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Undertaking a dental implant is the best way to restore your chewing capabilities and former bites. Despite the procedure having numerous advantages, it’s normal for first timers to feel anxious about the procedure. Thankfully, the tension and concerns can be eased through proper knowledge...  Read More
A smile is one of the best gifts men naturally possess. It is an instant mood booster and so much more. Smiles are therapeutic because when we smile, there is a release of endorphins which makes you feel relief, helps to lower stress, and also reduces your blood pressure. Let’s not forget...  Read More
There are countless benefits and opportunities open to people who have and maintain a stunning smile such as making a great first impression, increased confidence, better hygiene, more youthful look and broader job prospects. If these benefits and opportunities are some of what you are looking...  Read More
Have you ever had bad breath blown in your face during a conversation? Did you look forward to having another conversation with the individual who was the source of that bad breath? I honestly doubt it. That’s what bad dental hygiene does. It drives people away from you. Bad dental...  Read More
Super New Dentist Procedures
If you are one of many millions who suffer from gum disease or gum imperfections, you don’t have to settle for a less than perfect smile. Advances in dentistry have made dental surgeries less painful, so now even the most anxious patient can improve his or her appearance. Laser Periodontal...  Read More
5 ways to Grow  Your Practice by Becoming a Digital Orthodontic
Some will often say, “Why the fuss? I grew my practice back in the day without Facebook”. While such cynical statements may not be wrong, it is important for today’s dentist to understand a lot has changed since then, when all you had to do was put a signpost over your office...  Read More
3 simple and effective ways to give your patient an unforgettable dental treat
Let’s face it, patients don’t look forward in anticipation to visiting a dentist. It is usually a very uncomfortable moment for them and that makes anxious when they step into your office. Apart from the price, many other factors such as the smell of surgery, fear of needles and...  Read More
Opioid Prescription: 4 Things Dentists Should Know
Recently, the American Food and Drug Administration launched new page for consumers who would like to know more about the implications of taking opioid painkillers. In addition to opioid-related questions which patients may ask their medical practitioners, the new page also contains...  Read More
Natural Foods to Eat after Getting Your Braces
Eating can be a daunting task . Reason being that you want to protect your braces but you still want to enjoy your foods and eat right. You want to eat such that you prevent tooth decay, protect your brackets and bands from damage, not taking away your proper nutrition. This article is written for...  Read More
How Dentists Can Help Children Feel More Comfortable
Dental anxiety is a real problem. It is recognized as one of the main public health concerns because it causes improper dental care and poor oral hygiene. Many children develop a fear of dentist ( dental phobia ) as a result of the poor information around them. Horror movies, books and even...  Read More
It may not be the oldest profession in the world, but dentistry is up there among the least liked profession. As a result, we dentists have to compensate by wearing a wide smile and greeting our patients with enthusiasm. But you’ll need more than just a friendly demeanour to run a successful...  Read More

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