my weak spot.

Howard: And and I do want this to be an introductory I'm sort of like I'm gonna learn more about this Wehrle Burling it what is it the world literally burns over Dr. Earlybird Dr. Wehrle and then you gotta followed up with some online ces because I'm i'll do it though they're based in fear and they have to get over their fear and you can't sell a product if you don't settle themselves so just get out there and learn how to do it and do it thank you so much for.

Michael: Thank you so preciate Howard.



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