Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast (
Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast (
This teaches the best practices for cash flow, recurring revenue, Membership plans, PPO Fee negotiation, insurance best practices, marketing, reducing your dependence on dental insurance and building a fee for service practice.
Jordon Comstock

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134: Insurance Updates & How to Become FFS
In this episode of The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast we talk about Insurance updates, the importance of negotiating with insurance companies, and how to go out of network with a dental membership podcast.135  Read More
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133: Coaches are the Best Leaders with Lynne Leggett
Lynne Leggett, BS, FAADOM, is the Founder & CEO of Victory Dental Management LLC, and has over 25 years of business experience in several different industries - dentistry, medical, pharmacy, sales, transportation, logistics, and project management. Using her diverse experience, she creates a unique...  Read More
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130: Advertising And Investing In Your Practice with Ben Shaver
 130Ben Shaver began his career in hyperlocal advertising over 20 years ago helping local clients build their business through advertising.In 2010 he formed Dental Inbound, a multi-channel advertising company that delivers ads for DSO's, solo dental offices and specialists. They are unique as they...  Read More
Generating predictable recurring revenue for your practice is a new business model that every practice should consider implementing into your business no matter the size. When designing your dental membership program, it is essential that you use this revenue model. imagine if you had the...  Read More
 take 2Are you losing money when you discount your fees on a membership program? The data shows us that membership patients are more loyal and spend more than non member patients.We did an analysis of practices across the nation and found that membership patients spend between 104% and 240%more...  Read More
129: Successful Phone Strategies with Cory Pinegar From Call Force
Cory and Jordon Comstock talk about strategies to help your practice grow, phone strategies and phone conversion strategies and ways your practice should reach out to patients to get them to schedule appointments and to retain their existing appointments.Contact CallForce today: 129  Read More
 webinar adHello dental friends! Come to my webinar next week, we will be talking about reducing dependence on PPOs and creating successful dental membership programs! Register below:  Read More
Are you losing money when you discount your fees on a membership program? The data shows us that membership patients are more loyal and spend more than non member patients.We did an analysis of practices across the nation and found that membership patients spend between 104% and 240%more than non...  Read More
128: Marketing strategies to reduce reliance on PPO's with Grace Rizza
Grace Rizza began growing businesses at the age of 22. She has guided the growth of more than 300 successful businesses while building a business and family of her own.Grace is not limited to dental marketing in her speaking topics. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about corporate...  Read More
127: Review Management With Lenard Tau
After purchasing his practice the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence inPhiladelphia in 2007, Dr. Leonard Tau solely used the power of the internet to help growhis new patient base and went against the traditional way of marketing one’s dentaloffice . He lectures nationally and...  Read More
126: Earning more revenue from merchant companies with Billy Parra
 126After 20+ years as a restaurant and exporting company owner, Billy took the position of Director of Sales for Select Merchant Solutions a Sanford,FL based merchant processing company. Billy expanded the sales vertical from Self Storage to now include Dental, Veterinary, and Optometry. By...  Read More
125: Your practice is your best investment
Investing in your practice is important. In this episode we sit down with Reese Harper and discuss why you need to invest in your Practice.Contact info:125  Read More
124: How to grow your dental membership program with direct mail
Aaron grew up milking goats on his family’s small farm, played pro football for 9-years, organizes global humanitarian projects, fluent in Spanish and for the last 7-years pioneered analytics-based dental direct mail. He has one of the most diverse and unique backgrounds around!Recognized as a...  Read More
123: The BoomCloud University - Free education on dental membership programs
In this episode Jordon Comstock talks about dental membership programs and gives some tips to creating and growing your own dental membership program. Jordon also shares the BoomCloud University, a free online educational course on dental membership programs. You can get access to the BoomCloud...  Read More
122: Why your practice needs a PPO analysis with Hilary Tien
Hilary Tien, is a dental guide, speaker and expert in dental practice management. She is devoted to educating dentists and teams in accounts receivable, insurance and management methods. Hilary began her career in dentistry as a young girl in her father’s general dentistry practice in Michigan and...  Read More
121: Talking insurance with Laci Phillips
Laci discovered at an early age her true passion for speaking and entertaining audiences. As a founding partner at Practice Dynamics she combines her knowledge of dentistry and with passion for teams to deliver customized coaching, workshops and speaking events throughout the country.Laci began her...  Read More
120: This is how you drop Delta and win with Susan Leckowicz
Susan grew up in a dental family, where she watched her father practice for 50 years near their home in Connecticut. He shared his passion for dentistry along with his belief that a healthy mouth and confident smile could enhance one’s quality of life. Susan earned her Associates in dental hygiene...  Read More
119: Ideas to grow your dental membership program
In this Episode I met with Shane Simmons from Crimson Media and Nothing but the tooth podcast and we shared ideas on how to market a dental membership program!Shane is the Founder of Crimson Media, a dental marketing firm based out of Indianapolis, Indiana that is helping dentists build freedom in...  Read More
118: Bypass insurance regulations for your dental membership program
In this episode we talk about how to bypass insurance regulation via DPC (Direct Primary Care)laws for practices that offer dental membership programs.Before joining Parsons Behle, J.D. was in-house counsel for a large national energy company. He has extensive experience negotiating corporate...  Read More
117: The true value of a membership patient
Kevin Rossen is the Founder & CEO of Divergent Dental, which serves the dental community by providing simple, strategic, and focused insights. He comes from the front lines of dentistry, having worked alongside his father as the Office Manager of his established dental office just north of Dallas,...  Read More
116: Outsourcing insurance tasks with Jennifer Schultz
 116Jennifer has spent over 20 years working in and with dental practices as a hygienist, trainer and consultant. Jennifer has always been passionate about efficiency and productivity, and founded Virtual Dental Office to help practices save time on insurance training and tasks. Jennifer then...  Read More
115: Marketing made easy - Annual planning for 2019
Xaña Winans is the president and owner of Golden Proportions Marketing, one of the largest and most experienced professional marketing agencies dedicated to dentistry and all of its specialties. Married to a dentist for 25 years, she and her team apply real-world dental industry experience to...  Read More
114: Podcasting with Alan Mead
In this episode Jordon Comstock and Alan Mead talk about how they got started podcasting, casual Dental talk and voices of dentistry!Come see us at Voices of Dentistry - 114  Read More
113: Why going away from insurance is a good idea - Kiera Dent
Kiera is the owner and founder of Dental Placement Pros and Kiera's Dental Consulting. She is partner in Zen Dental Supplies, consults in 50 client offices NATIONWIDE, recruits for over 60 dental offices nationwide, owns dental offices, and has decided that she would find a way to POSITIVELY CHANGE...  Read More
112: Taking the "difficulty" out of medical billing for dentistry
112Laurie Owens, CPC, CPB is the Director of Medical Billing Education for imagn Solutions. She brings over a decade of experience educating dental practices on billing medical insurance and the techniques to get claims paid. Laurie believes that patients should be able to utilize their medical...  Read More
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