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1171 Christopher Ellis & Elisa Brittain RDH talk about quip, a simple, affordable, electric toothbrush delivered every 3 months : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1171 Christopher Ellis & Elisa Brittain RDH talk about quip, a simple, affordable, electric toothbrush delivered every 3 months : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

4/10/2019 10:37:56 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 131
Recorded live at Townie Meeting 2019.

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AUDIO - DUwHF #1171 - quip

Chris grew up in Dallas, TX and received his BA in Business Administration from Austin College in 2010. After receiving his Masters degree in Healthcare Management in 2011, Chris worked as a practice management consultant for nearly five years before starting his own dental staffing startup. Chris is fascinated by the intersection of startups, technology, and dentistry which is what led him to quip, where he currently works as the Dental Marketing lead.

Elisa is a RDH who graduated from NYU with her degree in hygiene in 2015 and her bachelors in 2016. She practiced clinically in private practice in Phoenix, AZ for three and a half years. She now works for quip, an oral care company based in New York, as their Dental Community Manager.

Howard: We are at Townie meeting 2019 at Talking Stick Resort on the Salt River Indian Reservation and I'm with two people from Quip and we're with Elisa Brittain who was born in Phoenix.

Elisa: Yes, I was born in Phoenix and live in New York now.

Howard: Live in New York and with Chris Ellis so I assume you're from Ellis Island and you're from Great Britain but she's actually from Phoenix you're from Dallas.

Chris: Correct

Howard: but you're living in New York too.

Chris: I am yeah we both are.

Howard: So Quip is the the biggest hottest new thing in dentistry that the website is

Chris: That's correct yeah

Howard: When I got at school 30 years ago it was the big thing at the time was a new electric toothbrush called intraplaque you guys probably weren't even born.

Chris: I'm not familiar

Howard: I graduated dental school 87 we're either of you alive in 87?

Chris: Not quite

Elisa: No

Howard: but it was intraplaque and that was the first new thing of going from manual brushing and this inner plaque had these rotating bristles and dental school that was like Star Wars stuff I mean Star Wars it just came out and that was the new Star Wars so.

Chris: I feel like that's a sciencey name like intraplaque.

Howard: Yeah so now three decades later the new thing is Quip what would is get quip and why did someone start something new well what is it?

Chris: Yeah so get Quip is an electric toothbrush subscription company our founder CEO Simon he is an industrial designer and he went to

Howard: Simon Enever?

Chris: Yep Simon Enever, he...

Howard: Who's also from Britain.

Chris: He is.

Howard: Who your named after she's named after Britain, this is a complicated story so he's from England.

Chris: He's from England he's an industrial designer and he went to an office in Queens to go see a dentist and the dentist was complaining how more often than not patients just keep buying more and more expensive toothbrushes but really there's like the three things that they can do to really help their overall oral health is changing their brush heads out regularly brushing for two minutes and brushing twice a day and if they do those three things that that would have a huge impact on oral health.

Howard: Okay but here's the sad news about this I'm 56 every house I've ever been in they don't know their toothbrush doesn't even work the bristles look like someone sat on them.

Chris: It's true

Howard: and so you have and I lecture in 50 countries I mean I'd say on any given day 90% of all the toothbrushes on earth could not even remove any plaque all I can do is smear some toothpaste around. How do we get people to realize that the tooth bristles have to be replaced.

Chris: Well I mean that's a big part of it right so I think that's kind of what helped Simon come to the realization like after having gone to the dental office and kind of inquiring is still whitey why do you think it is that patients aren't changing their brush guide why aren't they brushing for two minutes and this kind of stuff and he did his research and he worked with dentists to kind of essentially come up with the ADA recommended three-month interval and like that that's what he kept coming up he kept hearing that three months was about how long a toothbrush should be used the toothbrush head and so that was kind of like part of the inspiration behind like the subscription part of it and that's you know Quips way of making sure patients are actually staying compliant and changing their brush heads out so that they aren't just smushing you know toothpaste around their teeth but actually cleaning them.

Howard: Yeah and what's also amazing is if the toothbrush is new and the bristles are straight you don't even need any toothpaste it's called dry brushing so the research on removing plaque is brushing for two minutes the only thing the toothpaste could do is bring fluoride during mineralize the tooth it's got some other things and of course humans don't want bad breath so they want a freshie minty that kind of deal but the most important thing is that the bristle is straight and yet they think the most important thing is the toothpaste, what kind of toothpaste, what kind of mouthwash and they skip in fact I got to tell you another interesting thing when you start looking at evidence-based dentistry take Rella Christian who's a registered hygienist but she has a PhD in microbiology. She will show you there is no evidence that's a six-month cleaning has an impact on reducing disease missing and filled teeth, and the dentist is like what. It doesn't even show up until you go to a three month cleaning and it's three months cleaning you have massive evidence that this procedure reduces decayed missing and filled teeth and it's the same in the toothbrush. You when you're brushing your teeth with a three to four month old toothbrush you have no data to explain you know your kids are asking you why don't you brush my teeth well you wouldn't have any evidence that they have a six-month-old toothbrush and the bristles look like the cat sat on it. So getting people to realize and then when people sit there and say um well the insurance only pays six months well let's say you didn't want to have any kids and you wanted a vasectomy but the insurance only paid for a castration. I don't care what your insurance pays for because we had eight billion people on the planet and seven billion of them don't have dental insurance, what matters is you and you need a fresh clean toothbrush every three months and I think it's interesting that your founder the first thing he really was focusing on is an engineer design engineer is that we got to get new fresh bristles every 90 days.

Chris: Yeah it's really important.

Howard: Well it's the most important part you know I mean it's like the most important part.

Chris: Yeah but it's not just enough it's not just a matter of having access to the bristles to cuz they pay she could always buy brush heads whenever they want but it's actually making sure that they change it right and so I think that's where the subscription part ties in so well and like that's why it's resonate so well.

Howard: Okay explain the details of this subscription part so I'm on your website right now it's called getquip and first of all what is where did the word quip confirm is that a British?

Chris: I think it I think it does tie into the British aspect of it quip is like a quick jab or witty response right and I think the intent here is like and so the intent there I think is like really just to make sure that people are doing simple quick things to improve their overall oral health.

Howard: Quip: a clever usually taunting remark the ghaib a witty or funny observation or response usually made on the spur of the moment equivalents oh so it's a so you swing your words equip is a clever remark so you know get quip is a clever...

Chris: It's like an easy way like a quick and easy way to improve your overall oral health right and I also think our founder really likes the visual aesthetic so the quip like the logo at the cue and the P, I think that had to tell you into it as well but uh that's just my two cents.

Howard: Another there's something strange eccentric an oddity, quip so if you go to what do you find there?

Chris: So yeah I mean that's our website that's where patients like for the longest time Quip was purely directed consumer so that's where patients would go online to buy our web to buy our toothbrushes and subscribe to the service. So we offer our flagship product is our quip electric toothbrush where they can get for forty dollars we've got nice different colors in which they can choose from we all find another toothbrush for the plastic handle for twenty five and patients can go to the website to purchase that. The brush and subscribe and I guess as I mentioned before the subscription is every three months they get a new brush head and a new triple a battery delivered for five dollars.

Howard: so is this publicly traded?

Chris: No this is a private company.

Howard: It's a privately company do they have an exit strategy they plan on going public or do they want to hold it?

Chris: That would be a good question for Simon I think.

Howard: because I noticed Wall Street loves their recurring revenue model they one-time Netflix was as valuable as Disney even though Disney had Disneyland as he whirled theme parks in espn/abc what Wall Street loved was Netflix had gazillion people guaranteed to pay them 10 bucks every month so that subscription revenue model oh my god does Wall Street love that I don't give your Spotify Netflix Amazon the most valuable company what do they have they have the Amazon Prime with their dinging you credit card every single month. Now talk about the electric toothbrush more do the bristles spin is a service all true sonic vibration?

Chris: I'll let Elisa talk, she's our hygienist as Quip.

Howard: Oh so you're the hygienist where did you... Phoenix college?

Elisa: No I went to NYU so I was in New York for school I got my hygiene degree there and I got my bachelor's there right after.

Howard: Well congratulations.

Elisa: Oh thank you.

Howard: and you were born her in Phoenix in Arcadia.

Elisa: Yeah

Howard: Yeah wasn't Brad Pitt Brad Pitt's from or who was...  David Spade.

Elisa: David Spade and Steven Spielberg is also from Arcadia yeah.

Steven Spielberg was born in Phoenix?

Elisa: I am pretty sure now im second guessing that.

Howard: and the Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks. So born in Arcadia where the programmer of dentaltown 21 years ago that's where he lives too. So dentaltown was made in Arcadia and then you moved to New York to go to hygiene school. So how does one get from Phoenix to New York, were you lost? Did you make a wrong turn?

Elisa: I love Arizona I think it's one of the best places to live so I knew I wanted to end up here long-term at some point so I really wanted something different and I've always loved the urban metropolis type of city like New York is so I did my prerequisites here and at Grand Canyon and then I applied for their hygiene program so I moved there when I was 18 and

Howard: moved to New York

Elisa: Yeah

Howard: So were you by yourself?

Elisa: Yes

Howard: That speaks wonders of you, I mean that's Christopher Columbus go to the largest city in the United States of America.

Elisa: It's different but a lot of fun though.

Howard: So you still live there?

yeah still live there so I graduated with my bachelor's and I worked in Midtown for a little bit in New York as a hygienist they move back here practice in Arcadia for about two and a half years and then got my job with Quip so I moved back to New York after that.

Howard: So what does you as a hygienist why do you like Quip?

Elisa: I think Quip's mission is very speaks a lot to the hygiene mission which is why I really like it Quip is all about affordability and accessibility and is less about features and modes and different high-tech options and just about habits and that's really important and that's something that I would really try to convey to my patients is I can give you the most expensive high-tech brush out there but if you're not using it the right way or using it consistently it's not really gonna help you at all. So Quip is very focused on building healthy habits so that's why I really love Quip yeah.

Howard: Well they say if you want to change something big you have to change something small every day.

Elisa: Mm-hmm Exactly

Howard: and I remember when I when I was in school one of these studies they used to just blow my mind was identical twins this one you they both had gum disease they both presented him with four quadrants or plain curettage and four quads a gum surgery and one person got the treatment didn't change any of their habits you know didn't brushed and flossed kept smoking drinking and mean whatever. The other one did not get the treatment but changed all their habits of brushing and flossing clean and guess who was better off five years later

THe one who didn't I get this yeah

Howard: and it's the same thing with the bypass they I think I saw one study I think it was 86 different sets of identical twins one because of insurance reasons wherever they lived around the world could get the coronary artery bypass graft broader grand the other person could not get the treatment but quit smoking drinking and start exercise start doing changing their daily habits and guess who lived three years and seven months longer, the person who didn't have health insurance and didn't hit the bypass. So it's a daily habit it's not the hygienist and the dentist's can't fix what you refuse to do every day I mean we cant. So it was the why mission the why mission is what got you.

Elisa: Yeah

Howard: So it sounds like you're kind of more of a purpose driven person.

Elisa: Yeah I would say so I think I've just seen a lot in my clinical experience of what is working and what doesn't work as far as people's gum health. I've seen a lot of people invest in expensive toothbrushes but don't change their habits and they still have active gum disease and nothing really changes so I think really enabling and empowering people that change those little things is the most important thing and I think Quip does a really good job of that.

Howard: but what is Quip? The toothbrush but is it elective as it turns?

Elisa: It's an electronic toothbrush there's one button in one mode so you just turn it on by pressing the Q so it's very simple easy to use. The mode is similar to a sensitive mode on other high or powered brushes so it's around 15,000 brush strokes per minute so it's gonna be a lot more gentle than what you're used to if you are brushing with a higher powered toothbrush.

Howard: and so then I buy it how much does this cost?

Elisa: That's $40

Howard: $40 and you buy it from your website

Elisa: We're also in target so you can buy the brush from Target too.

Howard: So it's $40.00 online?

Elisa: Online and target.

Howard: Or or $40 at target. Do any dentists or hygienists dispense this at the office, do you see that very common or not really common?

Elisa: We do have a practice program so it's our wholesale ordering program so we send welcome kits which have the metal brush in it as well as a full-size toothpaste. So offices can buy a kit for ten dollars and then we encourage offices to give them out to patients or use them for marketing new patient acquisition and then the patient could get the brush from their dentist or hygienist.

Howard: Okay so if I buy this for $40 but it's a subscription revenue program so when you buy it at Target for 40 bucks how do you our you signed up to get the heads every time

Elisa: So you go online and you would set up that subscription um after you buy the brush.

Howard: and it's and how much is the subscription?

Elisa: It's five dollars per brush head so we don't church anything monthly or shipping so you're just paying five dollars per brush head and then we send a fully charged battery with that too.

Howard: A fully charged battery? Show me where that is.

Elisa: You just pop it off.

Chris: So this is the motor and underneath is a single triple-a battery so that's it's a triple a battery standard triple-a battery that will operate the brush for three months if used two minutes twice a day.

Howard: Say that again

Chris: So if you used your brush two minutes twice a day the battery will last three months and so when the battery dies that's when you should change your brush out anyways so you can change the brush head and the battery.

Howard: So then you're not dinging the credit card five dollars every month?

Elisa: No

Howard: You just ding it...

Elisa: Once every three months.

Howard: So four times a year every quarter you send a new brush head and a triple-a battery?

Elisa: Yes

Chris: That includes shipping and everything.

Howard: See my Irish dentist don't know a Triple A because they go to AA meetings what's the third day for alcohol anti-plac and so every three months for just five bucks?

Elisa: It's a really affordable way for people to get a new brush head.

Howard: So you can mail them a new brush and a battery and mail it to their house for five bucks?

Elisa: Yup a new brush head and battery we also have a toothpaste.

Howard: and postage?

Chris: Yeah it's everything included.

Howard: How the hell can you send someone a toothbrush a battery mail it in an envelope and a spam for five bucks.

Chris: It's a big part of Quip's mission right we knew if we charge a lot for a brush head subscription people won't use it if they don't use it that defeats the point. So it should be part of equipped like the whole design everything about it was in trying to encourage those healthy habits and we want to make it easy to do the right thing so if patients get the brush I delivered to their house they're more inclined to use it than being requested to go pick it up somewhere right. So it's all part of the model like everything every aspect of Quip is by design to try and help improve those habits.

Howard: and that's what really motivated you was to why the have a the purpose because would you rather do for quadruped planing curettage or have someone brush and floss?

Elisa: I would love not to do for quads of SRP.

Howard: That is truly amazing so what other things do you believe in the home care I mean I floss mouthwash one would what are you guys believe in what do you what is Quip seeing in their data?

Elisa: I think right now we obviously have our brush we mentioned before for plaque removal we also have our toothpaste our toothpaste and our brushes are ADA accepted. So our toothpaste you can add on to that brush head subscription if you'd like it's an extra five dollars once every three months.

Chris: So yeah that's the adult starter set that includes the $40 electric toothbrush as well as a three month supply of their mint toothpaste as ELISA mentioned it's a fluorinated toothpaste it has xylitol and no SLS.

Howard: and SLS is sodium lauryl sulfate and you don't like that because?

Elisa: It's not so much we don't like it we just that was something that was requested when we were doing research that's an irritant for some people so we didn't want to include it if it was going to keep people from using the flouride paste.

Howard: I'll tell you what the dentist I've talked to over the years, a lot of people believe it's associated with canker sores in saying that they don't know what a canker sore is. So it might be some autoimmune thing but a lot of individual people do not want SLS because sodium lauryl sulfate they think it causes canker sores and so what else do we know about canker sores a lot of people also started with acidic foods like grapefruit juice tomato sauce they say when I I'm Italian when I eat mom's special pasta I get canker sores. Another thing we hear though a lot is that they outgrow them he's here a lot of people say oh I was plagued with them when I was a baby in my 20s and 30s but now that I'm 50 or 60 it's not a problem anymore. So you got the fluoride you got none SLS no SLS and you got so that's the starter pack and because you're designing the toothpastes to run out of three months the battery to run out of three months because the most important thing is you have to replace the toothbrush bristle after 90 days are you just slugging slurry around you're not prying off the plaque pellicle. So what else on on the website about that so do you have so do you sell floss and what are your thoughts are on the floss?

Elisa: As a hygienist I love Foss we don't currently have floss as part of the subscription and right now it is just our brush we do have a kids brush so that's another product we have and then our paste.

Howard: So I wanna I think this is the cutest part of it you have an electric couple set it's so bizarre because you know I mean I see this all time where there are a man and wife they kiss they've made children but if you accidentally wake up and used your spouse's toothbrush she's upset. So why is she upset you just kissed her yeah how come you can just kiss her good morning but if you walk into the bathroom a use her toothbrush why does that uh why is that it doesn't make microbiological sense and here's the other thing that really doesn't make sense now that there now that DNA analysis is getting really high speed and fast they're finding out that inside they're heard you have the same micro gut biome flora. So if we all live together in a house and even though you're not my mom dad child whatever but living in a herd sharing the same utensil just living in the heard it doesn't take long before they take a sample of your gut microbiome your mouth microbiome where we all got the same heard of diseases living in your mouth. So are you saying that Grandma and Grandpa still have to use separate toothbrushes even though they're sharing the same.

Elisa: I think if they're using the same toothbrush then it's like twice as much we're on the bristles and twice as much wear so just helps keep it...

Howard: What really embarrass me for our profession is that when you treat grandma every three months for gum disease and and you've seen her for five years every three months and she's still finding gum disease and you've never seen grandpa I just asked you were you did you just skip biology class I mean no other I mean you can't treat. Same thing you'll see a two year old kid that means six pulpotomy chrome still crowns well where do you think that came from that actually tells you that mom dad babysitter grandma everybody interacting with this two-year-old kid has open full mouth blown decay and then when that two-year-old kid needs to have six root canals and the insurance doesn't cover there's none the newspaper is all like well there's no Medicaid provider there's no they didn't even trust a question where was this baby born because if their mom and dad would have been hygienists and dentist periodontist that kid wouldn't have had any cavities to too and he's it's a heart disease so the whole you have to go from treating an individual patient to treating the herd and the most motivated thing human is motivated to do is reproduce have offspring. So when you see that baby bump and she comes in your chair and you just sit with her for five minutes say I need to see your herd is Grandma and Grandpa live in town are they gonna babysit it well you can have grandma wearing upper denture lower partial gum disease you know kissing babysitting booboo you need the whole herd and so this couple set is very interesting. So if you would switch from treating the individual to herd immunity it's the same you always hear that in vaccines where people are saying well why do you care that my kids not vaccinated, your kids vaccinated he's never going to die of measles, so why are you all so uppity about my kid because you you have that's a legit question and you have to engage them because we have a lot of anti-vaxxers and I think the reason we have so many anti vaxers discussed so many people in the health care community marginalize me just like oh you're bad and you're dumb and just address it what it is if I'm vaccinated for measles my kids vaccinated for measles and you have measles I still get the measles. I still have hundreds of millions of measles viruses reproducing and infecting me and I'm gonna get really really sick and it's gonna take about two days for my vaccinated immune system to say hey we got a problem here we got a mount a defense and yeah and it's gonna mount a defense so we're all gonna live but I just went through a measles war for ten days I didn't die cuz I'm vaccinated but I still had the war and dentistry needs that and we need to start explaining to everybody how vaccines work in a herd and remember that dentistry works in a herd and I think it's very amazing that you guys have an electric couple set because the disease is a herd disease and everybody in the house has got to get on the program of brushing two minutes a day twice a day and changing their bristles every 90 days. What did you want to add to that?

Elisa: Just what you're saying about the whole house that's why we have our kids brush now is because we found that kids want to brush like their parents so if their parents are having really good oral care habits the kids want to be involved and make it kind of more of a family situation every morning and every night so our kids brush actually looks a lot like our adult brush it's got a smaller brush head and then the handle is like what is it rubber grippy rubber so it's better to hold and yeah.

Howard: So that was an interesting concept you just talked about because when you study well let's talk about beauty things like in some cultures the girls shave their eyebrows. So why would a little girl shave her eyebrows because her mom did some countries like American girls shave their legs why cuz her mom did the other countries there's no shaving the legs but what we do know is this that the kid almost always emulates the moms personal hygiene. So if the mom uses mouthwash the kid will the mom doesn't the kid won't same with deodorant shaving leg shaving. So dads don't seem to be as influential it seems to be about 80%. So that's another thing you gotta tell baby bump because when she has a baby, it's like the most important mission that she's on and it's like if the baby doesn't see you brush and floss then it's not I mean if you don't use deodorant the baby only use deodorant right now it's all a mother thing and when you see that baby bump they're most motivated to change behavior and I mean they just change their whole world is a baby. So there are you but are you a fan of tongue scraping is that you believe in that do you think it's not necessary?

Elisa: Me personally this has nothing but I'll use a tongue scraper yeah I just noticed a difference I mean you see it it's one of the most visual things I think that you can see physical like bacteria coming off of your tongue so I do it every morning and every night.

Howard: So you tongue scrape twice a day yeah you use a mouthwash?

Elisa: I don't actually I I have never really used a mouthwash I've tried all of them um but I personally don't and it's not because alive told patients to use them before I just personally don't yeah.

Chris: and the brushes do have a tongue scraper on the back to you plate by design like something dollars a lot of patients wanted to do.

Howard: So that's a tongue scraper?

Elisa: Yeah

Howard: Interesting I did not know that I learned something of my own podcast.

Elisa: Yeah

Howard: So is it say quip either way?

Chris: No it's upside down.

Howard: I love the logo Quip. So that's a tongue trimmer so do you are you a tongue scraper?

Chris: I absolutely use it yeah I am using the back of the clip after you finish so it's the two-minute timer when you're done I scrape tongue.

Howard: and what about floss what are your thoughts on floss?

Chris: She's got a lot of thoughts on floss.

Elisa: I think it's very important to floss.

Howard: Well let's hear your thoughts on floss.

Elisa: I think it's neglected a lot of time I feel like people don't understand that they're missing a large part of the tooth when they're only brushing. So I think just patient education is really important when it comes to floss because a lot of people undermine how important it is for your gum health and incipient cavities and all of that kind of stuff.

Howard: For posterity that's a third of the surface you know if you don't floss to miss the third. I know a lot of dentist they'll never agree on whether you should floss before or after I think it's two separate camps which camp are you on?

Elisa: I am on the camp of flossing before brushing the only reason and this is just my own personal opinion is I feel like you're taking off you're taking off plaque right from in between those surfaces so I feel like if you're brushing with a fluoride days it lets the fluoride ions hit the enamel when the plaque isn't there so if you maybe brush before hand and the plaque is still in those spots that would have been reached by floss before I might not be hitting that spot of the tooth.

Howard: and what do you think about water picks?

Elisa: I like water pick, I think it's a it's a good tool doesn't replace flossing in my opinion but I think it's really great for patients with implants or bridges like who may have a hard time with our floss better they have dexterity issues i think it's it's a really good tool to help irrigate the pockets.

Howard: Now I don't have any date on this because if you put hidden cameras and people's bathrooms and showers they like there's like laws against that but I am but I really believe from just my own answers of asking everybody strangers on airplanes than patients that if they brush you know the two minute thing I mean they they don't know what two minutes is and spice for us bread fresh but a lot of times they go in the shower and in the morning the hot water, lots of people just like to stand there in the shower for energy wake up. I always try to motivate brush in the shower absolutely and like even like the ones that use a water pick the ones that buy it using quit using I'll say well why did you were using that you've got it makes a mess there's spots all over my mirror on the counter I mean that's something you should do in a barn. So we'll move it into the shower I think people who I shave in the shower I brush and floss and I do everything I do in the shower and I think.

Chris: That's just so funny because when I joined quit that wasn't a thing I ever considered people did like I always brush like in front of the sink in the mirror and then I would attend my first conference my first trade show and so many people were asking me oh can you brush with the Quip in the shower like with the Quip like can you brush in the shower and that was a very it's funny that you mentioned that because that's something I've learned since working at Quip how common in regular of a request that is this is interesting to me but it makes sense.

Howard: Well when your at the sink your in a hurry okay I have to do this task I have to brush I have to floss I got to get my socks I gotta find my dental uniform but so your untasked mode but when you're in the shower it's really when you're having a copy when you wake up your morning coffee you're like slam your coffee and we're out door you sit down and you enjoy your coffee I do and because I'm Irish and I got a you know I got a repair what I did last night but same thing with the shower I think people just I think most people when they get a shower it's a minute or two of just relaxing into the water.

Chris: So yeah I think you like this then it's interesting you bring that up because we have every brush comes with this this is a guard we call it our mirror mount it's got a suction cup strip in the back so you can mount it to your mirror or the tile in your shower. It is a suction cup strip so it actually just push it on either the tile in your bathroom so like in your shower or the mirror and it will stick there and it's that was intended to be like a visual reminder to brush your teeth right and so as I mentioned a lot of patients ask well I got a question what can you use in the shower I use a waterproof brush. So we encourage patients to like stick it in the tile and their shower to motivate them to remind them to brush their teeth.

Howard: So was that the first thing I thought about that is no I raised four boys and they we always had to have different colors or toothbrushes because they didn't like it when their brother brush your teeth and so that's free me the shower because you know the everybody's different heights you know so you know you put yours on the upper right the wife could put it on the kid to be lower I I can see five six different two pressures just based on height weight you know because it is a weird thing where people don't want to use someone else's toothbrush you know it's a very personal thing even though there's no microbiome evidence that you know. I mean you even you know same thing with dogs you realize that when you get a dog or a cat a microbiologist can figure it out do realize that they can take your they can take samples from your gut microbiome or your mouth and say you have a dog and you have a cat. So they're doing all the DNA now since I was like streptococcus mutans they causes decay well where does that come from it came from cats and they know is from the Fertile Crescent area where modern-day Iraq 15,000 years ago and that they're bacteria jumped into you and for you it's a pathogen and for a kitty cat it wasn't and when you get when you get a new dog or a cat I mean you use you're living in a barn. We all live in a zoo and we didn't really know that before they started doing DNA analysis but now they realize you live in a zoo by the way to any of you have dogs or cats?

Chris: Not in New York no.

Elisa: My parents have a dog so I consider her mine.

Howard: Okay honestly you're on camera did you ever kiss that dog?

Elisa: Oh no

Chris: Like in the mouth? I just kiss the head of the dog but not the mouth.

Elisa: but I see people do it all the time.

Howard: My grandkids they kissed a dog ten times a day.

Chris: I don't like when people let the dog kiss their face and mouth.

Howard: but that's what's really interesting so you know you don't kiss the dog but you pick up their microbiome you share utensils how many times have you seen a mother as a baby take the food they just well that is a hundred million bacteria and then you stick in the baby's mouth and then you are no well hot why is so then so that's what I'm telling you when the baby needs eight pulpotomy and chrome steel crowns the babies raised in a herd of rampant decay and then that's what needs to be addressed so this is really a lot of design neat features I like the fact that it's sticks to the wall the shower because everybody can place in different places of the shower. What else is on that website they're my homies?

Chris: Well I guess the other thing I didn't tell you is like this mirror mount also doubles as a treble cover so when you're going to travel somewhere it locks in place store in your bag and you're good to go so because it's battery-operated you don't need to bring any charges or anything like that's another cool aspect of the site as well you get the brush the cover and the brush head of course.

Howard: Well so we go to what are all they gonna find?

Chris: We have all the different colors our different products we have our both our metal brush or plastic brush and our kids brush now.

Howard: See I follow you on Instagram.

Chris: There you go

Howard: So you're big on Instagram eighty-eight thousand followers on Instagram holy moly. I'm only at fifteen thousand, maybe I need to add a toothbrush to my website. That is amazing and then on Twitter you are...

Chris: It's really cool because we get like tweets and Facebook messages and emails all the time from patients who are like I'm actually excited about brushing again.

Howard: Well you should we should take a selfie and tweet it out on I follow you. So there @getquip very good. So what we say what else you got excited about?

Chris: It's a neat thing because like I don't know how often people get excited about brushing their teeth and so I equipped like it's always fun to see like internally we'll share like you know tweets and things that we really like that people sign in and it happens so regularly we're like this is the first time we're like for their kids brush when we release recently launched the kids brush like all the outpouring.

Howard: So you have a kids brush now?

Chris: Yeah like as of two weeks ago.

Howard: Do you have one with you?

Chris: In our booth we didn't bring one with us here.

Howard: and what is the difference between the kids and the adults? Size?

Chris: Yes so it's actually the same like length as the adult brush but the brush head is a little smaller and the handle itself is got a softer grip and it's made of a rubberized plastic so it's a little easier for the kids to hold and then the colors are different as well they're kid-friendly colors.

Howard: Kid-friendly colors

Chris: That was in part by design as well that we did a lot of you know user research and like the lovest serve like focus groups and stuff to identify like why what kids one in a kid's brush you know like do they want lights do they want you know different like princesses or what would actually resonate with kids and one of the learnings we took one of the takeaways we found was that kids seem to really want to brush that look like their parents because they wanted to relate their parents and so it was really eye-opening it is cool because you're getting to see kids excited about getting a brush that looks like their mom or dad's.

Howard: Yes so remember that the thing the most misunderstood about statistics is if I'm holding a pool ball in my hand statistics can't tell you which ball I'm holding but if you know there's only nine balls it can statistically tell you the probability. I can't tell you what your child's gonna do but I can tell you most likely what he's gonna do is what the parents are doing you always have that individual kid where both parents are readers they never do their homework they dropped out of school and their kid became you know a scientist but that's not usually what happens usually your mom and dad did their homework and then when you were a little kid coming home and they helped you do your homework and you that that's the more probable approach now to get a kid to do is you know math and reading you know and all that kind of stuff. So they're gonna do what the parents do the home care and that seems to be the most important and I was a little I had mixed feelings about the last controversy in toothpaste where there were some sparkles in it and some of the high just are finding these sparkles didn't go away and they found him in a gum tissue because the way I was looking at the sparkles i okay the trade-off of that is what if the sparkles was the only thing that made the kid want to brush his teeth because he liked the flavor or you know this can make the Flintstone vitamin its like maybe you'll eat it because it looked like a Flintstone dinosaur and had a little candy taste to it.

Chris: That's why I eat them.

Howard: You know so yeah so with kids and because what I would I learn the most when I just got asked oh they just discovered tooth whitening and it was a company out of Arkansas Omni International and it was carbamide peroxide ten percent fixitrope big deal but what I noticed right out of the gate that the people who bleach their teeth now they noticed their teeth and now they started to like their teeth, they started to brush and floss and come in and get their teeth cleaned regularly in one end what is that black hole so once you know so they had all these broken T silver filling these cracks never looked at it didn't matter. Once they start whitening your teeth they're in here go like that and see what's that what's that. So as humans they're either all in or they're all out it's like you either own your own bowling ball or you didn't go bowling last year. If you went bowling last year you probably own your own boss you leave the lake you know you either own your boat and go to the lake ten times during summer or you don't own a boat and you didn't even go to the lake. It's like there's no with humans either all in or all out and getting them to change their habits I mean you know you gotta address the herd like I wouldn't recommend anybody buy some one thing for themselves and the house it's like let's get the whole family let's say you know we're not gonna get if we have three kids we're not gonna get Amy or floss without the other two, it's like the whole herd and if the whole herd gonna brush and floss and in the morning and at night then the whole herd is gonna do it the whole herds gonna lower they're pathological bacteria strapped and all this other stuff like that so this is it's really with humans motivation is everything if you get them fun just like you like your job because you like to why you like the purpose and that's just how humans roll. If they don't like the why it's like if they do things they don't like for money they always burn out quit start drinking you know they just fall apart they want to do things for money that they like they don't want that same with dentists. Dentists find themselves burnt out all the time because they find themselves doing you know seeing 8 patient's a day for cleaning and they don't like it anymore so the question is why do you not like it anymore why did you burn out it's the why. So when you're 45 years old and you say I don't want to do this anymore well you need to figure out that why you need to figure that out because the truth is that you know that there's something wrong and it's probably fixable, burnout is fixable.

Chris: It's true and that's that's Quip's all about the healthy habits like and that's everything about the design and everything about the brush he's trying to help patients who may have never brushed for two minutes never brush twice a day never change their brushes do that stuff so it's really like that message that you're describing resonates really well with clip-on our mission as well.

Howard: So how long how long has, how long you been around?

Chris: It's been four, a little over four years.

Howard: Four years

Chris: Over four years it's been the last few years is when it's really started to take off and I think in large part because we had the ADA seal last year and then we got into the Target stores nationwide and so like I think the culmination of like all these patient happy patients and like the word of mouth and the ADA seal and the target has kind of helped Quip really...

Howard: You both watch Shark Tank right?

Chris: Of course

Howard: It's Shark Tank so start asking questions. What's next your in Target are you're trying to get in Walmart, Walgreens whats next?

Chris: See I really don't know that's a lot of the things that....

Howard: You know what Mr. Wonderful would say

Chris: Yeah

Howard: You dead to me

Chris: I really don't know a lot of that stuff but I know like one thing that we're really trying to do is we're really excited to do is start going out to more of these dental conferences and trade shows and like working with hygienists, dentists, assistants, office managers and like getting them to not only understand about Quip but learn it like one about what we're offering but learn about like the cool stuff we're doing outside of the brush itself like we have our monthly newsletter that goes out to all of our patients where we're forming you know all of our million plus subscribers about oral health habits and hygiene recommendations and things like that.

Howard: So you go to dentaltown, so if you go to the search bar web there will it will pull up all the threads you talk about Quip you got some cool videos on your site you should go yeah there's you being a hygienist...

Elisa: Yeah

Howard: and answer all those questions on dentaltown Hygiene town and then those videos you have so when you open youtube video when you hit share it has the link but the next button over is embed you tip that and you got to code. So on dentaltown there's a little YouTube button so when you're answering a question you can hit the YouTube button drop the embed and then there's the videos because I mean you really med Testaments you really increase my understanding of everything you're doing and you guys should do that online.

Chris: Yeah we're excited to I my first job out of grad school was to work as a practice management consultant for dentists in Dallas and I did that for about four and a half years and we assumed...

Howard: Which firm

Chris: M White and associates

Howard: It's what?

Chris: M White and associates is a boutique firm in Plano Texas MY like Michael white and associates yeah so I dentaltown was huge for me like I frequented like the ask a consultant for him on all the time is very very helpful and so when it came to like working at Quip like started about five or six months ago I knew like dentaltown is something I really want to push for and make sure that we're as a involved at dental town as I was when I was working at the consulting firm so.

Howard: Wow that's awesome so do you ever you know so we have hygiene town yeah it's really bizarre because there's fifty six thousand hygienists on dentaltown two fifty six thousand two hundred and fifty thousand. So have you been posting on hygiene town about this?

Elisa: No

Chris: We just started we just started are like it's a work in progress.

Howard: So you cut your teeth at M White and associates and what are they?

Chris: So they do tax accounting and consulting and dentists dentistry was one of their big niches that they started realizing there was a lot of potential for and so I got my masters in health care management and when I was in grad school has recommended a role as a consultant here and so when I started at M White and associates like the main thing that they asked me to do one of the things I started doing a lot of was helping dentist start their own practice and so that's where obviously dentaltown became like a second home like I was like everything I would want to recommend and ask him like I wouldn't mind sure that everything I was suggesting I'm recommending made sense and a lot of that came from everything I read off dentaltown so a lot of it was really just like from my perspective for my role was was making sure that we have kept her clients accountable keeping things on a timeline making sure that we're gonna coordinating with vendors and kind of just helping them with the process of starting their own practice opening their door which is ultimately what gave me the entrepreneurial bug myself and kind of drove me to I think you know Quip when the start of the start up toothbrush company so yeah.

Howard: and what advice would you give them hygienists?

Elisa: Just in general or...?

Howard: Just in general or with Quip because how many hygienists do you run into?

Elisa: A lot especially at these shows I run into a lot of hygienists.

Howard: So a lot of hygienists only know themselves and maybe there's one other high just the office and maybe she has two friends from hygiene school but you talk to tons of hygienists.

Elisa: Right and I find that a lot are really interested in my position at Quip because it's a non clinical position I've been really surprised at how many hygienists are trying to get involved in things outside of clinical which i think is really cool I think there's a lot of opportunities out there so it's been cool to get to talk to people and network and see that.

Howard: but do you think they want to get out of clinical because they don't like their setting they don't like their job is it the it's at the office the management the patient's. Why do you think they want to get out of them?

Elisa: I think it's a combination or it can be one of many things I think hygiene is a very physical job so it comes with a lot of aches and pains that can build up over time. I also think a lot of hygienists know fairly early on if only clinical is something that they don't want to do forever I think once you get into your practice and if you do have the entrepreneurial bug that you mentioned it's hard to implement that in a practice if you're as a hygienist just kind of being on repeat on the hour every hour and some people really like it so it's good it's a good fit for some people but...

Howard: How many hygienists work for Quip?

Elisa: Just me just one yeah.

Howard: and what are you and what do you do for Quip?

Elisa: I'm the dental community manager so Chris and I are both on the dental marketing team so our roles are really to grow our provider network and market Quip to them.

Howard: and are you marketing more to professionals or consumers?

Elisa: Professionals so we have a separate consumer focused marketing team and then Chris and I are the dental marketing team.

Howard: Well dentaltown and hygienetown and now what's bizarre is there was that big lawsuit in it was an Arkansas when a dentist when an orthodontist started adding hygienist and sure enough who didn't like that the most the dental society is like why I mean they're there and so a lot of orthodontists are starting to realize that you know when you take out brackets and you see demineralization around and then a lot of times and they're changing the wires they thank god this really needs plaque removal and I think do you think orthodontists I mean were the legal precedence do you think or don't you think your average orthodontist is gonna have a hygiene department in ten years?

Elida: I would hope so I think it's play such an important...

Howard: but see your first response as I hope so and how is illegal up in to just yeah once you know last year's on that.

Elisa: Yeah it would have to be implemented with like a general practice because you would need to obviously be doing your exams and stuff but I think more of a hygiene focus in ortho would be awesome because I think that's something that also gets missed a lot of the time plaque removal is super important.

Howard: Yeah so and that's one of the reasons clear aligners are taking off because you can use your brush and floss when you take your clear aligner out to the brush with braces but then you had want to know how many of those boys are gonna put their clear aligner back here me when I fix 80% of braces is still archwire everybody talks about clear aligners Invisalign but it's really only twenty percent of the market. So it's a trade-off because you're you're a boy you're not motivate you know you know you're not gonna wear your aligners so I put in fixed but then if you got brushed and flossed I take it off I got these do mineralization so then you say well then we should do Invisalign and there are some orthodontists who only do Invisalign But then the trade-off is it's easier to brush and floss but you gotta get Billy Bob to wear his darn aligners.

Elisa: Right there's more of a compliance aspect with aligners than there are with brackets.

Howard: Yeah any other thoughts for hygienists?

Elisa: Oh I would just say like take if you're looking to get out of the OP I guess specifically just take every opportunity you have like I would help out in trade shows when I was in hygiene school and made a lot of great connections and I would I wrote for today's RDH for a little bit so just trying to network and push yourself out there.

Howard: and who is today's RDH?

Elisa: That's Kara RDH

Howard: That's what

Elisa: Kara RDH so Kara röszke she has today'sRDH and dental hygiene with Kara.

Howard: I just posted them one of her articles the other day on that at USC admissions scandal showed up in that scandal and I always have mixed feelings because if I if I post at the dentists all want to know about and they all talk about it but then you said 80/20 you always get 20% of your tribe saying hey why do you call out a dentist who did something bad and I really I almost I never do it outside of dentaltown I mean I don't do it on Facebook or Twitter Instagram or things like that but the reason I do it on the inside is because I don't want my homies living in a bubble. I mean I wouldn't dentists to know that if you cheat Medicaid you might get arrested and go to jail if you do weird stuff I mean so there's two hundred and eleven thousand Americans have a active license today to practice dentistry in the United States so they're constantly running into the law but she called him out I didn't have the guts to but I read her article about that I'm telling you. Is she a friend of yours?

Elisa: Yeah we are friends.

Howard: Tell her to come on the show.

Elisa: Yeah for sure.

Howard: I love it a lot of people think well I didn't think you want me on shows I'm with another magazine it's like I've never met a dentist that only reads dentaltown, every dentist and hygienist I know reads how many how many magazines do you read?

Elisa: Oh my gosh probably like ten.

Howard: I know for dentistry today who cares who cares I mean you're right if you're doing anything in dentistry that helps my homies, I'm all for you.

Elisa: Yeah

Howard:  I don't care but Today's RDH that's funny you said I guess I just post her yesterday yeah if you try to get your chin to USC or Harvard do not buy a broker that's that's not gonna go over well they have to do good on their SAT scores by themselves but the one thing I really that she said that you really ought to think about is you started doing trade boosts and I always called dentistry the Hotel California once you check in you'll never go to all these conventions and you see someone working at Denmet and five or ten years later that didn't work out there over at Cure, Ivoclar, Dannaher. I mean they always say in dentistry. So dentistry is must be a really cool profession because once you check in never really leave.

Elisa: Yes

Howard: and a lot of a lot of them people in the dental industry that thought on they didn't like it or was too hard or wasn't profitable so hard to make a living they left that industry went into something else oh my god they're back in a year. They thought that grass is not greener on the other side. I mean they can't make it and find success and happiness and money in dentistry well what industry are you gonna go to yeah maybe you can't make it here is this kind of like a protected Game Reserve and if you can't make it in dentistry my god good luck in real estate condos cars construction I mean good a good luck in the in mining in agriculture it's you know so any other advice?

Chris: I'll just say from my two cents like I've working on the marketing team at Quip than having Elisa's involvement with the marketing side of things and making sure that the messages that were relaying to professionals is isn't just like the right way to say it but like we're saying the right thing if they make sense and having the hygiene perspective is so valuable that I would encourage like Elisa's was saying that the hygienist who may be interested who may never even considered it who might be interested and we're helping with any of the slew of dental companies out there like find their voice is imperative and helpful and so I would strongly encourage them to like reach out if there's like a dental related company that's outside OP that might be of interest to them like can find out if they could use your help because I'm off tonight but they could so.

Howard: and tell your founder and CEO Simon Enever E never does he go by E never or Enever, are you should E never because he is one of those i internet words one of those memories more there's all these e when the internet popped out in like nineteen ninety-four half the internet company started with e but anyway and Jeremy Krell is Krell your dentist from my Boston he's on your team.

Chris: Yeah director of dental at Quip.

Howard: Yeah well tell tell both those guys they should come on the show.

Chris: Yeah I'm happy too.

Howard: Tell them you just warmed up to water made way for them but thank you so much.

Chris: Thank you, likewise.

Howard: For coming on the show and it was an honor and a privilege the pleasure to podcast you guys.

Elisa: Thank you 


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