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5 ways to Grow  Your Practice by Becoming a Digital Orthodontic

5 ways to Grow Your Practice by Becoming a Digital Orthodontic

2/21/2017 5:13:07 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 258

Some Orthodontics will often say, “Why the fuss? I grew my practice back in the day without Facebook”. While such cynical statements may not be wrong, it is important for today’s dentist to understand a lot has changed since then, when all you had to do was put a signpost over your office door.

Today, the healthcare service has evolved. People are taking a more proactive approach to win customers over. The average time people spend on social media daily is 118 minutes (almost two hours), it therefore not business savvy to ignore this medium as a veritable source of customer reach.

According to the marketing experts at Orthosynetics , “Orthodontics can experience significant growth in their practice by simply adopting proven digital marketing techniques. Customer reach and engagement can be derived through these platforms, and it starts with having an online presence.”

Start with an online presence


As a dentist, social media isn’t necessarily the first online medium to dive into. You can begin with the basics such as business directories and help with local seo . There are online yellow pages, Google local and Bing local can improve the Search Engine Optimisation of your website. You may also register your business on independent review sites like Yelp. This gives prospective customers a summary of your practice and its ratings according to your existing patients.

Registering your practice on these directories will help index your business on major search engines such as Google and Bing. If you are too busy, you may hire a professional or assign one of your more tech-savvy employees to get these done.

Identify your purpose for social media


No doubt, social media activity is great for business growth. But it takes a lot more than a few pictures on Twitter or posts on LinkedIn to get your phone ringing. The first thing you must identify is the ‘why’. Why are you on social media?

List your social media goals before you open any accounts. This will form the basis of your online marketing strategy. Is the goal to increase awareness of your practice in the Austin area? Or become an authority in your industry by regularly posting useful content for your audience? Whatever they are, your goals will help form the social media strategy for your practice. Also, ensure you are engaging your audience on the right platform.

Use Yelp to build and manage your reputation


We mentioned Yelp earlier mainly as a review site. It is also valuable as a listing site because it has a high priority in major search engines. This means if your business is listed on Yelp, it will easily show up on search engine results when customers are searching for services related to your practice. For example, “dental implants Austin” could bring up your practice if it offers the service or something similar.

Additionally, Yelp users can gauge the quality or experience from your practice by reading the number of reviews and stars awarded. While some businesses shy away from this because they fear negative reviews might hurt them, it is only reasonable to imagine the benefits if your patients are genuinely pleased with your service.

Create YouTube videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is the go-to place for most video tutorials and people spend time watching videos that engage them on various topics. As a dentist, you can win over a significant number of potential customers with a YouTube channel.

Get creative with your videos. Make them engaging and humorous, while maintaining your professionalism. A simple demonstration on “Different types of Brace” or “Keeping your braces clean” can inspire many subscribers towards your channel. What’s more, it can earn you a reputation as an authority in your industry. Before long, you may start receiving new patients via your YouTube Channel.

Be human


Relationship building is major key. Before making your online interactions about profit, ensure you establish some kind of relationship with your followers first. It is good to maintain your professionalism as a healthcare provider, but it is also necessary people perceive you as “human”. The online platform is usually a laid-back medium, and people quickly establish a relationship with businesses they can relate to.

As an Orthodontic, your practice can grow successfully by effectively engaging its online publics. The key is to build a balance between your offline and online customer interactions and your practice is on its way to growth gold.

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