Doctor Demographics
Doctor Demographics
I write about where to put a practice, the market conditions that are influencing the places where dentistry works best, and the trends that are helping or inhibiting practice.
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Your City Is Killing Your Practice (Maybe)
There is a trend going on that is hurting dental practices in cities both large and small by a practice called "Road Diets."  It eliminates street parking, two-way roads (in favor of one-way roads) all in the name of Global Warming and Anti-Car Culture.  You should be aware of this whether your...  Read More
Places with Promise for Practice, 2019. Where to Start-up
Every year about this time we present research on locations that indication some of the best places to put a start-up practice.  This year, we have decided not to be quite so specific in where these places should be.  In stead, we have selected regions, states, and cities that show where the growth...  Read More
"All The Good Places to Practice Are GONE!"
This episode is an audio file (I have to keep reminding myself that some folks prefer to just listen.)  I think you will find it detailed and amusing.  It is all about finding the perfect place to put a practice when no obvious choices are available.  All the Good Spots are Gone   Read More
Practicing in Florida
We have gone back to our features on specific states that have either good potential for growth or are developing well.  I think Florida has got something for lots of situations.  This episode gets specific about where they are.  Check out the whole series as we build it at . Practicing in Florida...  Read More
Practicing in Colorado and North Carolina
As part of our ongoing series that explores the places to look (and avoid) in several states, we offer this episode on Colorado and North Carolina.  Both sites have potential when it comes to practice purchase and start-ups (de novo) areas.  But there are some notes of caution as well.  Practicing...  Read More
Dental Practice in Oregon and Washington
We are going back to our old pattern of covering specific states in our webinars.  This week we talk about the demographics of Washington and Oregon.  I am trying to keep these fairly short without losing content. Hey, be patient! Webinar on Washington and Oregon Locations   Read More
The Winter Tour of Promising Places
Rather than watch another re-run of "It's a Wonderful Life," why not take a drive to a place that has potential for a start-up or practice purchase?  Hey, you might even find a place to expand your current practice.  I have organized ten tours you may want to consider.  You can see them this week...  Read More
Dental Demographics in Canada
This week I interviewed my demographic expert-friend on all things site related in Canada, Matt Bladowski.  True, the dental market in Canada is small and it is also "different" from what we have in the States.  Matt is a true expert.  In the world of demographics, site selection, and market...  Read More
New Consultation System
I am trying to raise the bar on site selection for dental offices locations.  The thing is, we are finding that video conferencing is working SO MUCH BETTER because we can show maps and data.  I was reluctant for years because of complaints by doctors that they didn't have the technology.  Well,...  Read More
Changes in our Telephone Consultation and Video Consultation
I am changing the way we do telephone consultations (going to a video conference format) for lots a good reasons. And, of course, I am talking about our free book for dental practice site selection.  Improved Consultation   Read More
Contrasts in Coasts: Video Blog
I am finding that some Townies prefer the audio podcast.  Others want to see the video.  This is an episode taken from our weekly webinar of dental demographics and marketing on locations that are growing and shrinking, their impact on the dental marketplace, and just WHY these trends are...  Read More
Study in Contrasts: Idaho v. New Jersey, Nevada v. Connecticut
When it comes to the consideration of where to put a practice, it is wise to consider the trends but it is also worth considering the reasons for the trends.  This session deals with WHY some places are growing (and developing) making them a better place to practice and why some are NOT.  I have...  Read More
Endodontist ONLY! Audio Podcast on Endodontic Sites
I am never 100% sure what format will be most popular so I am adding this audio podcast on the factors that I consider most important for placing an endodontic practice.  Frankly, most demographers don't know the difference between an endodontist and a periodontist.  But having placed MANY of them,...  Read More
Endodontists ONLY! Where to Put an Endodontic Practice
I know it is not very popular (because the specialty is not huge) but I thought it might be worth a post to demonstrate what we look for when considering an endodontic office site. Webinar 10.16.18 Endodontist   Read More
Best Sites for Orthodontic Practice
The best place to practice orthodontics has changed dramatically and is continuing to shift.  This post is intended to provide guidance to orthodontists who are considering a change of location or who want to explore the best places to start-up an office.  Orthodontic Practice Locations   Read More
For OMS Only. Where to put an OMS practice The rules of where to put an OMS practice. What makes a great OMS site is just different from location sites for any other dental practice type.  Read More
Demographics of Dentists
We get calls all the time asking about the implications of the demographics of dentists to determine the potential of opening a practice.  I thought it might be wise to share what we have learned. Demographics of Doctors   Read More
Definitive Video on Competition: Is There Room for One More?
Competition 5 I have made a study of the issue of competition ratios, the impact of demographics on these figures, and the way to determine whether there is "Room for One More."  I have tried to present in a short audio what issues are at stake.  Yes, I know production values are not great here...  Read More
Market Differentiation v. Market Segmentation for Dentists
I am providing both the video versions of this podcast. Our weekly podcast is free to Dental Townies and we want to do all we can to make you successful. The audio version is different but really helpful as well.  Differentiation v. Segmentation Audio Differentiation v. Segmentation   Read More
Age of Patient-Base and How It Influences Your Practice
Everyone considers the fate of your practice will rest upon competition ratios.  They may believe that Median Household Income is all important.  Nope.  The single biggest factor regarding demographic character is Age. Name Your Practice   Read More
Naming Your Practice
Here are the 8 basic (and fundamental) rules to naming your practice correctly (and wisely) Name Your Practice   Read More
Great American Migration for Dentists
There is a huge migration going on in the U.S. that dentists, students, and associates should know about. Dental Commute   Read More
Dental Commutes
How far is "too far" for you to consider a practice from your home or from your current office? Dental Commute   Read More
The Empty Office Next Door
Finding an acceptable office to purchase in all parts of the United States is just not possible.  So, many Clients have asked me about how one can evaluate a practice that has been stressed or empty due to the absence or failure of the dentist.  In short, how do you evaluated a practice (and area)...  Read More
Affordable Housing and Practice Site Potential - Correlation
When attempting to find the best place(s) to practice, there are several demographic features to consider.  One of the most important that we are noting is the middle-class housing affordability index.  Rather than simply consider how much homes are selling for or the median household income in an...  Read More
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