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Scoring Beyond the Bullseye with PPC Marketing

Scoring Beyond the Bullseye with PPC Marketing

5/22/2014 11:39:02 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 2883
Searchers within your local market are looking for your dental services. Attracting and targeting them requires a multifaceted effort with good tools and reasonable skill. Ultimately, you need a good bow, straight arrow, trained technique, smooth release, light wind, and still target within the exacting scope of an archer's skill. It's not just the bulls-eye that scores, however. Hitting any part of the overall target with it's outer rings can net a tremendous wealth of benefit.

PPC marketing can be likened to the points we score when our arrows fall within the full height, width, and breadth of all outer rings. All rings that comprise our beloved target have value and, as such, represent significant scoring opportunities when other factors significantly impede our bulls-eye focus. We might appreciate the highest value of bulls-eye real estate but excluding valuable points outside this wondrous "spot" might end up costing us the game when all points are totaled in the end. We must maintain the broadest possible vision to fully capitalize on any/all opportunities afforded us.

SEO marketing requires something entirely different. It is more focused on the challenging skills required to hit your bulls-eye target. There are inherent limitations because there are only so many arrows that can reasonably fit into such a small portion of your valuable target. In addition, it can be very difficult on windy days to hit this small piece of real estate even though you might be a skilled technician with steady hand and smooth release. Windy days are what Google and other search providers force upon us when they arbitrarily change the rules for occupying this highly valued piece of real estate. When the mighty and contrary winds of search algorithms are blowing there is little if any compensation available until such time that formulaic breezes are finally calm again. The bulls-eye, though valuable and worthy of trained consideration, is only one small part of the entire target with all it's valuable rings.

Consider the benefits of Pay-per-Click marketing and the value it brings when too many arrows or formulaic breezes prevent bulls-eye focus. Search engine optimization (SEO) is only one piece of the entire target (there is much value residing in those outer rings when factors outside our control seem to rule the day). Hitting the broad measure of your target with many arrows can be just as lucrative as one singular shot occupying the center. Strategically aim for all segments (rings) that comprise your local dental market and watch your practice grow.

Wishing You the Best in 2014
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