Clicks 2 Call Marketing Solutions
Clicks 2 Call Marketing Solutions
A Branding Strategy That Routes Traffic to Your Site, Phone, Door, & Chair!
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Many dentists believe that Google Ads are singularly and narrowly purposed.  Let's drive some traffic to my website (or, so they say).  Hopefully, in the end, some of this traffic will actually place a call to my office and all will be well.  Google Ads, quite honestly, is capable of a whole lot...  Read More
The True Value of PPC Marketing
I have worked in a number of dental offices since 1995. My "neck of the woods" here in Indiana is unique. Your particular demographic is also unique. I can guarantee that my northern Indiana market exhibits far different demands than your local market. Each and every demographic sample is...  Read More
Scoring Beyond the Bullseye with PPC Marketing
Searchers within your local market are looking for your dental services. Attracting and targeting them requires a multifaceted effort with good tools and reasonable skill. Ultimately, you need a good bow, straight arrow, trained technique, smooth release, light wind, and still target within the...  Read More
A Toot for Products That Work
Dental marketing can always provide a needed boost when properly applied. There are never any guarantees but properly timed and tested methods can always provide that higher probability of success. Enter Viva Referral Cards. I have no connection with this company other than we currently use their...  Read More
The Big Three for Me and Thee
The highest level of achievement for any dental practice is patient retention. If your patient retention machine is functioning properly then practice growth and market penetration are a certain commodity. It's not so much that acquisition is unimportant but a fully functioning retention machine...  Read More
Brand development is vital for marketing success. This is true for any business and most certainly true for all dental practice ventures. Brand recognition is the goal of all marketing efforts because it trumps mere presence and instead provides a clearly focused impression that is wholly aligned...  Read More
Watching Your Back Door for Marketing Success
Our dental practices have two very important doors. One of them is meant to remain open (our front door) while the other should always be closed (our back door). Our back doors were never intended to be open and yet many dental practices ignore this one very important "thruway" when marketing their...  Read More

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