Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1121 Airway Dentistry, Hemp Dentistry, and Capati Dental with Albert Capati, DMD : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1121 Airway Dentistry, Hemp Dentistry, and Capati Dental with Albert Capati, DMD : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Albert Capati is a general dentist in Springfield, IL where he owns two practices: one for general dentistry and one for sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint disorders. 

VIDEO - DUwHF #1121 - Albert Capati, DMD

AUDIO - DUwHF #1121 - Albert Capati, DMD

Dr. Capati is also a musician, singing in several cover bands since 2012.  He has appeared in several Springfield musical theater productions.  He likes to make dental themed parody music videos for YouTube.

Dr. Capati started taking hemp oil for better sleep in 2017, but soon found out that it had properties that were perfect for dentistry.  After not finding much information on the use of cannabidiol (CBD) in dentistry, Albert created the Facebook Group “Hemp Oil in Dentistry”.  He is currently creating a website,, to help dentists implement hemp products in their practices, and plans to start speaking about the use of cannabis in dentistry.  In his first stint as a dental speaker, Albert was a finalist in Dentistry’s Got Talent, a competition put on by Smiles at Sea back in September 2018.

Howard: It is just a huge honor for me today to be podcasting interviewing Albert Capati, who's a general dentist in Springfield, Illinois where he owns two practices. One for general dentistry and one for sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint disorders. Dr. Capati is also a musician singing in several cover bands since 2012, he has appeared in Springfield musical theater productions. He likes to make dental themed parody music videos for YouTube, man send me all those and I'll post them all.

Albert: Okay

Howard: Yeah just email all of them to me Dr. Capati started taking hemp oil for better sleep in 2017 but soon found out that it had properties that were perfect for dentistry. After not finding much information on the use of cannabidiol which is CBD in dentistry. Albert created the Facebook group Hemp Oil and Dentistry, he is currently creating a website to help dentist implement health products in their practices and plans to start speaking about the use of cannabis in dentistry. In his first stint as a dental speaker Albert was a finalist and Dentristry’s Got Talent a competition put on by Smiles at Sea back in September 28th. Man thank you so much for coming on the show

Albert: Thanks for having Howard

Howard: You know when I first started hearing about medical marijuana and then it became recreational marijuana the first thing I was thinking is mostly when I got mainstream in Colorado is that somebody could really do a lot of marketing for dentistry because everybody that I know that's from a university that does research on the macro of the United States and dentistry they always consistently find that it's about two markets half buys on price and half is afraid of the dentist and you get any dentist that starts up bringing in our anesthesiologists and putting people to sleep, those are the guys doing all the big cases and I'm so excited that I finally found a dentist come on my show then talk about marijuana and dentistry. Do you want to start there or I know you do so many other things but let's start with the most controversial thing since. When I was a little kid my little brother was gay and the whole society you know they didn't think much of that and if you got caught drinking Jack Daniels they would help you home but if you got caught smoking marijuana you'd be in jail and now I'm a grandpa and gay people can get married and you can buy pot and so what I tell the young Millennials is that you know these social transformations are done a generation at time so you're not going to change people's minds. You know so when you're 25 you think the world is gonna change the next day and then when you're 56 you're oh I see these changes take decades and decades and generations. So I cannot believe I am sitting here 31 years out of dental school and you can actually say marijuana and dentistry in the same sentence. So tell us your journey about marijuana.

Albert: Actually I've never taken marijuana myself, I grew up really straight-laced what I do in dentistry is actually hemp, hemp is a little different than marijuana. Hemp doesn't have any of the THC in it and that's that's the thing that actually gets you high. So yeah I've actually not taking marijuana and I'm not giving marijuana to my to my patients but I am learning quite a bit about it and I think there is quite a lot of applications in it but I prefer not to get the high not to give the patient's the high and just go straight for the anxiolytics effects and the pain effects and the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.

 Howard: Did you say anxiolytics

Albert: Yeah well anxiety, less anxious that's what I generally use it mostly for when I give my patients when their really really scared of the dentist and they're coming in to me at the first time I you know I asked them well do you think you need anything to help you with your anxiety and obviously they say yes all the time and I say well have you heard about hemp oil have you heard of CBD. It's kind of like marijuana but more but you don't get the high from it and they generally say yeah I've heard of it or I know someone who's taking it and yeah I'd like to try it and they usually they try it and then they're relaxed. It's working for me better than nitrous oxide.

Howard: No kidding better than nitrous oxide. Now I grew up in Kansas and on all the railroads there were hemp plants growing because that's how they made rope and so I mean when I was little I mean you couldn't walk a mile down a railroad without finding hemp plants growing wild both sides. So the hemp that makes rope is what you're using to get the CBD but you're not necessarily looking for the type of hemp that grows THC?

Albert: Right so hemp as a definition has THC in it but at low levels at 0.3% or less so if it has more than that it can't be called Hemp. So you can't really get high off the pan you'd have to actually probably smoke a football field worth of it in order to to get the amount of THC you need to get high. So their's marijuana and their's hemp, their's two different sides of the plant they're like kind of cousins to each other but they've been lumped together as in the DEA and FDA. So they're all lumped together as a class category one so you can't it says that the VA says it doesn't have any beneficial effects and it's highly addictive and but it's none of that. So yeah I think and right now there's a farm bill that's being it's on president Trump's desk right now waiting to be signed that's going to actually define hemp and marijuana as two different things and it's going to legalize hemp all across the board and so hemp is going to be back to like a cash crop again. It's going to be just like corn, soybeans, cotton all the states will be able to grow it. yeah so that's right that's on president Trump's desk right now waiting to be signed.

Howard: and do you think he's gonna sign it?

Albert: He's been for it, we're waiting any day now. It passed the Senate and then it passed the House last week or the week before and no just last week and it's been on his desk since Monday .

Howard: and what's gonna happen if he signs it?

Albert: If he signs it then it's gonna be taken off of Schedule one as a drug. It's not going to be  classified as a drug anymore, marijuana still will be but hemp will not be and all the cannabinoids CBD CBG all the other cannabinoids in the hemp plant are going to be totally legal to be able to made in a product sold across state lines. Hemp as a crop is going to be eligible for crop insurance that's been a it's been big. Also you're going to be able to just grow it, all farmers will be able to grow it just like they would corn and soybeans.

Howard: So you're just refer to that CBD I mean you are a cannabinoid is that how you mention it in your marketing pieces?

Albert: I will be now because the legality of it but if I said CBD before then I'd be drawing a lot of attention to myself.

Howard:  but that's marketing though I mean every Fred joy always says everything is marketing, gosh if you were in Springfield and you're that the hemp dentist I mean you're inserting a website is it up yet?

Albert: It is but all it is is the landing page for a email list right now but yeah if I  can do hemp fine they're hemp products everywhere there's beauty products and stuff out there and it's being being sold right now. So hemp and hemp seeds have been legal for for for a while now but if you say CBD, so I had a square account you know how you get credit cards through you get payments through credit cards through square, everything was fine until I labeled one of my products as CBD and then they just cancelled my account with them without any notice. So yeah as soon as I put CBD that got flagged but I have hemp everywhere but

Howard: Which I got it I don't do a pull out a little lesson for the young kids. Sometimes in your practice this happens a lot when you're young, they know you're green and naive and you're taking credit cards and some patient will come in they'll get a cleaning they'll get their fillings done they'll say oh by the way doctor I have this home business and I don't do enough sales to get a credit card clearance if I can use your credit card terminal I'll give you 25% of the sales okay once the bank finds out that you did something like that you're gonna lose your credit card terminal. The way they keep credit card fraud down to three percent or less is through massive massive focusing on who's taking the credit cards and the reason that person can't get a credit card terminal is because something really shady is going on and I probably know of about five dentists in the last 30 years that lost their credit card privileges because they were running stuff through for other people and it's all over your contract which you never read because you're a dentist and when you were taking physics and chemistry you learned everything about law and real estate and marketing and advertising but damn it don't ever clear a credit card for someone else because once your practice can't take a credit card it's gonna have a material impact on your deal. So what are you using the CBD of the you're not calling a CBD what are you calling in that now?

Albert: Well it's hemp oil and it's just a oil that's been extracted from the hemp plant. It's a full spectrum so it's the whole plant not just a isolate of it. They're not just grabbing the CBD they're grabbing the entire plant and making it into an oil.

Howard: and does it have THC in it?

Albert: It would have miniscule THC if it's from the hemp plant, you can get CBD oil if you say CBD oil you gotta have kind of differentiate you can have CBD that's from hemp or CBD that's from marijuana, so marijuana derived CBD oil would have THC in it and you would have some psychoactive properties that but hemp derived CBD oil will not have any THC in it. So the one that I'm always asked, am I going to test positive on a drug test if I take this and if you stick to hemp derived CBD products and like the one that I use in my practice and I tell doctors just to use Zilis Ultra Cell  they won't. No one's ever tested positive from taking Ultra Cell but you can test positive from marijuana derived CBD and you might test positive because this whole industry the whole CBD dietary supplements, that whole industry is very loosely regulated there's no regulations really on it so you can put anything on the label and even it might be miss representative of what you put inside the product. So their are cases where you had hemp derived CBD, the CBD and they've tested positive on it but so that's why you really have to pay attention to what product you have and where it's coming from, it has to be organic because it has a whole bunch of hemp as a plant just absorbs everything. So pesticide toxins in the soil, if it's not organic you're going to get all that and then once it's into an oil it's just going to get into your body and you're probably going to do your body worse than them better.

 Howard: Well it is crazy that we take the smartest children from America and we send them to chemical engineering school and they make these molecules that a grasshopper licks it at one part per million it just rolls over dead and then all those chemicals and pesticides end up in the food chain and it's crazy it's like you know I'm basically everyone I know there's a dentist around here like when they get fruit and vegetables if you peel it like an apple or banana or an orange they don't care but if you're not gonna peel and you're gonna eat it like a berry a strawberry of blackberry a blueberry they only buy organic.

Albert: Yeah now I'm like buying only organic and yeah I've seen enough documentaries to scare me off of anything that's Roundup ready.

Howard: Well it's so sad to me I mean our smartest people in America are making these compounds to kill you know ants, and flies, and that you know they don't realize that you know that you're gonna end up eating that. What's the dirty dozen and what's also as so many people try to think they're eating good they always talk about the Dirty Dozen of the filthiest stuff we eat and number one is strawberries number two spinach nectarines apples grapes peaches cherries pears tomatoes celery potatoes and sweet bell peppers and god only knows what you're eating but yeah you just have to go to organic and it's also when I was little you know we all knew the seasons of the fruit like leaves to get excited when kids come to school and say oh the strawberries are blossoming and then a couple weeks there oh yeah grandpa says we're gonna be able to pick over to it you would say but for like Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas but now that you have this year-round here where no one knows the seasons. So I'm the imagine if Halloween was every night it wouldn't really be a trick or a treat I mean if you had Thanksgiving dinner every Thursday it really wouldn't be anything to look forward to and I really think it was better when all these things were organic, all these things were seasonal and the best way to just like start drooling when you think of strawberries is having to wait for it to come into season and then mom had loaded our seven kids in a station wagon, we pick them and that was just exciting as trick-or-treating you know because you couldn't eat him me around and when you're eating them year-round there's a price you're paying and it's dirty pesticide. So tell us about your journey how how did you go from a dentist to learning about CBD?

Albert: Yeah my mom was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, so my mom was having a lot of trouble sleeping she was get up getting up probably about five or six times a night and having a hard time getting back to sleep. So she has a friend who's an oncologist who was using that product ultra cell to kind of lower her blood pressure and she did a lot of research on and said well maybe you should take this and so gave her a bottle and my mom tried it for the first time and she slept all through the night the first night and so she's been taking it ever since.

Howard: and how would she take this is like a teaspoon of teaspoon a tablespoon it's in a jar? How do you...

Albert: Yeah there's a lot of different ways to do it, the one that I use that ultra cell actually have it right here it's an oil it's been made water-soluble for better absorption and I would just take about a milliliter of it I can take it right now, squirt that underneath your tongue and hold it there for like 30 seconds, I do it for a minute or as long as I can and then I'd swallow it and for my patients it pretty much takes two effects probably in about to two minutes two to five minutes and they're feeling much more relaxed though

Howard: Really so are people taking it for just anxiety like an anxiolytic drug? I mean are people you know people that have panic attacks or they don't like to go Christmas shopping because they're afraid they're gonna get a panic attack are people using it for that?

Albert: Yes definitely definitely they're using it for that using it for inflammations, arthritis that are using it for. Well but the two things that it's been proven to do there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that it does almost everything but anxiety and children with epilepsy. So it helps prevent seizures in kids that have epilepsy but it we have anecdotal evidence that our accounts that have said that it's good for chronic pain inflammation. I use it for my gout I get gout sometimes and when I take it the pain but less than halves and also the time period that I have it usually goes it goes away quicker headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, a lot of things. I can't say that it cures any other stuff because it's not FDA approved for any of that but man if you look up CBD and you put in anything, any disease you will find an article and account, comment you will find something about how it helped. So it's amazing how far-reaching it can do and I can we can explain it through the other you can't do a through the endocannabinoids system I can talk about that later but yeah keep you wanted to know how I got...

Howard: When you said you take it when you get gout, gout is an excess of uric acid and blood hyperuricemia and they think it's remaining too much meat poultry seafood why do you think you get gout what do you think causes it and how do you think CBD helps.

Albert: I get gout anytime I have a little too much to drink alcohol, so it collects my uric acid crystallizes the collects in my big toe or my ankle and I can't walk for a week.

Howard: So you must not be Irish we were born to drink America only has 14% alcoholics Ireland is 38% we only cut the only country that beats us Irish are the Russians at 40% and so how are you using it into your dental practice?

Albert: Okay so either I start let's say I meet the patient for the first time I'm doing a new patient interview and they put I have a questionnaire that says is there anything that makes you nervous about dentistry, gives you dental anxiety and if they check yes then I'm automatically asking them well have you tried hemp oil before have you heard of it and if they haven't then I don't doubt if they have but usually they are like go ahead and give me some but I can sell a small bottle to them, like a seven dose bottle and they can take it the night before get a good night's sleep come back. The good thing about it is that you can actually drive you can drive with it, I can do dentistry with it their's no in it's not inhibiting your movements or anything like that. So it's better than their like the benzodiazepines that we're prescribing because you don't have to arrange a ride for your patient they can drive to and from the office with it, but they can take it the night before get a good night's sleep they can take it maybe a couple of milliliters before coming in or before their appointment, right before the appointment usually takes about two to five minutes to settle in if you're using the products that I tell you and it lasts for the entire appointment actually a last is this stays in your body about 12 hours at least and so they're probably gonna get a really good night's sleep when they go home. So helps with their inflammation at the end of the appointment to the post-operative pain too, so it's perfect for dentistry.

Howard: Now is this on your website?

Albert: It should be, I am horrible but my

Howard: What is your website?

Albert: it should be on my website but I am awful at updating that

Howard: Then you got another one right

Albert: Yeah that's where I have a koala Center for sleep disorders yeah

Howard: and we had Ron on the show the founder of that Ron Wylie he was a episode number, he was number 576 Koala Sleep Centers with Ron Wylie with enough initials behind his name to fill up a few alphabets. So you have two different practices, you've got a dental and then you have a koala Center talk to, how's that going for you how's that journey?

Albert: Oh the airway journey has been amazing, I'm by learning all the relationship is being airway and teeth I'm finding out everything I did wrong in the past 15 years I've done dentistry. I think their was another airway dentist that was on your reach show recently I think it was actually Dr. Gelb had a good show with you guys but yeah

Howard: Who was it?

Albert: It was it doctor Dr. Gelb

Gelb, Yeah. So how do you how do you split your, are the two centers in the same building?

Albert: I'm trying to merge the two but I actually bought an existing koala from another doctor that's here so this is actually a different building. So I work at Capati Dental from Monday through Thursday morning and then at lunchtime I Drive over to koala and see patients Thursday and Friday.

Howard: So how far part of these practices?

Albert: Well at Springfield a small town so I would say eight minute drive from one to the other

Howard: and you think it's good to separate them instead of putting them all under one roof you like to having two physical locations there's advantages and disadvantages

Albert: The advantages are that I'm separated from my dental practice that has my name on it so like if I get any referrals from other dentists it's a little bit easier to do it because they don't feel usually they wouldn't feel comfortable sending their sleep stuff to another general dentist. I do my best to not steal any patients from other general dentists but yeah that's definitely an advantage of having them separate but I've got my cone beam at my dentist's I don't want to I don't want to buy another cone beam at my second practice I have my laser at my mind I could use a lot of these big equipment items at both places but they're only physically able to be at one so I'm truly I really trying to merge the two next year.

Howard: You are gonna merge them next year?

Albert: I would like to so like have to in the same building I own my building at Kapaa t dental so I can just make room for it makes them make some minor changes to layout and then get them both in the same same building.

Howard: So what is it like practicing in Springfield now and there's actually 33 cities in 25 33 cities and 25 stage called Springfield that is just crazy so 36 Springfield Township so in the what is that cartoon The Simpsons and what city is it in?

Albert: There in Springfield they had a competition a few years ago then get which state can send in the most votes to make it official which state they belong to I think from Vermont won it was very disappointing oh the whole Springfield Illinois community was very sad about not getting the official but we know it's really Springfield Illinois in our hearts.

Howard: Well you know and this makes sense to me if you look at all them all the marathons around the world they're always in the biggest cities so where's the biggest cities where the biggest river met the ocean. So all the marathons are in these big cities at sea level no that's why the Kenyans kill it, yes Kenya is 6,000 feet above the ground so they're training a mile I and then when it's race time they come down to sea level and then they've got more oxygen carrying red blood cells and Lance Armstrong did on his best doping bike run and just all naturally. I see that more and more in Arizona where a week before the big race people will drive up to Flagstaff and they'll go workout on the top of the mountain free at 12,000 feet. You know you'll also see an agent and in these fights when they'll have them in Mexico City and these people don't understand the elevation and they'll get to Mexico City two weeks before the fight and then during the fight they just have zero energy. So what would you tell someone who wants to get into sleep medicine, because it's so tough that they don't get any training on it in school and it's so hard to keep up with everything in endo. I mean look what the endodontists are doing and then to turn around and say they're gonna get into place the implants I mean God just think of all the knowledge it takes to do implants, bone grafting, sinus lifts, all that stuff and then when people start thinking well I'm gonna get into the ortho market I'm gonna start doing Invisalign just now that you know everything an orthodontist knows and then all sudden they'll say well I want to learn to sleep apnea, it's like dude you can't master everything. So are you so you're doing sleep so does that mean you're not doing ortho Invisalign or you're not placing implants or is there anything you moved off the table to make room for sleep or are you really just doing it all?

Albert: I haven't gotten implants yet but I want to, yeah I want to learn everything right now. So actually good story, before I did sleep I have sleep apnea myself. I didn't know how bad until I treated myself so I made myself herps the purpose of mine is actually rod Dr. Willey made it for me and we treated my sleep apnea and I brought the same time I was taking hemp oil I started to take hemp oil. So my health just took a jump shot, it just shot up my health, I lost about 15 pounds, I had more energy, I was in such good sleep and my staff just saw a change in me, in my brain flipped on and I just wanted to learn everything. So I learned everything about sleep, not everything there's always something to learn but I learned a lot about it that took me to the ASBA connection be American Sleeping Breathing Academy convention in Las Vegas. I learned about the fotona laser and how it treats sleep apnea with with the process called night lace. I just took that course last weekend I took a Six Month Smiles course for orthodontics about about a month ago. I'm learning all I can about biologic and holistic dentistry right now because their's, I want to get into ozone and so many other things it's just just a rabbit hole that is went in and now I just want to learn everything though and now I learned all I can about the the endocannabinoids system and the about cannabinoids. I'm trying to learn more about marijuana because there's definitely applications. I have a friend out in Jersey Nicole Greco she's starting to do dental lectures about about marijuana and terpenes in dentistry also so there's also Dr. Chris Hammer he's doing a lot of lectures on the endocannabinoids system and he uses the same hemp oil that I use though he's a good source but their's so many people learning and I'm meeting so many wonderful people on this journey. So the one that connected me with you Dr. Vik the cartel you know he's just started taking it himself and not himself his son I think he has, maybe actually leave it for him to talk about but his family is benefiting from taking it and he's really starting to pour it on as far as learning all about it and he's picking my brain almost every day.

Howard: You know that Americans Sleep and Breathing Academy talked about they're headquartered right out here in Phoenix Arizona.

Albert: Yeah

Howard: So you said you went to a course there last week was it in Phoenix?

Albert: That was the ASBA I went to something in Las Vegas for earlier this year like in January they have their annual meeting that's where I learned about the laser and then I took courses but I was just in Phoenix recently let's see I was in Phoenix for Voices of Dentistry.

Howard: Oh yeah had that out there but by the time they told me about it I was already speaking two days. One day was yeah I had two lectures but what was even stranger is both of those lectures were in town. I think one was in Tempe and one was at Mesa one was a dental school one was something else but are they doing the voices what is it called Voices of Dentistry podcast DoD?

Albert: Voices of Dentistry Summit and it's in Phoenix I think it's in end of January this come coming up, yeah unfortunately this is gonna be the first time yes it was it was in Nashville the first time and then they moved over to Phoenix I believe and they're gonna have it at Phoenix for next year and then a year afterward I believe it's a great convention.

Howard: So were you there because you're a podcaster or you just want to listen to the podcasting people?

Albert: Two years ago I went on a whim because I heard

Howard: That was what it was in Nashville?

Albert: Yeah Nashville I went because T-bone, Tarun Agarwal. I heard his podcast and I'm like I need to meet this guy, I heard he's gonna be there and I think he was I make I found out about like a week before and it's in Nashville it said it's a long drive for me but I went ahead and just took that took the weekend and drove down there and I met oh gosh I met so many great people, Anissa Holmes, Glenn Vo from Nifty-Thrifty, I met dr. Drew Burns he's got that fee for fee-for-service podcast going. So many good people and then they'd have it again it was even bigger in Phoenix. It's good even it's gonna get so big they were back then there was only like in the first one there was like I don't know maybe like 20 dental podcast out there now I have no idea how many.

Howard: Their are 60 that uploaded on the Dentaltown app and that's what's really cool because these people have an hour commute each way to work and they so I mean you take like T-bone I mean he puts out a podcast, I love T-bone by the way T-bone and Sameer Puri are the only two dentists that I ever went to partnership with and we didn't even have a contract and that was so cool we were partners for ten years with the townie meeting and never even had a contract, I love those guys but yeah if you but you know most people put out a podcast you know maybe once a week or once a month and these people want a podcast on an hour commute to work an hour commute home they need like ten hours a week and there's now if you go to the Dentaltown app, their's a quarter million dentists on Dentaltown and sixty-five thousand have downloaded the app, but it's about a thousand more downloads a month and 60 different minutes. I mean all the ones you just mentioned Doctor Demographics, The Freedom Blueprint, Operatory Podcast, Dental Implant Practices, Delivering Wow, The Dental Amigos, Drive Your Practice, Dental Implants, the P at Rideau, I mean Dental Realest Podcast, Dental Experience, T-bone Space, love him dentistry I mean it just goes on and on and on. It's so cool because you know they're getting ready to work in if they're going to work and they're really scared because they got a molar endo well they can find 20, 30 different podcasts for an hour speaking on just molar endo or if they're gone they're thinking about buying a laser like you bought a laser they can listen to the CEO of the company. Let's talk about that laser because those are big decisions. You went to the American Society no Americans sleep and breathing Association Convention in Vegas and you bought who walked with a fotona laser, how much did that cost you?

Albert: Oh it's 80,000 plus.

Howard: Ok but for you kids, you didn't buy it you didn't pay eighty thousand dollars for it which would be a balance sheet numbers. What balances your cash your assets equal to your liabilities money, did you pay eighty thousand or did you sign up for a 60 month lease?

Albert: I sign up for a lease then it was also deferred for a year for first payment so

Howard: So how long was the lease okay what's the lease payment?

Albert: The lease payment Wow it hasn't been my year yet so I haven't got it down but I'm sorry I should know this but I don't.

Howard: Its okay because I'm trying to teach you no MBA school stuff to these guys so your balance sheet is your asset equals the liability you owe minus the equity you have into it but nobody but if you don't go by 80,000 on a balance sheet number it's a cash flow statement. So let's say the payment it just so easy number say there's a thousand dollars a month well if someone puts an $80,000 asset into your practice and you only have to pay a thousand dollars a month say first sixty months back and then generate and say that you generate two thousand dollars of procedures then you did your return on assets fine but you just returned you just increase your return on equity so do are you doing procedures with your Fontana laser that equal or exceed your coming laser payment someday?

Albert: Yes I'm sure I will, I will be doing the night lays and the smooth lays all the cosmetic stuff thats going on with it. Yeah it's gonna pay for itself definitely.

Howard: So you bought the Fotona lightwalker dental laser.

Albert: Yeah Fotona

Howard: Yes its a play on the word foton, fotona. So what do you, what kind of laser is it? What got you excited about it? What are you gonna do with it?

Albert: I got into it because of the the Night lays procedure treating snoring and sleep apnea with it.

Howard: but tell them how you treat storing and sleep apnea with the laser.

Albert: Well you use a light Walker is a combination of two lasers you have the erbium YAG laser and the nd-yag laser and basically you're treating the soft palate and the uvula you're shrinking it so that there's more airway and you're making it more firm by encouraging the production of collagen in that airway. If they've got a really good story behind how it began if you if you have time.

Howard: Yeah talk about it we have time, but yeah the reason I want to talk about is you know people dentists don't care if they're gonna try a new bonding agent for you know a hundred bucks but when they start making an $80,000 decision and I can tell because on Dentaltown I know what my homies are doing. I mean there's a quarter million people in there, they you know they post a couple thousand times a day and what I see is you know half the market just comes on today's active topics you see what everyone's talking about but then you see this other group of people well they'll go do a search like cad/cam or a laser or CBCT and they'll read for hours and hours and hours. So there's a real difference between I gotta wait ten minutes for a hygiene check so I'm gonna pull out my iPhone and pop up Dentaltown and read for ten minutes versus it's ten o'clock at night and you're reading for two hours. Well why because it's an $80,000 decision you know it's a serious decision when you're gonna buy a CBCT, a laser, a CAD CAM. So since my homies you know listen to you that might be thinking of spending eighty thousand bucks on a laser hell yeah man talk, take it take us through the journey what were you thinking?

Albert: So this started out as a laser we started they started using it in gynecology to do it's called itra lays vaginal rejuvenation have you ever heard of this making things tighter down there to improve sexual pleasure.

Howard: I have not heard of that okay

Albert: Yeah use a laser to basically using a yep firming up the tissue and shrinking the tissue goes down down there to make things tighter. Well there was a gynecologists convention and they had two speakers that were in one room that we're talking about the photon of laser and one snored really bad so they both had it really bad night the first night they were there. So they decided to use that laser that treated, that did vaginal rejuvenation then they tried to use it on the soft palate and uvula and it worked they didn't snore the next night. So I just had it done to myself during the training I volunteered as a guinea pig I the reason why I'm so passionate about sleep apnea because I have it myself I have an a each I of like 45, so I stopped breathing for 10 seconds at a time 45 times an hour and just had this done and with a night layes procedure you have it done three times about 21 days apart. So just from the first treatment my snoring went down probably about 80% through it.

Howard: So if you google laser labiaplasty Arizona there is a guy down here and when you said that I'm going to say who it was but I did have dinner with a woman dentist who was one who's gonna be in Scottsdale because she was going to this laser labiaplasty guy in Scottsdale, Arizona and I said what is that all about and she basically did not like the look of her labia and this guy specializes in labia, I just thought it was fascinating I mean I can't believe that people like or don't like what their labia looks like and the number one cut plastic surgery in America is eyelid surgery. I still have never met a woman and thought her eyelid could be right or wrong I just it's amazing how people are they're the most critical of themselves. So man if you think something's wrong with your eyelids or your labia I would that's just to me that's just wow.

Albert: Well I'll be taking advantage of that want that need with the laser because you can do a lot of cosmetic procedures intra orally that would affect the face, like actually this is Dentistry Uncensored so yeah I'm gonna go ahead and say we can actually dentists can cure a resting bitch face. Do you know what resting bitch face is?

Howard: I do not.

Albert: Okay you know how sometimes when someone's just relaxed and their muscles in their face just kind of drooped down a little bit and form this, it looks like they're mad. When they're just relaxed so that's what's resting bitch face is you. You like yeah someone just not trying to smile or anything but they're not unhappy but just by the way their muscles relax it makes them look like they're mad. Look up resting bitch face you'll find some examples of that but but with the Fotona laser we can actually you know plump up the lips a little bit we can get rid of these lines on the corners of your nose and the corners of your mouth.

Howard: Who's the leader of this group, who's done the most cases lecturing on it?

Albert: Dr. Shiffman oh my gosh what's his first name, Shiffman down in Florida Boynton Laser Center. Harvey Shiffman I was mixing up I always want to say Howard because I'm talking to Howard right now it's  Harvey Shiffman.

Howard: No it was bitch face that made me think of Howard. Harvey Shiffman and he's a DDS in Florida.

Albert: Yeah at the Boynton Laser Dental Center, he taught a course he actually developed a lot of the cosmetic procedures and so he's an excellent I really enjoyed his lecture.

Howard: So we're using this for hard tissue and soft tissue?

Albert: Yeah I could cut through enamel if I wanted too.

Howard: Because the one that was the one thing I see what one of the one of the guys that was the pioneer of lasers who was the pioneer laser for children's dentistry out of Chicago... yeah Frank it was episode number 107. I'm so glad I got him on the first 100 he was the star wars of dentistry of Fred Margolis and he passed we've actually had people who've been on this show I was able to catch Fred Margolis it was pioneered lasers in pediatric dentistry, Bob Ibson who founded Denmat and all those Carl Misch implant pioneer. It's always sad when someone i'd podcast interview passed away but i say I still think on these hard tissue lasers the dead giveaway the obvious is pediatric dentistry, I mean number one sealants don't work because you take technology where you have to etch enamel and put on a bonding agent to enamel. Well you're not bonding to enamel you're bonding to pits and fissures fill with just crap and junk and cookie and tartar and plaque and any research that you look on sealants half of them fail the first year and they're all gone in two years and then you only get the little sealant fee of like 25, 35, 40 dollars but would you run that laser over them without a shot you clean out all the pits and fissures now your acid etching enamel and dentin and by the way when you clean out a fissure, Gordon Christensen and I we talked about that stuff in a podcast. I guess when Gorden when I use micro air abrasion and or and you clean out the pit and fissure on any primary molar just right up to rub and you get it all cleaned up you're always in denton. So when you do the sealant to pit and fissure it fills a bunch of crap it's a sealant that's bonded to Oreo cookie and plaque and tartar and it's all gonna fail any or two but when you clean it all out now you're on dentin now you have the survival rates of an occlusal composite and you have the billing fee of occlusal composite. I've got four boys and they made five grandchildren, none of my five grandchildren have or gonna have sealants they're gonna get preventive resin restorations they're gonna get all those pit and fissures cleaned out we read all the junk out of there and then put that resin on them like say I don't know how I don't know anybody who can clean out the pits and fissures on a permanent tooth and not be in denton I mean it is just mind-blowing so and then you don't have to give a shot right and so people say well it's slower, yeah but you don't have to give a shot which happens America's afraid about then you don't they let it soak in you just go right to work and then who brings the child to the pediatric dentist, mom. I don't care if you're a female monkey or a bonobos gorilla chimpanzee or ain't a female Apes and monkeys talk five times so every time a male does so now this female ape Homo Sapien brings in her baby you don't give it a shot you pull out the Star Wars laser you do the whole thing the kid never she tells everyone she's all over facebook. I mean you know they talk, their talkers and so I think that Fontana I think a hard tissue laser when you tell me you're a pediatric dentist and you don't have a hard tissue laser I'm scratching my head go back and listen to Fred Margolis he was which show 107 and my gosh what a legacy he behind. Go back and watch that show. So what are you do so you're using the Fontana for sleep are you doing it are you using what else using it for?

Albert: I use it for endo, cleaning out the canal is a lot better with the sweeps method, you can use it for perio quite similar to the LANAP procedure, you can use it for yeah definitely for kids kids are awesome, I will bring this thing in and I say this is our R2D2 and you're like oh yeah Star Wars and we're gonna fight cavity bugs  we're gonna fight how many bugs with lasers whoo kids get excited about that and I can you know, he can be on my team we're fighting cavity bugs in his in his mouth and instead of him like saying ow the drill hurt, they're engaged and they're cooperating with me. So ever since we got the laser kids have been a lot easier and gosh Springfield needs dentists that can treat kids. We just lost, we just had two pediatric dentists retire in the last couple years, so we have like one. Yeah so it's been great for there's so many applications for this it's; we need to get a Harvey Schiffman on your under show to talk about the Fotona laser...

Howard: and by the way none of these deals commercials on did, to come on the show did I call you or do you call me? well I emailed I emailed you.

Albert: Yeah

Howard: Yeah and I was referred by the podcast by Vick yeah how do you say his last name again?

Albert: Martel's

Howard: Yeah Vick and so this isn't a commercial for Fotona or lasers, nobody pays me to come on the show, I don't pay anybody come on, no money change hands. This is just me talking to my homies and I think it's exciting but it reminds me of a chewing out I got by Gordon Christensen who's like 80 years old he's god a dentistry, he has two sons that are dentists and I'm the same age as his two sons. So that's a relationship he really is a father figure to so many of us and I wrote this article called laser where L.A.S.E.R. stands for I set up Laser business stands for light amplification stimulation emission or radiation or losing all savings equal reality and this was from back in the day and I said it was a waste of money and Gordon called me up and he to me I said look out he goes these guys you know the patients are stressed dentistry is stressful they got to do surgery with their hands so you have to deal with staff and insurance and all these things like that and burnout is a huge problem. He said if these guys get excited if they go buy a laser or say they buy a CAD/CAM or let's say they decide they're gonna get into sleep apnea medicine and they think it's hardly likely people to get into TMJ most people to get it on TMJ I mean the TMJ is not even 1% of their practice revenue but the thing is they're going to conventions, they're sitting next to dentist they're getting fired up they got something new to think about, it's not always money it's always you know avoid burnout and you know and I saw that with my four boys, say you put him in the bathtub with no toys they're all jumping out you put him in a toy in a bathtub with all kinds of boats and trucks and balls and all that they stay in there all day as long you know. So the bottom line is I think and laser that we haven't he talked about marketing the minute I mean I know some dentists you buy a laser and it's on all their marketing pieces laser dentists. Like you got it you got a have a unique selling proposition what is it what makes you different than everyone else and every dentist is the same you're all a commodity so then they shop on price like when you go get gas you don't care of gas came from Alaska or Saudi Arabia. So you come up to the intersection there's three gas stations and one's five cents cheaper the other people just go in there. When all the dentists are the same they just get their PPO they get their Medicaid or access they just go wherever they go but half shops on price the other half doesn't and they're like oh my god this guy's gonna touch me he's gonna do surgery I don't like shots I'm afraid and then they see laser dentistry just I mean it's the one piece of equipment where you're just like associated with Star Wars and not Fred Flintstone. Fred Flintstone did not use a laser and I watched every episode of that as a kid so I think it's a marketing thing sounds like you just when you're talking about it you're you're happy you're smiling you're you know so you know what if you have to buy something for a hundred grand that makes you run twenty red lights on the way to work buy it because what's the flip side of that you hate dentistry you want to retire you want to get out you know and

Albert: I was there I was burned out about 4 years ago I didn't want I I was just going nowhere and then

Howard: So what year did you get out of school?

Albert: 2002

Howard: 2002 and this is 2018 so four years ago 2014 so basically after a decade. So after a decade of doing dentistry, why do you think you got burned out?

Albert: I wasn't changing I wasn't keeping up the times, I wasn't taking CE, I was my back was hurting and yeah I wanted to get out. My back was hurting so much that that's what kind of drew me to sleep because I knew I wouldn't have to be drilling so much. So but after I started treating my sleep and taking the CBD my back's fine I'm good, I have this renewed interest in dentistry. My body's healed and yeah I wouldn't be this smiling dentist that you see in front of you if like four years ago when I was miserable wasn't making much money and just yeah just working and not doing anything and then I also have my music to fall back on. I'm in several bands.

Howard: Now you say you're a singer song I'm calling bullshit you got it you gotta sing me something right now to prove to me and my homies that you really know how to sing

 Albert: Oh my god

Howard: Belt me something, oh by the way who's the guy who they say replaced Michael Jackson for all that Marco Bruno?

Albert: Bruno Mars

Howard: Bruno Mars are you a fan of Bruno Mars?

Albert: Oh yeah he part filipino too so we could be brothers.

Howard: Yeah that will they I mean the people at Rolling Stone and the you know the people that take music is serious as we do dentistry they say he's the heir apparent of Michael Jackson so can you can you sing one line of Bruno Mars?

Albert: Yeah lets do this.

Howard: Alright alright

Albert: (Singing)

Howard: That is awesome. Now have you tried singing that and then shining the Fotona laser back on your throat and uvula and then singing it again to see if it change the pitch after?

Albert: After the night layes procedure I was a little worried that my voice would change but I think it actually probably got better I can hit lower notes better than I did before so but it's so far away from the vocal cords that it probably didn't really have too much of effects but yeah I was a little worried that.

Howard: Well I know that singing is not subjective because I knew when I was little and you sing too loud at church, you know your people said next to you are like you know tone it down you know but when I had my babies I had my first baby I had a little Eric he couldn't even have been six months old I don't know how old he was six baby and I was rocking him and I was singing and he reached out put his hand over my mouth and said daddy no I thought damn if a human under one knows you can't sing you must really really suck at singing I thought this guy he I don't think he'd even heard of any it was crazy but that's what I knew that singing was not subjective singing is a real thing you're either good at it like you are you suck at it like me. So I can't believe what we did our hour that's our brand an hour on the show yeah so last I want to leave is on you just entered something that's really serious that's burn out this it's a huge problem in dentistry. What would your advice be I'm gonna ask you to advise but it's a second the last one this one what advice would you give to somebody reading this say man I just I hate driving to work, I wish I wouldn't have been a dentist, I wish I could do something else, maybe I should get a different career. What would you say to someone burned out?

Albert: I would say find something that you actually like about it and learn about it and then get rid of the stuff that you don't like about it I mean I don't know I found I did it by finding something that was truly truly interesting to me and airway is fascinating and that just leads me to want to do dentistry to want to help change somebody's life. I can save people's lives by changing  their airway that that hits me more than then then solving somebody's toothache or or making them their smile a little better, that's great but saving someone's life oh my gosh that's and changing someone's life giving back the life like I had mine given back to me when I guide my sleep apnea treated now when I started taking hemp oil. Yeah find something that you're really passionate about inside dentistry yeah I guess if you can't find anything then maybe you should be in a different profession.

Howard: I had a friend that lived that practice just two miles straight down the street on 48 street, I'm on 48th street and Elliot and he told me that he'd rather be taken out in the backyard and beat with a stick than do a molar root canal. I said well dude there's 4,000 endodontists don't ever do one again because if that drives you because with humans the minute you do things you don't like to do for money or because you have to, it leads to disease every time. Disease, depression, burnout, like for me I mean I if I had to pick a specialty I would have just been an oral surgeon who just pulls wisdom teeth. I wouldn't even got into implant there's nothing in fact when people come in for for wisdom teeth extraction for me for 31 years if they fell through for finance or injured I say screwed I just pull them for free but if I had to be a pediatric dentist I would absolutely first become an alcoholic and then be the night manager a village in and make pancakes. I mean when I meet a pediatric dentist I'm just so happy that there's someone that batshit crazy enough that just wants to work on screaming crying children I get to be if they're kind of like the vets of Dentistry I mean a vet none of their patients can talk and a pediatric dentist I mean what can a three-year-old or a four-year-old really say to you but it's just fine what you're saying is remove what you don't like and replace it with something you like I mean with nine specialties in dentistry isn't there something you get into and I always tell them be a conductor, my favorite dentists of Phoenix the whole time I've been here was a lady who came from Germany and she didn't want to go back through dental school and the lawyer said yeah your license doesn't work but you can own a dental office. So she just owned a dental office so when you get into these big implant cases you can have you can just do the marketing you get the case diagnose it and then you can have a periodontist from the other side of town come in every Friday and place the implants, split it with them 50-50. While you learn anesthesiology when you can have the board-certified anesthesiologist come in your practice. I mean I know so many dentists that don't do anything and they make bank just running the show I mean I you know you don't want to learn how to place implants when your periodontist that'll come in your office once a month and do them that you know just but just get happy fine I think a lot of them dentist burnout is because they're afraid to fire toxic staff they think oh that's hygienist she's been here for ten years all the patients love her and they're driving to work to just get that pit in the subject never give person a dollar and payroll that you can't stand that you don't like that you don't want to see. I mean I was in this one dentist office and you could look out his window and he saw his hygienist pull up and she was gonna get out of those she's gonna come to the back door she's gonna walk right through my office so let's go and then we head off to the break room like you're hiding from your hygienist you give her $40 an hour and you're hiding from her. Fire her right now I'll fire her you can't you're not gonna have a fun bath with three people in there you can't stand or on the sandbox. I mean you want to I mean I drive to work and I'm thinking I can't wait to see my my team and each one is special for some way and then then there's other dentists driving to work wanting to hide from someone they can't stand.

Albert: I love my team and I did have exactly what you said the toxic hygienist I got we fired her this this year and everybody's so much happier from that and it's oh my gosh yeah I love my team my team is just just amazing I think that's exactly exactly;

Howard: What's so bizarre about dental office consultants do you know these dentists you know they're really thinking about whether they should buy an $80,000 for Fotona laser but they you never can get them to buy a $50,000 dental office consult I don't know what it is I've told them out a thousand times. The number one return investment getting a consultant but those consultants and we've had like every one of them on the show just go back and listen but they'll go into an office and within ten minutes they're like oh my god suzy is a malignancy and she's been in the office for five minutes and she's been on your payroll for five years. It's like I see that dental meetings I mean so many times I'm at a dental meeting and I'm like do you realize that when you're talking to me your assistant is behind you rolling her eyes.

Albert: Oh my gosh

Howard: Its like dude I don't even know her name she's rolling your eyes and then you're like are you and then they start making all these excuses of why you know they can't do anything that's like no. I mean that's what I love the NFL, the NFL how many interceptions do you have to throw before they bench you as a quarterback brutal. In the NBA the average player only has a three and a half year career. I mean the fans know it the commentators and when they've determined we are never going to win the Super Bowl with Bruno Mars as our quarterback they say fire they don't care if he's handsome and can sing

Albert: My Bears just clinched their division.

Howard: Your what

Albert: The Chicago Bears

Howard: The Chicago Bears oh yeah, their having a phenomenal year . Well I went to dental school in Kansas City and so I grew up in Kansas so I was a Chiefs fan all through growing up, wichita, all that. When I came out here when the Cardinals got here I switched but man the the Chiefs are having a phenomenal year too. So it's really a fun time to watch. but hey we are completely out of time we went ten minutes overtime thank you so much for coming on the show. I wish you would write an article about this because you're the rarest unicorn and this certainly I've been looking around for someone that could even say hemp. Hemp dentist. So yeah I mean I would love that anything to clear because it's it this is totally all new territory and it's gonna it's gonna be a long journey to get this information out. I guarantee you between 55 and 75 there's already probably 20,000 dentists out there that think any dentist that says the word hemp should have the license taken away, so yeah give us some more information, write an article ,online CE, whatever you want to do but let's get the word out.

Albert: People will hear more about it now I'm gonna be right there writing up we talked about podcast before and I'll be be starting a podcast on it it's gonna have a bunch of articles on it and join my facebook group that's the easiest thing to do hemp oil and dentistry. That'll get you a ton of information right from the get-go but yeah if you ever if you do want to start it doing it or just just call me just email me the everything's gonna be on the show notes right.

Howard: So do you want to go by Albert Capati or the Bruno Mars of Dentistry after that singing we're just gonna go with the Bruno Mars of dentistry, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Albert: Thank you

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