Domino Effect of Disease: The Mouth & IBD
Domino Effect of Disease: The Mouth & IBD
Peer-reviewed research is connecting the dots between food choices, inflammatory bowel diseases, and the bacteria in the mouth. There is a domino effect of disease I describe.
Alvin H Danenberg DDS

Dental Nutritional Counseling Program - "Evidence-Based"

Dental Nutritional Counseling Program - "Evidence-Based"

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I have been asked to share my in-office Dental Nutritional Counseling Program. I developed this evidence-based Program to be a continuing education course for dentists and hygienists. However, this Program is perfect for any healthcare facility. Also, any staff member could be trained to apply this Program. In fact, my Program could be effective for a family to institute in their home. It really is appropriate for anyone who desires to have a practical plan for their patients and family.

I never published my Dental Nutritional Counseling Program for a variety of reasons. Yet, many people who have heard about my Program have contacted me via social media and email. They wanted me to share it. So, I am offering it for FREE. This is one way for me to “give back” and “pay it forward”. 

I prepared the Program in the form of a PDF. If you are interested in the PDF, send me a personal email requesting it, and I will send it to you: I only request that you give me credit for my Program.

I believe I wrote my Program to be easy to follow and understand. But if you have some questions, I will respond by email, or we could arrange a Skype consultation to go into it in more detail if necessary. Just let me know.


Summary of my Program

In my Dental Nutritional Counseling Program, you will learn… 

  1. Why your dental office is the perfect platform to educate patients about nutrition
  3. Current peer-reviewed research that demonstrates the effects of nutrition on dental decay and periodontal disease in human studies
  5. My “In-Office Nutritional Counseling Program”
  7. Marketing tools to get the message out

I deal in facts. Peer-reviewed medical evidence shows that nutrition is the way to regain dental health and maintain dental health. My personal results and my patients’ results are proof positive. My ongoing research continues to show this approach is remarkable. 

In this program, I first discuss four basic facts supported by peer-reviewed research: 

  1. Extremely high prevalence of gum disease and tooth decay today
  3. Why these diseases are out of control
  5. Unhealthy food choices
  7. Healthy food choices

Then I go into details of my unique nutritional counseling program that can be instituted in the dental office or other healthcare facilities. This Dental Nutritional Counseling Program includes: 

  1. Scheduling specific appointments for your patient 
  3. Providing a 3-Day Food Journal for your patient to complete
  5. Understanding how to decipher the 3-Day Food Journal and identifying unhealthy food choices
  7. Offering healthier food substitutions for the patient’s current unhealthy food choices

Finally, I offer some suggestions for marketing your Dental Nutritional Counseling Program to patients, your community, and other referring doctors in your immediate area. 


My Thoughts

So, this is my unique way to help my patients get on the right track to own their personal health outcomes. Read through my Program and let me know what you think. Then, educate your staff about how to institute this Program. Finally, offer it to patients. 

Your patients will begin to get a practical handle on their nutrition, dental health, and overall health. You will have provided a necessary and unique aspect of health that is sorely needed in our modern world of eating habits. Patient by patient, you will make a tremendous difference, which will go much further than you might imagine. 

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